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Not chocolate, but packed with brown sugary goodness & some healthy, crunchy brain food.

Tangy pineapple and yoghurt curd,crunchy passionfruit seed glaze and home-made muesli morsels

Well! I think the guys have to rethink about consistency in menu and marketing. On Facebook, it’s “toucan” but only their website, it’s “pineapple passionfruit yoghurt”. At the shop, the staff introduced it as toucan but spelt it as tocan (?) when she labelled the boxes of pies 🤦🏻‍♀️

What I like: very tangy and sourish! But it might be overly sour for some people. Love the strong hints of passionfruit from the layer of glaze on top.

What I didn’t like: supermarket-like filo pastry as they crust base (I think a buttery crust is what makes a cut for a good pie!). It was too thin to balance out the strong tanginess of the fillings. Idk what’re the white cubes - the taste of these cubes weren’t distinct. If they’d been, then clearly they’ve been masked out by the tanginess of the filling ...

Fluffy Banana Mousse with crunchy Almond Brittle, topped with rich Cognac whipped cream.
WELL....I’m split about this.

What I like:
Rich cognac whipped cream, fluffy airy mousse

What I didn’t like:
Slightly bitter almond brittle (perhaps kinda burnt), it’s also sticky and sticks to the teeth! I’d expected the pie crust to be buttery but it’s actually filo pastry ): kinda feels like those you could easily get from any random supermarket(?) I think the pie crust is really important and this rendition didn’t do justice to the otherwise tasty mousse and cognac

Personally not a big fan of eggplants, but I had a damn good home made ratatouille once and it changed my life! Was really looking forward to this one but in my opinion, it didn’t taste as satisfying as I thought it would. The ingredients itself was slightly lacking, and I couldn’t taste the individual slices of tomato, cucumber, eggplants and mushrooms. Instead it was overpowered by a very doughy taste :(

Am a lover of spice and this pasta dish definitely has the right amount of spice! It hits you right on the spot, spicy yet super satisfying! Prawns are also fresh!

Despite the circuit measures, that is not going to stop us from having our fill of hummus and Beirut Grill is offering delivery options straight to your home. Packed with flavours and health benefits with no added preservatives and additives, the variety of hummus from Beirut Grill is made with chickpeas and other ingredients that comes in a myriad of colours, a feast for the eyes even before the actual meal. To commemorate the Hummus Festival this year, Beirut Grill will be making available 6 different hummus that comes as a single portion or as a platter. If you are throwing a party at home, the Ultimate Tasting Platter ($49.90) will be the one to get as it comes with all the hummus’ flavours and pita bread. With unique creations such as Roasted Beetroot that comes in a pink hue, the Harissa with a spicy kick and the refreshing Dill, it will be hard to pick a favourite. Other flavours not seen elsewhere include the Roasted Red Pepper, Pumpkin & Caramelized Onion and last but not least, a treat for Ramadan, the Kampong Sambal which is a localized twist of hummus that has been added with Auntie Ratna’s homemae sambal. To order your Middle Eastern spread, simply visit their online ordering platform at today!
📍Beirut Grill
72 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199485


Plan a trip to Turkey this weekend with Istanblue Meze & Grill's authentic dishes. Order the chef-recommended chargrilled Adana Kebab Lamb ($24.90), Izgara Kofte (grilled meat patties, $24.90) and a traditional stew called Sulu Kofte ($20.90). Don't forget to get the Baklava ($13.90) and their signature Kunefe dessert ($14.90)!
Photo by Burppler Khaw Han Chung

*Eligible for 1-for-1 Takeaways till 30th June

Bit on the pricey side, but the smooth, quality taste makes up for it. Got a classic iced latte with oat milk (the best). Super satisfying + the aesthetic makes it.

Extremely earthy earl grey infused soft serve - a creamy in texture and not overly sweet. Comes w choice of fruit pebbles, chocolate rice etc toppings (pick only one!) A lil’ sad that they ran out of the charcoal cones on the day of visit (we visited pretty late into the evening; slightly before closing hours). Hoping for better luck next time!

At first sight, it’s a pretty fancy coloured soft serve, nicely twirled and dotted with fruit pebbles. At first taste, it was slightly disappointing - nothing very “cookie&cream” about it and definitely absent of cookie specs. If this were just “sweet cream” soft serve, it would very much fit the name! It was nonetheless a nice cold soft serve - texture was smooth and sweet (just don’t expect any “cookie&cream” kinda taste) A lil’ downside would be the use of colouring here, instead of natural dyes. So...WARNING: You seriously will get coloured shit the next day. Mine was green/turquoise 🤢

Oops this is a ridiculously backdated post, they don’t serve this dessert anymore :p

I love the mochi bursts, they are chewy and served hot. With the earl grey chocolate which is fragrant and flowy, this is a real treat :)

The soft serve however, didn’t really make an impact as the cookie butter taste was lost (perhaps due to the presence of the flavourful mochi donuts).

Went to try this ice cream shop as there is Burpple 1for1 deal. Early Grey flavour (left) did not have strong taste of earl grey which is a bit disappointing while blue one tasted like oreo mcflurry. Price wise, it is definitely value for money as we only paid $7 for two cups of ice cream (using Burpple Beyond).

Very generous serving of ice cream despite mediocre taste. Note that there are limited chairs inside the shop so it is more for takeaway.

Taste: 6/10
Ambience: 6/10
Total damage: $3.5/pax - with Burpple Beyond