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Visit this seafood spot for your next family dinner. Share the Pumpkin Butter Prawns/Shrimps ($18.80), Crab Meat Omelette ($10.80) and Dried Chilli Venison ($13.80) for a hearty meal. This restaurant was supposedly the first to serve Mala Crab (seasonal price) in Singapore, which Burppler Joe Yang describes as being well seasoned with "fragrant mala spices, the crab is so fresh and manageable numbness and spiciness".
Photo by Burppler Joe Yang

Kway Chap

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/heng-kee-kway-chap/


A fish soup eatery that sells a comprehensive lineup of braised food. Interesting.

Teochew style, which means white fish and clear, savoury soup. The batang fish was lovely - plump and firm. The soup might seem a bit muted to some, but was just nice for me.

Not economical rice. It's an actual thing where you cook rice with cabbage. Usually bland, and it's bland here.

This Hokkien mee is 70% yellow noodle (which I typically detest for its acidity), has thin bee hoon and is more of the dry kind of Hokkien mee.

The wokhei on this is C R A Z Y. Since the cook uses charcoal, the aroma wafted through the entire coffee shop and of course, was heavily present in the dish. He fried the noodles 3 separate times in order to create this rich and strong wok hei flavour and I really... admire him for all his efforts!

Apart from the wok hei, he was also v generous with the pork lard which wasn’t just sprinkled on top on the plate but cooked WITH the noodles. With every bite, there is that slight lardy fragrance which makes this 100x more delicious!

The seafood was tender, fresh and generous! He was not shy with the beansprouts either. The sambal was slightly sweet and super solid as well.

If you’re looking for Hokkien mee that will blow your socks off, please give this place a go!

Egg fried rice today! He surprises me endlessly. Beef soup sounds great but it was underwhelming. The beef cut was average, while the soup was not fully infused.

Puff was freshly baked from the oven. Crust was warm and contains mainly potato and minced mutton.

Taohuey and the taiwan noodles makes a good midnight snack. Tried the mochi youtiao and it was quite jelak after the first bite. Soymilk was great!

Makes this supper a not so sinful one. 😋

Deep fried fermented bean paste pork belly - crispy on the outside; firm yet tender on the inside.. This dish was SO SO SO DELICIOUS, my family went back for a second round the next weekend! Taste: 10/10 🌟

Price: 7/10 (Compared to other zichar establishments, food at JB Ah Meng is slightly more expensive but IMO well worth the heftier price tag.. We paid $24 for the large portion, but prices start from $12 for this dish)

Ordered a carbonara, which was both creamy and delicious - the sous vide egg on the top was perfect too. Left feeling happy and full :)

Came here with my parents and bae for a mid-afternoon brunch, a real value-for-money place and a very juicy burger :)