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For $22 you get a big slab of sea bass with lotus root chips and sauteed spinach. The fish was fresh, tender and juicy. Paired with basil oil and olive dust(?). I couldn't really taste much of the latter. I would recommend this for sharing with another main as it would be too monotonous as a dish on its own.

Mentaiko Mac n cheese seems to be a trend these days, but this rendition is a miss for us. Judging by the really pinkish hue of the penne, the amount of the mentai cream seems to be an overkill, but disappointingly, the flavour was almost completely overwhelmed by the mozzarella cheese. Bacon pieces were limited as well. The dish felt gelat before we could finish half of it and it was really salty as well. Priced at $18.

Tasty as usual. Everything is tasty I love the coconut fries alot. Adds a subtle sweet and fragrance to the usual mayo taste. The burger isn't hot though. Would how loved it so much more its just hot but its diffeerent. I think the burger station have to wait for the fries to be ready. Because the fries is piping hot.

You probably have seeing them in many places now. The Famous Eunos Bak Chor Mee started their first stall here at Eunos, before expanding their business to a few places.

Queue remain long at their original location. I gotten their signature bak chor mee in soup based. Sadly the alkaline of noodle pretty strong for me. The soup was savoury with lots of ingredients. I could have lots of minced meat in the soup which covered almost entirely of my soup, together with the pork lards.

Another really interesting dish we tried at Seng Coffee Bar was the yam lava cake, which we ordered as a dessert! The purple block contains warm yam filling (hot when just served), which oozes out when you cut it, as well as a few pieces of ginko nut. The yam filling was legit, and the Bar was pretty generous with the filling, which was rather evenly spread out throughout the whole cake.

The sides were a scoop of coconut ice cream and numerous pieces of coconut jelly. The coconut ice cream was on the lighter side and hence, we think it paired pretty well with the yam lava cake. At $12++, it is pretty standard price for dessert at a restaurant.

This rosti was really unique because the potato strips used were the thinnest that I have ever seen! This gives the impression that the potato melts in your mouth, which is literally quite true since there isn't much to chew on for the potato. Serving may be a little too much for one given that the dish was pretty salty, and we think it is just right for two! Priced at $18++, we think it is pretty reasonable for the serving size.

Comes with mushrooms, a really big sausage, a sunny side up and grilled vegetables. The veggies were probably the most unique since they are slightly crunchy and reminds me of the seaweed snacks you could get from supermarkets.

Seng Coffee Bar has pretty nice vibes but they are quite crowded on Fridays and the weekends. So do make a reservation on those days, because you may not even be able to get an outdoor seat if you don't do so!

The vegan version of nasi lemak burger! With Quorn mycoprotein patty, vegan egg, caramelised onions, cucumbers, vegan aioli and a generous amount of sambal chilli, this burger is flavour packed. A seasonal special, this is a must try!

The servings, or at least the crockery, at this vegetarian restaurant are huge! That slightly made up for the inflated prices. Nothing to complain about the laksa, yet also nothing special. It's like standard laksa, vegetarian or not.

The servings, or at least the crockery, at this vegetarian restaurant are huge! That slightly made up for the inflated prices. This nasi goreng was heavily seasoned, but not in a good way. There's little actual flavour. Plus it's dry and hard. Fortunately the mock satay, keropok and samosa were all good.

This tasted of rose and lemon. And it sucked hahaha.

Tried the chilli crab burger after hearing many positive reviews about this item at VeganBurg! Indeed, the chilli crab sauce was great and tasted really like what you would get at any seafood restaurant, although the restaurant may have used quite a bit of chilli padi to make the paste, rendering the sauce on the slightly spicier side. The patty was made from konjac, and it was a lot more firm than I had thought it would be! The burger also included romaine lettuce and coriander, although I thought the latter didn't pair too well with the chilli crab sauce! Overall, I would go back here just for the sauce!

The seaweed fries on the other hand, were disappointing. The fries were served with a miserable portion of seaweed flakes that I think you would be better off getting the burger and adding on seaweed shaker fries from MacDonalds. The only good thing about the fries was that the serving was much larger than I initially expected...

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Somehow I just love the taste of their shroom burger. Accompanied with an indulgent mushroom pops. 😋