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They do not list their prices, neither do they have any menu over here. All we have to do is to inform them how many pax we have and they will serve up a platter that is sufficient for everyone with rice/porridge.

We ordered a platter for 2 pax that comes with braised duck meat, tofu, peanuts, fish cake, eggs and bean sprouts together with 2 bowls of soup and rice. The duck meat was well braised and tender without the gamey taste. I liked the braised sauce that is thick and savoury and it is the reason why I'm coming back here again for more duck rice 》$18

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While I am not sure if this is the norm, drinking soya bean as if it was beancurd with a spoon from the bowl was pretty unorthodox. The hot soya bean here does not contain sugar, and you will have to add it yourself separately — which I actually appreciated. Nonetheless, while you can adjust the sweetness level of the soya bean to your own liking, the soya bean itself was thin and slightly lacking the soy flavour, whcih I hoped could have been stronger.


Unfortunately not as good as I was hoping for it to taste. The bun was a thick, hard and tough to bite. I was hoping for it to be crispy and lighter to eat. Floss and egg was exactly what you'd expect. Would go for a simple floss bun from your neighbourhood bakery any day.


Thinly spring onion cake with textures a bit similar to your frozen prata. Nonetheless, it was crispy with hints of spring onion flavour, adding a good crunch to the fried egg that came with it. However, I was not sure how all of this came together. The flavours and components of this were very segmented.


Pretty impressed with the sweet and slightly spicy sauce on the oyster omelette. However, it was pretty thin for the price, evidently fried with very little egg and just more starch. Quite a generous portion of oysters though.


Beautifully plated, the D-24 mochi sits on a bed of fruits. This mochi is made with NO artificial flavours, preservatives or dairy. Cut open to reveal the D-24 puree filling. They also serve MSW mochi too!

This Mao Shan Wang ice cream was a crowd pleaser! Made by 100% real durian flesh, it has a creamy texture and befitting of the recipe curated by a World Pastry Champion 🍨

Tried the top selling dessert here. This Musang King Burnt Durian Cheesecake is made by the team's award-winning World Champion France Pastry Chef.

Love creamy cheesecakes and I couldn't wait to try this durian one! The cheesecake comes with a beautifully bruleed burnt crust. It is rich and has a melt-in-your-mouth texture. We had this served during an event and was told the servers didn't follow the thawing instructions. Hence, some parts were still slightly frosty but I reckon it wouldn't be an issue with proper thawing 😋

Possibly the most controversial fruit, durians! The King of fruits is an exotic fruit most recognisable by its pungent smell 👑

We tried the grey husk 猫山王 durian here. The bitter-sweetness easily won all our hearts and tummy 💞

Curry vegetables, fritters, 斋鹅. This stall has moved next door after Rail Yard Eating Place closed down.

Ahhh so sad I’ve heard so much about banh mi thit and many people say it’s the BEST but I didn’t feel so :-( The baguette was crunchy yes, but it was crunchy throughout?? So it was quite dry and hard. I prefer baguette that is crunchy outside but soft and fluffy inside. For the pork banh mi, the pate was the nicest, ham & pickled veg were decent but not memorable. Errr the shredded chicken was not our thing so we wouldn’t recommend it. While the banh mis were not terrible, I honestly thought it was one of the least enjoyable ones I’ve had in SG ☹️ Also the Vietnamese coffee wasn’t nice, the milk had a strange smell.

Genuinely confused bc this is so highly raved but it was below average to us. But we’ll give it a second try in case it was an off-day for them :p

Egg and potato hahaha. I diet like I'm training for Olympics. This stall has moved next door after Rail Yard Eating Place closed down.