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Bought a 1-1 deal via shopback so this box cost around $6

Have made countless visits to autobus for their protein bowls and I’ve always ordered the same combination - dory fish, onsen egg, curry cauliflower, pasta, roasted sesame sauce and parmesan cheese topping

For a healthier lunch option in the CBD, head to this stall in the Shenton Foodhall for affordable yong tau foo. Share their Ngoh Hiang Set ($9) and tuck into their classic Yong Tau Foo Set ($7.20). If you're up for a spicy kick, their Mala Spicy Sour Soup Set ($5.90) and good ole' Laksa Set ($8.20) are definitely your go-to lunch option.

*Eligible for takeaway till 30 June 2021.

Yes, we're pho real! This place serves up Vietnamese food at affordable price tags such as Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup ($6.50), Vietnamese Char Grilled Pork Rice with Fried Egg ($6.50) or take a bite into ther Banh M, a Vietnamese French Loaf sandwiched with Char Grilled Pork ($6).

*Eligible for takeaway till 30 June 2021.

For a nourishing bowl of homemade soup, this stall in Shenton Foodhall serves up the classic Lotus Root Pork Ribs Soup ($5.50), Watercress Pork Ribs Soup ($5.50) and Old Cucumber Pork Ribs Soup ($5.50). If you're looking for an extra boost of vitality to your day, why not order up the Black Chicken Herbal Soup ($7.50) and Pig's Trotter Vinegar ($8).

*Eligible for takeaway till 30 June 2021.

Nestled within Shenton Foodhall, look to this spot for great local food in the heart of CBD. The go-to comfort food for those rainy days, slurp up a steaming bowl of Sliced Fish Soup ($5.80) or have the best of both worlds with their Double Fish Soup ($6.30). With the new craze over pao fan, have a go at their classic Sliced Fish Pao Fan ($7) or treat yourself to a Scallop Pao Fan ($8.50) and Crabmeat & Fish Maw Pao Fan ($9).

*Eligible for takeaway till 30 June 2021.

Hand on my heart, my jaw met the floor when I saw the meal Chef-owner @topdoghatch and @eatmefabulous had arranged for delivery. It was without question, a spread of stupendous presentation, taste and quality. Not only did it showcase the best of seasonal Japanese produce but also the skills of the talented team at @hashida.sg.
The Chirashi ($150) and Futomaki ($130) were heavyweights in every sense of the word as they practically burst with the top-notch seafood and other ingredients.
Packed neatly in an all-natural box, the former held chunky cuts of incredibly fresh sea bream, amberjack, chutoro, anago and cooked prawns. On them were uni and ikura galore. Crunchy kampyo, cucumber and some sweetish braised shiitake mushrooms joined the party on the bed of deliciously seasoned rice as well. Every bite was unadulterated pleasure.
So too it was with the fantastic fat bolster of Futomaki that strained at its seaweed seams with the goodness of chutoro, steamed uni, seabream, anago, amberjack, prawns, denbu, tamagoyaki, shiitake mushrooms, kampyo, cucumber, mistsuba leaf (Japanese parsley) and sesame seeds. Super oishii!


When I found out Wafuken had free delivery for over $35! Definitely ordered this fave healthy chicken bowl right away!

Very interesting delicious savoury sweet dessert. Knafeh. The experience was amazing. If there’s another event of such, you have got to go!

Hands down to the best croissant in sg!! Their croissant is perfect; so fluffy and buttery. And only for $3.80????! Their butter complements well with the croissant as well. It wasn’t too melted nor too hard (unlike some cafes that serve butter that doesnt melt no matter how hard you try). Their cappuccino ($5) was super super good as well. Very fragrant & not too diluted. Definitely my favourite place for a simple breakfast!

📍 Location: Shenton House, Level 1
💰 SGD 5
Estimated breakdown:
—-Fried chicken $2
—-Tofu $1
—-Hotdog w potato $1.5
—-Rice $0.5
❓Ratings: 4/5

Tried their fried chicken hidden at the back of the stall (recommended by my friend), really good. It was crispy and juicy. Quite worth the money tbh.
Tofu was not bad
Hotdog sauce was slightly sweeter than usual

The prices are slightly higher but considering the taste, portion and location (cbd) I would come back again.

Whenever I am there, there will always be at least an order of the Hyderabad Dhum Biryani as it is one of my favourites in Singapore. Not that I have been to Hyderabad or ate at most of the Indian restaurants in Singapore before, but the taste and flavours at Mr Biryani suit me the most with just the right amount of spice that will have you reaching out for the Sweet & Salty Lime Soda after a few bites and the heat will go away gradually once you have finished your meal. To go alongside our biryani and naans, I will highly recommend the Apollo Fish, Butter Chicken and to balance the meal, the Crispy Gobi 65, which are deep fried cauliflower coated in a sweet and spicy ginger garlic sauce. Do keep a lookout for Mr Biryani on their Instagram page for exciting updates in the very near future.
✨ Mr Biryani
📍 32 Norris Road, Singapore 208274
🌐 https://order.mrbiryanisg.com/#/
🍴 [Self Funded]

Check out that mountain of beef - in all forms: tendon, sliced, balls, shank (and maybe stomach too). All of it is tender, goes well with the chili and immersed in a delightfully savoury beef broth which I can only wish for more. It's not too salty either. Well deserving of their long queue 👍 ~$12.90

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