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The layers of eggplant, tomato and potatoes were soft, and was delicious together with the tasty béchamel sauce. It is rather filling so we shared it, and it was just nice.

The dish was decent, but it just wasn’t satisfying. Go for their other dishes which are more impressive.

One of the best mushroom risottos I've tried! Amazing flavour with truffle cream sauce and parmesan. Available during cb for takeaway and food delivery. Must support!

This was way too sweet and I do wish the taste of green tea can be a lot stronger. However it was still slightly flaky and every mouthful was full with green tea and almond.

I loved this bread. Its not sourdough based and definitely isn't cheap at $9 but it's just bursting with almonds and cranberries embedded in the dough. You get the crunch and earthiness of the nuts and the sweet, tart flavor of the cranberries. I'm sure it would be good toasted and with butter but I couldn't wait for it to be done so I just ate it by itself every time I walked past the bag haha. It fills me up perfectly and is just really good with coffee.

The soft serves are still pretty good, with a nice balance between sweet and salty for the sea salt gula, and a pleasant nutty flavour from the pistachio, although I wouldn’t consider it very strong. The waffle standards seemed to have dropped. The mochi toopjng is still delicious though!

Unfortunately, this didn’t fare very well in terms of taste and texture. It was kinda dry and was below our expectations. Wanted to try something different from tbb, but this fell short.

Clearly in a feta cheese mood today, as all my three options had feta cheese in them. My options were:
- Beetroot salad: beetroot, feta, rocket
- Tuna and dill pasta: fusilli, feta, pesto mayo, dill
- Pesto chicken and avocado: avocado, feta cheese, romaine, chicken, pesto

Everything was well dressed. Beetroot salad was refreshing, while the other two were creamy. Dressings were probably not very healthy but they were full-flavoured and tasty.

Ricotta, spinach and feta are baked in a filo pastry, and served with a grilled portobello and mixed vegetable ratatouille. This was delicious, with the crisp filo pastry and a hearty filling. Best eaten when hot! The ratatouille was juicy and had the natural flavours of the veg & mushroom; was good as well!

One of my favourite dishes here! These are spinach, feta and tofu patties coated with almonds & sesame and fried, served with a mushroom plum sauce. The patties were very tasty and went well with the delicious sweet plum sauce. It’s like eating meat patties, but without the heaviness :)

A good cup of iced latte, which was smooth with a relatively strong coffee taste. Not the *best* iced latte I’ve had, but definitely one of the better ones out there :)