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Went on weekday night, food is very good! love the carbonara and fish n chips! Great ambience at jewel as well! Service was great too!

Went on weekday night, food is very good! love the carbonara and fish n chips! Great ambience at jewel as well!

Yum spent $23.40 in total
Fish & Chips were 10/10
lotus rice was interesting n flavourful

This special Valentine’s Day Gift Set by @laderach_singapore is a real treat! Not only does the beautiful blonde wooden box contain a dozen large Swiss Miss Strawberries, but also a heap of large 56% dark chocolate buttons. Meant to be melted into a thick silky liquid for dipping the fruit in, these are essentially the same chocolate used in most of #Laderach’s hugely popular dark chocolate #frischschoggi variants. And just like wine, chocolate too possesses tasting notes. In this, you can expect to encounter hints of plums, berries and bananas on your palate as you bite into the juicy strawberry.

Pre-orders have begun. To place yours, just tap on @laderach_singapore’s link-in-bio on Instagram.

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Check out this cafe if you are ever in Jewel. We didnt know what to order but saw many tables ordering this Laksa lobster ($45). The lobster was halved but still sufficient. Soup and noodles was good. Pricey for one bowl but with one for one it would be super worth it!!!

A long-overdue post.

Had this two months back and I really like it. I still remember how juicy and flavourful it was. Sandwiched in between the soft and butter toasted bread.

It’s recommended to make reservations before going. We almost couldn’t get a seat but thankfully, it was off peak hours and seats were available in 30 minutes.

Had to pay an additional 0.50 for another box to split the leclair into 3-3. Ordered the mango passionfruit (tangy and sweet) the rose lychee (good!). Leclairs were also large and substantial averaging at 7-8$ for one

I was excited to try this but... it completely didn’t suit my palate. It was way too cheesy, and too little black sesame flavour. I wished the sesame flavour was stronger. The base was also a sesame biscuit base, which was weird, I’d rather a normal cookie base. It didn’t really give the melt in your mouth crunch. I understand that some people prefer the overwhelming cheesy texture in cheesecakes, so if that’s what you like this cake with a hint of black sesame is for you.

For some reason, it seems like I’ve only seen this dish at the Jewel branch, so I’ve decided to give it a try. It was delicious! Tangy noodles in chilli oil with wantons. It’s like their spicy wantons in vinegar oil but slightly different. If you desire more spiciness or vinegar flavour you can just add more flavour to it with the sauces! Hope this is available at more branches.

The honey osmanthus oolong tea ($6.50) was smooth and fragrant, albeit sweet even at 0% sugar. The lemon green tea with aiyu jelly ($6.20) stood in stark contrast - shockingly tart even at 50% sugar. But it grows on you, and the aiyu jelly helps soothe over the sour tang. While pleasant and refreshing, I don’t think the drinks are worth its price - the teas are pre-brewed and stored in dispensers, and flavours are mostly from syrup. Pales in comparison to the espresso-brewed ones, especially at this price point!

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