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Even though it’s a steakhouse, I got the pasta. It was cooked al dente but slightly salty for my liking but overall enjoyable. The portions here are also quite huge!

The first thing that stood out to me was the interior. I went in the evening and the lighting and decor portrayed a very relaxing atmosphere to me.

The store is located along East Coast Rd, which makes the restaurant very convenient and easy to find.

I really enjoyed the food and wine pairing, which was recommended by the staff. Special shout out to the Jarmon Bikini and Sambal Stingray. They were awesome!

The service staff were also very nice, checking in with us and make sure we are well taken care of.

Had an enjoyable time having a meal and catching up with friends. Favourite dish I had was the burnt cheesecake and wine pairing recommended by the staff, although the romanesco broccoli was a very close second. Really loved the decor style of the place as well as the fact that the food was brought out at a rather leisurely pace; we never felt like the staff was rushing us to complete our meal and were able to chit chat while thoroughly savouring our meal and wine. Highly recommend for others looking for a relaxing and chill night out to end their day.

Highly recommended! Super flavourful soup, milky and fragrant. The crunchy bits give it a good texture as well. Truly unlike any 泡饭 I’ve tried!

I think there’s an oyster version as well, can’t wait to try that!

The food was delicious and the wine pairings were great. Cozy ambience too! Will definitely return!

Lovely spot to chill with your friends & family! Strongly recommend trying the “Trio of Dip” or the “Jamon Bikini” as a bar bite if you’re intending on getting a bottle; its easily one of the cheaper wine spots. Would also like to commend the staff, who were exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable. For the service and atmosphere my friends and I enjoyed, we’re definitely coming back!

We visited sometime in late December last year and it was overall quite a pleasant experience. The place was rather cosy and really replicated the "European wine dungeon" aesthetic very well. The food was delightful and interesting, each having their own recommended wines to be paired with. We really enjoyed the experience and recommend trying it out!

I visited The Wine Cove on the 28th of December 2021 with a group of friends and was given a warm greeting by the staff despite there being a rather large crowd already at the location when we arrived. The service was excellent overall with the staff regularly checking in to ensure that everything was okay. The food itself was quite interesting as we were served items both representative of the restaurant's cuisine as well as their own takes on local dishes such as sambal stingray. Each set of dishes had its own wine pairings which made for a much more delectable dining experience. It was overall quite an enjoyable as well as an educational experience.

Warm cozy place with private rooms that give you the vip experience. Had the Jamon bikini which was amazing, recommend it. They offer a great selection of wine as well. Staff are friendly and attentive, do check with them for recommendations!

Absolutely love their food. The clams was really very good, highly recommend this place and will certainly come back again!

Food was great, ambience was even better. Cozy rooms, adjustable lighting and friendly staff to make your experience all the better. Certainly a place suitable for any occasion. Shown there is the BBQ skate, really soft and meaty with a nice chili marinade. Overall, food was good but what really stole the light was the burnt cheesecake paired with the PX wine (not shown), it was to-die-for. Would come again!

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A unique blend of seafood contained within a tiny wafer cone, a combination both unique and delicious.