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I have always been a fan of Kki Sweets for their delicate desserts and the Soufflé Cheesecake ($8.50) I had at The Providore did not disappoint. The cheesecake is light and fluffy (almost like a mousse), has just the right amount of sweetness and is infused with a tinge of orange fragrance. So good!

The char siew bowl came with cherry tomatoes, broccoli, brown rice and of course, char siew. The char siew was tender and nicely roasted, and the flavours worked well together. it seems like a healthy meal choice, with brown rice and a good serving of veggies to go along with it.

At SE7ENTH, the restaurant has launched a range of six different surf & turf bento sets, priced very affordably from $18 onwards. We tried two of these sets, namely the Surf and Turf ($30) and Trio Seafood Combo ($26). The former comes with a thick cut of grilled sirloin steak, grilled prawns, aglio olio with crispy calamari, corn on the cob and coleslaw while the latter’s difference is containing the grilled salmon over beef. Both bentos are very hearty and will surely fill you up nicely. These bentos are available for ordering via the Oddle link at the bottom and you can enjoy a 20% off takeaways with the promo code TAKEAWAY20.

Besides these bentos, the restaurant has also launched a Gourmet Care Pack, two boxes of handcrafted sweet and savoury canapés that you can get to pamper your loved ones. It even comes with a personalised note that you can include in during the purchase. The Gourmet Care Pack is available via Chope on Delivery or directly from the restaurant.
✨ SE7ENTH Restaurant
📍 6 Shenton Way, OUE Downtown 1, Oakwood Premier AMTD Singapore, Unit 07-01, Singapore 068809
🛵 https://se7enth.oddle.me/en_SG/
🍴 [Media Delivery]

One of the constants I look forward to when having the Omakase at Takayama is their Monaka wafer. Its airy crispness a luggage of foie gras ice-cream, ginger flower, pickled watermelon and yuzu marmalade to take your senses on a trip to the land of delectability.

Seasonal Lunch Menu: $150++ per head.

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What’s for Makan

Sliced Fish Soup(L) 白鱼(大) - no milk (S$9/ large)
Fried Fish Soup(L) 炸鱼(大) - no milk (S$9/ large)
Curry Chicken 咖喱鸡 (S$6.00)
Items Total: S$24.00
Delivery: S$4.00
Total S$28
Available at @arcadefishsoup
Ordered yesterday through WhatsApp. Not sure why but the fried fish soup looked bigger in serving than the sliced fish soup.

Arcade Fish Soup
WhatsApp to Order : 8566 9077
Note 📝 : deliver fee S$4 with minimum S$20 order

One of the premium renditions you can get would be from the renowned Chatterbox, located in Mandarin Orchard Singapore. Alternatively, you can also get their signature chicken rice dish through Express by Chatterbox where they have several local cuisines such as chicken curry and vegetable claypot tofu in their menu. Recently, they have launched a few takeaway/delivery bundles so that you can enjoy these foods at the comfort of your home and what we’ve gotten is the Signature Chicken Rice (boneless quarter chicken) & Signature Chicken Laksa Bundle ($29.80) for 2 pax. There’s also an ongoing promotion of a 20% discount of ala carte items if you choose the takeaway option before 12pm and after 3pm.

Everything you are looking for in a chicken rice can be satisfied with their chicken rice meal; with the fragrant ginger garlic rice and huge chunks of poached chicken drizzled with a soy sauce and sesame oil blend. The chicken laksa was equally comforting as it was lemak enough, paired with their chicken and tofu puffs that soak up all that coconut goodness of a broth.
✨ Express by Chatterbox
📍 6A Shenton Way, Downtown Gallery, Unit 01-04, Singapore 068809
🛵 https://expressbychatterbox.oddle.me/en_SG/
🍴 [Media Delivery]

We had lunch at The Providore in Downtown Gallery and it was quite cosy and quiet, even on a Saturday:) My favourite dish of the day is the Risotto ($28.50), which is cooked with duck confit, mushrooms, green peas and parmigiana reggiano cheese. The risotto is rich and creamy (but not jelak), and there is a nice texture to it - yums! The Crab Linguini Pasta ($29) comes with a generous amount of crab meat and sun-dried tomatoes, but I thought it could be a little more flavourful. English Breakfast ($22.50) is served with your choice of eggs, sautéed mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, grilled Shulz bacon and bratwurst sausage, and sourdough toast - it is not bad too. Overall, a nice cafe with pretty decent food and great ambience! PSA: There is a 10%/30% discount if you purchase the voucher on Chope:)

Doused with a thiccc & flavourful Mala sauce 🌶, Chen's Mapo Mien boasts of a spicy numbing kick! 🔥 Wished the noodles had a firmer bite (maybe cuz I waited till lunch break & took some time with pictures 😅) but it sure satisfied my Mala cravings! ✔
Also enjoyed their Buta Don 💕, which features extremely thinly-sliced Szechuan-spiced pork 🐖 stir-fried with onions & leek, atop a bed of fluffy rice 🍚! The perfectly runny onsen egg 🍳 acted as a binding agent! 😋 The whole combination exudes a very oriental feel. 👍🏻
This takeaway bundle ($30.80) comes with a side of seasonable vegetables 🥬 as well as Szechuan Popcorn Chicken which was irresistibly crunchy! 🤤

Available for takeaway on Saturday lunch only. Order must be placed in advance.

When I saw such a beautiful box of Bara-Chirashi, I just had to order one for myself. Unlike the usual bara chirashi, these sashimi pieces were orderly arranged.

Uncommon & different kind of fresh ingredients were used weekly for this affordably priced don. Had such a special experience while dining home.

Delivery: -

Bara-Chirashi $38++

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Build your own bowls at YoBo (from $8.90), a fancy little joint with a little garden right beside to soak in some Vitamin D. Their bowls are fully customisable, and you pay per portion for any combination of carbs, proteins, and sides, including baked dory, kale chips, and honey soy chicken. Burppler Zac Lee recommends adding on their creamy and smooth broccoli purée for an extra fifty cents.

Photo by Burppler TW Teo

As someone who’s not a big fan of fish, I had a bit of a struggle trying to decide what to get in a place where everyone seemed to be opting for the Chilean sea bass 😅 Would say this is a good option if you’re trying their set lunch though! The pork was flavourful and the sauce added a really nice tang 😋 Each set also comes with a serving of crispy fries and a dessert - both the tiramisu and blood orange sorbet were pretty great. Come early before 12 noon for an extra 10% off your bill too!