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llLllLlLlong awaiiiited! but we got there mentaiko pasta n salmoN bowwwlll at dual near Bugis!

would give it a 8/11!! the bowl was really filling w Super a lot of liao n a generous portion of salmon, salmon was well cooked n mooooiST N the other Liaos were Super well seasoned esp the carrots n potTatZ : ) also got choice of white/ brOwn ris so HEALTH! would liken this to pickleville buT is cheaper here n location more accessible~~~

5.6/11 for mi !! mentaiko taste iS nice and also w d extra lil red stUf in top complements d pasta !! but honestly it was a lil gelaT towards d end as d taste of mentaiko rly p strong mm v filling meal but nOt v satisfactory as it made my tumtum a lil weird aft eating tHat HAHAH but still worth a try !!!

This is a Lebanese yogurt drink and it comes with mint. We had a choice of having it with sugar or salt and I picked salt. This was very refreshing and was unique too!

We got a mixed grill platter and we were surprised there was so much rice. The meat was a bit dry though. I liked the chilli because it was quite spicy hehe. Their mains are on #burpplebeyond and entertainer so they’re one for one.

We ordered two types of flatbread and they were cheese and thyme flavoured. The cheesy one had a chewy texture and the thyme one was pretty fragrant. It was good we got a variety too. Mains are one for one on both burpple beyond and entertainer!

We had falafel and it was tasty, going well with the tahini sauce too. Mains are one for one in both burpple beyond and entertainer as well!

The mezza platter has the following:
• hummus
• baba ganoush (eggplant with herbs, garlic, tomato, and seasoning)
• labneh (Lebanese yogurt with olive oil and mint)
• moussaka (eggplant, chickpeas, onion, tomato, garlic and green pepper)
• fattoush salad (chopped fresh vegetables topped with toasted Arabic bread).

They were served with the flat bread and was very yummy as an appetiser. They’re all quite different in flavour too.

At first glance, the tart looks shallow and I was worried the crust will be too thick and filling too little. I bought it because I was craving for chocolate tart😂

The crust is thick and buttery - in this case the thickness is just right because the dark chocolate and caramel is so rich, gooey and thick that you need a nice buttery crust to balance the richness.

More filling would have made this tart too gelat to finish. Dark chocolate sea salt caramel combo never fails. I like the tart and will definitely buy it again.

However, when I cut into it I noticed a huge blob of super sweet icing. Then I realised it must have been the icing they used to stick the tart base to the “tart holder” ( I have no idea what’s it called). Remember to check the bottom and scrap them off.

I saw they have naked dark chocolate sea salt caramel cake too. Will give that a try next time

Amongst the pies ordered - honey macadamia, strawberry lemon, pecan & camp symmetry - we couldn't stop raving about camp symmetry! Wonder what's in that mixture of sweet goodness besides the tinge of truffle I can decipher yummms

Must try is the Curry Mussels!
Ordered extra Mantou to soak up the delicious rich gravy that is a mix between Chinese and Indian curry style.

I believe them when they claim their seafood is freshly farmed from the kelong, because I taste the freshness and “natural-ness” of the seafood.

Even though it is no longer on Burpple Beyond, I will come back to Scaled!

Feature the highlight from Omakase shimasu : Grilled Lobster with Uni Sauce.

Fresh Boston lobster, grilled and served in housemade uni sauce.

Although the food on the high side , but the presentation on point..
💰$180 for 9 courses Omakase.
📍Sushi Airways.
‪20A Baghdad Street‬