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I’m a big fan of Denzy, but I find their service terribly lacklustre - especially now that they disallow dine-in if you’re using deals like Burpple Beyond or Chope. They’ve also increased the number of flavours that cannot be redeemed using these deals! Opted for our favourite hojicha and cereal milk. Tried two new flavours - wasn’t fond of the raspberry ruby chocolate, but the mango yuzu had a brilliant medley of saccharine sweetness and tart citrus!

One of the only stalls I buy mala from! The prices vary a fair bit, but they’re consistent with their flavours. You can comfortably go up a level of spiciness from your usual, but I really appreciate how theirs is not too oily or salty!

Stopped to buy some korean buns when I realised that this was the store which had recently opened! I’d suggest to visit early if you want the full selection - they had sold out of most options by 7 pm. The matcha cookie bun ($2) sure packs a punch with its generous cream filling. It’s not too sweet but I’d enjoy a stronger tea flavour. Had it chilled as recommended, and I think it’s more suited for dessert than breakfast!

Saw that there was a long queue and decided to try it out. Ordered grilled squid, ginseng chicken soup, kimchi pancake and spicy chicken.. Only the ginseng chicken was nice. The rest were disappointing. Also, it is the 1st korean restaurant that I visited that doesn’t refill kimchi side dish.....

@goodbitessg is an eclectic little cafe located in a corner of Bishan Sports Hall.

It's a nice spot to chill and get a bite after a walk in the nearby Bishan Park. The quality and portion of their food is decent. I will recommend their tom yum pasta over the carbonara pasta as it packs a really nice spicy and sour kick.

The cafe was running a #burpplebeyond 1-for-1 promotion when we visited. This promo ended in end-September but they have several set meals which are decently-priced as well.

Price is affordable. Taste wise: authentic Vietnamese.
Damage: from $4.5 to 6.5
Other stalls worth to try: famous Yong Tau Foo with springy prawn with multiple branches, one at Albert Food Centre; 888 mookata opened by a Singapore actor. At the adjacent blk 505A, another mala cozy restaurant is packed with patrons as well.

Price: $5.90
Cheesecake filled with fresh apple jam and cream cheese, topped with crumble and based with roasted biscuit crumbs! Base is buttery with flavour on its own. Apples are sweet with a slight tang that reduces the thickness and heaviness of the cream cheese! Great pairing! Overall: 8.5/10

Highly recommend the seafood linguine 👍🏻

Price: $7.90
Filled with durian (mao shan wang) cream cheese and durian sponge cake! Smooth texture, crust is fragrant and crispy. Durian taste is strong, especially in the middle. Does not have strong cheesy taste and smell. However, it is quite pricey for the size... Overall: 7.5/10

Claypot rice

A dish is not considered claypot rice if it was merely cooked in a claypot. To be eligible to be called claypot rice, the rice must have the smokiness and wok hei. Unfortunately, the claypot in this claypot rice was just in name only. Tasted more like rice with dark sauce and chicken.

Char kway teow with prawns.

Good amount of seafood. Taste is decent, but nothing special. Do yourself a favour and order a dry hor fun from the nearby zhi char shop. Will probably be better value.

I was having a scratchy throat a couple of weeks ago and decided to have the clear fish soup from Imperial Fish instead of my usual indonesian BBQ or Fu Xiang at the Nex.

I ordered an upsized bowl of sliced fish soup and the portions are meagre at best even for an upsized bowl. The sliced fish did not taste particularly fresh and was dry and a little "fishy". The soup broth was decent though.

I think what was more galling was how the boss gave the customer before me a dirty eye for taking some time to dig out coins for payment.

The food and service attitude definitely needs some improvement.