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With cream, bacon and egg yolk.

Affordably priced carbonara that was pretty decent. Adequately creamy topped with bacon and a beautiful egg yolk.


Tossed with spaghetti in dill cream sauce, topped with shaved parmiggiano.
Dill cream sauce did become a bit overwhelming after a while, and because it was takeaway, the sauce clumped up together a bit with the pasta and cheese. Nonetheless, the combination still came together great. A decent amount of salmon chunks in this box, though I would definitely wish for more.


1-for-1 single scoop ice cream/ munchies with Beyond!

Croffle was a good switch from the usual Waffle~ Crispy on the outside, fluffy and soft on the inside! 10/10 will recommend! Various unique ice cream flavours are also available! Strawberry Cheesecake was a creamy and delicious option!

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From the outside, The Bedok Marketplace looks like your regular HDB hawker centre which is shaped like a UFO. What's interesting is that instead of the usual lanes of food stalls which you usually see, the stalls are housed on the ground floor of pre-war 2-storey shophouses.

@theburningoaksg is one of the anchor tenants there and is famous for its wagyu dons. For $23.50, you get sliced wagyu rump cap, a piece of foie gras, pickled radish and ginger, and an onsen egg on top of Japonica rice.

The beef rump cap is an under-used and less pricey cut of meat. It is juicy as there is a layer of fats which flavours and locks in the moisture of the meat whilst it cooks. It is also one of the cuts with a stronger beefy flavour. The downside is that it tends to be tougher and more chewy than the more premium cuts.

The Burning Oak's rump cap was a little tough. I like that they sliced it thinly so that it is relatively easier to chew but not shabu shabu-thin that you barely get a taste of the meat. It was also marinated nicely though I would have preferred that they did not use a marinade or a lighter tasting marinade to allow the beefy flavours of the rump cap to shine through.

Overall, this is a decent gyudon which I might come back for if I am in the area.

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Finally tried @house_of_chirashi_sg recently and they are so generous with the ingredients. I got the aburi salmon chirashi don and there was a wide variety of topics such as ikura, egg, dried prawn, tobiko etc which made it very flavourful. The salmon came in thick slabs and were seated nicely as well. It's worth the cost and we were so full after eating these 😌

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Ordered @sinkee_simpangbedok's chicken rice the other day and got chicken rice balls! They were huge and very filling plus the roast chicken was tender too! The sets were definitely value for money and it's something I'll definitely order again 😋

One of the Jumbo Group concepts, Chao Ting specialises in Teochew style pao fan, and we each got the Duo Fish Pao Fan ($7.80). The broth, which is boiled for many hours using prawns, pork, chicken and fish bones, is the best thing in this bowl, while the jasmine rice, crispy rice, sliced fish and fried fish are pretty standard fare of most pao fans. They added the fried egg floss too which is a nice touch to the overall dish and flavour.
✨ Chao Ting Teochew Pao Fan
📍 308 Bedok Road, Bedok Shopping Complex, Singapore 469469
🌐 https://chaoting.oddle.me/en_SG
🍴 [Self Funded]

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We enjoyed the creamy ice cream (from $4/scoop) although they were all on the slightly sweet side. Preferred the nutty hazelnut cookie dough with extra chocolate brownie bits over the sweeter caramel almond. We also tried the special mao Shang Wang ($6.20), which was (nicely) pungent but sweet. P.S their ice cream is halal certified.

Now available at Tribeca at the grandstand

Insta: cafehoppingkids

It seems that decades ago, Uncle Ho Hoi Ching or “Ah Ching” use to be the head cook at the original famous Geylang Claypot Road for over twenty years. He then left to start his own stall in a coffeeshop in Bedok South, but these days, you can find him at:

430 Upper Changi Road, #01-09
East Village
Singapore 487048

This eatery is owned by Mr. Teng and occupies two units. It used to be called “Eng’s Wanton Mee & Claypot Rice East Village” but the signboard has since been changed and doesn’t include the word “Eng’s” any longer. Our friends who took us there, chose to sit outside under the evening sky as the weather was really pleasant. Mr. Teng then brought me to the kitchen to have a peek at Uncle Ah Ching and his assistant at work. The heat was so intense from the multiple charcoal stoves, the younger man’s shirt was soaked through with sweat.
The claypot rice was indeed every bit as amazing as May described. One of the wait staff did the final touches for it right at the table - lashing on the thick black sauce before giving the contents of the claypot a thorough mix.
I found the salted fish used to be of superb quality - it’s moist and intense, lending a stunning funky savouriness to the dish. The rice was very fragrant, and the chicken pieces - large, juicy and incredibly tender to the bite (yes, even the breast meat). As for the “lap cheong”, it was decent and there was a reasonable amount of “chye sim”. We were also given some sambal chilli to spice things up if we wanted.
The portion May got was good for 4 to 5 pax and it proved plenty partly because she also ordered a few other dishes, but that’s another story which warrants its own post 😊

Chanced upon this place when caught in the rain at Bedok and found probably the best pistachio ice cream in Singapore!! The nuttiness and the crushed pieces of almonds blend perfectly in the smooth pistachio ice cream. I usually frequent this Pistachio gelato in Taka/Paragon but this one wins hands down. Planned to eat a cup but ended up took away 3 more cups to stock in freezer but sadly they didn’t have more of the frozen version else could have bought more. Tried Strawberry Cheesecake frozen version too hope it turns out great too! Do yourself a favour if you love pistachio ice cream🍦

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Forage Cafe
1)Forage Signature($8.90) - Sweet,jelly will explode,maciam water. Reminds me of honey.
2)Honey Chili Mussels($7.90) - Mussels are fresh but can be chewy. Chili Sauce is sufficiently sweet for all to like.
3)Smoked Salmon&eggs($17.90) - Egg Falls apart easily but salmon is nicely marinated and fresh.
4)Chili Cheese Chicken($15.90) - Waffle is fluffy,honey is sweet,chicken is juicy and tender,cheese is good,got a pull.
5)Salted Caramel Cheesecake($9) - on th lighter side of cheesecake,saltiness isn't very pronounced. More sweet then salted. Crust is soft enough. Not so dense.

The sambal stingray was slightly spicy with a hint of sweetness. And you wont regret ordering the salad youtiao 😋 which is crispy and delicious!