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[ Food Review – Hawker Food ] It wouldn’t be a proper list of hawker food without some nasi padang action, amirite? Presenting Kim San Leng Coffeeshop’s Nasi Padang!

Yes, I’m bringing this back yet again — for good reasons! — because how often can someone with as sensitive a stomach as me find nasi padang that I can eat on a d a i l y basis?? (And no, that’s not a hyperbole!) It’s especially telling when I find myself craving this stall’s nasi padang versus Sixth Avenue Nasi Lemak (which becomes nasi padang if you order the way I do!) despite having eaten the latter for more years of my life!

And hey, Bukit Timah is already sorely lacking in nasi padang stalls — let alone good ones — so I’m especially invested in keeping this stall up!

For the benefit of those who’ve not seen my previous posts, instead of the usual richer, heavier flavours that are characteristic of Indonesian nasi padang (also its place of origin!), this stall does Malaysian-styled nasi padang.The difference? The flavours are no less robust but the sauces are lighter, and the flavours more fragrant than trying to overwhelm you in intensity.

That said, their sambal belachan packs a heckuva punch. I remember eating it for the first time in ages, and even I felt a bit of the heat! 10/10 would recommend for a fellow spice connoisseur.

Can we just take some time to marvel at the gorgeous rainbow of colours on this plate? If you are a first timer, this is one good way to start: Adorn your plate in as wide an assortment of colours and textures as you can. That way you can properly sample the variety of spices and cooking styles the stall has to offer!

Don’t know where to start? Try this plate on for size!

Protein: Beef rendang (look at the size of those chunks!) or assam fish (if you prefer something lighter that you can ladle over your rice)

Veg: Stir fried fresh greens (they usually have at least 1-3 options available if you want something without spice) or sayur lodeh (surprise, surprise, theirs isn’t sweet!)

Sides (pick 1-2): Tempeh (look at how dense and beautifully coloured this one is!), fried egg (fluffy without being overdone), or fried fishballs (hey this is great with the sambal ok).

Bought some sourdough and made our own grilled cheese sandwich during Phase 2 and I must say, WOW THE BREAD IS FLUFFY ON THE INSIDE AND CRISP ON THE OUTSIDE. So good. They even serve the bread fresh when you buy them, the loaf was still warm when I got them.

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It's decent but nothing to shout about - the crumble wase nice and crunchy, apples were soft but not soggy, was pretty cinnamony & sugary. Had this because it was part of the restaurant week set menu, but it's not something I would order ala carte.

Have tried this multiple times (but it's been a while since my last visit) and I'm glad that it's still good! They use catfish in this. The fish was soft and flaky, encased in thin layer of batter which had a crunch. The chips were hot and crisp. It's good and reliable fish and chips, this is something that we get almost every time we visit.

Found this okay only, I think we are just not fans of barramundi. But it was cooked well, pretty moist and the skin was mostly crisp. We liked the accompanying sides - the mash, coleslaw, zucchini and broccoli were good! Also, the sauce was very delicious, it's quite well-balanced. Would have loved for more of that sauce!

This was cooked well, the tail end was crisp & smoky, and the thicker parts weren't tough. We've had better octopus elsewhere though,

Pretty nice flavour profile, there's a nice balance of savoury & sweet. Prawns were succulent! We mopped up the sauce with the bread because the sauce was delicious :)

I ordered their new work strip steak with red wine sauce and mashed potatoes and buttered corns as the two side dishes. The food was so delicious! The steak was so tender and it melted in my mouth! I also ordered brownie with vanilla ice cream and it was so yummy!! The interior and vibe of the restaurant was very lovely

i really love the ambience of the place! the food was amazing too. i ordered their signature crispy skin salmon with cajun rice and mashed potatoes. i think their mashed potatoes were amazing and the salmon was very juicy and tender! i also had their truffle fries and brownie with ice cream. the truffle tastes in the fries is not that prominent so if youre looking for a milder truffle taste, i would recommend their fries! all in all, it was a great experience! would come again in the future :)

Really good food with generous portions! I had the slow roasted pork ribs with the original sauce. The sauce was perfectly complimentary to the meat, not too sweet or sour. The meat fell right off the bone and melts in your mouth. Excellent food.

Had the New York strip, truffle fries, coleslaw and apple blueberry cobbler. They all tasted delicious and were really affordable given the quality and portion. Recommended!

A nice relaxing place to chill with friends and have a meal.
The food and service were both really good. I ordered the Oreo milkshake, soup of the day (tomato soup), and the new york strip with echalote sauce with a side of fries and cajun rice. The food was very flavourful and enjoyable, the only minor complaint I have is that some parts of the new york strip were quite tough. The echalote sauce and cajun rice were the highlights for me.
Overall a very good experience.