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If I told you that a restaurant has a maximum seating capacity of six customers, you’d assume it to be some incredibly exclusive & snobbishly posh private dining experience or an omakase. However, it’s the reality for Italian Osteria X, an implausibly itsy-bitsy osteria in Crawford Lane of all places. It is an actual one man show over there, with the sole proprietor, head chef, sous chef, waiter and dishwasher roles all taken up by the same man. No, I am not joking, the owner does everything by his lonesome.⠀

The chef/owner used to ply his trade at two Michelin starred Italian restaurant Marea in New York City. Yes, he worked at an Italian restaurant, but never worked in Italy. Still, working as a chef at such a renowned Italian restaurant is some serious street cred, and even the seemingly basic Los Angeles Affettati Misti (assorted Italian cold cuts with cheese, $24+service charge) provides glimpses of those credentials.⠀

It’s just three basic Italian elements on a massive platter, but they’ve been carefully curated. Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper Italian charcuterie board without the universal crowd pleaser that is prosciutto, so that salty, fatty and downright delicious Italian ham takes its place on the board. Interestingly enough, the other cured meat is beef bresaola. Bresaola is pretty rare, so seeing it paraded out on a platter was a very pleasant and palatable surprise. It’s considerably more peppery than the prosciutto, and offers more bite due to its soft jerky like texture.⠀

As for the cheese, well, it doesn’t get more Italian than parmesan cheese carved straight off the block. The mild, slightly nutty cheese soothed the pepperiness of the bresaola while adding creamy richness to the cured beef, and it heightened the already delectable saltiness of the prosciutto while unlocking a slight sweetness.⠀

The Affettati Misti was already plenty perfect by its lonesome, but if you’re in luck, you can even have all the cheese & cold cuts with freshly baked crusty bread. Yes, of course the owner bakes his own bread, and the bread is quite scrumptious even on its own. But combine the beautiful bread with the Affettati Misti, and that’s amore.

📍75 Jellicoe Rd, #01-00 Wavelink Holdings Pte Ltd, Singapore 208738

Ribeye: 🆈🅰🆈 - Meat was really tender and cooked to a perfect medium. Definitely left me wanting more. Highly recommended!

Fries and Broccolini: 🅼🅴🅷 - Sides weren't bad but fries was quite dry and a little bland, and the Broccolini was a little too oily.

Mango Day Spring: 🆈🅰🆈 - Really refreshing! If you're looking for a nice mocktail to go with your main course, will recommend this drink.

Lychee Rose Frizz: 🅼🅴🅷 - If you like bandung this is for you, but it was super sweet cause the amount of syrup in the drink was a little too much for the size of the cup. Would have been nicer if there was lesser syrup.

- Sous Vide Ribeye: $33
- Mango Day Spring: $10
- Lychee Rose Frizz: $10

Rating: 4️⃣/5

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Tried the Curry Pork Chop Rice ($3.50) and there are lots of ingredients in it.

Cheap and generous amount of ingredients in Golden Mile Hawker Centre to get your money worth.

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Yummy fish and chips. My boy loves it. Portion is a bit small though.

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Fish is quite big portion. A bit dry and not enough sauce to complement the fish. Nevertheless, overall taste is pretty good. Service is good too.

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Scallop pasta in creamy tomato sauce. My girl loves this pasta. Tasty and yummy


Knowing that @whiskingbakes is a taro specialty cafe, we couldn't resist but go and try the taro coffee and desserts!

The Taro Eispanner ($6.50) is basically made of taro whipped cream with Americano coffee. The Taro cream is has a slight hint of taro flavour and it made the coffee rich. The combination does work, but we wished that the coffee isn't too sour.

The Black Sesame Latte ($6.50) may be quite a big cup, but we wished that there was less milk so that the coffee flavours can be more pronounced. The black sesame flavour is there.

Their desserts definitely don't disappoint at all. The Taro Mochi Swiss Roll ($6.50) is soft and fluffy, and the cream has strong taro flavour and isn't too rich or sweet. Best of all, the mochi adds a wonderful chewy texture and great mouthfeel. Splendid.

This place definitely has alot of potential and I do recommend coming down to try their taro desserts!

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pretty good and decent for price, 7.5/10!

Love their muffin from @sl_2_muffin 🤩 Got their strawberry, chocolate chip , banana and raisin muffin. Affordable and yummy muffin 👍 not dry at all ,my all time favourite muffin🧁.
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Last meal before they move to Aperia

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