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I am not sure if they have a menu for dessert because we ordered through the gentleman who took our orders.
My family members and I had one bowl each of either the warm “orh nee” - a Teochew favourite of yam paste with ginkgo nuts and what I think is a dash of coconut milk ($5), or the icy-cold peach gum with red dates ($10). We all liked our choices and did not find anything lacking in them.

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If you like your vegetables full of flavour rather than simple and clean, this tasty version will suit you. It has three types of vegetables stirfried with fresh Chinese yam in a lightly spicy X.O. sauce. Best eaten with plain rice.

It was with my mum and dad that I visited this small Chinese restaurant for a second time. Barely a five-minute drive from my parents’ home, we arrived just before 6pm on a Sunday and could only get a table after we promised to return it by 7pm. Yes, they are that popular. So we swiftly ordered and the food arrived promptly soon after.
One of the dishes I found enjoyable was their “har cheong gai” or crunchy shrimp paste coated chicken wings. They came with plenty of crispy golden garlic bits which we happily scooped to add to our rice to savour.

Who loves some soft & pliable buttermilk waffles? 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️ I’m certainly game for it & Craftsmen Signature Waffle ($18) here at @craftsmenspecialtycoffee at Mohd Sultan certainly satisfied my sweet tooth! 😋
Featuring a generous amount of fresh berries 🍓, roasted nuts, seasalt caramel ice cream & drizzle of salted gula melaka syrup on some fluffy waffles, this surely made an indulgent treat! 🤤🤤🤤 Absolutely loved how the tangy berries add a fruity note & balance out the overall sweetness of this plate! ✔
The sliced roasted almonds 🥜 added a nice crunch, while the gula melaka syrup added an irresistible fragrance. 🌟 The seasalt caramel ice cream was a classic, complementing the waffles that was very well done with a very crisp exterior which I liked! 💕 All waffles are freshly made in-house so you gotta give it a 20mins wait! 👌🏻
& if you’re a frequent their cafes, you would have realised that they have switched up their waffles from the typical round ones to these criss-cross ones! More crispy edges FTW! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
What a treat! ❤

This was very tasty! They were generous with the sauce and because it was so yummy, I licked my plate clean! The sauce was creamy and flavourful and coated every single strand of meepok. The unami-ness hits you at every bite. The mee pok noodles were cooked al dente too.

Recently, I stumbled upon “Tasty Court by Chef Pung”, a Chinese restaurant.
Tucked away inside Opera Estate, the unofficial name of the residential neighbourhood in Siglap that has roads named after famous operas, it is smallish in size but offers a respectable selection of dishes.
Since there were only two of us, and most of the dishes come in one standard serving size, I decided two items would be enough for our lunch. Turns out they‘re generously apportioned and could have fed up to four people comfortably.
Anyway, pictured above is the “Stewed Rice Vermicelli in Seafood and Supreme Stock”. The striking golden colour of the broth took me by surprise but it was very tasty and thus, so was the “beehoon” as those strands of vermicelli were a natural sponge. Besides pieces of prawns and fish, there were mushroom in there as well. Although the dish had a lot of flavour, I did enjoy it even more with sliced red chillies. T.H. on the other hand, preferred pickled green chillies with it.


Really simple but also done really well - crispy yet fluffy prata, washed down with a mug of creamy teh.

Springleaf Prata Place is in my opinion, on another level with their food. Take their Chicken Murtabak for example. Aesthetically a design lover’s dream, it fits perfectly on the silver tray it is served on. Such precision creates a modern graphic look which is an interesting contrast to a very traditional dish.
In terms of taste, I think the Murtabak is good as the dough itself is very thin and fried to a glorious golden-brown crisp. The minced chicken filling though can be a tad dry but once curry is splashed on, it is no longer an issue. Especially since Springleaf Prata Place does a most excellent fish curry that’s aromatic and thick. Another plus point? It is free-flow.
I have long loved fresh green chilli in my Prata and Murtabak, so I pay extra for some to be thrown in. If you are keen to have a fruity brightness and heat cutting through, I recommend giving it a go.


Around 55$ for this meal but
Taste pretty good

Our favorites were the curry chicken with charcoal you tiao, sticky shiok sotong and slow-braised pork belly. The sauce were so yummy that we had to order more rice to finish them off! Also had the crispy pork belly and shrimpy calamari which were crunchy and would go so well with beer and whisky!

Wow the chicken curry and braised pork are surprisingly good! It’s ever better with burpplebeyond 1-for-1!

$7 damage for minimum 6 pieces + rice/noodles. That’s pretty reasonable for me. More importantly the taste is consistently good wherever I go, the “soul” is really with the minced meat sauce.