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Christmas special - mushroom stuffed with cheese that was really goood!
Got the pita bread with the cod roe spread (not a huge fan of it and didn't feel special)

Delicious food, nice ambience. My fav was the Beef Mousaka

Had wanted to try the baked chicken but staff said the kitchen was closing and the food would take 40 minutes hence went for the easier pasta. The dish was cheesey, not too rich and chunks of chicken bites that was tender. However i would have tried other quintessentially Greek food such as Bakalaki salad or their meat platters to get the full Greek experience.

Chicken Souvlaki is nice but beef souvlaki is a bit chewy even we ordered medium. Tzatziki and Tyrokafteri are perfect especially the smoky taste of Tyrokafteri.

Do get the dips and pita when you're here. Perfectly toasted bread slices and the flavourful spreads are a great way to start your meal. We had the fava, hummus, olive and spicy feta. The latter was my personal favourite.

Soft on the inside yet giving you a nice bite with crispy outer shell. The sweetness of the jam elevated the cheese, makes this dish a favourite.


*Kebab Merida*


Grilled kebab skewers served with tomato onion, izatziki and pita bread.

The kebab is made of minced meat with beef and lamb. The flavours are on the heavier side, so if you are considered as a heavy palette kinda person you will love this place that serves wonderfully made Greek food.

This portion is quite heavy for 2 pax so take into consideration if you are ordering other dishes to share 😉

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Cappuccino, Freddo Espresso, Greek Frappé

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*grilled octopus*


Served with lemon, oregano and extra virgin olive oil. Texture is perfect, chewy but not rubbery and well-flavoured.

I always leave this place with big smiles 😃

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Grilled Halloumi cheese, served with lemon and oregano

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Greek style iced espresso. Stir well before tasting.

A unique blend of espresso which is light and aromatic on the palette. It's like a heavier version of Long Black/Americano but more aromatic.

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