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🔹️Intimate ($24): indulge in the pull-apart tender beef short ribs 🐄 in roots stew, tahini, onion, pickles & chilli! 😋 A wonderful medley for sure!

🔹️Baby Cauliflower Flower ($16): this offers so much more than it looks! 💯 The OG of roasted cauliflower, i absolutely loved the beautifully-charred exterior & soft crunch of the florets! 🌟 Owing to the high quality of the specially-sourced vegetable, just a lil olive oil & salt has brought out the natural goodness of this dish! 💕

🔹️Hraime ($26): a spicy Moroccan Barramundi stew 🐟 served with tahini, chilli 🌶 & cilantro, i loved the freshness of the chunky slice whose natural sweetness is complemented with the Mediterranean flavours! 🤤

Ordered the Ribeye(medium rare)and Seafood Aglio Olio. Both dishes were great, flavour and presentation was good. Will be back!

This galette was so good! The creaminess is just nice (not too jelak) and the flavors all added up to a great meal :-)

For his birthday dinner this year, T.H. was clear about where he wanted to dine. And this decision was made a few months ago when our dinner at @basquekitchenbyaitor left him hugely impressed.
I know many people specifically visit this restaurant to savour their Txuleta and/or Turbot that are grilled on the Josper, but we had the Tasting Menu by Chef-owner @aitortxuchef. Leaving it to chefs to decide what to feed me has always been my preferred because I believe they would want to share creations that best represent them, not to mention those they are most proud of. And that’s how we spent the evening enjoying the following:

1. A yet-to-be-launched premium pintxo of mushroom glazed uni on toast topped with freshly shaved white truffle. Outrageously yum!

2. Another incredible premium pintxo of decadently delish “egg on egg on egg” action featuring caviar on a cured Japanese egg yolk and bottarga.

3. Piping hot and crunchy truffle croquetta with a creamy core of black truffle aioli and more white truffle to finish. I’ve always liked this a lot.

4. Very tender and flavourful abalone that’d been sous vide for 48 hours served on sourdough and blanketed in a “Donastiarra” sauce.

5. Housebaked sourdough with the restaurant’s as-fab-as-ever smoky butter.

6. An exquisite creation of poached Kegani hairy crab meat with Kaluga caviar, mixed greens and chive oil.

7. Hearty course of meaty cep mushrooms with cured japanese egg yolk and marigold - I simply couldn’t believe how satisfying this was.

8. An interesting dish starring sea anemone rice with plankton aioli and sea succulents - ice plant and sandfire.

9. Very flavourful pan-fried red mullet smothered in beef tendon crackling puffs and a sauce of its own bones, liver and such.

10. Tasting of the sea, a mussel consommé with creamy bouchot mussels and goose barnacles hidden under the foaminess.

11. For the meat course, T.H. had his favourite A5 Miyazaki Wagyu tenderloin with foie gras, autumn truffle, pumpkin purée and jus, while I got the incredible lamb that had bowled me over the last time. It was every bit as mind-blowing as I remembered.

12. To enjoy with our meats, we had what T.H. christened the “King Of Chips”. I must concur as the heap of huge and chunky, triple-cooked chips were perfection - mealy inside, crispy out. The white truffle shaved on was lovely but not necessary because frankly, the chips were outstanding on their own.

13. “Heaven on Wheels” rolled up next and Sham prepared for us a selection. By selection, I mean nearly every cheese on that trolley, including those from the Basque Country. You could probably have spotted my beaming smile from outer space. So great was my happiness.

14. Palate cleanser was a yellow-on-yellow vibrance of mango ice-cream, tangerine sorbet and marigold petals.

15. For dessert, Chef Aitor served a flan with the most luxurious mouthfeel, and it had the excellent company of housemade chamomile ice-cream and yuzu dust.

16. Petit fours were thoughtfully packed by Chef @ippinn_ for us to take home because after that cheesapalooza and desserts, we could not imagine taking another bite.

