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Also known as Volcano Tofu, this dish came steaming hot!! The tofu was silky smooth and had a melt in your mouth texture. The sauce was flavourful and had bits of minced meat and seaweed. This is one of their signature dishes and a definite must order when you’re here!


You Kee XO is a famous restaurant in JB and this is their first branch in Singapore. While I’ve never tried their original branch in JB, the food here was really really good! They specialize in roast meat and they offer a platter of 3 of their classic roasts — Crystal BBQ Pork Belly “Char Siew”, XO Signature Roast Duck and Traditional Roasted Pork Belly “Siu Yuk”. This platter comes in 3 sizes: $23.80 (for 2 pax), $33.80 (4 pax) and $43.80 (6 pax).

Hands down the highlight of this platter was the char siew! 😍It was perfectly charred and caramelised, and had a very chewy and buttery texture. The siu yuk was fatty, fragrant and crispy. The roast duck was really tender and had a crispy skin.

This was overall one of the best roast meat I’ve ever had!! So so happy to have dined here! Plus the service here is really good! They even offered us a complimentary green bean soup to end our meal 😊😋👍🏼


A very quaint cafe hidden in Eunos/Kembangan area. Love the vibes and how homey this place felt.

The food room about 20-25 mins to be prepared but that’s because everything is made from scratch and they seem to have limited staffing.

We ordered the creamy mushroom pasta, breakfast plate and shakshuka and I think the best item was the shakshuka. Will definitely come back to have that again, especially with the 1-1 burpple beyond.

Two pieces of peanut turnover pancake from Shah’s delight at 80 cents each.
Fluffy & wholesome.


From Soon Seng Hot & Cold Drink.
Kopi, Kaya Toast set $3.10 only.
2 soft boiled eggs.


Ordered the avacodo pasta and carbonara, latte and flat white. Very happy with all of them.

Loved the atmosphere and relaxing setting.

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Another tasty & satisfying breakfast.
Fried BeeHoon $3 with egg, taukwa and fried chicken wing.
Kopi Iced $1.50

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This massive platter with chicken and mutton fed 5 of us comfortably and we could not stop digging in! The long grained rice was tasty and full of flavour, but not at all oily, and the tender meat had been torched to give it that lovely smokey flavour. Am usually not a fan of mutton but in this case, the mutton was very well cooked and not too Camry. We also had a separate serving of chicken dum briyani and it was very very good as well. Huge fan of this. Go early since there is little seating!

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Avocado smash with furikake and ramen eggs on toast $15.. whilst I enjoyed this thoroughly my lunch buddy had the coq du vin for free as i used 1-1. Cafe was chill food was great and owners were lovely. The only downside being accessibility but if youre ever in the area this is a gem u wouldn’t want to miss
Cakes however were meh.. skip these for other calories worth a better taste.
The must have though would be the iced cocoa a really honest to goodness chocolatey treat😜


Everything is made from scratch. Noodles are al dente, fishballs are bouncy, fish dumplings are succulent! The best fishball noodles available to mankind

💵~ $7.50

i love the fries from vegan burg!!! and the burger tastes just as good although it’s vegan! my go-to vegan restaurant with my vegan friend who loves this as well!!!! 👍🏼 shoutout to the brownie which is super rich and not too sweet hehe