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Decent, not great is how I would describe BURN. I got the Blackened Tuna and it came with potato salad and fresh avocado chimmichuri. The potato salad was tasty, what with the amount of mayo on it, and was sufficient to cover my carbs intake for the meal. The ladyfingers also provided a much needed crunch to the meal which was rather dull. Tuna was tender and soft, nothing great to shout about. Portions weren’t big though, so if you’re here to have a filling lunch then you might find yourself better off somewhere else.

Yummy curry rice! big portion and the savory fried chicken so delicious . Great lunch to dine in with a group of friends or family!

Melt-in-your-mouth beef chashu made from beef short plate marinated in ICHIKOKUDO’s special recipe. Natural beef fats emulsified into the broth adds complexity, mouthfeel and umami without being overpowering.

What you can find in the bowl are beef chashu, flavored egg, bamboo shoots, woodear mushrooms, chopped green onion, dried seaweed and shredded pink ginger.

What I don’t like was the serving wasn’t hot enough and the soup base was just way too savoury for me. $16.90++

This is surprisingly delicious. The curry gravy is not too thick, just nice to drenched the plate of rice without overpowering it. The pork chop is tasty and crunchy, and well marinated. Even the onion omelette is good.

Food and service was pleasant. Telok Ayer never disappoints with its ambience too.

Food and service was pleasant. Telok Ayer never disappoints with its ambience too.

Burger bun is soft, so as the beef patty. Meat is substantial but serving may be a bit small. But overall, a delicious burger and deserves to be called the signature. 😋

Cheese on TOP of the chicken is locked in full flavours, making the chicken extra cheesy. It’s like eating chicken pizza 🤩

Crabmeat Pasta ($24) has to be the best I've had in SG, not many places are able to nail this dish. The tangy and creamy tomato base, matched with generous portions of crab meat and springy tagliatelle comes together magically.

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Would usually opt for spirits, but we popped by to try their cocktails. The flower song served in a teapot ($16++) features vodka shaken with chrysanthemum tea. Thought it might be a tad too bitter, but it was surprisingly well rounded and very smooth! It’s served with a chrysanthemum flower in the tea cup and it’s alcohol content is pretty potent. The kyoho pornstar ($16++) comprises gin mixed with Prosecco. The grape juice, elderflower syrup and lychee contribute to a sweet floral fragrance! Would have liked for the alcohol to come through more strongly. Would recommend snagging a seat in front of the bar to catch them in action!

I use to love this place but now this is one of the korean restaurant I’ll never step in. Their kimchi use to taste so good but now its way too sour, kimchi soup taste horrible, Saturday discount information wrongly given by their staff yet we as customers have to bear the responsibility by paying more.

This is the grilled cheese 🧀 sandwich with an iced long black ☕️. #tingzieeats #burpple