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Although my firm favourite is #fengjikwaychap at Jalan Batu Hawker Centre, I do make it a point to try “kway chap” from different stalls. More so when they are operated by older hawkers.
Such is the case for this one located inside the not-many-know-it-exists Jalan Benaan Kapal Food Centre. If you go during peak hours, do note you’ll need to exercise patience as the elderly couple takes pride in how they serve their food but are, quite understandably, a little slow in their movements.
I always order a mix of everything for @huatkaliao and myself. Their style of “kway chap” is decidedly “gao” (thick) and that applies to the “zhup” (braising sauce) and bowls of “kway” (rice noodles). The mouthfeel they’ve seemed to aim for is the opposite of Feng Ji’s which is light and clear. I must admit, the heavier textures of stickiness and starchiness have their own old-school appeal which is hard to find these days.
If you enjoy “spare parts”, don’t miss out on this stall’s pig’s tongue and very bouncy pig skin. They do them exceptionally well, in my opinion.

📍Xin Mei Xiang Lor Mee, Old Airport Road Food Centre📍
💸 Lor Mee: $5
Woke up super early to try this highly raved lor mee at old airport road hawker centre which always has long, snaking queues.😵 To us, having deep fried items like ngoh hiang or yam roll in lor mee are a must so this bowl of lor mee which includes mainly flakes fish and braised meat was something really different.😬 The flaked fish added a really nice savoury touch, and the gravy really blew us away. Flavourful but not too starchy and just the right consistency, which made the gravy super palatable.🤤 Also, definitely get the bigger bowl of lor mee as it's more worth it with the humongous pile of flaked fish on the noodles!🐟 Overall, a good bowl of lor mee and especially if you haven't had this variation with the flaked fish, definitely worth a try!👍


Never really been a fan of 包 or “bao” but I’ll make an exception for the pork one at Tanjong Rhu Pau at Blk. 7 Jalan Batu.
Produced fresh daily by hand right on the premises, theirs are a mouthwatering combination of thin skin and a very generous amount of deliciously-seasoned, juicy filling. Yums!


You will definitely go holy when you see the size of the meat given. Definitely a huge portion that you would enjoy much for only $7.

It also comes with 2 side dishes that you can choose.

Chendol (Red Bean) ($2.50) was quite sweet due to red bean topping. My mum decided to try it out for another topping (🌽) instead as it's quite salty 😲.

A pottery date with a cafe lunch! I would say that Cafe Melba has a huge portion and if you are looking for a meal to share, this might be the right place!

We ordered the Full Melba Breakfast and Good Ol’ Beef Burger, and oh god, we are so full! I would say that their breakfast is like any cafe’s big breakfast, but what I love about it is, you can change out some of the sides!I changed out my red beans for stirred fry mushroom . The sausage and hashbrown tasted good, with the mushrooms that were juicy and big!

As for the Beef Burger, you could choose your doneness, which I appreciate about my burgers, and they are so huge that it is impossible to eat the whole burger in one bite!

Satisfaction : 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤
Price: $25/pax (excluding drinks)
Location: @cafemelbasingapore

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Simply Grilled Chicken ($7) I felt that it was bland taste for sauce, noticed that grilled chicken got a bit "char" and not that overcooked and average taste. They served a variety of side dishes such as coleslaw, baked beans, etc. You need to fill up the order form before paying for food. You need to stay the area near the stall as the buzzer cannot detect. 🥲

Kim’s satay

What ?!! Muah Chee in a satay shop ? yes ! You heard right.

Fresh, tender , moist and coated with not too sweet peanuts 🥜 .

Sharing the same stall with Kim’s satay - one of the best kept secrets of the old airport hawker.

Kampong Pizza, 20++. BBQ chicken, mozzarella, peppers. Make sure you arrive with an appetite as you’ll be leaving with a full belly! Good service also. Truffle fries also hit the right spot.

Mui Thiang Kee Eating House isn’t a spot that I am unfamiliar with — the coffeeshop that is situated at Cassia Crescent is also home to Specialise Homemade Pau Dian; one of the stalls I would frequent for some satisfying handmade pau in the area. So I was pretty surprised why I hadn’t paid attention to Fatt Choy Mui Seafood Restaurant after coming across several posts of their Crispy To-fu on social media, which is the zichar stall of the said coffeeshop.

Being Fatt Choy Mui Seafood Restaurant’s signature item, the Crispy To-fu is a to order item here — featuring an entire slab of homemade tofu topped with fried garlic and preserved radish whilst sitting atop lettuce with soy sauce beneath, the aesthetic of the dish itself is enough to whet the appetite. Our order was for the small-sized variant at S$12 (most information which we had found online indicated the dish being priced at S$11); the only other size available for this item is Large at S$18. What I absolutely love about this dish here was how the beancurd was crisp on the outside, but absolutely smooth and custardy in the interior — in no way the beancurd was airy, nor stiff or “old”; just a consistent silken texture throughout. Topped with crispy fried garlic and preserved radish, it comes with just a slight savouriness and garlicky fragrance, while the soy sauce provides for a slight savoury sweetness that compliments the entire dish perfectly.

While Fatt Choy Mui Seafood Restaurant’s do mostly tend to veer towards the lighter side in terms of flavour, the Crispy To-Fu is a signature worthy to make a trip down for; a zichar dish that is uniquely theirs, and is well-executed for nailing almost every element right. Still wondering how I have missed this spot having been going around this neighbourhood for quite a number of years now, but now I do think I would crave for some Crispy To-Fu after my visit to Brawn & Brains Guillemard Road given how it’s pretty much in the vicinity!


A very average plate of wanton mee. Noodles were alright for me, but my bf found it too soft/soggy. They coat it in a dark sweet sauce, kinda like Pontian! Charsiew was the super lean kind, I’m okay with it but I can’t go as far as to say I like it.

Didn’t like the wantons at all, filling was kinda mushy, skin was also mushy :( The soup was meh as well, had the alkaline water taste. It did have a constant short-ish queue tho. Maybe if you try the chilli version it’ll be better, but I don’t rly enjoy spicy food so I don’t think I’ll give it a second try - there’s much better food at old airport hawker!