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A very tasty bowl of noodles! It isn’t as spicy as it sounds, the mala is more of a subtle accent to the dish. It tastes very similar to dandan noodles with the minced pork and chilli oil. Noodles were of great texture and quality. I enjoyed it.

Worth it with the Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 deal!

“Wanton mee of very good quality”, or “atas wanton mee”, is probably how I would best describe this tasty bowl of noodles. The texture of the noodles were great, and the pork collar was roasted nicely. Everything tied together really well and I would say that it was a very yummy bowl of noodles.

Probably the most expensive bowl of wanton mee I have ever bought, but I definitely got what I paid for. Very worth it with the Beyond 1-for-1 deal!

Not too bad of an entremet, quite pleasant tasting, but unfortunately did not match our expectations - it tasted like a very ordinary apple crumble. I couldn’t really taste the mint glaze or the cinnamon in the crumble, as the apple pieces in the pastry were way too overwhelming in taste, overpowering other components too such as the caramel apple cremeux, green apple mousse and the almond sponge. Which is honestly quite a pity because it sounds like an amazing combination of ingredients!

Presentation wise - it’s very pretty and cute. I really liked the idea of a “poison apple” being represented by the different parts of this pastry! I’ll probably give their other pastries a go next time.

There’s no way I will say no to a matcha infused cake, much less one so appealing. Looking like a shiny matcha crystal ball, the nebula series by Patisserie G may very well make your wishes come true. The vanilla chantilly was light and combined well with the matcha ganache. However, proportion wise, I thought the chantilly cream was too much for my own liking. Nonetheless, without the rich composition of chantilly, it would have been difficult to construct this pretty spherical shape. Placed on top of a chocolate sable base, this base isn’t your usual kind of crumble. In fact, it is a flat cookie like base which comes off much harder than a crumble, but works well with the components of the matcha nebula. Within this sphere is a black sesame sponge infused with yuzu flavours. Evidently, this matcha nebula is not so simple - different layers of flavours elevate this experience. Black sesame, yuzu, vanilla and chocolate on top of this matcha come together like a challenge. But surprisingly, none of them overwhelm the other too much, and the flavours do come together rather nicely to give a pleasant tasting cake. Then again, one may prefer a more focused flavour for their palate. Still, this is the kind of artisanal cake one should not miss out on trying either!

A simple chocolate dome with a single gold flake on the top - yet, so aesthetically pleasing with its smooth and shiny exterior, which could literally pass off as a mirror (albeit a brown one). Patisserie G’s famous dome with a cheeky name aims to give pleasure to whoever eats this. With one look, one can tell how this cake is ready to pack a sweet chocolate punch. However, while indeed chocolatey, the G-Spot predominantly revolves around the use of dark chocolate, which makes it much less sweeter than one would expect, yet, just the right amount of chocolatey sweetness. The simple flavour of chocolate is wildly executed in this dome. Layers of mousse, meringue and feuilletine come together beautifully to give a soft, creamy experience which ends off with a crunch. For the chocolate lovers, this is definitely worth a try.

This cake was so beautiful, so I apologise that this picture doesn’t do it justice. I was too excited to try it. This peachy earl cake was a burst of fruit-tea flavours🤣 The layer of pink peach mousse on the outside was just the right amount of sweet - and I loved how it seemed to have a chocolatey undertone to it. The inside of the cake was packed with different layers - earl grey sponge, earl grey mousse, and peach jelly. The peach jelly for some reason was on the sour side, visually looking more like raspberry jam. But this fruity sourish element remained a perfect complement and apt flavour to this cake. However, there was a professed hazelnut crumble in the description list, and I only wished that I could have tasted it. Perhaps, the fruit and tea flavours had overwhelmed the crumble so much that the hazelnut nodes were undermined. Nonetheless, it is still one beautifully made cake, suitable for individuals who’d prefer fruity flavours!

I loved the combination of flavours in this seemingly simple looking cheesecake. The cheesecake itself was rich and compact, with subtle nodes of fruity and floral taste. The lychee flavour came stronger in the lychee jelly layer, which was a tad bit sweeter and contained real lychee fruit bits. The crumble base gave a good crunchy finish to the cheesecake, making every bite feel complete. While not the most aesthetically beautiful cake, it’s flavours remain simple yet satisfying. Not to sweet, this checks all the boxes of what makes a cheesecake great, at the same time, adding it’s own take on fruity creativity.

Price: Worth with Shopeepay and ShopbackGO discounts!!!
Taste: Perfect combination of the side and the truffle rice, smell was everywhere and permeated through the room, really amazing! The unagi and salmon was fresh and delicious! Rice was properly cooked and the taste was strong:) definitely going back there!

This was sooooo good 💯 the mentaiko sauce was flavourful and salty and perfect it went v well w the fragrant truffle rice mixed w Furikake. The abit i salmon was soft n well-torched on the top, yet still abit raw at the bottom which I loved. Honestly the truffle rice could well be eaten on its own, it alr tastes rather good by itself. Loved the wakame and the jellyfish, they added a refreshing touch to the dish. Would defo order again foshure 🤩

Looks simple but this is definitely an elevated wanton mee - the Signature Char Siu Noodles (12.80 for 2 bowls with burpple) come with a generous portion of seared pork belly, a braised lava egg, juicy wantons, and fried lard. The chili also complemented the slightly sweet sauce base perfectly. Our only gripe was that the pork was a tad dry but overall, this was still a very tasty meal!

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From their first outlet in Amoy Street to their brand new opening in Millenia Walk, this spot serves up their classic Seng's Char Siu Noodles ($9.80) and Four Egg Noodles ($14.80) which gets its name from their generous servings of ikura, shrimp roe, salted egg yolk and 5 minute eggs atop their al dente noodles. Burppler Xing Wei Chua recommends the Mala Bah Chor Noodles ($9.80), served with "Mala minced pork" that "pretty much laced up with the noodles and provided the entire bowl of noodles with quite an umami burst of spiciness that would tickle the tastebuds of even those who are tolerant to moderate levels of spiciness".
Photo by Burppler Xing Wei Chua

*Eligible for takeaway till 30 June 2021.

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Thank you Derrick for the sweet yummy treats.
Great way to spend my Sunday, with Japanese-inspired Afternoon Tea from @panpacificsingapore.

For place order, can visit their website

📍Pan Pacific Singapore.
7 Raffles Boulevard.
Marina Square.

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