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Top 10 in Aljunied

Top 10 places in Aljunied, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Aljunied

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Aljunied, Singapore.

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Mee Sua $4 - I don't like it, he likes it
Spring onion with egg - $2.30 - We both like it. Served hot.
You tiao $1.40 - Not crispy, not hot, not great
Salty beancurd $2.50 - Very interesting, we actually kinda like it
Soya milk cold $1.60 - Ok

WAITING TIME: Super fast. Less than 5 min.

PARKING: Just along the streets

新山亚明小厨 is located at 534 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389490.
This joint was also visited by 3 star Michelin Chef Ferran Adria. So no prizes for guessing, how good their dishes are.

The signature white pepper 🦀 crabs r nicely cooked & seasoned with fragrant, savory, prickly white pepper concoction, laid on leafy lettuce and garnished with parsley. An anchor dish in its own right!

The 3 storey beehoon 三楼米粉 is also another signature staple, savory pepperish beehon; fried flat like a sheet of crepe, that blankets a sheet of omelet, and finally at the bottom, crunchy choysum.

Sweet crunchy stir fried chicken feathers 鸡毛菜, to be honest is my 1st encounter in a loooooong while. Once u start, u cant stop.

Best to call up for reservations, or risk queuing at the shop front, as if its the Toto Hongbao draw.

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$7 for 1 person portion. I ordered for 2 pax, with YouTiao and 2 bowls of rice, total damage of $14.40.

yummy herbal bkt, you get to choose up to 3 items for the bkt (3 meats/pork rib/intestine/liver/stomach etc).

good for rainy days!

Located under a HDB flat along Sim's place, this 28-seater makes a quiet nook to spend relaxing afternoons. Coffee's smooth and a good deal at just $4.80 for a latte. On food, count on the kitchen to dole out unpretentious fare — favourites include the fork-tender Beef Cheek ($16.90) and a generously portioned Chilli Crab Pasta ($14.90).
Photo by Burppler Dex Neo


My other half’s favorite style Chili sauce with extra oil. Seldom I try it and was pleasantly surprised 🥰

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You do need to pre order your crabs as they run out pretty fast. Their white pepper crabs are indeed the best I’ve had and unlike the chain seafood restaurants, these won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

I’ve been here so many times and was told this is a must order but no matter how early I come, they are always not in stock! When Aunty said, “We have some leather jacket fish today!”, I felt I had struck the lottery. Cooked with just ginger and spring onions, this was so good! Whole family loved it.

Not exactly the real deal like the ones you find in BKK but when BKK is so far away, this is pretty good. I love the chewy bits of beancurd they add on top.