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Meats were pretty good, very juicy and thick. Got the angus beef burger and spicy popcorn chicken. The popcorn chicken actually outshone the burger, I feel. The popcorn chicken had a good amount of spice and the dip complemented it well. Burger buns were a bit dry towards the end

Situated in a relatively quiet suburb, Amano had a very relaxing atmosphere.

From entrance to table, I was treated very nicely by the staff. Kudos to their amazing hospitality. What we ordered was the:

- Carbonara
- Calamari
- Garlic bread

The creamless Carbonara was thick, rich and delicious, with portions that I don’t think anyone can complain about. I was full by the end of it and certainly satisfied by its taste.

The calamari was solid, enjoyed by both me and the missus. It was served with a delectable spicy sauce.

The garlic bread however, was surprisingly atrocious. Semi-burnt, bland, with nary a hint of garlic. It felt like just bread. There was an ominous sense of foreboding since it was the first thing we had but fortunately, the calamari and the pasta was great.

+ great pasta
+ great ambience
+ great staff,

- somehow the garlic bread was horrendous

Good place to try out good Italian food. Second time here! My favourite dish this time is the crab meat fettuccine. Generous amount of crab meat was given and the tomato-cream sauce balance was perfect. Also love their burrata pizza!

Super good deal with Burpple 1 for 1 :)

Really love the steak here and the red wine sauce genuinely surprised me because it paired so well with the meat!(: ordered the 250g new york strip which is $19 inclusive of 2 sides and i was sosooso full. We also ordered the popcorn chicken which was REALLY good and spicy. I would actually come back just to eat the popcorn chicken as a snack(: my sister also ordered the angus cheeseburger, and the patty itself was really thick and juicy but towards the end the burger as whole was abit dry and the buns are abit too thick for our liking. Generally,was good and its near the mrt as well!

We had the 1 for 1 pizzas and pastas (Foie Gras and Truffle Tagliatelle, Beef Lagsana, Prosciutto de Salmon and Burrata Pizza). Everything was really delicious but if I were to order again, I would forgo the salmon pizza for something else on the menu! Would visit again if in the neighbourhood.

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This was a rare gem to find around the estate area, and they actually used sourdough bread instead of the normal dough, also, they used a wood-fire oven to fire up the pizza. 

Both the tomato sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni and tomato sauce, mozzarella, parma ham and rocket taste really good, the toppings are like free flow raining onto the pizza. I have to say the dough because it is bread, it is slightly harder as compared to normal pizza crust. Nonetheless, I would still go back for more pizza ventures! Can’t wait to try their pizza no. 9 (which includes blue cheese)! 

Satisfaction: 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤
Price: Pizza is on an average price of $20 - $25
Location: @planksourdoughpizza

We ordered 2 main dish: their signature steak (grass-fed ribeye) & prawn aglio olio. The steak comes with 2 sides and I really love the taste of the truffle fries. The steak is super good as it’s not too hard to chew and I love how big and fresh the prawns are!

Carbonara was nice and the wood fired pepperoni pizza was so huge that we only finished half of it haha. Can give the meatball appetisers ($15) a miss as it was way too salty. Total bill came up to $43 after burple.

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Located a short walk away from Sixth Avenue MRT, this place was relatively easy to find and was quite chill and welcoming. I had known beforehand that the place is famous for steak and ribs and decided to order the pork ribs, with a green salad and chili cheese fries on the side. Additionally, I got a slice of pecan pie with vanilla ice cream, and an iced latte. All in all, it was a pretty indulgent meal. The pork ribs are super tender and the jalapeño mustard flavour is such an interesting one. Would highly recommend for those who like strong flavours! The fries and salad were alright though I must say, the ribs and the two sides proved to be quite a substantial amount of food. I was already quite stuffed by the time I finished the mains. The pecan pie was served warm with a pretty generous scoop of ice cream! I like the soft, fudgey chocolate filling, that had just the hint of cinnamon, which contrasted nicely with the crunch of the pecans. The iced latte was pretty decent as well. All in all, would definitely recommend as a place to grab a casual meal with friends or family! Would probably go back again to try the other things on the menu!

A chill place to hang out for a hearty lunch. Located at a convenient location, few minutes away from the Sixth Avenue Station. Staff is welcoming and helpful. Food is flavourful and well seasoned. Highly recommend their Honey Mustard Pork Ribs that was really tender and melts with every bite.

The steak was very filling and juicy, went really well with the buttered corn and mushroom sauce! The mashed potatoes were textured and the taste was milky which I loved! The portion is huge and would definitely fill your stomachs. Had butterscotch blonde for the dessert and it wrapped up the meal well :)

Overall really impressed with the service, food quality and price point over a Meat n' Chill. Visited on the 10th February and had a great time. Staff were friendly and helpful. Great overall ambience and decor that brings out a homely vibe. What stood out the most was the standard and portion size for the mains. I highly recommend the signature honey mustard ribs that's tender, fresh and well-seasoned. Portion is great for its price! Would definitely come back based on the ribs alone! 😊👍