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Quickly one of my favourite places in Singapore for waffles ❤️


The buttermilk waffles were soft but crisp on the outside with a layer of ham/ cheese.

As per most hams, this was expectedly slightly salty, but the sweetness from drizzling of the multi-floral honey (which you can purchase in the shop) complemented well and helped to downplay the mild saltiness for a good sweet-savoury balance.

There’s also truffled mushrooms - juicy and fragrant enough but not too overwhelming. I liked the thoughtful addition of mini cubes fruits for a refreshing end.

Overall pretty satisfying, the cheese wasn’t jelak at all and portion was just right, though a tad pricey compared to previous cafe’s but I’m glad this place is still here to satisfy any waffles craving!

PS. If you’re on #burpplebeyond, there’s 1-for-1! 🙂

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Using Beyond, we ordered the Smoked Salmon Waffle Sandwich and Granchio Pasta. The waffles really blew my mind because they were crisp but fluffy, wasn’t difficult to eat as a sandwich like most places do it, and the smoked salmon combination with egg was simple but so delicious. The sides of truffle mushrooms and salad were also very tasty.
The Granchio pasta was appetizing and the crab taste permeated through the entire dish.
With the Beyond discount, this was more than worth it but we would definitely be back even without it. The desserts look reeeaaally good too.

The ribs were soft and tender, although sadly the portion was too small. The sauce was spicy and sweet which made it really flavourful!

Nicest main dish out of the 4 i tried! The waffle was topped with beef mixed with cheese, bacon and egg. Amount of beef was generous and was tasty. Waffle would get soggy towards the end so best to eat this dish first!

decent bowl of carbonara but not the best. more bacon would be nice.

Waffles was crispy outside and chewy inside, and quite thick! Hazelnut ice cream tasted like ferrero rocher, was good and not too sweet, but would prefer it to be bigger. The honey in the cheesecake is quite strong, slightly overpowering the cheese taste. Hojicha frap was really good! Not too sweet and had just the right amount hojicha taste! Iced chocolate however was less impressive, as it tasted more like chocolate milk compared to other richer iced chocolate drink i have had. Overall after BB and service charge, paid $19.35 for the 4 items. Would come back again to try the mains and other dessert!

Tried the hojitcha and matcha lattes, which were quite nice and went well with the savory waffles. The honey cheesecake was unique, not the usual type of cheesecake.

Great deal with burpple beyond! The chicken was tender and went well with the cheese! Waffles were also light and soft, and came with a small cup of honey 🍯

Coin Prata comes in a set of 6, with mutton cubes. The Coin Prata is crispy and chewy inside. Although the mutton curry is fragrance, the potion is way too little. I only managed to find 3 small pieces of mutton cubes. Personally find the Coin Prata w/ Mutton Curry overpriced.


pasta looks thick but I managed to finish without feeling too overwhelmed! also ordered the baby back ribs don ($16) and wow it was very flavorful! 🎉