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📍 @sweetscraftsman 💕
⭐️ matcha fujiro 🍵
💰 ~ $7.50
So glad to have @sweetscraftsman ‘s beautiful Japanese Swiss roll 🇯🇵 within walking distance💕 got their matcha fujiro 🏔 🍵 which is super light and fluffy!🥰 love the cloud-like cream texture with lightly infused raspberry and matcha flavors☁️ overall it’s definitely achieve the spirit of Japanese pastry✨ was going to try their other pastries with foodies yest but wasn’t feeling well the last few days🥺✨ will check them out again soonnn.

A fully washed Ethiopian blend, this cup comes with notes of jasmine, honey, black tea, as well as hints of passionfruit. It has a very soft, creamy mouthfeel, accompanied acidity which enveloped our happy tastebuds.

This comes with a small teacup of cold sencha so that you can wash your palate before tasting the coffee. Was a pretty good coffee tasting experience.

We visited the cafe at about 1pm on a Sunday and it was quite packed! Do come early to avoid long waiting times. The dining time here is an hour long, which was slightly short but understandable - there was a long line waiting outside when we left.

This is my go-to place for Thai food, because the food here really doesn't disappoint. The Olive Fried Rice ($6) had a STRONG wok hey flavour that I was looking for, and it is flavourful. The Tom Yum Goong is a must get as well, as the soup is thick, spicy and contains much seafood ingredients. I love how the interior of the restaurant is made very spacious as well!

I know what you're thinking, like, "huh come all the way here eat fried rice" but I am serious, this is good!!!
Generous with seafood, full of wok hey, generous portions and to top it off, Burpple 1-for-1!! So if you come here and don't know what to try, this is something that can certainly be amongst your options!! Other worthy mentions are their Honey charred chicken and their Fisherman's Angel Hair.

Service was awesome, food tasted great. If only the lobster ate more

Pan cooked fluffy and filled with sugared groundnuts.
Simple snack.

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Went to Happy Chef Western Food and want to try their Chicken Kiev but went out of stock for their ingredients already. Decided to order Pork Schnitzel instead ($7) (w BBQ Sauce) was quite salty but their meat was quite chewy (not that hard) and crispy for outer skin. I like their mashed potato to be and coleslaw to be fresh.

Pork Chop ($8) was quite marinated well but their meat was quite chewy (not that hard) and also topped with the gravy well. I usually ordered mashed potato and coleslaw for side dish and got that a variety of side dish to choose from.

Rosti is not as crispy compared to the last visit but overall, acceptable. 2 Breakfast Rosti with mint tea and mocha cost $35.70 after 30% off on main course using burpple (excluding beverages and add-ons).

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this mala pizza was super good! super worth with the burpple deal and big shout out to Jessica the service staff extremely kind pleasant and patient! Thumbs up 🥰🥰