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Their House Speciality includes Nasi Campur Babi (Pork mixed rice served with BBQ pork, roast pork, sweet pork satay and braised pig) and Satay Babi (Chinese Indonesia style pork satay, sweet marinated pork, savoury marinated pork, pork liver, pork intestine and pork skin)
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Ending off on a sweet note, our favourite teochew dessert, Orh Nee. It’s a first for us to see osmanthus added to this classic dessert which usually has just pumpkin, gingko nuts and water chestnut at times. Sweetness level was reasonable, with a honey floral essence from the osmanthus. Texture was smooth and not too dry. The individual portion was just right.

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Another signature not to be missed is the sliced fish pao fan. The sweet fish broth, was packed separately from the rice and crispy rice puffs. Really appreciated this gesture in order to retain the original crispy texture of the rice puffs, which was brought along a toasted aroma that was rather dominating. The broth was light on the palate, without much MSG detected that made my mum really happy. They were also generous with the fresh fish slices and dried sole fish! A heartwarming dish.

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A classic Chinese dish, the roast chicken was served with crispy keropok and the dipping salt and pepper. The chicken was already adequately salty on its own without the salt and pepper, especially the skin which I thoroughly enjoyed although it was no crispy. Even as we reheated the leftovers from the day before, the chicken meat remained surprisingly juicy. The keropok turns soggy rather quickly, so it’s best to consume as soon as possible!

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As a BBQ crab specialist, I had total faith in their steamed crab with vermicelli that surely didn’t disappoint! Even before tucking in, aroma of the crustacean with garlic in abundance was already filling the air. Crab wasn’t as big as expected, but its flesh was fresh and firm. Adding to the oomph was chili padi, especially in the rich flavoured garlic oil that seeped right into the vermicelli underneath.

I’ve eaten the black sausage a couple of times (it’s made with squid ink) but the seasonal white version was a first for me.
In comparison, the latter which‘s made using squid roe seemed to have a richer, rounder taste profile. Both are equally splendid though.

This dish has been around for several decades and has been a mandatory course at Chinese wedding banquets and other celebratory meals.

Classic in style, the chicken here was prepared very well, resulting in extremely juicy and flavourful meet, even in the breast section. The “keropok” was crunchy perfection. Thus, completely irresistible.

Slightly bigger than the Crispy Baby Pomfret I had before and loved, these packed a bit more flesh on the bones. However, those said bones were also harder. Hence, I couldn’t munch on them unlike the more shatteringly-crunchy ones of the Baby Pomfret. Still, I liked this a lot as this fish is hard to find these days.

We loved this. The crab was fresh and meaty, and the broth was fragrant with Chinese wine, ginger, garlic, two kinds of peppercorn (Sichuan vine pepper and Hainan white pepper) and “kng chye”. Interestingly, it was not spicy but had an underlying heat instead, which added depth to the dish.