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Order half portion. Generous portion of chasiu. It is so good. Price is $6.5.

I love Ondeh Ondeh...
So will I love Ondeh Ondeh Soufflé Pancake?
Ans:.... Y. E. S😌
Try it from @antoinette_sg

Here are 9 places to get them.
Avocado toast is a type of open sandwich made with mashed avocado (though some used sliced) and salt, pepper, and citrus juice on toast.

Other ingredients can include poached eggs, olive oil, hummus, red pepper flakes, feta, dukkah, tomato, to even bacon.

There was a point in time when every legit brunch café in Singapore would have an Avotoast in its menu someway, somehow… though not every place do them well, especially when pre-mixed avopaste is used.

I must admit I am not the biggest fan of Avotoast, but it has its appeal – a healthier alternative, and that avocado is rich in nutrients and antioxidants.
BUT take note that it can be high in calories if you add everything up - can be like 600 plus.

Swipe right or head to this link: bit.ly/avotoastsg

Gnocchi was a little soggy but nonetheless tasty. Great deal with 1-for-1 main course!

$8.5. Ok might not have gotten this without the 1 for 1 because it’s above my budget but glad I got to try this! They let you choose which % / origin you want. This 72% one was about just nice for me - not too sweet or bitter. The seats aren’t the most comfortable but they kind souls let us sit there and do our work :”)

This is gonna be heaven for all truffle and chirashi lovers out there!!! The rice was infused with a strong truffle aroma and the sashimi was nice and fresh! The unagi was really tender (but not crispy on the outside like manman’s) but honestly, for

I’ve always been a fan of food at Starbucks, and their breakfast selection is no exception. I especially love the new breakfast choices, with the Turkey Bacon Panini being one of my favourites.

The pale panini bread might not look that appetising on display, but once it’s been toasted and crisped up, its brown exterior and fluffy soft interior are on point. The salty and crispy turkey bacon is mellowed out and well balanced by the egg, and wilted spinach. The addition of a light layer of cream sauce with bacon bits is a nice touch as well.

Looking at the macros for this item, I think it’s a pretty solid breakfast item from Starbucks. Some may find it not filling enough but I think it’s a good sized portion for ladies. Also worth it to top up $0.70 for a black coffee for the breakfast set :)

Loved the fragrant lychee jelly with lychee bits, delicate rose and contrasting rich cheesecake with light crumble base.

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$10.9. I’ve tried this before at their other outlet but decided to visit this one as well. It’s $1 more but there are more seats which are also more comfortable, just that the aircon is really cold. Food tasted the same though, which is good :-)

Side note: we couldn’t find the place at first. But then we smelled truffle and followed our noses up LOLOL

Different chocolate Ice creams ($14)
Brownie and coffee ($14)

For the price of $14, the brownie is slightly too small, however the coffee is decent.

The ice cream is quite interesting, considering there are 3 different flavours of 70% of varying types of chocolate. For non chocolate lovers I wouldn’t think you would be able to tell the difference though.

Overall would say it’s decent but not the best/ most impressive but worth the try!

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