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Earl grey lavender is still my favourite but this Strawberry Milk Ice Cream was pretty decent. Light and not too sweet, came with a teeny cute meringue, macerated strawberries with orange zest and mint, and I found cornflakes at the end of it. Actually liked how refreshing the strawberry topping was.

Was not the croissant danish that I was expecting, but more of a chocolate chip bread which was really soft and fluffy when heated up. Was worth a try but ordinary and would go for the more popular danish pastries instead.

We switched the banana to blueberries as we loveeeee blueberries and it really went well tgt! Tbh, I prefer Haakon's acai bowl to The Acai affair's one but it's all personal preference. Butttt, feel that the standard of Acai bowl here has dropped a bit as the Acai was more watery and less icey the past few times we tried. Still, love the granola, nut butter and just the whole combi!

Added onsen egg, baked salmon (+$2), chipotle, beetroot hummus, furikake, cauliflower rice!
The salmon is well baked and it's tender! Chipotle tasted more like spicy (a bit) salsa sauce so I wouldn't order that again because this bowl turned out to be very "saucey" and not as filling.

Damage $13.90

- Make my own bowl (regular) $11.90
Added Goji berries, onsen egg, beetroot hummus, guacamole (+ $0.50), grilled spiced chicken breast, cauliflower rice! Chicken breast is soft and not tough at all! Everything goes well tgt!

Damage: $12.40

Spaghetti with crab meat, Italian tomatoes, crab and parmesan cheese. Hands down one of my favourite and best pasta I’ve eaten, flavourful yet not jelat.

SO. GOOD. THIS WAS SO GOOD. The impossible meat pizza tastes rly rly yummy and the meat feels very light !! But it tastes so good 🤤 the bosco misto ,,, o m f g ,,,, amazing !!!! it’s such a unique taste and it’s so rich and flavourful and the sauce also just omg chefs kiss !!! I also got the fried feta cheese which was super yummy 🥰 overall amazing n 100% will come back again to get other stuff !!!!

Nice cafe to chill with families or friends. Waffles n ice cream were delicious. Added almond crisps and it was heavenly! I wish they sell them in tubs!

Calamari: $19
TF: $17

Because we started with this (for some reason they didn’t serve us our mains until reaaaally long later so minus marks for service) we thought these two were decent. The calamari batter wasn’t the best I’ve tasted to be honest but still quite good when you pair it with the sauce (some white and tomato sauce? We never really figured it out) and the truffle fries.... well was just your typical truffle fries la hor. The dipping truffle Mayo was good, even with blended pieces of mushroom in it ~ I would give the actual appetisers maybe a 7.7/10 and the truffle Mayo 8/10 🙃

$24.00 / this was his dish. he usually loves carbonara but he didn’t finish this (also partly due to gigantic portion of appetisers - see later review) when I tried it the one thing that was the strongest would be the eggy taste. I quite liked it (‘twas a refreshing taste from my overly salted prosciutto pasta) but he didn’t enjoy it because it was too jelak for him.... so oops apparently the only redeeming factor of the meal was that he was eating it w me 🥲
His rating: 6.2/10 (“I’ll be nice”)

$28.00 / tasted strangely like pasta mania’s creamy chicken (maybe the same cream base??) but i overall enjoyed approximately the first half of the meal then it started getting waaaaay too salty and my tongue actually became kinda numb toward the end. Only redeeming ingredient would be the veggies. And that’s saying a lot. Pasta was nicely al dente tho 🙏🏾 I was left so thirsty the next few hours from the S A L T in this. 5/10 😔 and THIS WAS SO PRICEY for the sub par quality.....

The calamari rings were alright, nothing too ordinary or fancy. The beef carpaccio was salty. Pricy dishes for a restaurant, so best if you use the 1 for 1.