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Wanted to try this cafe for the longest time and I am glad that I did. We got the Fry-up ($23), which was a heaping amount of food and had a great variety! All components were sautéed well and I especially loved their beans as they were homemade! The Truffle Scrambled Eggs ($23) came with a huge portion of scrambled eggs that had a good truffle fragrance. Paired with the toast underneath, it's a comforting breakfast! The Brekkie Burg ($19) had a good amount of eggs inside too, but what impressed me was how thick and succulent the patty was! Lastly the Eggs Benjamin ($21) was good but was normal as compared to the others we've had. The best part is that we saved so much via the use of #burpplebeyond 😍 Definitely coming back again!

This is one that I always wanted to try but as they usually closed by 4pm in the afternoon, no chance to drop by until now.
Heartwarming bowl of Pao Fan that the broth is rich yet not overpowering. So comforting that I can just keep drinking it. Ordered the Fresh Prawn Pao Fan that comes with 3 huge fresh prawns. For an extra indulgence, I have added some extra fish slices.
Location: Chao Ting 潮亭 Teochew Pao Fan (Far East Square), 132 Amoy St, Far East Square, Singapore 049961

Also this pithivier pie deserves another post on its own because it’s sooo good (but my photo is not focused 😭).The legs of the guinea fowl make their way into this dome-shaped pastry. Creamy, buttery and tasty!

The portion is massive, at least for 2 pax. Fowl is generally quite tough, so don’t expect something super tender like the andy’s fried chicken (on the menu). Yet, the flavour is what you should be after. It’s sweet, salty, smoky and peppery. Meat is generally moist as well. Do yourself a favour by squeezing some lemon to get some tangy kicks!

Sometimes while drinking wine, all you crave is a piece of good fried chicken. And this is here to deliver that. Crispy skin with not-too-thick batter doused in cayenne pepper and garlic. Love how moist and tender the drumstick is.

Super light and buttery vol-au-vent topped with scallop, prawn and ikura. Comes with thermidor sauce as well as gruyere cheese. Looks rich, but it’s actually not, in a good way. Wish I didn’t have to share this!

Beef tartare on toast with a twist. While the addition of scallop makes the tartare sweeter and slightly smoother, I think the genius add-on here is actually the cured egg yolk dipping. It helps add more creaminess and slight umami to the otherwise already great toast.

Lays but make it fancy. Love how the thinly sliced potato still retains its “chewy” texture. The dip on the side is way more addictive than Lays’ sour cream version— more garlicky, less jelat and more cheesy in flavour.

Awesome Breakfast Algebra, $19
French Baguette, Smoked Duck Breast, Extra Scrambled Eggs + drink

French Butter included

Added $1.50 for strawberry jam

Shredded Duck Confit, $20++
Baby potatoes, Fresh Oranges, Mesclun, Pine Nuts, Black Sesame

Comfortable ambience, amazing for hearty catch ups. Food is great and at a good price point! Very friendly staff as well. Definitely recommend and will return for subsequent visits!

Decided to celebrate my anniversary at this steakhouse. Truly one of the best experiences I've ever had. My partner and I ordered a Steak Set for 2; for Small plates, we had the delicious Roasted Japanese Scallops. For the main dish, we ordered both the Black Opal FI Wagyu MS6/7 Zabuton and Blue Label Full Blood Wagyu MS8/9 Rib Cap (both medium-rare). The beef was tender, juicy, and cooked perfectly. We had both the Bordelaise and Green Peppercorn sauces to go with the beef, both of which complemented well. Furthermore, we had the famed Crusted Mac & Cheese and ended the night off with a wonderful cheese platter. Will come back again.