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This was honestly quite disappointing given that I had high expectations for this place!! The fish batter was quite thick and felt that I was eating the batter more than the fish :-( but it was crispy sooo and portion is pretty generous? Enjoyed the vibes of the place tho!

7 Jul’19, Sun⛅️⁣
📍% Arabica Singapore (Arab Street)⁣
- Cafe Latte☕️⁣

Queued under the scorching sun, no joke eh~🥵⁣
So so so crowded pls...😱⁣

The coffee is good (medium bodied, a little chocolate nutty finish) but but...find it a little pricey...😔

Damage: $8

Best thing about this restaurant. Creamy, sweet, savoury, crunchy, chewy all at the same time. Will get jelat after a while to remember to share even if you hate sharing so much

The eggplant sauce was smokey and flavourful and well-combined with the spices from the roasted lamb. Hummus is nothing special but still not bad nevertheless

Used the 1for1 for the fish and chips! The wait for the food was relatively long and fish was abit too dry for my liking... made a reservation beforehand as it is quite packed even on a weekday night, personally prefer the second level ambience more than the first level!

This is not a restaurant, rather it’s more of an experience.

You’re basically eating in the dark so you don’t know what you’re eating until you get explanations after your meal. You do get tasty stuff that’s appropriate value for the money though. Do highlight any dietary restrictions or allergies before dining... this is really important.

Since it’s dark, the wait staff in the dining hall are naturally visually impaired as they are the best fit for this role. Anything you need help with, just ask... you won’t see anything in the dining hall, except for maybe the red infrared camera... That said, no food pics... if you want one, face your camera down on something and shoot... that’s what you’ll see, just black...

Cocktails are slightly pricey though.

Taste: ★★★★☆
Price: ★★★★☆
Value for money: ★★★☆☆
Service: ★★★★☆

Might not be the best pizzas you had in Singapore but it’s worth a try. It’s got an amazing ambiance to sit relax and enjoy

V spicy (good for those who have a high spice tolerance), flavours blended well together & prawn was good!

Ordered fish and chips using burpple beyond.

Felt that the portion was a little too small given that we swapped the fries for salad.

Ordered the Cod fish and chips. The battered was a bit thick and the cod fish was quite dry, probably not the best dish to order. The sides were good and the tartar sauce was nice. It can be quite gelat but still a hearty meal, though, I highly recommend the Pesto Fish. Ordered the battered mushrooms as well, its quite good too.

visited the cafe before cb happened and i really liked the vibes there!! i tried the mochi donut with earl grey ice cream because they were out of the mochi croissants:( the donut was soooo chewy and went really well with the ice cream 😋