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It’s not easy to find Klang Style Bak Kut Teh in SG. This store will satisfy your craving. But the soup is a bit bland for my taste bud and I need more herbal taste to it. Rating: 6.8/10

Damage was abt $48 with drinks added in! Omg loved how the rice was crispy and charred at most part and the fragrance wafting around! The lala sauce had eggs inside and tasted like the ones in chilli crabs 😻 This place was insanely crowded on a saturday night, thank goodness we reserved!

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Geylang Laksa & 🍤 Noodle Stall.
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Had dry banmian with meatball and ngoh hiang next door. I must say I really enjoy the ngoh hiang - everything is so crispy and not feeling oily or too much after having it which is great. But this is definitely something good to be shared rather than having it alone! We had a pretty high expectation for the dry banmian as we were told that we need to wait for 20mins for it. Turns out the noodle is quite Q but overall doesn’t really have the wow factor. The sauce is sweeter than i expected and the chilli sauce is really spicy!

We returned after reading mixed reviews.
The initial taste reminded us of the Wok Hei we were expecting, but it soon fell short with the flavour lacking from both the stock and the chilli. The use of frozen prawns turned us off immediately.
Their grilled sotong turned out to be the star of the meal, fresh, tender and delicious. Enticed by the name of Dinosaur Pork Ribs, we expected it to be the Chinese style instead of western type of ribs. It was not bad though.
However, the disappointment from the fried Hokkien mee would probably not bring us back again.

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The noodles might look plain and simple but I can assure you that it is flavorful from end to end! And as for the texture, nothing beats the springyness of these style of noodles. For those of you who have ever eaten @qqnoodlehousesg, this taste almost identical! Anyway, being a fan of Kolo Mee, I can only be glad that these Sarawak style noodles are springing out in our shores!
‘No geo tag so proceed to Aljunied block 119 and look for the stall ‘Q GEN’

Coin Prata - The fragrant coin pratas were so kawaii looking and tasted superb too — crispy on the outside while fluffy on the inside!

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Went Geylang for dinner with my family. Decided to just swing by a durian stall nearby for durians since it is the durian season now.

Along Geylang, there is a stretch of durian stalls and this is the very first one.

I was browsing and looking at the red prawns durians when I realised the excited sellers had already gotten/ chosen/ opened two huge durians for my hub.

Weighing the durians, the seller showed us the scale. Over 7kg for two large durians. Then, he dropped the bombshell-more than $200?! I balked at the price, while trying to grapple with what was going on amidst the ongoing talking and excitement.

The seller did display the price of the so-called premium MSW durians ($30/ kg).

I tried to tell them there’s only 4 of us (we just had dinner btw) and we don’t need 7 kg of durians. Maybe we will just take one. (In fact, I didn’t even want to get a durian from the $30/kg stack of durians. There’s a stack of MSW durians going for $22/kg. Can choose from there what... but, oh well!)

Market price varies but even Combat Durian MSW durian prices has dropped from $22 (when I last ate 1-2 wks ago) to $15/ kg now.

Anyway, hurriedly, the sellers ‘threw in’ another half a (small) durian and a Thai coconut and sealed the deal with my hub.

I’m not a durian connoisseur but the $30 MSW durians tasted like all other average MSW durians I have tried in terms of aroma, sweetness, texture, and flavour.

To be fair, I can’t say we were cheated since the price was clearly displayed and we were shown the weight of the durians on the weighing scale. Yet, I can’t help but felt we were fleeced in a way. Sort of.

Being hurried into buying such overpriced durians clearly shows that it is all about maximising profits/ money here.

A very very unpleasant experience.


Affordable Thai steamboat buffet with a lot of meat! It’s good for a gathering meal but the place is a bit out of the way~