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The Spicy salmon Don and skewers were great! The tasty food coupled with their authentic ambience made the whole experience extremely enjoyable!

It’s really rare to find a cheesecake made from blue cheese, and I wasn’t disappointed. Definitely a must try for cheese lovers.

📍Persea, Ann Siang Road📍
💸 Greek-Style Burratina: $24
💸 Barramundi: $28
💸 Pork Belly: $24
💸 Rosemarry Basque Cheesecake: $16
Checking this low carb place off our list✔️Initially intrigued and very excited to try their savoury interpretation of the basque cheesecake and have to say it might be too adventurous for some? But we love it for its creamy texture and the overwhelming cheese taste, though it does get jelat towards the end🧀 Other than the dessert, we also throughly enjoyed the Burratina, especially with the pairing of cold salad, the Barramundi and the Pork Belly- basically everything we’ve ordered😂 Would love to head back again to try the other dishes!!🤩

Having tried their Premium Chirashi previously, I decided to go with 𝐉𝐢𝐧 𝐂𝐡𝐢𝐫𝐚𝐬𝐡𝐢 this time round! Lying atop the specially seasoned rice were generous slices of salmon, tuna, white tuna and scallop, topped with sea urchin, salmon roe and sweet prawn. Though Jin Chirashi was equally good, I personally prefer the Premium Chirashi bowl which boasts really thick and fresh sashimi cuts.

Wayyy overdue but we finally tried @koriosg!! This was the Grilled Cheese Sandwich ($13) with caramelised onions, American cheese and cheddar cheese 🧀 . The bread used was a wholewheat sourdough which was quite light on the palate so it didn’t overshadow the cheese and onions.

The generous amount of caramelised onions also helped to cut through the cheese mixture so it wasn’t too surfeiting to stomach 👌💯 I’d honestly reco sharing this and another sandwich so that you can try more flavours and not get too sick of the cheesiness 🤪

Nicely plated with with Plums, hazelnut and some edible flower (which I forgets) and some herbs pesto sauce. I'll give this a miss as the burrata doesn't comes out at all for me.
$24 for this.

First time I had this dish that is not spinach or artichoke. Kale was a refreshing change as it's crunchy as opposed to the usual soft spinach. Topped with a Parmesan crusted Soft-center eggs. Mix the yolk with the nicely done creamed and betters it. $16 for this

Haven had such a good steak for awhile.
Ordered medium rare and it came exactly the way I wan very very juicy inside and without any sauce it's already sooo delectable. $108 for this and also came with 7 choices of sauce. We had Scampi Butter.

As a fan of both mentaiko and rosti, I couldn't help myself but try out this signature dish! Come here if you're looking for a fun and interesting place to hang out

This was $12 for 4 pieces, which seemed steep at first, but proved to be worth it! The chicken pieces are huge and juicy, with a wonderfully crispy outer skin :) would definitely come back just for this!

I came here to try their Shukuu special, but decided to add the mentaiko rosti on top of it and it definitely did not disappoint! The potato was not too greasy and very soft on the inside yet crispy. And the mentaiko flavour was strong and they were very generous with the sauce!

their oyster eggs ($11) which is served with poached ubin oysters 🦪mixed in steamed egg custard and sea grapes 🍇✨ on first look 👀 it looks like fresh oysters but down it like a warm chawamushi mixed in the taste elements of “orh rua” ( hawker food fried oyster omelette) 🙌 the taste resemblance is uncranny good 👅 to be honest all their dishes are highly recommended haha! Do look forward to my next visit soon maybe hehe🥰