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Top 10 in Coronation

Top 10 places in Coronation, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Coronation

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Coronation, Singapore.

Loved the toasted marshmallows here. The chocolate froyo was also very decadent and rich (I鈥檓 actually wondering if it should be plain froyo, to balance all the sweetness of the skillet s鈥檓ores).

If the chocolate chips at the bottom of the skillet were melted and there were more biscuits, the dish would be perfect.

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Was quite excited for this but it didn鈥檛 really taste like okonomiyaki. More like truffle tots with mayo on top.

Portion was quite big, though, so this is best shared with a friend.

I was craving a hot drink because of my throat. Ended up ordering this green tea latte made from @matchayasg premium green tea. The latte art is so pretty. It was just a little bit sweet (if it had bit a little sweeter it probably would have been perfect), tasted a little like a hot genmaicha latte. The drink itself was really milky and didn鈥檛 have a lot of green tea flavour to it. I think I finished my drink in like under a minute, in all honesty it was a little pricey for the quantity and quality.

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I鈥檓 a creature of habit and once a place does it well, I鈥檒l return and return. Creamy mushrooms went well with the sourdough which was quite easy to eat. I find many places having sourdough that鈥檚 too hard and too sour but Atlas鈥 was really not bad. Added scrambled eggs (the runny kind) and Italian sausage.

My mom had the croissant with scrambled eggs which I鈥檒l consider having for a lighter option next time.

Was very happy when I saw chilled mala chicken noodles on the menu as their new product and had to try it! The cold noodles were springy and refreshing, with spicy, sour and savoury flavours all in the same bowl. It wasn鈥檛 as spicy as I expected but I really enjoyed it especially when it isn鈥檛 easy to find cold noodles in Singapore (that isn鈥檛 cold soba). So happy I got to try this and can鈥檛 wait to have this again 馃い


Apart from the famous popiah, the peranakan good is actually really good here too!

Rich and fragrant broths are to die for!

Atlas coffeehouse is always crowded for a good reason - decently priced food that tastes good!

Would recommend their:
1. Scrambled eggs and mushroom toast
2. Meatballs w toast
3. Pancakes
4. Waffles & ice cream
5. Chicken stew w toast
6. Iced macchiato

Another tapas that I think is worth ordering (and reordering) here is the prawns in garlic oil.
On the night we had a family gathering there, the prawns were plump, firm and sweet and the oil they came in, heavy and silky. Bread was provided to be dunked in the oil. The presence of dried chillies and garlic in there was more of a quiet base note than something loud and sharp. So yes, subtle it may have been but tasty it was for sure.


This is definitely one of my favourite places for waffles.
The waffles have a great buttery fragrance, a hot and crisp exterior while retaining a soft and fluffy interior. Coupled with the cold scoop of ice cream, its truly heavenly馃構 . I also loved the Earl Grey-infused caramel sauce and definitely wished they had perhaps given more on the side for me to drizzle on my waffle which i believes says something about how good the sauce is because I don't usually appreciate caramel sauce with my waffles?? 馃槄

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The shopping malls of yesteryear have that familiar scent with the uniformed rows of shops and noisy shutters; a scene that will instantly evoke a sense of nostalgia. Nestled at the corner of the second level, My Cozy Corner is a no frills eatery, run by family members and they sell a limited menu of Peranakan dishes such as mee siam, popiah and kueh pie tee, besides the glaringly out-of-place bubble tea. However, what most people would travel here for is the Popiah ($2.50) and that鈥檚 the exact reason why I went there in the first place. Overall, what made this snack stands out are two factors; firstly the crispy bits that they added into the popiah that were made from rice and secondly, the chilli sauce that will put the other competitors to the ground.
My Cosy Corner
Address: 587, Bukit Timah Road, Coronation Plaza, Unit 02-02, Singapore 269707
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It's miso pork belly don felt so clean and green. Kudos to its extra tender goodness of pork belly slabs, it melts off revealing the dedication in preparing it. Swapped the rice to quinoa with salad for an additional $3 hence the dish was $19 before the one for one kicks in.

They sure do great and refreshing dons. I'll be spoilt for choice in choosing this or the kimchi fried fish dish