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Ribs and steak were great. Service was impeccable as well. Looking forward to visiting again!

I love the Garlic Sauce Buffalo Wings, the chicken is tender and juicy yet crispy on the outside.
It's my first time trying something like the Original Pork Ribs and the quality of the food is really commendable. The size of the serving is generous and would be great to order and share it with friends as I would definitely not be able to finish it on my own.
Overall, the ambience is amazing, would be a place I'd love to chill and hang out with my friends after work. The staff and service are great. She made an effort to explain and recommend which dishes are more suited to our tastes and was being very patient with us.

Convenient location. Recommend to get their meats!! Service was awesome and I would definitely come again.

ugh this was actually so good i wanted to inhale it. all my favourite elements and perfectly creamy with truffle without being too sickening :-)

so good!! prefer this to lino's... 😌

Tasty lunch! Enjoyed the salmon that was paired with tobiko sauce, mash potatoes and a side of greens! Recommend for a comfortable chill lunch

Ordered Buffalo Wings, Original Pork Ribs & Truffle Pasta.
Buffalo wings was crispy, with appropriate seasonings applied to make the dish more tasty. Pork ribs was relatively good, comes with two sides of your choice, and they taste good too. Truffle pasta has the unique truffle taste to it and the pasta was cooked just right. The cheese applied on the truffle pasta goes well and enhances the savory taste of the cheese, well blended with bacon slices.
Staff service was superb. Upon entering the premises, was greeted warmly and was served iced water right away. When asked for recommendations, the staff patiently explained the best recommendations for us to come to an informed decision of our preferences. Excellent!
Ambience 4.5/5
Concept 4.5/5
Staff Friendliness 5/5
Food Quality 4/5
Food Portion 5/5
Overall Grade: 4.5/5

Value for money the signature pork ribs. Worth the walk in the rain this afternoon. The meat just fell from the bone easily.

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Tender and tasty ribs! Sides were great too!

Tasty tender ribs, full of flavour and fell off easily from the bone. The place to go for ribs!

Had the original BBQ pork ribs with a side of green salad and corn bread. The ribs was well-glazed with deep red marinade, meat was tender and fell from the bone easily.

For a good affordable ribs, I might come back but prolly would select other sides instead.



Three little pigs burger was a harmonious blend of flavours of spam, bacon and pulled pork.