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Top 10 in Bishan

Top 10 places in Bishan, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Bishan

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Bishan, Singapore.

The pastry crust was thin which makes it easier to focus on the egg custard. The egg tart ($1.60) wasn't too sweet though it didn't leave me craving for more. Lots of variety of bread available too, shall come back to try one day.

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Surprisingly good. Not many stalls do it the herbal way and glad i managed to find such a gem in a coffee shop. Meat was tender too and I love it when it is dipped into the black sauce/garlic. Bakuteh was $5 with rice (50c) and youtiao ($1). Cheap and good. Coming back again to try the other stalls. Location of the coffee shop is at block 20 rather than block 18 though.

Went in for some Lemper Udang and was dismayed to hear that they don’t have it on Tuesdays. What they did have were soon kuehs! Never knew they sold this what a nice surprise. Sorry the pic was taken after I took them out of the fridge so they looked terrible. After steaming for 5 mins, they looked fabulous. As expected of Bengawan Solo, this was good quality kueh. Chewy and Q. The chili provided a spicy kick, and with the sweet black sauce, I had the perfect Singaporean tea break.

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Brown sugar pearls were made fresh & were still warm when served! Really love the chewy texture of the pearls. The warmth contrasted nicely w the cold drink.

Matcha was very rich & good quality. Got 0% sugar and was just nice for me as the pearls added sweetness to the drink. Highly recommended!

Shi Xiang Ge’s most famous for their Hot and Spicy Intestine Shaved Noodles 麻辣肥肠刀削面 ($5), but I read a few reviews of its pungent intestine flavours and decided to go for something else. Since the handmade shaved noodles is one of the highlights here, we requested for a swap from the default vermicelli and they kindly allowed! Glad we did as the noodles were of the right thickness, cooked well and not at all doughy. As for the spicy broth, it wasn’t too oily, hence surprisingly drinkable. There was a nice lingering numbness too, but it unfortunately wasn’t that fragrant/flavourful albeit being quite heavily seasoned.


Got ourselves various drinks like Roasted Oolong Latte, Grapefruit Yakult, Supreme Fruit Burst Green Tea, Cheese Cap Matcha. All were not bad except the Brown Sugar Boba Fresh Milk being a little too sweet. The rounded base cups are so cute! It’s a pity they don’t have the cute takeaway box anymore 😅

It’s located right at bishan mrt!


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This Tasty pork soup with Fish Maw, minced pork, meat balls, goji berry, eggs, dumplings, seaweed and chives from Ding Ji will be something affordable and comforting to the soul. 🥘

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This pasta is really good! Prawns are crunchy and the linguine is nicely done and well flavoured.

Pork is tender and juicy. Pineapple gave the burger a good amount of acid to balance the heavy taste of the pork. Worth a try!

Would definitely order this again. A simple salad done well - satisfying! 👍