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This is truly deserving of the fanfare and the 30-40 mins queue at Geylang lor 32. The handmade noodles taste so homely and a world apart from all other banmian. Simple doughy strands that are bouncy and coated with their just right savoury sauce. Special shout out to their extra crispy ikan bilis and egg in soup.

A feast in a simple bowl (ps. GOAT - greatest of all times)

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Ranked as one of the Top 10 Mee Siam in Singapore, Hup Hup (合合) has been around to delight Singaporean tastebuds for over 50 years.

The gravy here is on a sweeter note and although it does come with the familiar twang of sour and spicy too, it is light enough to be slurped up on its own.

Apart from their signature Mee Siam, they do serve up delectable bowls of Laksa and Lor Mee too!

📍 @britishhainan ✨
💰~ $-$$
💖Recommended by my aunt💖 never had a particular strong inclination towards hainanese food till I visited @britishhainan ✨ the whole nostalgia vintage setup and vibes of the place gives an emotional explanation of the background of hainanese cuisine 😍👨🏻‍🍳✨
⚠️the staff actually took time to give a brief story of how in the past, Chinese worked as servants in British colonial homes and created British cuisine out of local ingredients which gives birth to this fusion dishes today⚠️
Some signature dishes are their traditional Hainanese lamb stew 🐑 and of cos pork chop 🐷 trust me the stew will blow your mind 🤯 the soft tender aromatic flesh and savory rich sauce is just perfect 😍 the pork chop is crunchy crispy yet juicy 💯 definitely a place to revisit and support🤩✨
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Chanced upon Sinful Roast, which shares a space with Whampoa Keng in a new Coffeeshop which had recently opened its doors at 512/514 Geylang Road (near Lorong 28 Geylang, if that is a better way to describe its location) serving up roast meats such as Char Siew, Roast Pork and Soy Sauce Chicken.

Went with the Wanton Noodle here, but also took the opportunity to add Roast Pork — because, why not? The Wanton Noodles here come with Char Siew, Deep-Fried Wanton, Minced Pork and Mee Kia; the soup also comes with soup wantons as well — the style of presentation being rather similar to that of Roast Paradise’s Hakka Noodles option without the Mee Pok. Liked how the Char Siew and Roast Pork comes with a good proportion of lean meat against fatty parts — the former being aptly caramalised without being too sweet and carrying just enough bite, while the latter comes melt-in-the-mouth, juicy and tender with a crisp skin on the outside; savoury with a good flavour. The egg noodles are springy, tossed in a savoury sauce — opted for chili to be added but felt it was rather mild (although it could be due to how my order was done with 一点点辣 a.k.a. a bit spicy when confirmed by the staff), but I really loved how the bits of minced pork creates an added bite and a meatiness that makes the noodles feel less boring. The silvers of pork lard were less chunky than I would have preferred, but provided sufficient crispness and a savoury note that flavours the noodles even more. Both the fried and soup wantons were delicious and well-packed with meat within — the former being crisp and light on the exterior without the greasiness, while the latter came with a silky skin that is all smooth and slurpy with the meat providing a good bite.

Was being told by the folks behind the stall that they do have another outlet in Ang Mo Kio which led me to wonder if Sinful Roasts is actually affiliated with Sin Cuisine, which also previously had an outlet at Koufu @ Cathay Cineleisure given how their Roast Pork and Char Siew are executed. That being said, Sinful Roast does make for a good option for great roast meats in the area.


