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Chicken was v slightly grainy and meaty. Not in a bad way. The sauce was v savoury, more than it was sweet. V intense sauce so they were calculated in drizzling it, do ask for more by the side.
Chili was hot

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Had came across Sim’s Ngoh Hiang on social media and thought it was pretty intriguing considering how they only have three items on the menu — Fried Bee Hoon, Ngoh Hiang and Fried Chicken Wings which all seem to have raving reviews from those who had tried them from delivery/takeaway orders; and that’s how I found myself heading down to their physical stall at Wiseng Food Place at Blk 462 Crawford Lane to give them a try.

Wasn’t expecting much from the Fried Bee Hoon but I was fairly surprised by how old-school the flavours were — it comes with the slight fragrance of the rice vermicelli rather than simply tasting like an onslaught of savoury sauces like some stalls tend to serve up for economy breakfast; pretty delicious even on its own or with the zippy chili on the side that is all fiery and tickles the taste buds, while coming with cabbage for a slight crunch. Their signature Ngoh Hiang was also very delicious — tightly wrapped whilst aptly-sized for a single bite. It comes with a good proportion of meat and chestnut for a bite and a crunch with a crisp exterior without being overly greasy, and was very easy-to-have — wiped off from the plate in no-time. The Fried Chicken Wing (an additional order btw) also bore its own little surprise — the wings were not only hot and crisp on the exterior being served freshly fried upon order just like the Ngoh Hiang, but seems to also have also been marinated with fermented bean curd for a slight savoury and umami note as one goes through the browned exterior and the juicy and succulent flesh.

Simple as it is, Sim’s Ngoh Hiang definitely seems to be one of those hawker stalls where a lot of effort seemed to have went into perfecting their craft — a showcase of their dedication and passion into whatever they are serving. A stall that is worth making the trip for especially if Ngoh Hiang is your thing.

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To combat the local heat, the classic Watermelon, Mint & Chia Seeds ($5) was the ideal summer treat. Though it reminded me a little of toothpaste with the mintiness, the sorbet was well-balanced and provided a nice break from the richer-tasting milk-based ice creams. The natural sweetness from the watermelon was also distinct and able to shine through. I liked that the scoop wasn't too icy and that added crunch from the chia seeds was a great touch.

Serving up a range of intriguing and delicious-sounding flavour combinations, Gelatolabo’s selection of handmade ice creams has something for everyone in my opinion.

With their current seasonal flavour, Sakura Smoke, Artichoke & Pear Compote ($6 / $10 double), it is evident that they step away from the more conventional offerings. Hence, my curiosity was certainly piqued and I am happy to report that the smokiness really hit the spot. There was also a surprising savoury quality to it while the bits of pear compote provided a nice bite as well as rounded spiced sweetness.

Stacked at the top, the premium Sicilian Pistachio ($6 / $10 double), made using Bronte pistachios, was a safer option but was done exceptionally well too. Rich and indulgent, the roasted flavour was pretty intense and overall very nutty. Texture-wise, it was smooth, creamy, and dense but not overly so. Choosing to have mine in a cup, I preferred pairing with their lavender waffle triangles instead of having the entire cone as I am better able to separate the flavours and just the general ease of sharing it with a friend. Studded with the tiny purple buds, the triangles were thin, crisp, and held a gentle aroma.

The carribean rum & pineapple had a distinct pineapple flavour and a mellow sweetness; the alcoholic taste was not too strong. We both preferred this because of our personal preference for rum!

The smokiness shone through for the sakura smoke & artichoke gelato, with the bits of pear folded in providing some textural variation. I haven’t tried artichoke (the vegetable) before, but I found this flavour rather interesting and pleasant tasting.

Both gelatos were smooth and light as usual, nothing too heavy on the palate! The bread from sing hon loong was a National Day special, and was a good, fluffy bread. I didn’t think it paired well with the flavours we chose though!

One of my personal favourites for BCM. For $6/8/10, it’s not the cheapest bak chor mee around but it I feel the price is justifiable.

Pictured here is what you get for $10 when you takeaway. The mee pok is cooked al dente and doesn’t have the reek of alkaline. And there’s a good douse of vinegar in the seasoning which isn’t something you’ll get at most places. Many would notice that it’s topped with the crispy dried sole fish. Yummy.

What I enjoy most are the handmade dumplings as the skin is of the right thickness, and they are generous with the pork filling and sole fish. Also, the pork liver here is not overcooked (so it’s soft and tender) and doesn’t have a gamey taste or powdery texture. Something that isn’t easy to achieve.

I found this to be still as good since I last had it some four years back. Some may find this to be overrated or felt that the standard has dropped. Perhaps it’s could be a matter of inconsistency more than anything else.

4⭐ Researched that this is one of the better mookata in SG hence we are here for dinner after playing the escape room nearby. Read online that the $32.90 nett buffet has a wide spread of food including oysters, flower crab, crayfish, ice cream, free flow of drinks etc. They collect the payment before starting the buffet and we were guided to a VIP room on the 3rd level as the 2nd level is full. We walked past many shops to a secluded area before reaching the VIP room which is actually an air-conditioned shop also own by them. Seeing many customers eating the mookata here calm our nerves and we are worried for nothing. 🤣 The food quality is quite fresh and we loves the crayfish and oysters 😍. We peel off the shell before BBQ so it cooks much faster, WB becomes an expert in peeling the crayfish. We ate till so full that I don't think I will eat mookata for the rest of this year. Bye Mookata, I really had enough. 😅

Blown away by the juicy prawn. Usually prawn that prepped to be crunchy (think dimsum prawn) loses it's prawn taste. But this one still retained its prawn taste. Laksa sauce is deeply flavored and on the sweet side. Overall a very satisfying dish! 4.5/5

One of the best rosti I have ever eaten. The portion is huge but I enjoyed every bite. The potatoes just taste so good. It is sufficiently crispy on the outside. Generous amount of sour cream to go with it. 5/5

Came back to manna for their porcini mushroom soup .

Places that serve such quality home made food are far and few in Singapore .

Earthy , nourishing and not overly seasoned - just like how your Nonna would make it .

Topped with buratta for a luxurious touch .