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From MK Levure Naturelle
Handcrafted treats.
Grab and go.
Not bad.

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Even Milo can look so good 😊

I like the drinks made by cafe O - especially their Kopi and tea

$3.8. Tasted like avocado milkshake in icecream form 😋

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i decided to come here to try after seeing many reviews from my friends 😊 i really loved the honeycomb at the side which was sweet and complemented the ice cream waffles well! however, the earl gray & lavendar taste was not as intense as i would have preferred it to be and this is more for people looking for a lighter taste~ i recommend pistachio for a stronger taste (~$16.40)

💸: $5.20

💬: Really wanted to love this but it really is my first official miss from TBB
Croissant was flaky and buttery but the green tea component was too lacking and too sweet - just gonna stick to what I know

I really enjoy these two appetizer dishes: Burrata Caprese Salad (SGD$15) and Salted Crab Cake ($18). If you're going with a small group and need to decide either appetizer, I would go with the Burrata Caprese Salad as it is refreshing and I have to say, I'm not someone who usually eat my greens 😅

i am not a strong coffee lover which was probably why i did not really enjoy the bitter acidic taste of it :( good to try coffee but not something i would return to as it is more expensive that starbucks

the coffee was too acidic for my liking :-( but the ice cream was pretty good :-)

I may not drink coffee but coffee-infused desserts are always a good idea. Hence, % Arabica's % Blend Soft Cream ($5) was right up my alley. Packed with quite an intense flavour, the soft cream was not too sweet and delivered a slight yet pleasant caffeine buzz. Though the swirls did melt a tad too quickly and the portion size is on the smaller side with the price point, the creamy concoction was really aromatic and had a lingering roasted flavour that I am sure coffee-lovers will enjoy.


Can add on salad for 4nett

The worst item I got. The flaky pastry was too thick and had that unpleasant flaky butter aftertaste. The egg was also tasteless. Don't go for their quiche (if you do, you MUST heat it, it's a lot less bad when it's warm)

The crust as abit soft but otherwise, from someone who doesn't enjoy fruit tarts, this was really good. Fruits were fresh and sweet, everything was superbly balanced. Only problem is that it's hard to share, both figuratively and literally

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