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Great cozy Italian restaurant with amazing ambience. The pasta was cooked al dente, but the flavours could be better.

Fettuccine was super salty, clams for vongole were not fresh.

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Unfortunate negative experience as you need to redeem the coupon and pay before 2pm even if you’re still mid lunch as the app locks you out of redeeming exactly after 2pm.

Unfortunate negative experience as you need to redeem the coupon and pay before 2pm even if you’re still mid lunch as the app locks you out of redeeming exactly after 2pm.

Spaghetti aglio e olio ($24)
👍🏻 al dente pasta
👎🏻 Could barely taste the garlic :(
👎🏻 Expensive considering that there wasn’t much ingredients apart from the mushroom and capsicum

Pizza - roma
👍🏻 Thin crust pizza, just the way we like!
👎🏻 The gorgonzola taste was reaaaaally mild. Suitable for those who dislike the taste of blue cheese!

Crab and lobster tortellini ($38)
👍🏻 Flavours were good! Could really taste the crab/lobster & the rose sauce wasn’t overpowering
👎🏻 Could probably have more! There were only 7 pieces of tortellini..

On the whole, food was not too bad (maybe 7.5/10). But portions aren’t v big and prices are slightly steep (we paid $74+ for 3 mains, with 30% off). Would probably visit again only with burpple 1-1! Lady serving us was v friendly though!

And just to note that you can’t use Burpple beyond if you make a reservation via Chope!

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Japanese-style bakery in Holland Village serving fascinating bread and buns. These wassants are a must-try! It is moist with a soft chewy texture. Look how nice and smooth the chocolate and orange swirls around the pastry 🤤 》 $3.50 / 5 Pcs

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Not so pleasant experience when we realise after 2pm, the vouchers cant be used.

We visited Keong Saik Bakery on a Saturday morning. It was a nice place to chill, with families and couples around us similarly having pastries and coffee for breakfast. For pastries, ordered a Miso Salmon Kouign-Amann ($7) and KSB Big Breakfast ($7). The Kouign-Amann had savory notes due to the salmon and the mozzarella layer above it, while the caramelized and flaky layers of the pastry below provided some level of sweetness. The amount of salmon given was decent given the price. If you have less of a sweet tooth, consider going for the KSB Big Breakfast. Cutting through the pastry, the runny yolk oozes over the pastry layers, as well as the chunks of potato cube and smoked ham sitting above. The potato cubes were coated with creamy Gruyère cheese; it didn’t make the dish overly cheesy but enhanced the savory notes of the dish. For those who enjoy dipping your Kaya toast in the soft boiled eggs, you’ll similarly enjoy the richness of the runny yolk in this dish as it coats the layers of pastry beneath. As for the pastry layers on the surface, they remain crisp and retained the flakiness much desired in regular croissants.

For breakfast, KSB offers a deal where you get a dollar off if you order a pastry with a beverage. You may also opt for regular milk alternatives such as almond and oat milk for your coffee. There was also an option to upgrade the coffee beans to Arabica beans at an additional cost of $0.50. For those looking for an additional protein boost, or are fond of having soft boiled eggs as part of your breakfast set, KSB offers 2 soft boiled eggs for $1.20, which are served in a metal cup. Just like Ya Kun, you’ll be able to pick up the soya sauce and pepper bottles at the side to season these soft boiled eggs to your liking.

Overall, it’s a nice place to have breakfast/brunch and you get to try out interesting pastries that have a local twist (e.g., otah baguette, otah danish, orh nee cube). While we ordered lattes, those who are fond of our local tea and coffee may also get their dose of caffeine in the form of Kopi O or Teh O. Would love to try their dessert items like cheesecakes and cruffins some day!

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wah the veg food here is damn good i alm forgot it’s vegetarian 🫣🫣🫣 we got the impossible meat pizza and moussaka !!! the impossible meat rly tasted like meat (specifically beef) so it was rather amazing leh … the moussaka is soooo flavourful and IDK I ACTLY FORGOT THERE WASNT MEAT INSIDE 🤤🤤🤤 the flavours was rly rich and super creamy wah i love it 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻 tried their cocktails as well - think it’s okay bah !!! but come for the moussaka the portion is abit unjustifiable for the price but its actl rly good (i love meat so if i say it’s good means it’s good)

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@arabicasg has become one ☝🏻 of my favvvvv 💖 places to get my daily coffee ☕️ fix!!

Though it’s on the pricey side💸🥲 I enjoyed everything in general😌 From the aroma 👃🏻, taste 👅, smoothness, milkiness 🥛, creaminess to the boldness of the coffee ☕️ Even the atmosphere & aesthetics of the café🥰🥰

Just the way I like my coffee ☕️

Featuring 📸
~ Iced 🧊 Café Latte $8

I’ll definitely head back to try their other flavours!😜

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Chicken was tender and juicy! The ginger sauce was tasty and not too much on ginger taste. It was a hit with kids and had to order a second plate for our family of 4. Lettuce complements the ginger sauce and chicken.