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kinda overrated i feel but well at least the staff are friendly so

this was okay! my fave part was the quinoa/purple jap rice mix that was slightly sweet and flavoured from idk what but it was so good. the beef itself had quite a bit of tendons(?) i think so like a bit of inedible parts. personally i liked everything about this bowl except... the main (beef steak). also the teriyaki marinade wasn’t v strong and was rather absent but i personally don’t like my food too sweet/savoury so it worked for me. the beef was juicy tho. i would probably expect the salmon bowl (which has salmon in place of beef in this same dish) to be a hit. but for $20 ish nett i def wouldn’t come back. used burpple 1 for 1 so paid around half price. 6.5/10

pretty good! the bread was very fluffy and the sweet potato fries were good!! beef was pretty tender and meaty but wasn’t juicy enough

this was a few months back i forgot what exactly it was but i’m assuming the beef patty is consistent across the board so let me say it was THICK and juicy and beefy. the burgers here are really pretty good but at what cost? i think you can find almost equally good ones at half the price

pretty good until you eat too much then the taste becomes kinda flat and one dimensional but the broth is very thick and rich and it’s a very very comforting bowl of noodles

supposed to have prawn flavour in the rice but that was lacking. overall still good fried rice. prawns were not bad but a bit small and not that juicy. overall ok

Seared scallops: felt like poor attempt at making this dish regional by adding some sambal-like sauce. Didn’t make sense with the sweet corn mash which was overly sweet.

Mac and cheese: meh. Save your money and buy ready made ones from ntuc

Beef Wellington: absolute disappointment. Beef came out grey and had a gamey livery taste. The poor cow died in vain.

Icing on the cake - we were sat next to a makeshift looking dish collection point which was set right in the middle of the restaurant so it’s also the first thing you see when you enter. Quite a strange choice to place it there, and wasn’t very pleasant to be eating next to other people’s half eaten food, watching the waiters wash the dishes during service, especially since you’re paying through your nose already.

Brunch Menu - Gourmet - $48
TWG brunch menu runs from 10am to 3pm. For the main, you can pick between eggs benedict or sandwiches. Gourmet set offers a wide range of tea + a small glass of juice. Dessert wise, definitely choose their Pâtisserie! I love trying new tea every time I visit TWG, it’s like treasure haunting. Pleasant experience as always

Freshly shucked Fine de Claire Oysters during Happy Hour (Mon-Thurs, 5pm-7pm) at L'entrecote at $2.75/pc with a minimum order of 6 pieces. Beautifully presented and served with mignonette sauce, lemon slices, and tabasco on the side. Slurpy goodness and a great appetiser!


Medium Steak with L'Entrecote's secret sauce. Because the sauce is secret, I have no idea what it is made of. However, all I know was that I enjoyed it very much with the steak. It added a lot of flavour, and had a slight sourish/acidic and mushroom taste to it. I went with medium compared to my usual medium rare because the staff advised us that French steaks are on the bloodier side, so a medium rare in their terms would be like a rare plus. So I decided to go with a medium instead. While indeed it was seared to what I usually know as medium rare, the steak itself was a bit on the tougher side, and evidently very veiny. For the price paid and quality, I thought it was rather decent. Not forgetting, the price includes free flow fries on the side, which I enjoyed very much because it was well seasoned and crisp.

Overall, the branch at customs house had extremely patient and friendly staff who all did not hesitate to enlighten us about their menu. The ambience was also great, being a cozy restaurant with a great view of the Marina waterfront.


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