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Top 10 in Siglap

Top 10 places in Siglap, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Siglap

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Siglap, Singapore.

Tasty roasted pork bowl but the "meat" is almost 90% fat, even fat-loving me found this dish too jelak. Second visit here and so far I would say the localised cafe food they offer is hit or miss - hae bee hiam pasta $17.90+ has no HBH at all, more like a chilli pasta. Muar otah toast $15.90+ is great, but the walnut bread that they serve it on is too hard for me (would prefer a softer bread like Brioche). But the drinks are unique (I like the Matchaccino), it's in my hood, and has a more local clientele vs. Baker & Cook at the other end of the block.
🚗 : parking very limited due to residential (landed houses) location.
💡 : you can get small discounts ($2-5) if you order via the eatsy app.


Pork in an Indonesian restaurant? Yes please. Solo diners should definitely order this signature dish, which features a tasting of the different types of pork that Kota88 offers. The glaze for the sate and char siew is sweeter than our local roast meat (I like the sweet taste but not everyone may feel the same), but the deliciously charred taste/smell is something you seldom find in sg. Roast pork I find average, the crunchy pig ears are an awesome addition! Ngoh hiang, siew mai and half an egg complete this bowl. If you come in a group, they also have a full menu of sharing style dishes, similar to any Chinese restaurant. I see quite a few Indonesian (speaking) customers here - always a good sign.
💡 : you can change the white rice to chicken rice without extra charge. Served with a rather tasteless dipping sauce so be sure to ask for the spicy sambal instead if you are a chilli lover like me.
🚗 : limited ERP parking available at springvale building where this restaurant is (parallel parking skills required), or neighboring block where KFC is. Otherwise, there is a bigger URA carpark (unsheltered) next to Shell petrol station (3 min walk).


well.. you know.. your everyday place? That's what Iza at Siglap is like to me. This Tamagoyaki with Otah is definitely my favourite bite!
The second pic shows off some veggies and chicken off cuts, liver and gizzard, that are really yummy too! Prices are reasonable as well. Check it out!

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The best place for ice cream. Flavours are always strong. Texture is creamy but not too creamy. Made with real ingredients. Definitely my favourite ice cream place to go to!

Affogato is really good and comes with a generous dose of sliced crispy almonds and icing sugar

This pancake is good to eat with berries and nuts, personally not a fan of canned peach. The pancake itself is really good and crispy at the edge.


The Shabsouka & Soft-Boiled Egg Toast ($11) won't give you the same pleasure as dipping crusty bread in a skillet of shakshouka, but it'll do.

Spiced beef in a tomato-based sauce, feta cheese (lacking), green chilli, cherry tomatoes and shiso sprout on toasted rye - could it possibly pass off as spicy spag bol on toast, minus the pasta? The portion size was just right, and with it being hearty, I was filled up rather quickly.

The eggs, though, were a sight to behold. All it took was a soft prod, and out came oozing a stream of liquid gold.

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Just a sip and you can taste the roast. Probably the largest cup of iced latte served in a cafe.

Creamy and thick laksa sauce base. The taste of the laksa doesn't immediately kick in and it's pretty mild. Overall not too bad.

A full brunch meal that came with a surprising large portion of scrambled eggs (probably made up of 4 eggs). Definitely worth every dollar and it came with a mild tangy-spicy special sauce.

Good points -
We ordered 5 dishes, a mix of spicy and non-spicy. Family was impressed with 'hurry2, chicken curry with charcoal youtiao', dad liked the sweet & salty/sour (?) chicken dish while my mom liked the barramundi fish dish that was meaty and crab omelette. Also impressed that they didn't scrimp on the mint leaves in the lemongrass drink, very friendly and helpful, and thank you for the pulut hitam dessert with vanilla ice cream on the house! 😍

My nosy 2 cents -
I know this is contentious and also perhaps due to a lack of communication but it could have been better if they could help light the birthday cake candles as they brought it in plus the aircon was too strong. But it's ok, family was happy so i am happy ☺

Thank you for your excellent service, Nicholas! And thank you for informing us about the food situation ahead of time. Much appreciated! Will come back to try out more dishes!

Simple but delicious duck breast served with seasonal green salad. The duck were really tender and juicy, totally not dry at all. I’m really surprised.

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