To pair with the parade of seafood and red meats throughout the night, @jaureguiberryvincent recommended an atypical red which we found really lovely.

Thank you Team @basquekitchenbyaitor for a most memorable dinner.

This'll give even the best Thai green curries out there a run for their money - an emerald lake of exuberant curry sauce bursting with vibrant flavour, fenced by a line of thicc scallops and charred broccoli. Not in scene is a bowl of fluffy coconut rice, perfect for soaking up all dat sauce with.

Taste: 3.5/5

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Super flavorful broth, ordered the spicy mutton noodles ($10.80-small; $13.80 large) I think... The mutton melts off the bone...

Didn’t expect it to taste so good!
Price is affordable too. Definitely worth a try! You’ll be craving for more! Gonna try the signature chili oil beef dumplings next. :D

This place makes a mean bowl of beef noodles, the broth especially was savoury and flavourful.

We ordered 2 bowls standard beef noodles which were fantastic + a side of hongyou chaoshou, which was a miss.

First of all, chaoshous, a Sichuanese type of dumplings do not use dumpling skins like these, which are made of eggs, commonly used for Hong Kong/Cantonese wontons & dumplings. The skin should be the white types that do not use any egg. Using egg wonton wrappers like this alters the whole flavour profile of the dish

Second, the filling was really good, and they are v generous with the chicken but the shape of the dumpling (饺子) (again, in a Hong Kong/Cantonese style) makes the bite too firm and the dumpling too big which doesn’t quite fit the dainty chaoshous that it should be.

Because of these two, it makes this dish a jiaozi, not a chaoshou and also not a wonton (wonton and chaoshous are the same just that one is from Sichuan and one is from Canton and.. i think the filling might slightly differ also).

The hot and sour taste also does not come through very well. It was very spicy, and a good kind of spice but the vinegar taste of it was muted down a lot... which was very disappointing. Hongyou chaoshou is supposed to be hot, sour, savoury and dainty. One missing component and it’s not a passable dish at all.

This dish only managed to be hot/spicy and savoury. Maybe it is to cater to a halal audience, but I think this rendition could have been more authentic just like its beef noodles.

Used Burpple 1 for 1, this used to be one of the four dishes you could choose from for 1 for 1, but now you can’t.

Nevertheless the broth was thick and flavourful. The noodles were the right texture and had that bounce. The tiger prawns were big and didn’t taste super fresh, but good enough. It was also topped with loads of mini shrimps. I appreciated the portion! $28 for this is pretty steep though.

Unorthodox is the first word that came to mind when I glanced at the ingredient list of the Catfish Taco. Walking the tightrope between novelty and balance, the skilled chefs of Catfish have created quite the magical appetiser here. Cradled in an explosively crunchy wanton skin, fine cuts of Japanese catfish sashimi are accentuated by the subtle sweetness of plum jam, tart creaminess of Umeboshi mayo and the entirety is lifted by distinct bursts of hazelnut. Very sexy.

Taste: 3.5/5


I returned to @miznonsg within 4 days of my first meal there because their food is too irresistible. Plus I wanted T.H. to give it a try. Almost regretted bringing the man because he ended up stealing my “Folded Cheeseburger”! Yup, Executive Chef @orhakmimi made it so ridiculously delicious T.H. refused to return it to me after taking one bite 😂 Blame it on the juicy housemade beef patty cooked on the plancha to a perfect medium-rare pink, and the brilliant lacey, crispy sheet of cheese that half-wrapped it. Also contributing to the magnificence - fresh tomato, sour cream, aioli, pickles, a fried egg with a proper runny yolk and the fluffiest pita. Everything about this $22 #burger, as unconventional as it sounds, made it incredible.
In case you are wondering, nope, I didn’t go hungry because I simply took over the “Abu Kebab” I had ordered for him. And it was as gooooooood as the first time.
But I am definitely returning for Miznon’s “Folded Cheeseburger” 🤤🤤🤤