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This one had garlic sausage, salami, and caramelised onions on it, which sounded good... except the portion size and toppings were very scant and the toast was quite stale and hard to bite through.

Some people said this is the best souffle pancake they've ever eaten, but I wonder if they've ever eaten other souffle pancakes... This one was too dense to be fluffy -- I'd even describe it as almost bready on the inside. The cocoa powder and coffee ice cream didn't save the dish either, because they didn't add much to the flavour and I couldn't really taste the coffee taste.

Overall, even though the food here isn't great, I'd still come again for the breath-taking decor. The place had a real sense of authenticity with its real, living flowers and their fragrance wafting around the cafe. So by all means, put on a flowery dress and have a cup of tea here! 7/10

I actually really enjoyed this. The strawberry ice cream tasted refreshing and not too sweet while still remaining creamy and delightful. And the tartness of the fresh strawberries didn't overwhelm the rest of the parfait. Strawberries and cream may be a simple pairing but it is hard to fail.

Coming here you should miss out trying their vegan beer that has a few choices of taste like mine was the lemon one. Definitely a refreshing drink.

A tasty curry sauce with lots of fake meats, it can get very spicy after few slips.

Spicy Kangkong dish is always my favourite one whenever I get to order.

A meat free dinner here at Joo Chiat. Their o-luak only available on certain days in the week.

Taste of Teochew dish with lots of mushroom. $12.90

The portion of mac n cheese given was decent for its price. Taste was not bad too! There was torched cheese on top which helped to give the dish another flavor. The portion of truffle fries was big, but the truffle taste was minimal, but for its price was decent as the fries were crunchy and freshly fried.

FFL Signature Fish & Chips, $19⁣⁣
LOOK at this huge serving - a big piece of Fish, large size Fries, fruit salad on the side and a tub of homemade tartar sauce (which buddy spread it on the fish like how he spreads jam on bread). It tastes good, better than average i would say. That tub of sauce made a difference! The fruit salad on the same was refreshing (esp those watermelon cubes that removes the grease).⁣⁣
Soft-Shell Crab Pasta, $19⁣⁣
That Soft-Shell Crab was deep fried to perfection 💯 It was so freakin' CRISPY!!! Pasta was drenched in a Chilli Crab kinda sauce - it was sweet and just slightly spicy. I liked it!⁣⁣
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