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garden salad ($7.90)
slightly small portion; fresh vegetables

black pepper chicken ($11.90)
lightly seasoned chicken; served with roasted potatoes and salad

beef burger and fries ($14.90)
soft and fluffy buns; juicy and flavourful beef patty; crunchy bacon; sunny side up; served with fries

ps sirloin (18.90)
slightly tough steak; flavourful mushroom sauce; served with fries and salad

*prices exclusive of 7% gst

A far cry from what it used to be in its heyday a long while back. The prata was only decent at its higher price ($1.10 per piece) and the curry was almost industrial; not to my taste. I've had better prata elsewhere at a cheaper price...

The Indian Rojak was fairly standard so I've no comments on that. Hawker stalls around provide a similar taste so there's no real reason to detour.

My friend said the prata is usually flakier so we were quite disappointed that today's was quite cold and limp. It may have been because we were sitting under the aircon but oh well, I choose to believe that the steady stream of customers is proof of its popularity and that this may just have been a one-off incident. The good thing is, while it arrived glistening with oil, it didn't feel greasy at all.

Hidden spot at Jalan Kayu with cozy country atmosphere and the owner must be a true aeroplane fan to create such old school layout. Do challenge their buffalo wings at different levels of spiciness. We were humble enough to go for the Level 2, it was more of sweet-bbq than smokey-bbq type. Spiciness at level 2 was very mild. We also ordered the oxtail stew (tender oxtail cooked in peppery base), seafood platter (deep fried dory, prawn, calamari, potato wedges and coleslaw), beef brisket and pulled pork combo (both meat were rather dry and bland) and potato skin (generously loading with cheese but lacking the bacon factor). Total we spent $128 for these 3 mains and 2 sides.

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Prata craves are definitely strong as of late. Doesn't matter whether I'm having them for supper or breakfast or in the middle of the day – those crispy yet fluffy discs of dough coupled with rich, spicy curry never fail to hit the spot.

Comes with pork ribs, intestines and liver. The taste of the soup has a nice balance between savoury and herbal. I love to top it up with additional tau kee (beancurd skin) coz they were really go the piping hot soup. The staff here were helpful and friendly. They kept refilling our soup without us having to get their attention 👍

2nd time at the famed prata shop at Jalan Kayu! I was not so fortunate at my first experience but this time was definitely better. We had plain prata($1.10 min2), egg prata($2), curry chicken($5.50) and Mutton Bryani(unpictured). I don't find their prata that good and it's not cheap 🤔 and their curry taste wasn't that strong 😭!! Their mutton bryani was the saving grace luckily!! I would be going back for that (THEIR MUTTON IS YUM) and will remember to take a photo of it 😂

Clam chowder plus buffalo wing good stuff . Deco more old school 80s 90s - a simpler time

Kinda pricy for 6 pieces of fried chicken but there wasn't much option for day 2 of CNY. But green onion sauce was really flavourful, I even eat it together with the green onions that came along with it.

I've two favourite otah stall in Singapore, and this is one of it.
The mackerel used is fresh and you could taste its delicate sweetness, because the spice used isn't overly spice though fragrant. Although the fish paste and spice used is the same, the $0.60 version is more smoky while the $1.20 version is more moist. The difference is due to the use of different types of leafs used while grilling the otah.
Those who wants their otah to be more spicy may instead visit Tan Beng. Both serves great otah for different reasons!

At this childhood supper haunt. Glad to be back. Slightly overfried chicken wing, but the long-grain rice is still every bit of fluffy and pairs well with the chilli. Add a milo dinosaur (kurang manis/less sugar) and it's all that's needed

There is a rustic charm about Jalan Kayu, with its narrow streets flanked by shophouses that looked like they hadn't been refreshed for decades.. and Thohirah has replaced the once-so-famous Thasevi as the more reliable prata place, although neither is now living up to their name of being a "Jalan Kayu prata".
You might have seen my IG story of me having the nasi lemak here regularly. The basmati rice used was loose and fluffy, mixed with sweet, savoury, mildly spicy chilli with really crispy ikan bilis and very crispy chicken wings (some may however find it over fried). Coconut milk lovers may find it lacking in its fragrance, but for me the fluffy rice made up for it.
Jalan Kayu will become my new playground. So expect me to post more food in this area :)