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And now, we end with the starters...and a dessert. As you all already know, @thegoodburgersg onion rings are probably one of the best in town, and you should put a ring on it. That’s how good they are. The Golden Nuggets ($6 nett) are supposedly made outta Tindle fake chicken as well, but they somehow manage to hold up better than the Tindle in the burger. Perhaps it’s due to these nugs being one bite wonders, which results in less time chewing and thus less time for the Tindle to start dissolving into powder. The clown prince of fast food better watch out, cause these nugs are so damn good they might just have his beat.⠀

The reason why The Goodburger ain’t vegan is due to the cheese, and that’s a good thing. Seriously, why go vegan when you can have mozzarella sticks for eight bucks? They are standard issue stuff, but breaded & deep fried mozzarella sticks are a surefire winner no matter what.⠀

And finally, the churros ($6 nett). These are made from potato flour, so they are pretty dense in texture. In fact, these comely churros have a bite like a mochi ball, with a springy stickiness on each bite. It’s coated in an ample dusting of cinnamon sugar for a sweet ending, and a sweet ending we had alright.

Now we get to the meat (or lack thereof really) of the matter: @thegoodburgersg new not-chicken burger, the Tindle patty powered What The Cluck burger ($18 nett). The Tindle fake chicken patty is backed up by those glorious buns, a homemade secret sauce, cheese and pickles. It’s a good ol’ chicken burger from down South, except minus any actual chicken.⠀

The Tindle patty does look like chicken, but it all falls apart the minute you bite into it. Chicken is soft & supple in texture, but the Tindle patty gets increasingly dense the more you bite into it, almost like biting into cardboard. The weird thing about Tindle is that it starts to dissolve into a powdery residue when you start to chew on it, exactly like a paracetamol tablet dissolving on your tongue.⠀

The fake chicken leaves much to be desired, but Goodburger’s batter is stunningly sublime. Crunchy, crispy, craggy and seasoned superbly, the batter rescued the Tindle patty from gastronomic hell. The batter’s loyal wingman is the stellar secret sauce, which is creamy, salty and slightly spicy, which combines well with the melted cheese to smoothen out the textures of the batter. The pickles throw a whole lot of sharp sourness into the mix, which is more than welcome to offset the greasy deliciousness going on inside the burger. If the Tindle patty was an actual cut of chicken...hoo lawdy. Chicken sandwich perfection is what we’d have.⠀

The Impossible patties are much more convincing than the Tindle patties, but I’d still advise trying the What The Cluck at least once to experience the deliciousness of The Goodburger’s burger brilliance.

I don’t remember the Happy Days burger ($20 nett) existing the last time I paid a visit to @thegoodburgersg, but I’m glad it does now. It’s basically a cheeseburger decked out in barbecue sauce & onion rings, except that it’s essentially a veggie burger.⠀

The real highlight here are those onion rings. Due to the beer batter used, it tastes & smells slightly sweet & doughy, almost like a donut. The batter is sensational, as it is a thin, charmingly crunchy crust that encases the ultra thick ring of sliced onion. The batter is an attractive golden brown, while the onion within is supple & translucent, just starting to lose its natural crunch, which is reinforced by the aforementioned batter.⠀

The BBQ sauce does a fantastic job of disguising the meatless Impossible patty as an average beef patty. It’s probably a store bought sauce, but it does its job excellently. As with all the other Impossible burgers, you must order a double patty stacker if you want to experience full satisfaction. The patties are loose in texture, which means that a single burger is gonna leave you high and dry on the outskirts of Flavortown.⠀

Yes, the double is twenty six dollars, but if you absolutely positively gotta have a veggie burger craving scratched, then this is the way.⠀

Thanks once again for hosting us, @thegoodburgersg & @burpple!

