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Top 10 in Telok Ayer

Top 10 places in Telok Ayer, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Telok Ayer

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Telok Ayer, Singapore.

Very underwhelming as the portion wasnt as great as what I read from the reviews. I would recommend getting their buffet instead of using burpple beyond. The pot was also too small so it would be great if you choose their yuanyang pot instead.

Got the standard cold lobster roll which came served with 3 good lobster tails - pretty generous with the chunky lobsters, but while meaty were unfortunately a little dry and not very sweet. Still, cant complain for lobster at this price.

The other dish I enjoyed was this.
It’s a D.I.Y. thing so you’re supposed to scoop however much of the stirfried mixture of chopped duck and chives onto the delicate popiah skin and with a bit of folding, form them into decent-looking rolls to bite into. My first attempt was a bit of a disaster as greedy me had put too much in but my subsequent ones were more successful. Take it from me - a little goes a long way with this filling.
Although it is not spicy, nor as peppery as how some restaurants prepare their Beijing duck meat when you’re done eating the crispy skin, I found Chengdu Restaurant’s version addictive in its own way. Mostly because they cook the small cubes of meat here with the skin intact which, coupled with the fat attached, gives the dish shudderingly good moments when you bite into those bits.
One serving of this dish has eight pieces of the popiah skin, so it is really ideal for sharing.

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Inspired by the Portuguese-style Carne Assada, the herbs and spices used make this traditional French roast chicken extra aromatic. To achieve the crisp skin and tender interior, the chicken was brined in a salt and sugar mixture for a few hours, before being left to dry for a full day in a chiller. After which it was being roasted in butter with honey, paprika and herbs, and drizzled with a red wine sauce. So do not chuck the skin aside! I love the vegetables that came with a hint of smokiness, thanks to the bacon strips that were sautéed with it.
Find out more at
Telok Ayer Arts Club
2 McCallum Street
Singapore 069043
Tel: +65 62210712
Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pager (EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sat: 11am - 11pm

Tried cubano, fried chicken and fried egg power bagels — loved the bagels in general, personal favourite would be Cubano!! Having the sweetness of the PBJ sandwich was good in balancing the saltiness from all the bagels. Peanut butter and jam sandwich has a nice texture to it, however slightly sweet for my liking.

Tried all flavours but my favourites were the periogi and original flavoured dumplings! Periogi flavoured ones were rich in truffle flavour without overpowering the other ingredients, while the original ones were crispy on the outside yet juicy and tender on the inside. Would definitely recommend these two flavours!

In the spicy, sour-from-pickles broth were plenty of straw mushrooms, succulently crunchy strips of vegetable and very thinly-sliced strips of fatty beef. I had to ask for the dish to be less spicy as my throat was a bit sore and they complied. So although I didn’t experience the full impact of the original spiciness, I still managed to satisfy my craving. Yes, the soup‘s on the oily side but it was very appetisingly sour and packed a pleasant low, slow burn. Would love to have this again at its proper level of spiciness.


With close resemblance with our Yong Tau Foo but the fish meat which is made by blending with flour and tapioca, was not as appetising - I find them to be just lumps of flour being stuffed into a variety of ingredients. The homemade peanut sauce, Kecap Manis was superb but failed to elevate the dish any further.

At $10, this is slightly expensive for a pbj sandwich that you can make yourself but I Guess this is ~up a notch since it’s cornflake crusted! Pretty yum but sinful!

Worth a try :-)

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Pretty worth it for 1 for 1 cuz the patty was quite juicy!
Didn’t have a photo of the turkey breast cuz it’s less inspiring but it’s kinda healthy tasting! Sans the sauce if you wanna be healthy though

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Noodles were good n fried wantons were yummy. Worth it with burpplebeyond:)
Duck confit wanton Noodles - 12.5$
Beef wanton Noodles - 12.5$
18 fried wantons - 8$
Extra noodles - 1$

Free flow pork lard :))))