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Yummy breakfast. Fried chicken wing, egg and beancurd flakes. $3.40 only. Hot coffee $1.10

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We replaced the pork ribs for fish head and it was just as delicious! In fact, given how much we had ordered this felt lighter with the fish instead of the ribs

I really enjoyed this plate of cabbage and loved those crispy beancurd sticks which have been deep fried to perfection.

Finger licking good! Fresh and plump, even those who were too lazy to dirty their fingers succumbed. Resistance was futile

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This was so good that my friend remembers the last time she had this and had specially requested for this last night

A tip, don’t order the large as it tends to get served less smokey (wok hei) and crispy. It’s better to order more plates of the medium sized or even smaller ones.

Always tried to visit this stall at Macpherson road, at finally on a Saturday it was open! Brought my brother along and he mentioned that the soup they provided had a strong peppery taste and it tasted like Bak Kit Teh somehow! Chili and the wontons were really good and sure to eat it again if I drop by!

At our favourite dim sum place for breakfast with my in laws. 🤤 Very affordable at $55+ for the 5 of us. And ate till very full.

Do you know that black chicken is full of antioxidant which helps to prevent sickness and common colds. This simple yet robust black chicken soup gets full-bodied flavour from black chicken, ginseng and other herbs while the meat remains tender. Don't forget to order the tasty yam rice and ginseng chrysanthemum tea too! We have enjoyed the food and finished the soup till the last drop. Besides the Black Chicken Soup, you can also try Cordyceps Chicken Soup, Claypot Turtle Soup and more.
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A chilli crab meal is not complete without mantous that are fried to a crisp golden brown ☺️

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