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📸: Margherita pizza + pepperoni, Mushroom and truffle pizza | Beer on tap: Singapore brewlander acid hop (pineapple sour IPA), Belgium Bavik Super Pils (Pilsner)

💸: $$

Nightcap has an ongoing partnership with @keenwaybread now and the dough is to die for. If you like your pizzas on the thinner side with a chewy(think sourdough bread) and light(fluffy and airy) crust, you will be hard-pressed to find another worthy cafe.

Beers were as described; fresh and crisp, what you’d expect out of a tap. For beer drinkers who enjoys lagers, I’d highly recommend the super pilsner. For those with a more fruity palette, the pineapple sour IPA is just as worthwhile. Catch them before their beer menu revamp! (that’s what the staff said)

Reservations are recommended as there are few seatings.

Spacious with indoor and outdoor seatings, instead of the previous white minimalist they transformed it to a warm cozy area with exposed brick walls, in-house plants and warm lights. It reminds me of a cafe in Melbourne, can you guess which?

Summer Fruits Waffles ($18) is both aesthetically pleasant and vegan friendly. Made with sourdough waffles, it is a joyful jumble of berries, caramelised fig, housemade granola and vanilla ice cream. Compared to buttermilk waffles, this is more chewy and dense but it doesn’t taste sour at all.


Ngl, Dutch Colony’s coffee has really got to be one of my favourites + I like my latte cold and this has a really nice balance to it!

Salmon avocado bagel was decent, like the standard brunch savoury bagel you get a cafes. And sweet potato fries, as usual, yumz.

The Frankel outlet’s really a bit out of the way tho.

There’s a half an hour window where the kitchen team takes a pause (so no hot food will be served during this time) between 530pm-6pm to turn from their Day menu to their Night menu, so we decided to have coffee and cake before dinner.
Turned out to be a wonderful decision.
This Honey Yuzu Cake had lovely fluffy layers of sponge and a brave amount of tang, something I find lacking in most other Yuzu cakes. The next time I order this, I won’t be sharing it!


Prawn beancurd was fragrant and savory, goes perfectly with rice.

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Went down to check out the new location and also try the Mentaiko Mac and Cheese. Definitely a bowl of happiness, was pretty happy from the very first spoonful :) Coffee was good. The Mains was so-so, but would definitely recommend the Mentaiko Mac & Cheese!

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Triple sandwich. Real nice combination of taste.

Opened to much anticipation of the cafe-hopping community, Five Oars Coffee Roasters has finally started their operations in Hacienda Grove at 6 Upper East Coast Road; their new space taking up the entire ground level of the private property which is meant for retail or F&B. One of the most distinct changes here at their Upper East Coast Road space will be in the design language in the style of decor — whilst their previous space at Tanjong Pagar features a largely white interior with wooden accents aiming for a minimal yet slightly Scandinavian influence, the new space is more industrial with a dark colour scheme and features furniture with wooden accents, walls replicating that of exposed bricks, and plants to spruce up their entire space.

Offering two different menus for day and night service, the Crab Scramble is one of the items that is served in the Day menu — available from 8am to 5:30pm daily. Featuring elements such as Housemade Sourdough, Scrambled Eggs, Crab Meat, Avocado, Ebiko, Feta and Togarashi, the item here does remind us slightly of a rendition of a rather similar item that is served at The Brewing Ground that has recently made its rounds on social media of the late. The version here at Five Oars Coffee Roasters is pretty decent — the housemade sourdough comes with a bit of tension to the bite; carried a slight hint of tanginess that stems from the fermentation process of the sourdough, though the scrambled eggs felt more like a runny omelette here (nothing wrong with that though), and adds a little moisture of the sourdough whilst blanketing the shredded crab meat within that carries a natural sweetness typical of crustaceans. Didn’t quite notice the feta cheese in here, but the Togarashi does provide for a slight kick of spiciness to tickle the taste buds, while the Ebiko does provide for slight popping sensation if one manages to bite into one.

Felt that this current rendition of Five Oars Coffee Roasters is one that seems to carry a more matured
character of their former self previously at Tanjong Pagar Road; the food menu seemingly felt more curated, while the decor is also straying away from that of the former location — something that carries a stronger identity as the former outlets felt more like a continuation of the branding left behind by some concepts which they somewhat share a connected past with. Whilst the food is decent and the offerings would most certainly attract cafe-hoppers at large, the service at their new location does seem to come with teething issues — largely due to waiting time for seats that can stretch up to an hour on the waiting list, and another hour for food to be served. Service staff were visually busy, but we wished they could pay more attention to the build up of the crowd outside that are looking to be placed in the waiting list, and pro-actively check with loitering patrons who were sent in but not assigned with a seat (they seem to have forgotten to assign us with one after calling us up to enter the cafe; no one came to us while we stood for nearly 20mins around the counter). Perhaps a spot that is better to visit when the crowd dies down — but then again, with its popularity, Five Oars Coffee Roasters is a spot that cafe-hoppers would definitely added in their list of cafes to check out ...


Lots of crab but mixed with fresh and another kind which tasted a bit more fishy