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2nd time here and I think their small boat noodles is a must order since the portion is small.

Our fav is their creamy Tom yum.

Tried the fried kangkong and sangkayaa during the first visit. Though sinful but definitely satisfying. The sauces for both dishes are both a plus point to the dishes.

On our 2nd visit,as we wanted to try more variety of the dishes,we ordered the sharing platter in the photo. The fried chicken skin is super nice. Maybe I got a soft spot for sinful stuff!

And did I forget to mention that I love their Thai teas too.

Will definitely be back:)

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So flavourful! I seldom give curry puffs thumbs up cause I only like the one from OCK but this is great! The filling is soooo generous and there’s egg within! Lots of potatoes and chicken too. I’m so glad I found this I had it consecutively over a couple of days. So glad they opened now near my workplace too!

The egg tarts and char Siew sor are good too. Haven’t tried the rest though!

Caution: curry puff can be a lil spicy!

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Definitely fresh and pleasingly sweet. Buttery cookie-like Tarts crust are filled with royal fresh cream & chocolate cream. Then decorated with vibrant summer fruits. Says to be made by their hotel chef.
On other note, their Egg Tarts are cheap and great. Read the egg tart review at #mehmehhuffnpuff
🚩Huff & Puff(Cake and pastries), Food Hub, Blk 455, Seng Kang West Ave, Singapore 790455
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The wok hei is strong with this one. Surprised by the generous portion of chicken in the hot fun. Would eat here again!

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Basically a stir-fried pork and chicken dumped on porridge (I skipped liver). Good idea plus well executed. The two meats were top quality. And who doesn't like porridge with soy sauce? Its texture was also great, Cantonese style but even more mushy.

Crispy Chicken Wings - 5 Pcs - $9.50
Fried chicken wings are well loved by young and old, and tenderbest wings are another level. Flavourful coating, fried to crisp. The plate of 5 could be for sharing or even all for yourself. Go ahead and enjoy those wings

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Not too sweet and flavourful. worth to try it out.

the prata here is more to the doughy side rather than crispy. still good! curry is nice but i usually order mutton curry to go with it because it’s more flavourful

$15.80. Meat is tender on the inside with a crispy batter. Veg curry goes well with the rice and meat together in each mouthful.