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TP Tea is the sister company of the famous 春水堂 (chun shui tang) in Taiwan👍. Drop by for a taste! They are right next to the newly opened llaollao🍦😊.
Pro tip: finish off the milk tea before starting your yoghurt ice cream, otherwise the sweetness from the ice cream will overpower the milk tea.
Pro tip 2: get a higher sugar level than what you're used to otherwise you will find it a bit bland. We did not like the blended ice.

Chicken cutlet : can choose with fries or with spaghetti.
Changes the coleslaw to all baked beans. Its different from the photo in the menu, and didnt have much expectations of it.
Top up $1 for cheese. Generous with cheese which I love. The chicken is very crispy, and the pepper makes completes the taste of the cutlet. Love that its in two pieces for easier cutting too. Western stall is pricey for non staff members though. ($6 - $9 )

After the fake eyelash incident, i didnt get the chance to try the other dishes the stall have to offer. Ordered the chicken cutlet rice, which gave you three choices of sauce: Thai,salad or Lemon. The lemon was too sour so this time i tried the thai sauce. Theres chili in the sauce, adds a kick to the meat. Crunchy skin and the sauces complement each other. Especially love that the rice is the chicken rice kind, not normal white rice.

They have changed the menu and unfortunately they have discontinued soy garlic chicken :( However, i got to try the nasi lemak and was plesantly surprised to find an alternative! The chicken wings is not enough to me because its SO GOOD!! Crispy skin, fresh white and tender chicken meat, and the rice just adds a nice touch to the overall meal.

The curry chicken is flavourful, the spiciness level isnt that high which is great for a non spicy eater like me. The prata is not as crispy as i have liked and a tad too thick, but thats just my personal preference. An awesome combo

Main dish pales in comparision to the garlic bread which have just the rigjt amount of crunchiness and softness. Would like the mushroom soup to have a richer texture, even though its fine the way it is. Better than its grilled chicken

Love the sauce! The chicken is tender, would be great have the rice have a stronger chicken rice taste

At the location where Wild Olives was at...prefer their other dishes more. The chicken isnt fresh, some parts are a little red. Other dishes in next few posts

It is creamy, fragrant and rich. I personally prefer this thicker version as it is robust and adds some depth into your rice! The succulent chicken and potato have have been thoroughly soak with curry making every bite count!👍🏽
Thanks to @qinlovesmacaronsss for the invite and @colonialclubsg for hosting us


A glimpse of the Chocolate Roll (S$2.50) with chocolate spread and chopped nuts, before it get rolled to a swiss-roll handy snack. (still amazed by how the staff eventually rolled the cake with one hand)

The sponge was soft and light (you could not roll it with one hand if the cake was too dry), much akin to the larger versions of the Ah Mah cakes they sell here. The chocolate was at an acceptable density and was not very sweet, but what I liked was really the extra chopped nuts that I paid additional S$0.30 for, to make it more choco-nutty.

Though I was not very appreciative of the listed price, the good part of buying Ah Mah Homemade Cake from here was that Changi Rewards members could get an instant GST rebate for all purchases here.

Where shallow pockets were concerned, just go for their Rocky Chocolate Cake (S$13.00) for a more value-for-money purchase. I was pretty good, or at least that was what my colleagues said when I brought one to work.

Ordered the Nasi Briyani Chicken from the Indian Food stall (plus papadum $6.5), Ice Lemon Tea ($1.5), and take away snacks (tausa pao, egg tart, curry puff). The nasi briyani portion is huge, can actually share for 2 person. The rice is a bit dry and chicken is just ok, but tender. The okra curry is very nice. Please note that it's great to eat here to save budget from overpriced airport resto, but don't expect too much on the food. Previously I tried the YTF here and it was also not bad.