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one of my favourite ytf places and their main outlet is still the best out of all their outlets😚😚

rate: 9/10

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An amazing array of food offered here, the chef shared with us that the dishes here are largely inspired by the street food of India, but done in a contemporary style.

Here we have the Tandoori Smoked Salmon, which albeit soft and tender, was a little high on the sodium. Squeeze the lemon slice on the side for a tangy taste to cut through all the sodium!

Started off with the Monstrous MB Papad ($8), which was definitely eye catching given its size. The crust was thin and crispy, with various diced vegetable showered upon it, making this a light snack where everyone can easily enjoy while still leaving enough space for the subsequent dishes.

Never thought shots could be done this way 🤣 The Pani Puri Shots ($7) were essentially delicate crispy puffs filled with potato, fried flour, served with red sweet sauce and a green mint shot that spots a lighter viscosity than the former. All you gotta do is pour a splash of the red sauce followed by the entire green shot into the puff, and pop it into your mouth. As you bite into the crispy puff with the mixture swirling around, you should experience an explosion of flavours ✨

Unlike its name, Martini Pao Bhaji ($9) is not an alcoholic dish. It’s so named cause of the martini glass it was served in, under the chef’s creative direction. Taking on an Italian element, Garlic Bread was used instead of the typical pao seen along the streets of India, which was a great move because they certainly went well together.

Distinguished by its starchy minced meat gravy, this is definitely the sinful version of your traditional Yong Tau Foo with its meaty sauce pairing very well with the deep fried items. The bee hoon also goes really well almost like a lor mee with the meat sauce, complementing the heaviness of the sauce.

For $14 you get fried spam, caramelised onions, scrambled eggs, and some sriracha mayo in a bagel. I’m not gonna lie: in a basic-ass bagelwich like this, the only component I could possibly rave about would be the bagel — which, here, is unfortunately nothing noteworthy. In fact it was hardly what I’d call a bagel at all, boasting a texture more akin to a French roll sans the crisp crust. Don’t get me wrong this wasn’t bad at all — one can hardly fuck up spam and eggs — and it definitely was satisfactory enough to hit the spot. Would I recommend intentionally having it? Naaaaah.

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Delicious. Even though it looks simple, the sauce, the garlic, and the prawns rlly came tgt well. Nothing too exceeding of expectations given what you read on the ingredients list, but executed to perfection almost

PS even though each dish seems affordable enough, two of us spent almost 50 per pax (we were stuffed though, probably 1.5 dishes per pax would be nice)

Good as I remembered. I think it's worth mentioning (again probably) that it's really v harmonious, the meepok and the sauce(which really isn't anything like carbonara, even though it's creamy too)

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A fantastic version of braised pork. Deep, dark flavours with appropriate sweetness and umami. Must order!

Called 韭菜花 or 韭苔, the version here is decent w bursts of saltiness. Good to try if you've never had this veggie before, else it's abit too pricey

This one wasnt impressive at all. It's basically Ching tng in a glass lol. Except only w longan. Is it good? Yes. But is it significantly better than any 2buck Ching teng? Debatable