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Did you know that Swensen serves breakfast from 8am-11am? ☺

Saltiness of the smoked salmon complements the perfectly poached eggs. Love the side of creamy mushrooms goodness! 😋

Pro tip 1: Kids eat free - one free kid's breakfast with every adult breakfast set ordered! 😬

Pro tip 2: NS 50 vouchers can be used

Pro tip 3: Spend $30 of NS 50 vouchers, show Safra card and get a voucher for free Earthquake🍦

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After tasting the 卤肉饭 at Expo by 8度空间 a few days back, i had cravings for that these few days. After church service today, i decided to try it out at @toastboxsg. However it was a far cry to the one i had in Expo. What followed after a bit of the meat was pure saltiness. Well, i thought i had not stir well with the rice, but it is still very salty. The braised egg was the same. What's worse is the egg might have been over cooked or over night egg that was very hard in texture. I believe you would be able to see the water droplets and small air holes on the surface of the egg which shows that it is either refrigerated over night or over cooked.

Quite a dissapointment.

Toast box:2/5

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No matter how busy we are, it’s always nice to spend some time with the family.
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Doesn't get more old school western than checkered table covers.
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This was absolutely delicious. So savory and some of the pork belly slices were grilled till crispy. Totally outshone the pork rib soup. The black sauce was sooo good with rice. Spicy level just right. I will come back just for this.

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This was the best on a rainy afternoon. Soup was too peppery for me but the meat was great. I think the Malaysian style still works better for me. Singaporean style too much pepper. Ribs were meaty with a small amt of fats within.

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No petit fours here but you end off with this chocolate ganache tartlet with calamansi gel and candied nuts.


If you want a foolproof dessert, then this oozy and not too sweet lava cake is the way to go. It's served with a quenelle of vanilla ice cream on chocolate crumbs plus teenie tiny dots of calamansi gel underneath the microherb.