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Top 10 in Eunos

Top 10 places in Eunos, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Eunos

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Eunos, Singapore.

Green firm serikaya custard and glutinous rice.
Consistently available when the stall opened.
Neatly placed, cut into three pieces.
Not bad!

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From SJ Sickander Ammal, 2 egg prata (crisp surface), side served portion of mutton curry consisted 2 cubes of carrot, 2 cubes of potato & cut egg plant.
Only for $3, yummy!

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Tried the Hawaiian teriyaki burger [$10.80] and it had a really umami and creamy taste to it! The burger came with buns, lettuce, a slice of tomato, a grilled soy patty and the one ingredient that brought everything together- GRILLED PINEAPPLE! First time having pineapple in a burger and boy will I be adding grilled pineapples to all my burgers, it tasted really good and I would 💯 return. And having eaten many different versions of vegetarian mock meat, I have to say this is really one of the better mock meats that have been masked! Only thing I wish was that it was more affordable 🙁 if not, I would be having this everyday!


I got the meekia not spicy with no taupok. I think it’s great but mainly cos they are really generous with their sauce.

I would go for their chilli next time. It really is tastier! Maybe less spicy. Fish dumpling is good. Fishballs can be a lot better.

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$4 each
Chicken feet $7

Small portion. Taste is average

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Tucked away along Changi Road is a small, unpretentious bistro that sells some of the best Peranakan food I’ve ever had in Singapore.
Rumah Baba Fred’s menu changes weekly so do check in on their Facebook to see what’s cooking.

We were initially there to buy their rice dumplings but couldn’t help give their food a try and it was so so good!

We started off by trying their Lontong, which tasted every thing Lontong should be. It is rich and and extremely lemak (coconuty) and feels like something your Baba Grandmother would whip up during the festive season.
The only thing we felt that was a bit pedestal was the meat patty it came . It didn’t taste like much and didn’t quite go with the Lontong.

Next up was the Mee Siam.
The mee Siam was bursting with flavor and unlike anything we’ve every had before. Every bite just made you feel like having more. Everything was well balanced without each ingredient overpowering each other.

Everything we had that day had soul and you could feel the amount of love that went into each and every dish.

Something savoury smooth, similar with American chilli, cut French loaf dipped and enjoyed.
Kacang pool special $3.

From same stall, tasty sardines sandwiches $1.50, yummy!