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Fun Toast at Marina One has an opening promo and this now costs only $5, really enjoyed it because the portions were big and the food was actually tasty and not too salty. Who knew that soy sauce could go so well with the cheecheongfun 😋

One can choose their main like chicken/ beef/ salmon, along with 5 sides & 1 sauce. Not seen in the photo is the deep layers of fresh all-natural sides like corn, cabbage, kimchi, carrot in this #modernbibimbap. Adding +$1 for buckwheat noodles was also highly worth it and we enjoyed the smooth and thin cold noodles. The non-spicy soy garlic sauce was a nice mix of sesame & garlic that adds flavour to the dish but it is slightly sweet so be careful to not add too much sauce
⚠️ Not only is it #halalcertified, it’s also already packaged in a container, making it easy for takeaways
📍@dosiraksg, #01-44, Downtown Gallery, 6A Shenton Way
#cafehoppingtanjongpagar #healthyfood #sghalalfood

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A good meal after a HIIT session! Love their sinful crispy chickpeas 😂

Housed on the 5th floor of OUE Downtown and right next to a studio gym with a large space, both indoor and outdoor, HRVST is certainly an escape within the CBD! They are a vegan concept that serves a full menu of vegan starters, mains and bar snacks.

Bold attempt by chef to recreate the tom yam broth without any use of seafood! This rendition is commendable and has a good balance of tang and heat that is not overpowering yet with a sweet undertone from the use sweetcorn. Coconut cream was also used to achieve the desired consistency. It was fragrant and deliciously addictive. The homemade coriander oil really played its role to heighten the flavor profile of the dish.

Loved that piece of roasted pumpkin which had a nice char and smokiness. Wish there were more! Always appreciate handmade pasta and this fettuccine had a really firm, silky, springy texture with that rich eggy flavor. Very wholesome dish indeed!

Definitely not born again, nor facing any form of identity crisis as a meat lover, but I’ll gladly revisit again on those meatless days 😊 Get Burpple Beyond and enjoy 1-1 mains here!


Got this with MealPal. The portions were just nice (though some might want a larger portion). Beef was cooked to medium-rare and tasted quite good. Really liked it and would go back for more (albeit via MealPal 😅)!

Rating: 4/5


Love the bed of japanese short-grain rice that complements the silken tofu and mixed peppercorn gravy, the chewiness that create a slight contrast to the creamy tofu. Ahhh, this definitely warrants another visit. 🌶🔥🍚🍜

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i rly liked the tartness of the froyo (a lil more than the other brands but still able to retain its creaminess!!). i especially enjoyed the plethora of different sauces i was absolutely spoilt for choice — went for the “oreo” one on the left and the “kinder” one on the right as recommended by the staff and they were really good. i enjoyed the sweetness that complemented the froyo, with the crunch of the toppings for texture. not to mention they were v generous w the sauce, it was practically an avalanche w more sauce than froyo at the end!! i cldnt help but purchase a 1L tub back home for my fam to try as well! chose several different sauces to try out too which seemed rly yummy like “ferraro rocher”, “nutella w cereal crunch” and “nougat cream” — ps for the inverted commas these are not their exact names but what the staff described them to me in terms of taste 😅

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Back at Chen’s Mapo Tofu (Downtown Gallery) for a hearty lunch and honestly it’s hard for Chen’s Nasu Don ($11.50) to go wrong. The spicy eggplant with minced meat is infused with wok hei and extra satisfying when drenched over a bowl of steamed rice. My kind of TGIF:)!

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The creamy mozzarella sealed the deal. For $10.80, we have 5 small items and 2 big items, of which, there were a variety of meats to choose from!!(dory fish, sausage...). I chose a couscous and veggie mix and it also went superbly well with sesame sauce. Thumbs up

This mapo tofu is absolutely amazing. It is warm, soft, and umami with just the right level of spiciness (I'm not good with spicy food). I was watching Shokugeki no Soma the other day and they had mapo tofu - this is what I expected their mapo to taste like. This mapo tofu is executed with Japanese finesse (and rice) and is brilliant. The Mapo Don ($10.50) comes with a bowl of chicken broth that is flavourful enough to hold its own against the mapo.

Boiled rice topped with (non-spicy) marinated chicken. It is served with seaweed soup. The chicken was very tender and the rice was not burnt and did not stuck to the hotpot. Mashisseoyo! Prices are nett so it is quite affordable compared to other Korean restaurants.


Tropical chic #1927bar, #SOSofitelSingapore's recently launched rooftop pool and bar, is a great place for a midweek tipple.
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