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Finally tried this cafe! I had the Rosti with Bratwurst ($19) and although was disappointed that the bratwurst were pretty small but they were indeed juicy. The rosti was very well done with a good crispy exterior and soft interior. Love the flavours! However I was very disappointed by the bulletproof coffee ($5.5) because honestly it taste like coffeeshop kopi gao 🙃

Hidden inside City Gate, there’s this place serving some Eurasian food using grandparent’s heritage recipe.

Their signature devil’s curry used premium pork cuts and succulent chicken cocktail sausage, simmered in a rich spice curry.

Gotten the small portion for $10 ($10.90 comes with drink during lunch time). And you get to choose the spice level from mild to spicy.

The mild wasn’t spicy at all to me, but definitely flavourful taste. Enough portion of meat in the curry for one person.

I am a huge fan of prawn noodles, and this one is pretty good! Noodles were seasoned well, prawns and prawn balls were fresh, soup was very rich. Some may find the soup a tad too rich though. I must say this was the thickest prawn noodle broth I have tasted! Personally enjoyed it.

Didn’t really cross my mind that I wanted to check out Habitat Coffee which had recently made their move out of Upper Thomson Road and into their new digs at King George’s Avenue near Lavender MRT Station — it all happened after taking a short walk down from a coffeeshop that I was intending to dine at, but ended up skipping on since it was too difficult to find a seat and I just wanted to settle somewhere for a light dinner.

The Chili Crab Mantou is served as a side here, which speaks of its portion size as depicted — I only found out subsequently after walking around the neighbourhood that Chye Seng Huat Hardware does serve up a rendition of the same dish as a main, though at a price of $22 before taxes (this one from Habitat Coffee is priced at $12 before taxes). Nonetheless, this works perfectly well for those who enjoys having the fried mantous with chili crab sauce, but are too lazy to deal with the crab (i.e. me 🙋🏼) — a perfect item to have at the table to share or even have alone whilst having a leisurely read with a cuppa. Coming with five pieces of fried mantou, the top piece does come with a dollop of truffle-infused mayo — an addition that is likely included only for mere aesthetic purposes rather than for its flavour. The fried mantous were pretty “meh” in my opinion; it has that sweet crunch and isn’t particularly greasy, though it lacks that structural integrity of fried mantous typically served at seafood restaurants that are served with chili crab — you know how some just simply stays firm and in shape even after taking on a bite. That being said, the focus here seems to be much on the chili crab dip — it’s sufficiently sweet and tangy; not too tomato-ey and feels like the de-facto chili crab sauce that we have come to love; quite on par with those served at seafood restaurants. What amazes me here is the generous amount of crab meat they had provided for just five pieces of deep-fried mantous; there is definitely enough to go around, not to mention scooping the sauce and meat out of the bowl using a spoon just to enjoy it as-is — pretty impressive for such a dish that is served in a cafe setting.

Noticed that Habitat Coffee does seem to be a little more playful and innovative in their menu here than they were previously at Upper Thomson Road — another one of the dishes that we found intriguing being listed on the menu includes the Pasta Lemak; essentially a pasta dish influenced by Nasi Lemak where they had replaced the rice with a “coconut skinny spaghetti “, which is served with chicken wings, fried anchovies, peanuts, egg and sambal. Given the direction they have taken with the move to King George’s Avenue, I am inclined to make my revisit here again soon to check out the other new dishes that they have to offer.


We thought this is something interesting to try where they have a congee base instead of a soup kind of hotpot. The congee base used in the hotpot is called wumizhou (毋米粥), a congee base without rice. The base itself is rather bland and the recommended 3-step ways to enjoy the congee hotpot is to start with the seafood then meats and lastly vegetables. The base is supposed to turn flavourful after adding all ingredients and absorbing all the natural flavours.

We ordered prawn paste ($7), clams ($5), marinated minced meat ($6), sliced beef karubi ($18), sliced kurobuta collar ($12), cheese tofu ($4), fishball with fish roe ($5), enoki mushroom ($3), broccoli ($4) and their signature prawn porridge ($8).

The prawn porridge comes with a bowl of porridge, four large prawns per person, chye poh and a pan of prawn head with oil. This was served last into the hotpot when we almost cleared the rest of the other ingredients. We were already full from eating and we had to stuff the porridge into our bellies, leaving us extremely full.

Although it was an interesting experience, we find that it was too bland for us to enjoy or perhaps we are used to the strong and flavourful soup as our base. This is a much healthier option that may attract a different type of audience. We paid a total of $110 for 3 pax which I feel we could have gone for something more flavourful for the price paid. Not to mention their beer was overpriced at $21 for 3 bottles (330ml).

Get the stuffed chicken wings! Felt like i was eating a ngoh hiang, but with deep fried chicken (not beancurd) skin.

The egg also had a very nice wok hey.

Avoid the tofu soup though. The tofu texture tasted a bit mushy in the centre.

a 4-courses set (good for 4-6pax) , consist of :
1️⃣The Hainan Story Chocolate De Beau X’mas Logcake Made with KITKAT (1kg)
2️⃣Hainanese Crackling Crispy Pork Roulade with Vegetables (1kg)
3️⃣Buttered Crust Hainanese Mega Curry Chicken Pie (1kg)
4️⃣Cream of Truffle Wild Mushroom Soup with Mini Crispy Croissants (1kg + 5pcs)

This bundle is special because it’s first time The Hainan Story collaborate with KITKAT for limited edition Chocolate De Beau Xmas Logcake nade with KITKAT (1kg, $68).
chocolate sponge cake rolled into the shape of a log, layered with a decadent filling of dark and milk chocolate cream with KITKAT wafer bits, mascarpone cheese, KITKAT spread, and chocolate pearls.

The Christmas goodies are available for a limited time only from now to 25 December 2021.
Pre-order 7 days in advance by simply calling/WhatsApp them at 84018792 or order online for islandwide delivery on https://thehainanstory.oddle.me/. 
Prices may differ slightly on delivery.


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Didn’t expect the large portion to be super huge; probably can feed 3 to 4 pax; rice is slightly overly soft but well infused with pineapple taste; with chunks of sweet & juicy pineapple, lots of raisins & floss; came with 5 pieces of crunchy prawn; not spicy but quite oily; 1 of the better pineapple rice..

Generous portion of fresh crunchy prawn, squid & straw mushrooms; with right amount of sour and spicy level; very flavourful, appetising & makes me craving for more; it also helps to reduce the greasiness & jelatness from other dishes; a must try..

Very flavourful & appetising with wide dimension of taste (sweet, sour, spicy, salty); love the addition of shrimps that elevate the taste; with crunchy long beans & peanuts; probably 1 of the better papaya salad I’ve eaten locally..

8 pieces of fish cake; with medley of spices that taste similar to otah (Thai version otah); slight chewy & not too oily; sauce at the side is towards sweet side, not salty but complement the side dishes really well; good for sharing..

Generous portion of grilled pork; slight smoky taste but taste quite bland on its own; slightly tough to chew; didn’t really like the sauce at the side; but the meat complement the sauce that came with the fish cake very well..