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An ode to classic indulgence with a touch of Singaporean flavours. Panache of Singapore Afternoon Tea is conceptualised and crafted by Pastry Chef Dannevien Casimir.

Enjoy an intimate afternoon tea experience with a unique tea set modelled after The Atrium's iconic pods. Lovely touches as we had welcome drink and amuse bouche first amidst the enchanting melodies by the resident pianist.

• Singaporean Chilli Crab Brioche Roll
• Laksa Tart
• Dulcey Chocolate Passion Tart
• Durian Choux

Afternoon Tea Hours (Daily):
All weekends 12pm - 6pm

• $52++ per person with a choice of TWG Tea or Bacha Coffee
• $62++ per person includes a glass of Copenhagen Sparkling Tea or Brewberry Colada
(non-alcoholic cocktail)
• $72++ per person includes a glass of Champagne or Espresso Noisette (cocktail)

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Conceptualised and crafted by Pastry Chef Dannevien Casimir, Savour the brand-new Panache of Singapore Afternoon Tea at Atrium, comprise an ode to the classic indulgence with a touch of Singaporean flavours.

Highlights include the Durian Choux, Singaporean Chilli Crab Brioche Roll, Egg Pinwheel Roll, Lychee Chestnut Gâteaux and Classic Scones paired with Chef Dannevien’s handmade Pineapple and Peppercorn jam.

These decadent afternoon treats will not be complete without the finest beverage selection. Choose from an elaborate range of close to 20 types of TWG Tea loose leaf, featuring locally inspired Singapore Breakfast and Weekend in Singapore, as well as aromatic brews from Bacha Coffee.

Take teatime affair up a notch and sip on dreamy bubbly or toast to an Espresso Noisette and Brewberry Colada, handcrafted cocktail and non-alcoholic cocktail by Atrium’s mixologists.

Panache of Singapore Afternoon Tea (Available from 12pm to 6pm daily and for takeaway orders via ppsinshop.com)

▪️$52.00 per diner | includes a pot of TWG Tea or Bacha Coffee

▪️$62.00 per diner | includes a glass of Copenhagen Sparkling Tea or Brewberry Colada (non-alcoholic cocktail)

▪️$72.00 per diner | includes a glass of Champagne or Espresso Noisette (cocktail)

Visit https://www.panpacific.com/en/hotels-and-resorts/pp-marina/offers/panache-of-singapore-afternoon-tea.html for more information.

Location: Atrium at Pan Pacific Singapore @panpacificsingapore, 7 Raffles Blvd, Singapore 039595

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Lychee Rose Cheesecake ($10.50) features a lychee rose cheesecake with a crumble base and lychee jelly on top. The cheesecake is light and the texture of the chewy lychee jelly resembles the flesh of an actual lychee. This is not jelak and is pretty refreshing for a cheesecake.

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The Cherry Tart ($5.50) looks pretty ordinary but it is actually very good. The buttery and crumbly tart dough comes with a delicious almond filling that is topped with plump dark cherries and baked till golden brown. I love the fragrance of the almond, and how the different flavours and textures come together nicely. Surprisingly good I must say!

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Tiramisu croissant @ $4.80

Have always been getting their almond croissant and decided to get out of the comfort zone for once. It's not bad and the cream inside seems to be coffee flavour? But the price is quite steep so might not get this so regularly. Or only get it when they have the 3 for $10 promotion.

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The quality of the char siew here is great, with a good ratio of fats to lean meat that's adequately charred for a distinct smoky taste. Priced at $11.90, this is a much better offer in terms of value and taste than some of the items of their menu. I would definitely recommend this dish for others to try and would definitely order it again. Rating 8.2/10
Note: this apparently doesn't come with a bowl of miso soup. But no worries, there's a meidi-ya supermarket within the same level and you can have a japanese soft drink to wash down your meal thereafter.


This was a seasonal promotional items, which promoted to have allegedly twice the portion of meat for about $12.90. The pork was thinly sliced and it tastes of sukiyaki; the flavour profile kind of reminds me of yoshinoyas beef bowl. That said, there's better items on their menu. Rating : 6.5/10


Mid-Autumn Festival is fast approaching, and if you’re thinking of which mooncakes to get, I’d strongly recommend the ones from Hai Tien Lo!

Featured here is the Four Treasure Snowskin Mooncakes, which includes (clockwise from top left):

~Peppermint Paste w/ Chamomile Truffle (my favourite one among the four; the combination of cooling mint flavour and sweetness from chamomile encased within the white chocolate truffle is so good!)

~Rose Lychee (floral and refreshing!)

~Hazelnut Chocolate w/ Matcha (nice combination of nuttiness and earthiness!)

~White Lotus Paste w/ Salted Egg Yolk (classic taste that won’t go wrong!)

These snowskin mooncakes come in a classic mooncake box featuring ruby red leatherette finish, oriental floral motifs and gold clasp enclosure; definitely makes for good gifting! Other mooncake selections include Mao Shan Wang Durian Snowskin, as well as baked classics.

From now till 10 Sept 2022, members of Pan Pacific Privileges and Pan Pacific DISCOVERY get to enjoy exclusive privileges on their mooncake selections. Selected credit card holders will also enjoy exclusive discounts from now till 31 July 2022. Visit https://panpacificsingapore.oddle.me/en_SG for more info.

We were really excited to try this one, but sadly some of the dishes fell short.

The good:
- the crab sandwich with tomato bread tasted like a pizza and I quite liked it!
- Earl grey macaron was flavourful
- mochi tasted authentic
- yudachi tart provided citrus notes that made the sweets feel a bit refreshing (though I feel the cream on top tempered the citrus notes a bit too much)
- the sparkling tea was light and fruity

The bad:
- smoked trout sandwich tasted like smoked salmon on white bread. I didn’t get the wasabi flavour either
- moist chocolate cake was not moist and the chocolate tasted very light
- marbled cheesecake was meh (and we didn’t really see the marbling). Think my fav part of the marble cheesecake was the chocolate swirl on top.

Overall, while I enjoyed the concept and some elements of the tea, the execution of the others could have been improved

sweet & savoury all in bowl. served with a generous slice of salmon each bowl, need i say more? 🤪

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