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I went there a couple of days ago and tried the signature pork ribs and had an Oreo smoothie to go with it! Portions were a lot more generous than I expected (for the price) and I really had my fill :) Nice cozy place to go with small groups of close friends and family, and I would definitely be going back again!

Minimalist decors with decent bread selection. Favourite still is the sticky bun which essentially is a cinnamon roll. Place can be a little warm in the morning as their aircon is central type and kicks in only after 830-845am.

Overall, I thought the pizzas here was very good, especially with their quality chewy and perfectly thin crusts. ®️: 8/10

What I'm REALLY miffed about, though, is that they threw 4 slices of my pizza that I wanted to takeaway into a soggy paper bag. It's RIDICULOUS for a Italian place like this not to have proper takeaway boxes for pizza! The tomato sauce got smeared everywhere and leaked through the paper.

XXL 21" Speciale Pizza - Frutti di Mare and Burrata & Proscuito ($62)

This gigantic pizza is amazing when shared with friends because you get to try more flavours and the least amount of crust. The frutti di mare is a seafood flavour with squid, prawn, and venus clam, all of which were bouncy and fresh. As for the burrata and prosciutto, the rocket and tomatoes were so refreshing -- spectacular with the mild burrata and salty prosciutto.

L 12" Speciale Pizza -- Carne ($28)
The meat special is alright if you like meat, but the meatballs are quite small. Personally, I like salty toppings on my pizzas. Some people might find it too salty with the thin crust though.

Overall, go to pepperoni's pizzeria for reliable Italian style pizzas -- especially when sharing with friends ®️: 8/10

Located at Bukit Timah 6th Ave Centre, this restaurant can be easily spotted from the main road. Its interior was playfully decorated and set the tone for a relaxing dining experience. I ordered the original signature pork ribs with buttered corn and straight-cut fries. The ribs were amazing! The meat was lean, yet wonderfully tender, moist and well-flavoured. The fries were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. To top it up, the portion was absolutely generous. Will surely return with my family and friends!

Amano was nice my place and had 1 for 1 offer so gave it a try. Truffle fries were good. Vongole and pizza were also decent. Really reasonable with the offer.

I got the bourbon ribs and garlic soy wings. The ribs were rich, spicy and woody, and flaked off the bone easily. The wings were perfectly fried - juicy on the inside and satisfyingly crunchy on the outside. Overall a great place to have a meal and hang out!

This little piece of cake packs so many things inside. White chocolate on the top, with earl grey mousse and cake in the middle, with chocolate crust at the bottom [What I think I tasted lol]. Overall, tasted like a mix of chocolates with a hint of earl grey. Went at around 3pm on a weekday and there was no queue. Location was quite easy found too.

Highly recommend for cake lover!!

Ordered the Three Little Pigs Burger, Oreo Madness (milkshake) as well as the Soy Garlic Wings (for sharing). The portions are really huuuge!! very worth it! for example, the the three litttle pigs burger was real stacked with spam, bacon, pork, cheese etc so i wasn't able to fit in my mouth 😂 not only that, the burger was served with golden fries and coleslaw on the side. the oreo madness was also a huge cup and i like that it wasn't too sweet. as for the wings, I liked how you could taste the soy garlic even as you bite into the meaty portions. my tummy was satisfied with the yummy food! would recommend - affordable yet filling food 😄 also, great ambience!

This was the star of the show. This pizza is extremely different from the usual chewy American pizzas or Italian thin-crust pizzas, because of how there is no tomato sauce base, and the pizza is made of what I'd normally call bread. For the bread nerds out there, this dough is made with a 85% hydration and proofed for 36 hours. This creates a light open crumb (holey) which provided a delicious pairing with the salty parmesan and bacon toppings.

Given the price, I was a bit disappointed at how tiny this dish was. Thankfully, the calamari batter was perfectly crispy and the squid was fresh and not chewy.

These menacing-looking black balls may look intimidating but are full of flavour. The inside of the black giganti ravioli is a slightly lumpy ball of ricotta and smoked salmon, with a smoked salmon taste that blended perfectly with the creamy sauce. Strangely, though the smoked salmon taste was prevalent enough, but I couldn't spot any pink bits of salmon in it. Must have been minced quite well. I thought the ravioli skin could have been thinner, and that there should have been more of the parmesan sauce for this dish as ricotta itself doesn't taste like much.