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寿. Or longevity in Chinese.
Throwback to when we celebrated our uncle's 70th birthday at Golden Peony. Wonderful Cantonese food and impeccable service. 👍 More posts coming up!
#thehedgehogknows #conradsingapore #eatdrinkhilton #chinesefood #birdsnest #longevity

Poison Apple, Tarte Au Citron, I think Strawberry Shortcake, Black Forest and Chocolate Éclair. To me, nothing special.

Even though there is soursop and requested for less sugar, this is still super sweet! Bought it off on Fave for their national day promotion at 1 for 1. The drink itself was quite thick, similar to a smoothie. It gets quite jelak after awhile but the taste was not too bad just make sure you get kakis to share.

From Antoinette's newest outpost at Millenia Walk, which is located right opposite Plenty full on the ground level of the mall. Featuring elements such as Flambé Banana with Rum, Caramel Parfait, Dark Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Genoise, Milk Chocolate Feuilletine, the Banananier is a dessert that takes on the classic combination of chocolate and banana — a well-loved pairing that features a contrast of varying types of sweetness. The dark chocolate mousse and Chocolate Genoise were both smooth, velvety and rich; no gelatinous, sticky and sweatinees of any sort, just pure chocolate-y goodness that emphasises on the bittersweetness of the chocolate used. Inside the entremet reveals the Flambé Banana with Rum and Caramel Parfait; the banana carrying its distinct sweetness with a hint of alcoholic kick from the rum — not too intense, but definitely evident. The Caramel Parfait adds to the sweetness, as well as helps to bind the chocolate mousse and flambe banana together. Laying at the bottom of the cake, the Milk Chocolate Feuilletine provides a crunch for more texture. A pretty well put-together cake overall, considering how everything seems to gel together so well with the textural aspects being taken in consideration just as much as the flavoural aspects — would probably try the other cakes that they have to offer though prices are certainly on the steep side for entremets.


The Original 1938 Sanmaro Ramen
A light broth made by boiling chicken & pork bones for 4-6 hours, served with thin Hakata noodles, chasiu & spring onions

Generous serving of flavourful stir fried pork and kimchi. I actually prefer this stir fried pork to the spicy pork belly. Good enough to share between 2 and 4 persons. Fyi, Entertainer App allows 1-for-1 main course and this is one of those dishes.

Price: $18

This is supposed to be Seafood and Spring Onion Pancake but you can hardly see the spring onions. Nonetheless, the pancake is quite tasty and has seafood like shrimps and squid. Fyi, Entertainer App allows 1-for-1 main course and this is one of those dishes.

Price: $18

plentyfull of creative vibes for their menu and space.
the plum tomatoes are definitely worth a try 👍🏻

(And did 😝) #poomsandpoms #foodies #sgfood #sgfoodies #sgeats #sgfoodporn #singaporefood #sgfoodtrend #eatmoresg #eatoutsg #foodinsing #yummyinmytummy #fatdieme #stfoodtrending #8dayseat #burpple #sgjapanesefood

It's hard to find good German food & beer in Singapore City area.. Glad to have try
Ied here.

I think this is one of the more expensive mains in the Plentyfull menu. It would be pricey at $27++ on its own, but with Entertainer’s 1 for 1 Main Dish offer, this was actually very affordable.

I’m always in awe of Beyond Meat patties, and Plentyfull managed to cook this to a lovely medium rare doneness with a lovely red center. The buns were great as well, and the combination of melted cheese with caramelised onions was perfect.

The fries at Plentyfull were also artfully done. They were crispy, yet not dripping in oil. A little on the pale yellow side, but don’t let their colour fool you. They’re seasoned with just enough salt. We actually polished off ALL the fries because they were so good. Definitely one of the mains I will be ordering time and again with Entertainer because it’s worth the money.

*Plentyfull is on Entertainer. The 1 for 1 Mains include the Brunch, Sandwiches and Mains sections!

*Try reserving a table in advance if you want a nicer seat! Plentyfull is on Chope!

Ordered the spicy pork sausage tagliatelle. Love the texture of the pasta!