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Decided to go for dinner at bbq under the stars at turf city. It was pretty near the entrance with a few signages to tell you where to go so it was quite easy to find. The place had a chill cosy vibe and served ala carte buffet. The items were made to order and came out in tasting portions meaning we could try a wide variety of their food. Some of my favorite dishes were the grilled prawns - smoky and well seasoned without being over cooked, the grilled salmon - flavorful and juicy, calamari - hot, crispy and so tasty! Really enjoyed the food here and the service was excellent! Will definitely be back!!

It was a little hard to find the restaurant but it was worth it! The oysters were fresh, the steak was tender and juicy! The SALMON STEAK was the star of the show! I thought the grilled bananas and pineapples were unique and addictive! The service was good as well. Can't wait to be back again hehe

As I made my way to the restaurant, I couldn't help but have some doubts. However, those doubts quickly vanished when I stepped inside! The restaurant's distant ambiance offered a wonderful escape from my everyday life, allowing me to fully savour the food. The cuisine was outstanding, perfectly complementing the ambiance. The dish that truly stood out was the blue cheese pizza! The subtle hint of truffle and the creamy sharpness of the blue cheese elevated the pizza, erasing any lingering greasiness on my palate. I wholeheartedly recommend it!

Had a great time at Meat N Chill recently. The original ribs I ordered with my partner were tender, flavourful, and came in generous portions. The chilli cheese fries and the asparagus that we got for our sides were also excellent.

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Ribs were super juicy and expertly seasoned, creating a very authentic BBQ flavour that’s hard to find in Singapore. Definitely recommend this place for meat lovers!

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craving for a taste of meaty barbequed or grilled western food? This place delivers with its simple variety of burgers, pork ribs, pasta, side dishes, etc. We ordered the Flaming Beef Spaghetti which was a pleasent blend of mildly sweet, acidic, savoury beefy flavours, and LOTS of spices. It reminds me of mexican cuisine! Next, the Bourbon Pork Ribs which was a generous portion of meaty satisfaction. Sweet and grilled without the overly bitter char from the grill. Definitely a recommend for those leaning towards sweeter tastes. And lastly, their Soy Garlic Chicken. We ordered fried chicken, not batter, and in that they delivered! The batter was thin yet crispy, not oozing with oil, while the meat remained juicy and thick! And the seasoning was indeed garlicky and nicely salted. Overall a pleasant and delightful experience!

Lovely spot tucked away in Sixth Avenue, for a cozy and intimate lunch/ dinner. Portions served were huge as well. Every item was tasty but the Cajun Rice sold it for me. Well spiced to blend w the Bourbon Meat Ribs we ordered! Will come again!:)

BBQ Under The Stars - Italian all-you-can-eat! especially good for meat (bbq meat?) lovers! I liked the salmon and pork ribs most, pizza was also fresh and handmade. A good spread I would say, from pasta to pizza. The mains came in a small portion as well which I appreciated so we can order more without worrying we can't finish everything.

honestly quite pleasantly surprised by the food here! honey mustard ribs were fall off the bone tender, juicy and flavourful.

new york strip was rather affordable for its quality and cooked to the right requested doneness without being too chalky/dry.

out of the sides we tried, fries was the best - soo crispy and mashed potatoes were creamy with little chunkier bits in the middle which gave depths to the texture and flavour.

overall, though the place is slightly out of the way, will def rec trying the ribs here!

my first impression really felt like I was under the stars as the surrounding area was very dark and the lights stood out. We had to try the highly raved barbecue meats and true enough, the grill imparted a strong charcoal taste and the meats were marinated so well! I tried the fresh clams and mussels (mains) which had a briney taste from the sea water and the sauces coated and suited the clams well. My personal favourite was their chicken chop, queen margarita pizza and pumpkin soup (soup of the day). The pumpkin soup was so flavourful and smooth. My friend and I could really tell they made it from scratch as there was this natural sweetness and slightly charred flavour which added another dimension. Overall, highly recommend this authentic outdoor bbq experience!

Went for dinner on a weekday. Very good service and food was good. Enjoyed the oysters.


Had an amazing dinner at Meat N' Chill • Steak N' Ribs Restaurant tonight! We ordered the beef striploin, honey mustard pork ribs, and some sides.

The steak was well cooked and extremely juicy, packed with flavours! I love the red wine combination as it elevates the meat to another level. Plus, it’s affordable ($22).

Special shout out to the pork ribs, it was tender and practically falling off the bone. Smoky and salty, and not too sweet (which is good)!

Fries were especially crispy and yummy. Will return 👍

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