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+ $1.50 for Boba pearls, total price amounted to $6.10 😨 but this tasted way better than Floral Green Tea Macchiato. 👍🏻 The pearls are chewy and nicely done.

A little on the pricier side but overall the drink wasn’t too bad. The cup design could be better though. The cap’s drinking flap isn’t actually sealed on top so the drink spilled a little when I was walking around Jewel.

Went to shake shack for the second time after trying it half a year ago!😅

In addition to the Shrooms burger and cheese fries I bought, I also bought the peanut butter shake😋

Consistency is good, queues are shorter and food is prepared faster now☺️👍🏻 However, i always recommend 2 people to share the shake as I bought 2 burgers + 1 cheese fries + 1 shake and it is very filling for 2 people😅

Do head to jewel and tried it out if you havent yet!!😄 I loveeee the Shrooms Burger!!

I was happy to find my cream cheese melting perfectly on the cast iron skillet to sparsely soak the chewy pancake. A chewy variant in the middle (I must repeat) which required the help of maple syrup and the other 2 condiments, this pancake vaguely reminded me of Chinese omelette only at its crisp circumference.
Something good enough to order again, only if I craved for a sweet, affordable, carb breakfast dish.

Tea was really more fragrant than the usual green tea macchiato ($2.90) at Koi Express. The cream on top is fluffier and lighter as compared to those at Koi Express and the sugar level in the BBT is done pretty well too (sometimes I get overly sweet green tea macchiatos at Koi Express even though I always ask for 25% sugar).

Damaged: worth it
Hands up, my fav pizza since the first slice.
Ordered the mushroom soup and fried chicken as well, but the pizza was truly the one that won me over🥺 am craving it now

Got the large size. I'm typically not a fan of thick crusts, but their dough is so soft and fluffy I always finish everything.

The minced beef marinated with chilli flakes had quite a kick. The prawns were juicy and well-complemented by the crunchy bell pepper slices.

Pizza Maru truly has some of the best fusion pizzas.

Price: $19.90 (regular), 23.90 (large)

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Buta Miso Nabe
Hot pot with pork, udon and vegetables, seasoned with 2 years aged and spicy miso

Still stick to healthy mode even when we are on the road.🤠 Luckily the mee tai mak is not super hot as their self service plastic spoon won’t make it. The soup is comforting with minced pork, spring onion and garlic. Top up $0.50 if you prefer canned drink to barley drink.
Wang cafe offers a good value casual eat before flight. 👌

This particular set came with cuts of beef loin, beef sirloin and beef top blade. Also comes with a soup (kimchi/tofu/soybean), steamed egg, and the usual sides that comes with Korean restaurants. Meat was fresh, marinated nicely, and I liked how the staff would occasionally drop by to help cut up and cook the meat. They were polite and professional despite facing a huge workload on Valentines Day. Kimchi soup was alright, steamed egg was amazing. Overall it's pretty good authentic Korean cuisine. This set is good for 2 big eaters, maybe a group of 3 would be just nice. Would return again.