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From SJ Sickandar Ammal
Plain Prata x 2, smooth savoury curry.
Not bad!


May look like an ordinary fish soup ($4), but I can guarantee you that this is better than most fish soups out there. The soup is not only flavourful from the fish bones and bittergourd, but it gets its umami flavours from the fried garlic that is added in the soup. The fish slices are really super fresh, and has a good bite. Definitely worth a trip down for this.

Crispy soft shell crab with lettuce, tomatoes and homemade chili crab sauce, served with fries and fruit salad

Bak Chor Mee with a twist
Garden greens and spaghetti tossed in balsamic vinegar dressing with stir-fried minced pork, mushrooms and onions, topped with fried shallots.

The boss is very kind and friendly and they have the best briyani in Sg! Love coming back to this place.

Recently increased price by $0.50.

Soup is tasty on a cool day and they are generous with the fish!

I know VeganBurg’s been around since before plant-based diets were a thing, but well shame on me I’ve never made the trip down before 🥲 So recently I popped by and grabbed their Smoky BBQ burger with an impossible patty and additional vegan cheese, wondering how it’d compare to all the other plant-based burgers out there. Suffice to say, it’s not quite my thing. The buns were mediocre at best, not very fluffy not very tasty very much like off-the-shelves sorta burger buns; the veggies were crisp and fresh but yeah just veggies; there was way too much mayo in there; and idk the patty didn’t wow me as much as others I’ve tried. Sure it wasn’t a terrible burger, but after all the extra add-ins the price exceeded that of other more satisfactory impossible burgers I’ve tried elsewhere. Perhaps their original burgers (sans all my add-ons and incessant meddling) would be a lot tastier, or I should’ve gone for a different burger, but with the many alternatives around now I doubt I’d make a return trip anytime soon.

The highlight from this bowl is the balanced between coconut milk and the broth. It's lighter taste compare to other laksa.
Beside that, i found grounded shrimp bits in it, which definitely enhanced the flavour of the gravy.
📍Katong Laksa
307 Changi Road

Loved this!! Very nice and just right spiciness

It was very crowded inside without enough seats.. my friend and i had to sit outside at the corner where we have to stand to call the waiter. Usually when i order with burpple, I will inform the waiter. But she was rushing so i didnt get a chance to tell her. Only found out at the end while paying that my friend's order does not qualify for burpple although its a main dish (salmon steak) ended up having to pay full price of $44+, they only indicated in fine print and the cashier accused us of not telling them beforehand😕