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Located at 5 Lor 29 Geylang, Singapore 388060. One of the few stall who still uses charcoal to fry their Hokkien mee! They have 3 sizes, S $6, M $8, L $12. This plate is a large portion $12 and it’s perfect for 2 to share. Generous with the ingredients, there’s quite a bit of sotong, eggs and 5-6 super big and fresh prawns! Very strong wok-hei taste and it’s not too wet, a little towards the dry kind which we enjoyed eating! Yummy! #hungryunicornsg #sweeguanhokkienmee #hokkienmee #friedhokkienmee #geylanglor29

who would have thought about the coming together of lychee and bacon. similar to the concept of honey bacon, this uses lychee juice to sweeten grilled bacon and the lychee fruit adds texture to it. 😍

Served with smoked salmon, thinly sliced avocado, cherry tomatoes and a bed of green, this is still one of the must have dish when visiting @brawn_and_brains! Just look at those melted cheese atop the baked eggs. They recommend to add toasted bread so that you can soak up all those eggy goodness.

Brawn & Brains Coffee
Address: 100 Guillemard Road, Unit 01-02, Singapore 399718

$6 portion. Crispy and good for sharing but probably too sinful to eat as an entire meal.

Knew I had to get down to Brawn & Brains when I saw them posting about this weekend special on their social media — one of my favourite places serving up my favourite local breakfasts — certainly couldn’t give this a miss.

Yes, it’s priced higher than your typical local Kaya Toast at the coffeeshop but you do get some quality stuff for the price here — the Kaya Toast comes with sourdough, while the Kaya itself is made in-house (you know you gotta try when someone goes through the effort to make their own Kaya). It even comes complete with two soft-boiled eggs on the side; all with soya sauce and pepper for flavour. I really liked how buttery the Kaya Toast here is; melted butter that is absorbed by that crisp sourdough that is chewy and comes with that tinge of sourness from the fermentation process — the coconut jam not being overly sweet nor tastes artificial/processed; very clean-tasting with evident notes of Pandan as well. It’s hard to find places that gives so much love and effort to Kaya Toast, but I am glad that Brawn & Brains does quite a good one that I wouldn’t mind splurging on the weekend for!

SO GOOD. Ordered $6 Takeaway. The queue was pretty long at 7pm and I must have waited at least half an hour! Tasted great and had a smoky bbq flavour. Must try.

22 bucks for this plate of oversalted and oil-laden greens – yet another disappointment. 💔 Skip!

Not the biggest fan of frog legs so this wasn't worth it for me (not to mention another shocker in our bill 😂). But I do have to say that this was the only other dish I actually liked here (other than the crab bee hoon). The legs were tender and the garlic-studded sauce dosed with chicken essence was flavoursome (and the only one that wasn't overly salty that night).

This is the reason we came here for. The bee hoon comes slicked in a thick crustacean-y, umami and wok hei-packed gravy that was unfortunately just toooo salty. The crabs were cooked just right thankfully, but again, this "recommended" portion was way too much and we couldn't finish it.

It was hard not to feel a little "cheated" when we left. Needless to say, our dining experience here wasn't great. I'm glad I got to try the (in)famous crab bee hoon, but I'm certain I won't visit again (I find it hard to recommend this too).

I wasn't a big fan of this dish as the black bean sauce overwhelmed the scallop's delicate sweetness. We scraped off more than half as it was just too salty. Scallops weren't that fresh nor plump either. Again, their default portion for a group of 4 was 2kg.

The uncle/chef (known for his "pleasant" personality) gets agitated easily when you want to clarify or confirm certain information at the point of ordering, but please please insist on doing so.

Got a shock when we received the bill especially when the some of the supposed fresh-from-the-tank shells tasted off and sandy (and a few extra chewy).

If you really want to try this place, I'd say stick to the crab bee hoon (or insist for the price beforehand before agreeing to any of their other "recommendations" – this 2kg portion was their idea of what's "just nice" for 4 female diners with 5 dishes total).

Tender fish fillet with golden crisp coating, sweet chilli mayo and fresh veggies served on a chilli Bun 》$7.50

Aside from the portion being a little small, the battered fish was good! Fried till golden crispy on the outside, moist and tender inside. Nothing special with the chilli bun but thankfully it uses soft bun instead of those McSpicy bun. Sauce was more on the sweet side rather than spicy and fries were the usual… 🍟

NOOO! 😭 The chocolate pie was gone from the menu and replaced with red bean pie even before I could try it. There goes my lava pie 😢