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pretty good actually i really liked the smoothness of the cream and the matcha taste wasn’t overpowered by sweetness

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If u like fish soup but don’t want nasties like msg , this place is wonderful . The soup is rich & tasty and has a “clean” taste . Their grilled milkfish is a rarity . Usually u eat it as a breakfast item in Pinoy cuisine , Bangus and garlic fried rice . But here it’s not so salty and grilled to perfection with none of those horrible bones that shock u when u least expected , plus full of collagen . My new fav place for fish soup . That oriental salad ( e same as DTF standard ) and their Ngoh Hiang is really gd too ! Everything just goes so well together n I’m so happy with this hearth meal !


Ordered 1 for 1 big bites: fish tacos and miso salmon pasta. Tacos was good, but fries as the sides made the whole mouth feel dry. Pasta was the winner for me, miso sauce taste very refreshing with the seaweed. Salmon is a huge piece, soft, moist with crispy skin. Yum.

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Banana Bread ($3.90)
Flavourwise not too bad, and also probably because it was heated up. Wouldn't have thought of cream with banana bread - can't say it's an amazing pairing, but I ate it anyway.


[Kith Cafe]
Always walked past @kithsingapore whenever I visited Millenia Walk, and they'd always have a "Cake of the Month" that they offer 20% off the sliced cake flavour. They also have power sockets and WiFi, which makes it quite work-friendly!

Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake ($7.90)
Finally gave in to temptations because I was craving cakes after dinner from @sabotensg, and since I walked past Kith Cafe again 😂.

You'd first taste the salted caramel cheesecake from the top layer, followed by sponge cake, which alternates until you reach the final base, which I'm guessing is hazelnut cornflake/ biscuit (?). I enjoyed the cheesecake flavour, but the base was no-go. It was a soggy "cornflake" base, which was pretty disappointing.

Tbh nothing fancy, just a simple place to satisfy some cravings, or maybe for a little snack to munch on if you intend to chill there/ do your work!

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

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Visited on 6 July 2021
Vegan option ~$15.80++
I like how the menu clearly labels each dish whether they include egg / dairy / vegan etc
Enjoyed the dish but regretted not getting the course set as felt like I could eat more haha
Would visit again to try the course set!

Regular poke bowl @ $12.50 with salad base, spicy tuna, edamame, flying roe, corn and cherry tomatoes.
Additonal premium topping @ $1.60 - braised mushroom

All the things I like in a bowl and it's so colourful and pleasing that it's difficult for it to be not nice. Like that the spicy tuna does have got a tinge of spiciness. Overall good taste.

They are a very small Thai restaurant in Millenia Walk, not much people when I came on weekend lunch time.

I would say the pad thai was tasty with lots of chicken meats (you could opt for beef as well), although not much hype to shout for. It is still a good pad thai to have.

Their dessert as part of the set was Matcha Icecream, and it's quite soft in the middle, and a good ending to the entire meal.

Not forgetting the cabbage that was really fresh, and paired well with the sesame sauce! You also get to grind your own sesame seeds to mix with their Tonkatsu sauce 🤤.

Salmon Katsu was alright, nothing much to shout about imo - just go for the Tenderloin Katsu! I can't eat shrimp but seems like it's not bad from my dining partner!