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We ordered the Greek salad, chicken and beef skewers, mousaka and baklava for dessert. Portion was just nice for 2 pax. Mousaka was delicious, best eaten hot. Greek salad was refreshing. Paired well with meats in the meal. Baklava was alright.

Cosy place for dinner.


A restaurant located in a HDB estate with simple decor, it makes up for its unpretentiousness with great tasting food and excellent service.

We ordered Dip Part Platter $18.90 which comes with pita bread and 4 different dips (spicy feta, cod roe l, roasted egg plant and yogurt) for sharing. Also ordered a Herb Rub Beef Wrap $17.90, a Herb Beef Skewer (20.90) and a Lamb Skewer ($19.90).

The Dip Party Platter consists of 13 pieces of quadrant cut pita bread. I liked the Cod Roe Dip and Roasted Egg Plant Dip especially. The Herb Rub Beef and the Beef skewers were over cooked, with the beef borderline leathery in texture. The lamb was done just nice and no gaminess was detected.

I think I need to come back for more pita bread and also try their Htapodi (grilled octopus).

My first time trying Greek dishes. Was amazed by the fragrance and freshness of the dishes! Lovely ambience too! Thumbs up! ❤️

- Grilled seabass ($12/100g): we got our fish at 800g. Wanted to tried with salt bake, but require 1hr waiting time, hence we pick the grilled one instead. It was fantastic! Very fresh, sweet & tender. Would definitely come back for this again!

- Paidakia ($40): lamb cutlet, another delicious dish, the spices make it very aromatic. Was real juicy and very filling if you are having it by yourself. Comes with 4pcs.

- Lahanodolmades ($31): great starter/sides to begin with. The lemon sauce brings a tinge of flavor that adds on to the seafood (seabass & crabmeat) wrapped in the cabbage. Something new for me.

If you like Greek cuisine, this is it. There was obviously no lack of olive oil and cheese in every dish. Request for indoor seating and use Chope vouchers for % off ☺️

How about some Nepalese Momo dumplings 🥟 stuffed generously with spiced veggies & steamed - yums! 😍 Have them when they're piping hot for the best flavours. Felt that the skin could be thinner though.

Indian food lovers will like their Galouti Kabab, a traditional dish made of mashed mixed vegetables, sweet chutney & mint sauce 🌱. Something interesting for me.

Their Taiwanese Chicken Buns also make a good starter with irresistible spiced fried chicken 🐔 sandwiched between crispy mantou buns! ✔ Love the creamy sauce!

If you are a fan of cheese, you gotta try their homemade Labneh Balls 🧀 served on a crispy pita with roasted tomato & basil pesto - perfectly rich & creamy! 👍🏻

My favourite dish here has got to be their South African BBQ Ribs! 🐄 Pull-apart tender & well-seasoned with barbecue sauce, this was super scrumptious! ❤

I'm finally here! I had wanted to try this Mediterranean restaurant since it opened in 2017. This dish was a lot. Two chunks of minced beef and lamb, pita bread, ample fries. The meat was juicy and tasty. I was really disappointed by the pita. It has to be good, but it's overly dense and tasted unpleasant. On the other hand, the cucumber dip, called tzatziki, was one of the best sauces I've encountered! Excellent ambience and service.

I'm finally here! I had wanted to try this Mediterranean restaurant since it opened in 2017. This is basically lamb chops. There are three chops, one is obscured, but they're quite small. The meat was tender but little flavour. The side of potato was too salty for some reason. Excellent ambience and service.

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I'm finally here! I had wanted to try this Mediterranean restaurant since it opened in 2017. Filo pastry with spinach and feta cheese. Although it's nice, it's not very different from an Indian puff, so $16 for two is quite mad. Excellent ambience and service.