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やりいか姿 | ダブル赤えび | 軍艦ねぎまぐろ | 中とろ | あわびの海鮮づくし盛り
Whole Spear Squid, Red Shrimp, Tuna with Green Onion Gunkan, Chutoro, Jewels from the Sea

赤貝 | ジャンボ赤えび | 白とり貝 | うなぎ | えんがわ
Ark Shell, Big Red Shrimp, White Torigai, Grilled Eel, Engawa

First time eating at Tonito. We ordered the Arroz Con Mariscos (crispy mixed seafood,white wine, pomodoro based rice) and Pasta De Cangrejo (Crispy soft shell crab, squid ink Pasta, Charred Tomato and lime) both dishes were delicious, very well seasoned and tasty. Hot water was served in a pot which was awesome. The cutlery and plates were beautiful. Service was really nice too. They could improve on the menu pictures because the real food looked so much better than the photos.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Arteastiq, be it the Jewel or Plaza Sing branches. However, I visited the one at Jewel again recently, and was pleasantly surprised and pleased to know they’ve kept their standards high still!

I had my go-to, the crabcake breakfast, and it was very well-executed as usual, although I’m not sure if the portion has shrunk slightly over the years. We also had the honey chicken mid-joint wings, which was some of the best wings I’ve tasted in a while!

Will always be recommending Arteastiq, although it’s a bit on the pricier range :)

Please remove from beyond, 12 Sep 23, staff say no longer participating. Very misleading and disappointed.

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