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We had Torta della Nonna and "Biscotti" for dessert, both nutty desserts that we enjoyed too! 😋

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For pastas we had the Cappellacci di Zucca Ferraresi con Burro e Salvia, which was unique and I liked the butter and sage flavours, and the Rigatoni Lisci con Sugo alla Norma which was more simple but the flavours were good too.

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Visited the highly raved @forma.sg after many months of waiting and attempting to book a table. For antipasti, we had Culatello con Gnocco Fritto which were crispy with both the sweet and savoury balanced nicely.

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Claypot Chicken Rice @ $13/$24

Le Char Siew, as I know most Singaporean pronounce it this way; serves excellent Claypot Chicken Rice.

Le Chasseur is ever present in everyone's list of top 10 claypot Rice in Singapore.

They used to be located near clark quay central way back in 2013.

Unlike other places, long grain Basmati Rice is used in their claypot chicken rice.

Chicken meat used here are boneless, salted fish portions are generous as well.

Overall 4/5 for me, its so good, I actually came back the next day to eat it again, since I was nearby.

This prawn paste boneless chicken is an old school recipe style.

Like the hot plate tofu, although good, nothing really special.

Portion a little small

Can order to add variety to your claypit chicken rice.

Decent, nothing really special.

Can try, as additional fillers to the main claypot chicken rice dish, for more variety.

The only kind of American BBQ that I’ve ever managed to sample in Singapore are racks of succulent ribs, but then I discovered @smokeysbbq.sg in Joo Chiat, with their US Prime Beef Brisket ($33 before additional service charge & GST). Thirty three bucks is a hefty price, but it’s a hefty serving too. Hidden underneath the two behemoth brisket slices are another two smaller slices, for a total of four(!) sizeable slices of brisket. Of course, it wouldn’t be an American serving without sides, so you get your choice of two.⠀

The brisket is marinated in Smokey’s secret dry rub, and then smoked & slow roasted for a whole lotta hours. Contrary to what Instagram or youtube might show you, a waterfall of beefy juices didn’t come gushing out of the beef when I sliced into it. However, it’s still acceptably moist and tender, and there’s a LOT of fat within. Cutting into these thick briskets are light work for even a butter knife, and the beef doesn’t require that much chewing. The spices & seasoning have fully permeated the brisket, resulting in a savoury and peppery flavour profile in addition to the smokiness.⠀

The flavourful brisket was excellent on its own, but I ain’t gonna say no to some barbecue sauce. Sweet & salty, the sauce enhances all the delicious qualities of the brisket and turns it up to eleven. The sides were just along for the ride, being neither memorable nor terrible. The crunchy coleslaw was a nice interlude between beefy onslaughts, but I felt it could’ve been zestier for better effect. The crisp sweet potato fries were fresh out the fryer and were rather decent, but I didn’t realise that they cost an extra three dollars. Oh well.⠀

If you’re looking for some barbecue that screams MURICA, you’d best make your way briskly to Smokey’s for brisket.


Finally tried this literal hole in the wall cafe, but somehow the coffee was quite sour.

We got the Iced Dark Mocha ($8 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) and although the chocolate used was rich, the coffee was quite sour. You can taste alot of citrus notes with tangy aftertaste. Not sure if it's because of a bad brew or bad beans, but we wished the coffee isn't this sour.

Perhaps maybe it's just this instance!

Highly rated on Google Reviews 4.7⭐️, @tomahawk.king is the perfect place for meat lovers to have their cravings satisfied! Other than serving their Signature Tomahawk Steak, OMOOKASE is their Japanese-inspired yakiniku concept that offers both the famous prime cuts of A5 Wagyu and also its prized-off cuts.

Here’s what we enjoyed…
👉🇯🇵 A5 Satsuma Wagyu Premium Meat Platter (200g) - SGD79.90 (U.P. SGD109)
Ribeye, Striploin, Tenderloin, Shortribs, Flank, Skirt
👉Tomahawk Steak UPSIZE 120 days Australian Grain Fed (1.1-1.2kg) - SGD138.90
Comes with 3 sides (cheesy fries, onion rings & garden salad) & 3 sauces

To my Muslim friends, this HALAL recommendation is for you. Thanks to the amazing marbling, each wagyu beef slice had a melt-in-your-mouth texture and went surprisingly well with the nacho cheese dip. As for the huge Tomahawk Steak, it had a good meat-to-fat ratio and was tasty too.

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📍Tomahawk King & Omookase
324 Changi Rd, S419799
🚇Quite near Eunos MRT Station
📱WA 8031 4122

Been surviving on sad hotel coffee the past few days 🥹, and @kohi_sg literally brightened up my day with this cuppa 𝘿𝙤𝙪𝙗𝙡𝙚 𝙎𝙝𝙤𝙩 𝙁𝙡𝙖𝙩 𝙒𝙝𝙞𝙩𝙚 for my morning coffee!!! 😍☀️

The colleagues literally saw a smile breaking out on my face from the first sip, and I was instantly transformed into a happy girl 😆😝🌈🌈 Thank youuuu so much for the delicious cuppa, it really made my day!!! 😍🌈❤️❤️❤️


This café is open on New Year’s day (01 Jan)! Decided to visit this café since we were in the area. The interior aesthetics are simple and classy, and the place is brightly lit with warm lighting. We popped in for brunch so here’s what we ordered:

• Small Breakfast (opted for scrambled eggs, and added on sautéed baby spinach, sautéed mushrooms and smoked salmon)
• Crab Meat Egg Benedict
• Black Panther cold brew
• Iced mint chocolate

Total bill: $57.20

The portion served for smoked salmon that I added on for my Small Breakfast is quite generous! Though I was slightly disappointed because I expected the baby spinach to be like creamy baby spinach – but that’s on me hahaha I’m not sure why I pictured creamy baby spinach when i read the sautéed baby spinach 😅 Love the crunch of the sourdough bread, it went very nicely with everything! The baby spinach is also nicely seasoned. My boyfriend was quite satisfied with his Crab Benedict too! Comes with ikura which is a nice touch. No comments for the cold brew since I can’t appreciate coffee, and as for the mint chocolate, it was thick and not too overpowering for the mint aftertaste. Price wise – typical café prices though it’s a bit on the pricey side for me 🥲 But I would still visit this place again!

If you’re a fan of Wagyu and Tomahawk, you can now find the best of both worlds at @tomahawk.king !

Located at 324 Changi Road, @tomahawk.king is a Halal restaurant serving drool-worthy Tomahawk Steak and OMOOKASE, a Japanese-inspired yakiniku concept featuring the prime cuts of wagyu. Meat lovers will definitely be able to satisfy their cravings here!

First off, we definitely have to try the massive 1.1 - 1.2kg Australian 120 days grain-fed bone-in Tomahawk steak! This majestic tomahawk is definitely good for 3-4 pax and it comes with sharing portions of 3 sides - cheesy fries, onion rings, garden salad and 3 sauces. The steak has a good meat-to-fat ratio and has great flavor too!

Next, we just had to try the highly prized Wagyu Yakiniku Set while we are here! Every wagyu slice comes with great marbling and they melts in my mouth. The set is good for 3-4 pax and it includes:
🥩Premium Japan Wagyu A5 Yakiniku (300gm)
🦐Tiger Prawns
🥬Assorted Vegetables Platters
🍚Japanese Wagyu Rice (free flow)
❗️(Current Promo: FREE 100gm Premium Japan Wagyu A5 Yakiniku)

Highly recommend for all meat lovers to check this place out!