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Ultimate combo - enjoy a regular sized Power Chilli Padi Crab Pizza, another regular sized pizza of your choice, a 1.5l bottle of drink, and two sides – Cinnastix and Garlic Cheese Onion Rings.

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it’s kaya banana pizza, with lots of cheese. Sounds weird, but it’s amusingly nice😂

Special flavor & indeed it flowsssss 😄 Too bad this was too ‘slummy’ 😏 Think the original Chocolate Lava Cake still the best
Hotplate Marble Beef (210g) ($30.80) . This steak was superbly soft! Love the mushroom flavored rice too
Seafood Alfredo Linguine ($14.80) . The cream sauce was not too ‘jerlut’ but quite a number of ‘empty’ clams 😕
Buffalo Wings ($10.80) . So so only. Not crispy & not really fantastic
It was a rather ‘warm’ dining experience due to air-con breakdown 😓 But the service staff was friendly 🙂


Oh yes, so satisfying. A mountain of fried rice laid with delicious fried pork. A home runner. (7.8/10)

Definitely here for the most talked-about Buffalo Wings with 6 levels of intensity dependence on customers’ preference & tolerance for spiciness. Level 1 of 4 wings for $10.95, half dozen for $14.95. Additional $1 for each level increase. The wings were crispy & tasty! Hazard Warning: order of level 5 & 6 at your own risk!
Another must order for us is Deep Fried Mushrooms ($7.95 small/$12.95 regular) Fresh
button mushrooms in special batter that was light & served with tartar sauce. Eat with care as these juicy mushrooms were piping hot inside!
Mocktails for the nite: Virgin Margarita ($7.95) & Gunner ($8.95)
1st try on their Southern Chilli with corn chips & bread ($21.95) but it was a disappointment. The minced beef with beans was simply too dry!
Grilled dishes on our table were BBQ Prawn Delight ($24.95) & Grilled Cod Fish ($24.95). These were fresh & good 😘
Great to be back!


Quinta Pizza 🍕 (S$19++)
Tomato 🍅, Mozzarella 🧀, Egg 🥚, Black Truffle paste
Available at @SpizzaSg
Simple but delicious 😋
Best for sharing with everyone ‘cos no meat just earthy truffle paste which smell so yummy .
Address 🏠 : 269 Jalan Kayu, Singapore 🇸🇬 799 497
Tel ☎️ : 6481 2453
Open 💈 :
Mon - Fri : 12pm - 2.30pm, 6pm - 10.30pm
Sat, Sun, PH : 12pm - 10.30pm
Website 🌐 :
MRT 🚇 : Sengkang (NE16)
Note 📝 : Take bus 🚌 Service 102 and drop off at the bus stop right in front of the restaurant.

Chocolate: 8” $38, 10” $58
Durian: 8” $48, 10” $78
Tucked along the narrow street of prata haven, Jalan Kayu, lies this unassuming cake shop. From afar it looks like one of those shady massage parlors from Chinatown. However, in it stood a big boned fella, brimming with confidence, as though he knows this will not be the last time you are here to buy his cakes. True enough, Jane’s cake station may seemed a little snobbish with only 2 flavors of cakes in its arsenal. But that is exactly how you know they are good. Jane’s chocolate cake standard is really decent. Except for that hint of saltiness that baffles me, the rest is simply impressive. Chiffon is moist not dry. Chocolate fudge is not too thin nor thick. The fudge also does not harden after long hours of chilling in the fridge unlike most fudge cakes, which is amazing! I personally prefer Jane’s over Lana’s. No offense to Lana lovers out there heh. Overall, i give it 4.5 chopsticks outta 5!
位於在惹蘭加由路中的店屋裡,居留了一個小蛋糕店。Jane’s 蛋糕店只賣巧克力以及榴槤口味的蛋糕。可見得店長對於自己蛋糕的水平十分有信心。巧克力蛋糕的威風濕潤而不會乾巴巴的。巧克力糕層在冰廚裡凍了幾小時也不會硬化。只是巧克力味道有一口不明的淡鹹味。但也蠻特別的吧!整體來說,我個人蠻喜歡Jane’s 的巧克力蛋糕 讚讚讚!

garden salad ($7.90)
slightly small portion; fresh vegetables

black pepper chicken ($11.90)
lightly seasoned chicken; served with roasted potatoes and salad

beef burger and fries ($14.90)
soft and fluffy buns; juicy and flavourful beef patty; crunchy bacon; sunny side up; served with fries

ps sirloin (18.90)
slightly tough steak; flavourful mushroom sauce; served with fries and salad

*prices exclusive of 7% gst

A far cry from what it used to be in its heyday a long while back. The prata was only decent at its higher price ($1.10 per piece) and the curry was almost industrial; not to my taste. I've had better prata elsewhere at a cheaper price...

The Indian Rojak was fairly standard so I've no comments on that. Hawker stalls around provide a similar taste so there's no real reason to detour.

My friend said the prata is usually flakier so we were quite disappointed that today's was quite cold and limp. It may have been because we were sitting under the aircon but oh well, I choose to believe that the steady stream of customers is proof of its popularity and that this may just have been a one-off incident. The good thing is, while it arrived glistening with oil, it didn't feel greasy at all.

My kind of comfort food. Convenient. Pork ribs here are tender with a little fat. Go with the mee sua.

Hidden spot at Jalan Kayu with cozy country atmosphere and the owner must be a true aeroplane fan to create such old school layout. Do challenge their buffalo wings at different levels of spiciness. We were humble enough to go for the Level 2, it was more of sweet-bbq than smokey-bbq type. Spiciness at level 2 was very mild. We also ordered the oxtail stew (tender oxtail cooked in peppery base), seafood platter (deep fried dory, prawn, calamari, potato wedges and coleslaw), beef brisket and pulled pork combo (both meat were rather dry and bland) and potato skin (generously loading with cheese but lacking the bacon factor). Total we spent $128 for these 3 mains and 2 sides.

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