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Ofc it's fresh, you see her scooping out the live prawns. The prawns were mildly sweet with a good crunch, and there's this very mild but peculiar taste to it, I'm guessing because of the variety.

The pigtail was rather tender but otherwise standard

However it's really not incredibly stunning, unless you're super into freshness and freshness only for some reason. The soup was quite average too

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Char Siew Bun

I don't like bc they didn't remove the pork bones and herb from the filling 🤔. Overall it taste normal and a bit sweet 👌

Did not expect their beef stew ($25.80) to be this delish but it was a pleasant surprise! 😋 While it could be more tender, the chunky beef cubes did not have the gamey taste; so good when eaten with the savoury sauce 🤎! Served with mashed potato & vegetables, we polished the plate clean! 🤤

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Grilled Chicken Satay ($16.80/12pcs) - the chicken satay was well-marinated with spices, sufficiently tender & perfect with the peanut sauce 🥜!

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Their Pulled Pork Thin Crust Pizza ($19.80) was pretty awesome - really thin & crispy base topped with juicy pulled pork 🐖, tomato sauce 🍅 & mozzarella 🧀.

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This stall has been quietly serving since the 1980s, and the couple is serious about their fritters, evident by the ample fruit, including bananas and cempedak, adorning the staff.
Their house batter is medium thick with a firm satisfying crunch, nicely holding the filling so it's less messy or crumbly than elsewhere. They're also more generous in serving size, with larger and thicker cuts.
The tender sweet potato has mild vegetal sweet flavour, while the dense yam / taro holds vegetal earthy savoury notes. The pandan / screwpine leaf infused tapioca is soft with bright floral earthy starchy sweet flavour.
The fried banana / goreng pisang is creamy and soft, bright with bold fruity sweet flavour and a lovely caramelised fragrance.
Dessert Fritter
Geylang Lor 20 Banana Fritters
@ Old Airport Road Food Centre, 51 Old Airport Road #01-57
More details:

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This specialist stall is well regarded for the only 2 items they sell - roast spring chicken and barbecue chicken wings, so a winning taste is assured.
Grilled over charcoal, the chicken wings have a smoky aroma with bits of char, nicely cooked. The skin isn't crisp like elsewhere, but the chicken meat is juicy and tender, with meaty sweet savoury flavour.
Served with a spicy sweet sour zesty tangy dipping sauce of lime juice and chili.
Chicken Wings
Tong Kee Charcoal BBQ
@ Old Airport Road Food Centre, 51 Old Airport Road #01-24
More details:

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Old Airport Road Food Centre is one of my favourite hawker centre in this neighbourhood area, with lots of good food! On this trip, we tried out the bak chor mee from @mincedpork.bros !

Featured here are the following items:
🍜Seafood Minced Pork Noodles ($6): Think IKURA, scallop, fish dumpling, pork slice0 and minced pork!

🍜Teochew Modern Pork Noodles ($6): This comes with a mini abalone! WOW! There is also half an onsen egg, pork ball, pork slices and mnced meat!

🍜Signature Mee Pok Tar with Superior Soup ($5.50); Get this if you want a taste of the superior seafood soup! Soup was rich tasty and very flavourful! There is prawn paste, pork and fish dumpling in the soup!

We enjoyed all the bowls! Totally loving the springy chewy qq mee pok with premium quality ingredients!👍🏻

To check them out, head to 51 Old Airport Road Food Centre Stall 01-113. They are open wed-mon 9am-430pm.

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Not sure if they hardsell me but they made it sound like 200g is the minimum for ala carte.

This was DISGUSTING. I went at 3pm? And everythibg on the plate was literally COLD. If you thought coming at weird times to avoid the crowd is a good strategy, you're dead wrong for this stall

Siobak had a gradient of fat to lean ratio. The fatter end was pretty much inedible. Heavily salted too at the surface. However despite being cold some parts still had a very strong crunch

Char siew had a really solid glaze that's sweet. That's the only aspect that makes me think they're raveworthy. Otherwise it's actl a very lean cut, not very well charred and thus no crunch at all, and the meat itself didn't have the best texture. Just average for something of this leanness.

Sauce was like char siew glaze but with a much stronger savoury slant.

Very, very disappointed. I went to the branch at paya lebar before and was blown away. Yet the original is so unprofessional, serving cold food

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It's immediately punchy, one of the strongest broths I've had. The seafood were cooked perfectly too

I mush prefer a sambal w this tho, which they don't serve unfortunately

The texture is really unique, it's as dry as it gets and sticky as well, but not for bad execution. The dry sticky texture is more a mouthful, because I didn't actually need water at all to finish the plate. Unique but not for everyone, I'm indifferent about this.

Also the wok hei isn't as strong as I had hoped, for a dry version


Their soup is quite viscous, but not in the same way as the common starchy or collagen broths. It's also full of umami and really warm.

Noodles had a unique texture, at the beginning it's less cooked so there's more of a bite but as it soaks in the broth it transforms into something sticky as u chew. Meatballs were generous and flavourful too

Despite the number of unorthodox components it eats exactly like a norm banmian after a while.

Fantastic stuff, deserving of their high praise

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We were pleasantly surprised by the taste and quality of food, especially the Spicy Prawn Aglio Olio ($18.80) which comes with a sizeable portion of spaghetti that has been tossed in a garlic, olive oil and parsley mixture, and served with deshelled prawns and a touch of chilli flakes to bring the heat. The pasta was cooked till al dente and the flavours were balanced with the right amount of savouriness and spiciness.

One of the popular menu items is the Homemade Angus Burger ($20.80), which comes with a giant beef patty with tomato, bacon, fried egg, onion, and cheddar cheese. The burger comes with a side of crispy fries and mesclun salad. There is also a whole menu of bar bites to go with your drinks such as charred Edamame ($7.80), Crispy Chicken Skin ($8.80) and Crispy Whitebait ($13.80).
✨ Grapevine Guillemard
📍 393 Guillemard Road, Singapore 399790
🌐 https://grapevineguillemard.oddle.me/en_SG/
🍴 [Media Invite]

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