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Enjoying their new Spicy Buffalo Chicken Sub! 🔥 With a generous amount of chicken strips 🐔 , I absolutely loved the tangy & spicy buffalo sauce that rendered a whole lot of flavours!
The tinge of heat 🌶 aced it for me, though you can always ask for chilli flakes topping & jalapeños if you want to spice it up all the way! 😉

Located in Bishan, find this newly opened ice cream cafe serving classic scoops of ice cream and specialty waffles. Get a scoop of ice cream ($3.80) paired with their Red Velvet Waffles ($5) or order the Waffles Remix ($4.80) for the best of both worlds — Original + Red Velvet. Don't miss out on their take of the classic affogato with their Valentino Coffee ($5.50).

*Eligible for takeaway till 30 June 2021.


Clams ($25) were fresh and juicy with loads of chopped garlic topped on it

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Chao-ta beehoon ($20) was good and worth a try but I still prefer the rendition at JB Ah Meng.

The salt-baked crab ($100) was a dish which stood out with its uniqueness. With a salty outer layer, it contrasted the natural sweetness of the crab meat.

Nestled in the heartlands of Bishan, Yang Ming Seafood seems to be the latest Zi Cha hotspot and occupies the whole coffeeshop during dinner time.

The Lobster Chee Cheong Fun ($100) was what drew my attention to this place. The lobster was tender and succulent. Beneath the lobster was a bed of silky thin sheets of Chee Cheong Fun which soaked up the savoury sauce. Fried garlic and shallots topped this dish off and made it better.

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Rich chocolate shell on the outside and 4 types of cheese on the inside. It contains chocolate bits and tiny ice bits inside creating the crunch to every bite. Yummy! The only problem is that it melts too fast, thus creating a mess.

Perfect for family dinner, this place offers some mean Thai food, and we particularly liked their flavourful pineapple fried rice ($5), topped generously with floss.

Their other dishes: Tom yum soup ($8), Thai horfun ($5) came with lotsa fresh squid, clams, prawn. Lastly, the honey chicken ($12) was crispy and just the right level of sweet.

#supportlocal, especially during this phase 2HA. this place is perfect to cycle to if you're in the Bishan/Marymount area

The rockmelon taste is strong and sweet enough on its own. Didn’t notice that it contains condensed milk sauce inside. When you bite into it, the sauce bursts out. I find it too sweet for my liking.

Cheap and good! The gula melaka is fragrant and not too sweet. If only the cone was a waffle cone, then it would be perfect.

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Always love Chateraise’s ice cream. Cheap and good! Consist of 4 types of cheese (cream cheese, gouda, parmesan and cheddar) and crushed graham cookies. This one taste exactly like eating cheesecake.

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