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Pretty intense stuff, the sweetness and the heat was apparent but not over the top. Could do w a tad more body and the seafood was average(squid was overcooked esp)

I don't eat this v often but this one was quite well balanced, not overly sour

Not rlly a big fan of this, the texture wasn't the best after takeaway and it absorbs the oil. I doubt it's stellar even at its best but probably passable. There were ppl who enjoyed it tremendously though

This was pretty good, each grain was well separated and while a tad soft, they're packed w flavour. Generous amount of ingredients too

V savoury and garlicky but thin, abit too spicy though. Portion not generous too

Ordered this via delivery app. When the food came, still hot! I ordered the followings: chicken porridge, chicken prawn paste chicken skin, fried carrot cake, steam pork belly buns, rice roll with fried fritters and chicken pot stickers. Overall the food is good. I like their porridge Abd rice roll which very nostalgic taste! Will order again from them.

The soup was nourishing and it's no wonder they're famous for their soup. The execution on the meat was textbook. Muscle wasn't as good but u can tell they did their best, the meat was naturally slippery and slightly chewy. Portion was generous too

The gelatinous parts though, utterly amazing. Some parts had a pig trotter texture, while others lean slightly to pig skin.

If you're open minded this is some stellar stuff, think it surpasses my grandma's haha and turned me into a convert

always delicious. anyway it was a takeaway so i reheat it when i got home still tasted fine i guess

My parents was along Geylang around and bought the Abalone Mee Sua for me. The chilli really bring a kick to the dish and it is a very good. Will recommend my friends to come after phase 2

First time trying An La Ghien even though it is relatively near me. Because working from home doesn’t justify me to order lunches that are $10+ 😄 but this place has always been quite crowded during meal times before phase 2 HA and it serves authentic Vietnamese food.. so I have been wanting to try!

Decided to be safe and ordered my typical chicken pho soup order. I thought it was quite funny that they have shredded ginger in the soup!? I don’t usually see ginger in other chicken pho soup I have tried. I also didn’t quite like how the chilli served was the sauce kind instead of chilli padi! IMO chicken pho soup is best eaten with spicy chilli padi :) I also like my pho soup to be more peppery!

Price wise it was $9.9 via grab food (not sure original price if takeaway directly, but I had a grab food voucher hence decided to use it for the order), comparable price to like namnam.

Ordered their Phase 2 takeaway menu: beef yakiniku don ($11.50) and oyako don ($9.50). It's like Japanese zi char by Keisuke - delicious stir-fried meat in amazing sauce served with premium Japanese rice (same rice as their restaurants) and miso egg soup. Very value for money! Worth a try!

Unlike the usual lor mee’s stock, this one is not too thick or starchy like glue. This is the first time I can still drink the soup from a bowl of lor mee. I like the slight hint of herbal taste and sweetness from the soup.