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Top 10 in Millenia Walk

Top 10 places in Millenia Walk, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Millenia Walk

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Millenia Walk, Singapore.

This is quickly becoming my favourite brunch. The one here is delicious, perfectly caramelised on the surface encasing a soft and moist broiche stuffed with delicious cream. Yums.

Mussels is not bad but I squeeze too much 🍋 so the gravy was slightly sourish. I missed the mussels which I had in Paris, it was so delicious. Shall return again if there's 1 for 1 deal.
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Stopped by for some desserts and ordered the pastries platter. We love how the chocolates were introduced in the form of a map! Informative and fun for an afternoon tea, but a tad expensive if not for the Burpple 1-for-1 deal.

The restaurant had a really nice ambience, great place to hang out with friends! You can choose from the sandwiches, mains and pasta if you are using the entertainer app. I had the borrowdale’s pork chop while my partner had the Angus steak with herb better. Despite the good reviews, I found the sauce of the pork chop quite diluted and lacking of flavour. Not sure if I would visit if there wasn’t the 1-for-1 deal...

Got a side of meat and mushrooms because the tacos were a little small and were consumed instantly

Location: @panpacificsingapore 7 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039595.
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Fresh sashimi in a bowl! Food quality is very good. Food a tad pricey, and can use Japanese bowls instead of disposable ones. Overall, a good experience here.

It was a rainy afternoon so soba noodles in a hot dashi broth was my go-to choice for lunch. ☺️ There weren’t many soba noodle options so I went for a simple one win tofu-skin, and added on some tempura squid as a side. The tempura was nicely fried and tasted perfect dipped with a little salt!

Bought from the Everton Park outlet. It contains no artificial flavoring and coloring, and is completely preservative-free. Pretty good but I’ve yet to try their cold beancurd.

Eclairs might not be my first choice where afternoon tea cakes were concerned, but the Salted Caramel Eclair here was somewhat beautiful looking, and it costed only S$7.00.

Those who enjoyed lots of cream filling the eclair would really appreciate the very thin walls of the Choux pastry and lots of thick and rich salted caramel cream packed within. Being caramel, it would get sweet after a while, so pairing it with some tea without milk would balance the flavours a bit. It would have been lovely to have this if the Choux pastry was not that dry though.

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