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Surprisingly good find near my hood in a old kopitiam style with only one other prawn mee stall which was not open when I visited other than the usual drinks stall.

Wok hei is there, cockles are juicy + plump. I felt like the cockles were cooked just right my companion thought they were a bit over. They are on the sweeter side but not as sweet as laofuzi. I feel like they can do with more eggs.

Was really happy with this find tbh but that was until we saw a rat climbing across the top of the electrical wiring before it went missing into some of their crockery...... will be looking for my next new favourite ckt then

Nestled away in a cosy coffee shop in Block 7 Eunos Crescent, this young hawker serves up this hearty and comforting bowl of BCM! I added two fishballs for a dollar which totalled it up to $4.50. What blew me away was the QQ texture of the noodles! I loved it as it was cooked perfectly and it was made smooth and slippery to glide down your throat. There were 3 dumplings which had a hint of salted fish which made it incredibly fragrant. I loved the generous amount of bakchor scattered throughout the soup as it was tasty and tender! The fishballs were nothing to shout about so I might just give that a miss the next time I visit! This would be an incredibly heartwarming soup on cold days we have been experiencing recently! (8.5/10!)

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The crispy soft-shell crab was topped with homemade chilli crab sauce, which wasn’t spicy at all, if you’re worried about the chilli logo printed beside the dish name on the menu. A typical burger, not too bad tasting but nothing to write home about. Comes with fries (the McDonald’s kind) and fruit salad. Not too bad with the Beyond 1-for-1 deal.

Decor of the cafe was bright and adorable, we were served water in beakers and complimentary juices in tiny test tubes. A fun and cute touch to a simple cafe. We were here on a Saturday afternoon and it wasn’t too busy.

The chunk of pacific dory was quite large, the white ale batter was crispy and yummy. It came with tartar sauce, fruit salad and fries on the side. Fries were similar to the McDonald’s style of fries. A pretty satisfying staple, quite worth it with the Beyond 1-for-1 deal.

Decor of the cafe was bright and adorable, following a “Fresh Fruits” theme. We were served water in beakers and 1 complimentary juice per person in tiny test tubes (about a shot’s amount). A fun and cute touch to a simple cafe. We were here on a Saturday afternoon and it wasn’t too busy.

Sliced fish are chunky and fresh.
Location: 海鲜之家, Eunos Crescent Market & Food Centre, 4A Eunos Crescent #01-38 Singapore 402004
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Cost: Forgotten the set meal price
Description: Set meal comes w sizzling borcolli n a refreshing raspberry drink.

Is hearty n healthy meal. Recommend to try the lightly salted fried borcolli. Crunchy texture.

Priced at $4, it was pretty good but slightly too sweet for me. Need to request for siu dai🤣.

Helmed and patronised mostly by Vietnamese nationals, we are here for the 2nd time to try out some of their 小吃 and also their Vietnamese coffee. Featured are their crispy pig intestines ($10) and deep-fried spring rolls($8).
I really like their deep-fried spring rolls😋, but special mention goes to their crispy pig intestines which were cleaned throughly.

I’ve tried many burgers at VeganBurg, but the Avocado Beetroot Burger is by far my favourite. I like that the team tends to be very generous with the avocado, and the soy patty is very meaty. Overall, it tastes really fresh and hearty! Texture is also on point. However, the points go down a bit when they don’t add sufficient sauce (rarely though!), because then the burger gets a little dry and the flavours of the vegetables, bun and patty taste disjointed. Seaweed fries are always thick, crispy on the outside but fluffy on the inside (on most good days), but would be even better with even more seaweed seasoning as the amount of seasoning tends to be inconsistent across all the fries. Drinks-wise, I personally like the Ginger Lemonade and would recommend it, but it may be a bit spicy because of the ginger and it tastes pretty unique; orange juice would be a safer bet.

Got there late and only Soon Kueh and Peng Kueh left. At $1.40 a pop, these are larger than your run of the mill Soon Kueh, filled with turnips and loads of dried shrimp. Definitely worth the time and money. Wondering what will their Koo Cai Kueh tastes like.....must return soon.

Overly hyped Hakka ytf. Definitely just average YTF in SG. Tastes a bit like factory made but it’s supposedly fresh.

The steamed fish hk style was really yums though, I would order this again but not the YTF.

Verdict: 2.5/5

Back at Le Chasseur for the 4th visit! My parents quite love the claypot chicken rice and tausuan here!

The claypot chicken rice only comes in two sizes - small $13 or large $24. We go the large portion but it didn't seem very large to me. What is special about this claypot chicken rice is the long grain rice they use! I also like how the chicken didnt have much bones. The chilli sauce was the sourish kind though. I was okay with it though my parents weren't.

The tausuan here comes in a huge portion! We got servings for 3. Which was more than enough for 5 pax! Maybe can reduce to 2 portions next time. One portion of tausuan costs $3.2.

The other items we ordered as filler items were the ngor hiang ($5), hotplate tofu ($10), fried sotong paste youtiao ($6.5) and sambal Kang kong. The sotong paste youtiao was toooooo fried, I wouldn't get it the next time.

All in, meal was about $60+ for 5 pax. No gst and service charge.