The real reason why I accepted the invite to @thegoodburgersg was to have another Night In Bangkok ($20 for a single Impossible patty). I found it to be the best burger the last time I was at The Goodburger, albeit with a lot of unfulfilled potential. This time, the One Night In Bangkok was vastly improved.⠀

The main downer about the earlier iteration of this burger was the lack of secret Thai-inspired sauce, and The Goodburger has laid it on extra thick this time to my delight. The luscious lemongrass powered concoction is satisfyingly sapid and slightly chunky thanks to the inclusion of chopped onions within the sauce, leasing it’s tantalising Thai characteristics to the Impossible patty. ⠀

As per the last time, the buns are absolute perfection. Shockingly, they’re just plain white bread buns. Not brioche, not potato, not anything fancy, just ordinary buns fashioned into something out of a delightful dream.⠀

Still, I do think that this meatless burger could be elevated a further step closer to nirvana with the inclusion of sliced red onions pickled in a distinctly Thai vinaigrette mix, or some sharp & spicy green mango mix on the burger for more textural variety. I do believe that The Goodburger is arguably the best Impossible burger merchant round town, mainly because it’s their specialty and sole focus. And when you focus down something as hard as these folks, you tend to get good.⠀

Thanks for the invite, @thegoodburgersg & @burpple!

Me, a bonafide om-nom-nom-nivore, having a completely meatless burger? Impossible. (See what I did there?) No, really, I’m going meatless for a meal, courtesy of the folks at @thegoodburgersg. Goodburger is flipping up a special Damn Shiok! burger to commemorate Earth Month, and it does live up to its name.⠀

The sauce in a typical Damn Shiok! burger is supposed to be a rendang rendition, but it’s much closer to a dry red curry due to the balance of the spice blend. That ain’t a bad thing, because the sauce is still superbly savoury & scintillatingly spicy. As with the last time, you definitely gotta order a double to approach the same kind of gastronomic satisfaction that a real beef patty would provide, as the Impossible patties are looser & considerably less dense than actual beef.⠀

Pair that up with rings of sweet red onion and the competently charred Impossible patty, and you will easily forget the fact that this is a veggie burger with zero meat in it. Thanks for having us, @thegoodburgersg & @burpple!

Preferred the creme brûlée over the brownie. The caramelised sugar on top of the pudding is yummy 🤤

Here comes the main dish of the set meal: Pork slices with cream on top, served with side salad and potato gratin. The meat is slightly tough and chewy, was hoping it will be more tender.

Milky and smooth. A decent cup of coffee👌🏼

using burpple 1-for-1 we got two grain bowls and two drinks for $26 which we felt was a steal. the grain bowl was very filing and we had a lot of options to choose from. the selection for the drinks was also pretty vast.

would return back to try their dessert selections!

Of course, to complete any meal get their sides which were all perfect two-bite snacks. Tasting just like the real thing, their Golden Nuggets ($6) made from mushroom protein, were fried to perfection. You will hardly realise that you are missing out due to its crisp exterior and tender insides. Their Onion Rings ($6) too, were well-executed with a thin batter and didn’t taste greasy at all. And if you know what is good, get their Mozzarella Sticks ($8) to share. As for dessert, their Churros ($6) were a 10 out of 10. Golden, crispy, and tender-soft, the fried dough coated lovingly with cinnamon sugar were bombs.

One of their newer additions, the What The Cluck! Burger ($18) was introduced in March. Featuring @tindlefoods’ plant-based chicken, this hearty number certainly delivered in both taste and texture. Layered on with melted cheese, crunchy pickles, and their homemade garlicky sauce, the Southern-style crispy fried “chicken” burger had a great crunch from the beautiful batter but the hunky ‘protein’ is best enjoyed while hot. And what I liked most was that the distinct flavours of each element were able to shine without them overpowering one other and it didn’t feel too heavy.

Oh and if you have not given meatless burger a go, it is high time that you do with The Goodburger’s ‘Classic’ cheeseburger being on Burpple Beyond! Prices are on the steeper side but understand that plant-based meat products are considerably costlier than actual beef.

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Not that I need any excuse to eat some solid burgers from @thegoodburgersg but their Earth Month (April) Special - The Damn Shiok! Burger ($20/set) was just as its name suggests, superbly good! Stuffed with sweet red onions, their signature Impossible patty was boosted by a complex blend of earthy aromatic spices slathered on the fluffy buns. Similar to a mild rendang sauce, the flavours were vibrant with a slight kick and fragrant even without the addition of coconut milk. The meaty beef flavour of the juicy plant-based patty really makes it one of the best Impossible burgers I have tried!

Oh and if you have not given meatless burger a go, it is high time that you do with The Goodburger’s ‘Classic’ cheeseburger being on Burpple Beyond! Prices are on the steeper side but understand that plant-based meat products are considerably costlier than actual beef.