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Top 10 in Sixth Avenue

Top 10 places in Sixth Avenue, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Sixth Avenue

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Sixth Avenue, Singapore.

Despite them opening up many more outlets, it鈥檚 always feels quite nostalgic going to this one.

One of the best things about this place is their Beef burgers ($22.90). Served with a portobello mushroom, the Angus patty was thick, charred well and Super flavourful. Slathered with a delicious caper aioli, it was spiked with caramelized onions for sweetness and several pickles to cut through the richness. I loved their brioche buns which didn鈥檛 get soggy but instead were the perfect vessels for its contents. So so good.

馃搷: Greenwood Fish Market
馃殏: Tan Kah Kee
馃捀: $30-60 per person
鈿栵笍: will definitely be back soon. Did you know the hillcrest outlet is also priced cheaper than some of their newer ones?

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excellent meal! good atmosphere! would love to be back here again. picture depicts medium rare steak :)

$15 very well executed lava cake - molten core with crisp exterior! Homemade vanilla chocolate was also very yummy! (Love the Tiramisu better, but would also rec this!)

$36. Love the burrata and Ham (quality ingredients indeed), but thought that there was just too much going on. Enjoyed this nonetheless! Didn鈥檛 have a picture of the other 鈥淚n Search of Wild Mushrooms鈥 $22 pizza, but definitely enjoyed that better and would rec that - think mushrooms and truffle oil!!

This was perfect!!! Tiramisu has structural integrity (wasn鈥檛 too mushy etc), and very light yet had a strong chocolate taste. Absolutely love it! 10/10 would recommend!

$26.90! Portion and ingredients were huge and generous!! Tasty as well! Would rec this, along with their MUSHROOM RISOTTO ($22)! Al dente texture and creamy, albeit slightly salty.

A special brew, handcrafted by the owners themself. I was very impressed by this light, sweet malty brew. Not too dry or heavy, but just perfect for a night's out with friends, in good ol' tropical Singapore. Loved it, I only wished this will be made available at a supermarket near me.

Roast pork with cracklings, apple compote and mango slaw. This was really really good! The roast pork was surprisingly tender within, while maintaining its crisp exterior. Paired wih the sweet apple compote and tangy slaw, this was just delicious!

Chicken, camembert and cranberry (CCC).
Firstly, I was impressed by how huge the portion was! The sourdough burger bun was fluffy and buttery. And the chicken and melted camembert combination was a no-brainer, I only wished there was more camembert within!

I always hunt for a good tiramisu when I鈥檓 out for dinner at Italian restaurants and this was one of the better ones I鈥檝e had in Singapore. There was just enough bitterness from the espresso and the alcohol was not overwhelming, the cream was fluffy and overall the tiramisu was not too sweet as they usually are which was a true delight. The only thing was that the bottom of the tiramisu was soaked in espresso which made for a kind of soggy base, while it wasn鈥檛 a deal breaker for me because it tasted so great, you might want to avoid the tiramisu if you don鈥檛 enjoy it too wet!

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Burger at a seafood spot? You heard us. The Angus Burger ($21.95) here might just be one of the community's all-time favourites, thanks to a thick medium rare patty with butter-slicked portobello shrooms and never-soggy brioche buns. If you have yet to try this, you know what to do!
Photo by Burppler Naomi Hoe