Whenever it comes to buffet, like most Asian do, we eat to cover the cost while enjoying the good food.😅 Come on and feast with me.🤪
Before arriving to @kushidining , we are wondering to go for their classic buffet($45.80++) or premium buffet($69.80++) as the price is kind of steep. Guess what we choose?
Indecisiveness plus anything as an answer lead us to the premium where we had the fully unlock buffet menu to try from.🤣
What we had,
Classic & *Premium Menu which include free flow of Hot/Iced Green Tea/Water and a single scoop of Matcha/Kurogoma ice cream.😘🍦
- Chawanmushi👍
- Pitan Tofu(Century Egg Tofu)
- Buta Kakuni Horenso(Sliced Pork Belly)
- *Fresh Oyster 6pcs/pax👌
- *Kawaebi(Small fried shrimp)
Sashimi(Fresh indeed)
- Maguro(Tuna)
- Shiro Maguro(White Tuna)👍
- Meikajiki(Swordfish)👍
- *Hamachi(Yellowtail)
- *Hotate(Scallop)👍
- *Salmon Aburi
- *Shiro Maguro Aburi👍
- Egg plant
- Shiitake mushroom
- Enoki mushroom
- Ebi(Prawn)
- Hotate(Scallop)
- *Ultra King Prawn
Agemono(Deep Fried)
- *Soft Shell Crab
- *Kaki Fry(Fried Oyster)👌
- *Amaebi Karaage(Sweet Prawn)
- Garlic👍👍
- Shiitake mushroom
- Shishamo(Pregnant Fish)👌
- Uzura Bacon(Quail Egg with Bacon)
- *Scallop👍
- *Unagi👌
- *Gindara Shioyaki👍
- *Unagi👌(taste like Donki)
- *Black Angus Beef(1 time only)👍
Nimono(Cooked Food)
- Shabu Shabu(Beef)👌
- *Asari Butter Yaki👍
- *Lobster miso soup
You might had notice we didn't had much carb dish as they filled your belly fast and is a dumb idea like what Uncle Roger say.😄 Generally, a delightful buffet.
Unless you got craving from premium, else I suggest just stick to the classic buffet will do.
Around $82/pax after GST & Service Charge.
One of the more expensive Japanese buffet.💸
For full menu, visit kushidining.sg for more info.
Reservations is recommended.
🚩Kushi Japanese Dining, Tai Seng, 526 MacPherson Rd, Singapore 368216
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Dishes were good. Appropriate for family dinners. However, waiting time was > 30min. Suitable if you are not in a rush

Ordered this fragrance beehoon from Penang seafood restaurant! Wasn't quite sure what this item was when I saw it listed on the menu since there were no photos. Just nice, I checked out Instagram photos and saw someone recommending this. This is essentially like fried shengmian but in beehoon form. I greatly recommend this! Much easier to eat than shengmian as well as it is thinner and once soaked in the gravy you can have the less fried version too! One packet is filled with 2 prawns, many slices of pork and fishcake. The eggy gravy went well with the fried meehoon!

Mixed Berry Fruit Tart - $6.50
This brand has been around for quite a long time, mainly serving banquets. Now they have a small cafe it’s time to visit. Love the yummy tart base that’s fragrant, thin and crisp. Covered with smooth custard and berries. The strawberries are huge and sweet! The portion can be shared but I prefer to finish the whole things by myself. Will be back for more indulgence
TWC Le Boutique

Wok Hei Gao Gao Hokkien Mee. Fav!
Location: Swee Guan Hokkien Mee, 549A, Geyland Road ( Geylang Lor 29) Singapore 388060
#sweeguanhokkienmee #hokkienmee #burpple #burpplesg #sghawkerfood #sghawker #hawkerfood


What an interesting find! First time trying vegetarian satay and I’m rather impressed. The marinade for the “meat” was pretty good, and it was well-charred with crispy bits, similar to typical satay. Texture-wise, I could tell it wasn’t meat, but it was a little bouncy, like chicken when it’s tender. It’s much more flavourful, and has better texture than regular mock meats! The accompanying peanut sauce was alright, but got a little starchy for me at the end. Also, found this pretty filling.

Four types of eggs = four types of cholestrol? This is absolutely eggy. A good table snack to have! Sharing a chawanmushi is always interesting. Everyone has to use that same teaspoon.

Came for the skewers...stayed for the Tau Pok. Look at how they plated that tau pok!? Sauce on the side for real. Work of art. Stuffed tau pok with mozzarella. Fusion food wor.