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Saw the crowded coffee shop, tilted and decided to order wanton mee with extra noodles and ingredients ($7). Got my noodles after 30 mins! Highlight of the bowl was the char siew which was charred but not too sweet. Noodles were decent, chilli was decent, although I felt that the meat in the wantons were slightly too fatty. Overall an above average bowl, although I'm not sure if I'll be back since Geylang is chock full of dining gems. Fei fei at joo chiat still remains my to-go place for wanton mee!

This dish is awesome for eggs lovers! The oven baked eggs with melted cheese goes really well together and it makes you dig in for more. I also liked it that there's smoked salmon, avocado as sides because it creates a healthy balance from an otherwise cholesterol rich dish.

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When "Koung's Wan Tan Noodles" was situated on Geylang Lorong 13 (they use to be at Lorong 12 before that), my ex-colleagues and I made regular trips there for lunch. After about a decade, I recently got my fix of their springy, pork lard oil-coated noodles again. This time at Sims Ave (corner of Geylang Lorong 21A) which is where they moved to, a couple of year ago.
I find their style of wantan mee a little on the sweet side, and that includes the in-house made "char siew". Both the regular dumplings (which are part of the standard order of wantan mee) and the bigger "shui gao" dumplings (these you need to order separately) are very tasty. Think juicy, well-seasoned fillings wrapped in silky smooth skin.
I suggest getting a side of their vegetables too. They blanch the young "kailan" then slap on the oyster sauce and pork lard oil. Not quite the healthiest but honestly, when something tastes this good, who cares.

Since 8 years ago when this Thai restaurant started, they've been making Thai food the authentic - using charcoal for soup and steamed dishes to maintain heat consistency and quality; importing tea leaves from Thailand for the signature Thai Iced Tea; making in house different dressings for different dishes; making desserts from scratch.
Bring Northeastern Thai, their flavours are heavier and spicier. These are the dishes pictured:
鈻笍Kaeng Som Cha Om ($18)
鈻笍Stir-Fry Fish Maw with Crab Meat ($20)
鈻笍Cold Tofu with Thai Seafood Sauce ($16)
鈻笍Spicy Wings with Deep Fried Lemongrass ($10)
鈻笍Deep Fried Pork Collar ($12)
鈻笍Thai Sambal Sea Bass (seasonal price)
鈻笍Stir-Fry Cabbage with Thai Fish Sauce ($10)
Taken during a tasting at
Blk 115 Aljunied Avenue 2
Unit 01-35
Singapore 380115
馃摓 6747 8558
鈴憋笍 11am to 12am daily.

Rating: 4 / 5

We ordered:
1) Kurobuta Pork Chop: We heard this is the last piece and we decided to give it a try. The sauce and the juicy pork blends perfectly together!

2) Truffle Fries: Addictive Fries complete with truffle topping! But it can be better on the intensity of the truffle topping.

Overall the experience was great and the server is fast in response to customer's requests.
Damage: $46.50

Previously ordered the dry ban mian but felt that the sauce was too sweet even though the noodle texture was great. This time, we ordered pork u-mian in soup ($4.30 + $1 extra minced meat) and meatball u-mian in soup ($5 + $1 extra sliced pork). Waiting time is usually about 30 mins at dinner time on weekends. The X-factor of this stall is the REALLY springy handmade noodles, which are cut on the spot using the machine. Soup and minced meat in both bowls were tasty too. Definitely one of the best (or even the best) soup ban mians!

Went on a Sunday night and the place is very crowded! Luckily for us we made a reservation beforehand so we are able to get seats when we arrived :-)

Salted sotong & cereal prawn balls meet my expectations but the Jade Scallop Beancurd really exceed my expectation! Highly recommend it 馃憤馃徎馃憤馃徎馃憤馃徎

Location is good as well as it's less than 3 minutes' walk from Aljunied station.

Expected damage - 20$/pax

Frog porridge - The frog dish with the spring onions was very fragrant, and the frogs were fresh.

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Plump, larger-than-usual juicy clams stirfried with garlic and some fiery chilli padi - not particularly complicated a dish but immensely addictive. Seems to be everyone's must-have when they are here.

Not the conventional kind of mooncake that we usually have, but it's definitely close to my heart. My aunt would buy this every year from Harbour City Restaurant, that has already closed, since I was a child. A butter pastry baked till golden brown, this version from Garden Pastry includes relatively big pieces of walnuts encompassing thick lotus paste filling. The combination of a salted egg yolk reduces the plain sweetness from the lotus paste, but the downside is a dry yolk that breaks into a mess. Thankfully the pastry crust is soft and has a light buttery aroma. There's a cheese version too. Though my aunt is no longer with us, memories stay forever. Wishing everyone 涓绡蹇▊锛

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At a dollar a piece, this was really good value considering the quality! The shatteringly crisp batter gave that ultimate satisfaction of biting into a freshly fried chicken wing, and the fermented prawn paste flavour was just prominent enough. Certainly one of the best I鈥檝e had! Such a delight alongside a bubbling bowl of dry BKT.

Whoa this was gooood. The sauce is savoury-sweet and very addictive over rice. The pork ribs are so so so tender, and it鈥檚 nice that they also include a few slices of pork belly. Loved the few pieces of ladies finger in there too. This fared better than their soup, but I think I鈥檇 still order both for variety! The youtiao was super disappointing and soft, not giving you the desired effect at all. Will definitely come back for this!