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The tofu is really different and good !!!! Ordered pork and beef tofu stew, seafood pancake, unagi rice and all of them are very nice. Will be back for the tofu !

Went during Sunday lunch hour, was told that tables will only be ready in 30 minutes but got a call around 15-20 minutes.

Ordered Spicy Crab Pasta ($26) and Fish Tacos ($25). Serving for the tacos are huge but the pasta was a little je-lat to finish.

We’re also seated under the air-condition so pasta was cooled fast.

@pokedoke.sg has launched Singapore's First Home-buri Party Platter ($88.80)
Every party platter bought will come with a complimentary Poke Doke blowtorch! I am having fun customising my own sear on my favourite sushi and sashimi slices🍣🤤
Don't forget to get some of their poke bowls to pair with your meal. These poke bowls are available all year round, and up for deliveries as well.
Order online at https://pokedoke.ezqr.sg/ and enjoy free delivery with minimum spending of $100! Quote to redeem the complimentary PokeDoke blowtorch.
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📍 @gokoku.jp x @milleniawalk 🇯🇵
💰 ~ $2 / bun
Meidi-ya supermarket shifted to @milleniawalk now they have a food hall and bakery @gokoku.jp from Kobe! Got their koucha scone (earl grey scone), melon pan and signature malt Kurumi pan🌈✨ all three are of three different textures🙌 found my next favorite Japanese bakery aside from Donq and at a cheaper price hehe🌼😍 highly recommend all of them! The scone is packed with tea aroma, the melon pan is sugar crunchy top and fluffy on the inside, the malt kurumi pan is so so soft and so so healthy heheh☺️✨ Japanese bread ftw👅

Yummilicious thin crust pizza which I can eat the whole thing on my own!

1-1 choc sampling platter only had one set even though we were the first customer. So we opted for mocha pairing. Generally good but supply should have been replenished the night before if the next day is a weekend and they expect an early crowd. Enjoyed the ambience seated on high chairs. A great way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon with friends. Total cost = $33 including 4 cups of caffeine.

With their new outlet opening up in Milennia Walk, you'll find their signature all-day breakfast options, alongside their Truffle Portobello Mushroom Pizza ($26), Umami Pasta ($23) and crowd favourite Miso Salmon Pasta ($$28), which sees al dente spaghetti served with miso cream sauce and grilled salmon. Boasting satisfying portions, order up the Crispy Fish Fillet Tacos ($25), which Burppler A (: "liked that the portions are pretty big esp the veggies and the curly fries!"
Photo by Burppler A (:


@parteasg is having a seasonal drink this CNY and it is the Golden Prosperity Pineapple Peach Green Tea (S$6.90)!

At 50% sugar level it is not too sweet and packed with juicy pieces of pineapple and aloe vera.

There’s PARTEA CNY Lucky Bundle where you could enjoy the Golden Prosperity Pineapple Peach Green Tea and Crispy fish skin coated with salted egg yolk and a touch of spice. Check out the official website at http://www.partea.com.sg to find more about the lucky bundles.

it's really a BIG bite! liked that the portions are pretty big esp the veggies and the curly fries! ((; tacos reminded me of upsized bar bites haha i felt like i was eating 3 different parts of the taco though i.e. taco shell and fish and mango salsa or perhaps that was how tacos are supposed to be like anyways 🙈 nonetheless decent filling meal! ((:

Initially wanted to come and try their curry rice but sadly this outlet not available.

So no choice but to go for their tonkotsu don instead. Well it is crispy and tender but sadly a bit too dry for me.

4.5⭐ Luckily I make a reservation beforehand as it's fully reserved and they even turn away walk in customers. We ordered a 8 course set and one main this time round. The 5 course set is not available from Fri to Sun and public holidays. Service was a bit slow and it took us more than an hour to finish. However the food never disappoints.
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Single Origin Chocolate Platter
Chocolate & Coffee Pairing
$14 for both platters (1-for-1 platter)

The most outstanding dessert from the platter was the ice cream, which we had first in case it melted. Otherwise, you were supposed to go from the lowest cocoa content to the highest, starting from the top shelf to the bottom.

The brownie (top shelf) was dry. The trifle and chocolate tart (second and third shelf) were probably the next best after the ice cream (bottom shelf).

For the pairing, the coffee was okay. The hot chocolate mocha had a slightly sour taste to it due to the coffee. The accompanying chocolate brownie was rich in taste but a tad too dry and not as fudgy as we would have liked. It was probably served warm, but turned lukewarm by the time we had it.

Overall, it was fun trying the assortment of desserts. We will probably return for the ice cream only.