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Umami flavored bowl of soup. However, was disappointed with the sliced fish as it has the “mud” taste.


😱😱😱 everyone's jaws absolutely dropped when this arrived on the table because it looked so ridiculously decadent yet mysterious. It even came with a totally extra centrepiece made with sugar to really amp up that wow factor! The flesh within the piles of cereal were huge and even our team of 11 people couldn't finish everything. The cereal was also really tasty and crunchy! This take on the tze char classic was a real showstopper at Long Beach!
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Tasty beef noodle at the corner of old airport road food centre. pretty decent beef noodle

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Tried a cup of their house blend (Pen & Pencil) and a cup of their single origin (Lufa Papua New Guinea), and my vote goes to the...houseblend! Love the strong rich aromatic nutty flavour that complemented the milkiness beautifully, and it was really a good cup of coffee! Nice chill ambience with decent brunch food but skip their pastries!

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Stretching my stomach to its max! [Part IV]
Hidden beneath a blanket of creamy torched mayonnaise and flying fish roe laid a satisfyingly huge and juicy scallop that goes so well with a bowl of rice 🍚! #burpple #burpplesg #stfoodtrending #sgfood #sgeats #foodsg #wheretoeatsg #sgwheretoeat #sghawker #hawkersg

Stretching my stomach to its max! [Part III]
We can’t miss out on their char kway teow (in spite of a bulging belly) as it is seen on almost every table around us. This is pretty much a satisfying plate of char kway teow with decent amount of cockles, lup cheong (a.k.a. Chinese sausage) and eggs, despite lacking an extra wow factor.
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Stretching my stomach to its max! [Part II]
Our family used to patronise their shop at Purvis Street, back in early-2000s. We are glad that they are still serving the classic Hock Lam beef noodles (regardless of its venue). Their kway teow (a.k.a. flat rice noodles) is of a thinner version covered in a gooey-luscious dark brown gravy. I ❤️ the chopped salted vegetables and dipping sauce — cincalok (a.k.a. fermented shrimp paste) best! as it adds a touch of salty-savoury taste to the sliced beef & kway teow.
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This was pretty average with a nice sweet glaze though earl grey flavour was very lacking, and the hazelnuts added a nice crunch. Croissant itself was nothing too great, and can’t really compare to other bakeries in terms of butteriness or fluffiness, and just overall not that great 😥😥 Would skip their pastries here and just go for the brunch items tbh 😕😕

This looked and sounded really promising (and especially cause there was only one left), but was rather disappointingly dry and nothing too impressive 😥😥 Would give this a miss 🙁🙁

Glad to report I enjoyed the kuay chap much more this time round. Is it because I ate too much Western food lately?
The kuay chap seems so much more flavourful this time round. Just egg, taukee and taupok is enough to satisfy me. Would have liked large intestines but they didn’t have. What u see here costs $10 in total.
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💕Black Carrot Cake, one of my favourite local foods.

Bought from one of the stalls at Old Airport Rd hawker centre, but cant remember which one.

This CKT is different where it’s does not have the sweet tasting dark sauce coating. The $4 portion comes with prawns and the mandatory cockles on top of the usual chinese sausages, fishcakes, eggs and beansprouts. If you are looking for a sweet and savoy CKT then this might not be the right choice for you 》$3

The stall owner does everything on his own from taking orders, frying each plate of CKT individually and collecting payment so you need to factor in more waiting time should you be in a rush for time.