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Introduced my niece and her dad to the Molten Eggs here last week and they gave it their thumbs-up too.
Always immaculately presented, the plateful of cheese-blanketed baked eggs, smoked salmon, avocado, baby tomatoes and green salad is a pleasure to eat because of the little touches that go into it, like how the avocado is so neatly sliced each and every time. The mix and balance of flavours are really good too.

Have been visiting this restaurant for a very long time whenever I crave frog porridge. From the photo in which you can picture a silky, smooth texture of their porridge, enjoying it in the cooling weather lately. Needless to say, the frog Gong Bao is their signature
Damage: 4 frogs-$22, small pot of porridge costs $2
This shop tastes much better than the one nearby at Geylang Lorong 9 and also more reasonable

A dish we fail to resist every time is this plate of forking tender beef cheek! Braised for 24hrs, it pulls apart gently, ready to slide down your throat. Lying on a bed of mashed potatoes and root vegetables, I particularly like the soft chunks of radish that’s great with the beefy brown sauce. 😛

Chilli Crab Pasta ($14.90)
Penne coated with thick homemade crab bisque served with crab meat, cherry tomatoes and tobiko. This pasta surprisingly packed a decent amount of heat. There were also a few pieces of croutons (probably to mimic fried mantou?) which was an interesting first for me. The penne did a good job of filling itself full of that crab gravy. At this price-point, this would be one of my must-order recommendations!

Toffeenut Latte ($7)
One of my all time favourite christmas-ey drink which is easy to go past acceptable sugar levels. Thankfully, @BuilderatSims does it right. Lovely roasty coffee taste with a tinge of sweetness. I won’t be able tell the difference between this and starbuck’s version in a blind taste test!

:( This was a good choice, of tender pork loin satay which was sweetly fragrant and succulent.

Also had the Hokkien Mee next stall. BUT I definitely need to cut down on suppers. Okay, perhaps my last this year. Perhaps. #DFDHawker

Heard that we have to wait for 30mins for the food which was a bit shocking for us. The food came 15 mins after we ordered which is actually acceptable. The oven baked molten eggs is just nice and goes well with avocado and salmon. I took hot chocolate this time but wish it could be a little bit thicker and less milky.

Mee Tai Mak small $5; medium $8
Salted egg pork ribs small $10; medium $15
The wok hei of their signature mee tai mak was excellently captured, which was complemented with unlimitedly diced veggies and of coz it's recommended.
The salted egg wasnt up to my liking as I prefer the saucy to this dry version. My husband loved it though.

Couldn’t decide where to have dinner so we did a quick search and ended up here in Geylang East Centre Market, then decided on this fish soup since almost everyone was having it/waiting for it! Got it after about a half an hour wait and we really liked it. The clear broth has strong hints of Sze Chuan vegetables, tomatoes and dried flatfish (if we’re not wrong). The fish slices were super fresh and sweet, very tender but still had that nice bite - my favourite kind to have! Their braised duck seem popular too and we're gonna be back to give that a try!

📍黃顺记鱼糜•鸭糜  Ng Soon Kee Fish & Duck Porridge 
Geylang East Centre Market & Food Corner #01-11

An traditional old school style wanton mee! Noodles were springy but we weren’t a fan of the slightly sticky texture. The accompanying chili was spicy with a strong kick (v shiok) and the owner was very generous with it, so please make sure to inform them beforehand if you want less. We thought the bowl of wanton soup was the star though - dumplings were fresh with well seasoned fillings. It’s what we’ll come back for!

📍權記云吞面 Quan Kee Wanton Noodle
Geylang East Centre Market & Food Corner #01-79

$4.50 for the original. They also have the premium set going for $6 for the additional fried fish skin, more fish balls and fried bean curd. I really liked the non chill sauce. It’s not just adding tomato sauce alone but a good blend of different sauces. The fishball is also hand made which makes it really special. Stall opens late which makes it an ideal supper place !