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pls the drinks were so disappointing just don’t get. matcha is just sweetened matcha powder with milk i think bc that’s what it tastes like when i do it at home. chocolate was okay just standard

worth with burpple one for one but q overpriced without. the katsu chicken was pretty good though but the meat to batter ration could be batter. ha ha

So. Good!

Burger buns were nicely toasted. I'm not vego but this was so good! Such a good doppleganger for a regular meat based burger. Very juicy with double patties.

We ordered Onion rings to share too - a must order! Delightfully crispy and thick cut.

Drink only comes with Coke and cannot be switched out. There were a couple of spots that had large umbrellas to shelter you from the heat.

Would go back 💯

This place is always packed whenever we pass by and had a chance to try it out today. We ordered the Wurst Rosti and a Salmon Soba. Both were good but the rosti was better!

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was always skeptical towards impossible meat bc how can non-meat-meat taste like meat-meat but wOw colour me impressed bc their impossible beef patty tasted EXACTLY like beef…… how????? i’ve heard and read reviews where restaurants serve up impossible meat that taste nothing like real meat but i’m so glad that my first try @ impossible meat was such an enjoyable one 🥲

lady boss was rly friendly too! she came over to ask me and my partner how the food was and explained that impossible meat was NOT a brand. instead, impossible meat is just the product that is bought by different f&b outlets and so the taste of the patties differs due to the way they’re being cooked + the recipes they used.

can i also add that i LOVED their buns?!?! one of the best burger buns i’ve ever eaten - soft, fluffy, and just the right amount of butteriness to it 👌🏼 for a non-burger lover like me, i’ve gotta give this impossible burger an 8.5/10 man.

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Not too sweet more on the bitter side ordered the match crepe and the dark chocolate cake. Friendly staff.

This is a weekend special and I finally woke up just in time to buy the last loaf on the shelf!

The good: lots! of figs embedded in the loaf and every slice was really full of figgy goodness. The not-so-good: texture of the bread was incredibly dense and lacked the fluffy crumb and chewy crust that is distinct of sourdough loaves.

Not sure if I’d get this again, though I really must say it’s great value for the figs!

This food truck parked outside Coronation Plaza serves up scrumptious Impossible burgers in Bukit Timah. The Double Classic Set ($25) features their top sellet burger with double patties, cheese and topped with their special sauce, along with a side of fries and coke. Burppler H. Chunwen was impressed by the fully vegetarian burger patties, which "were juicy and fried til the edges were slightly crisp. Tried the patty on its own, tasted EXACTLY like a beef patty without the beefy taste"
Photo by Burppler H. Chunwen

Taste of childhood! We always go back to Island Creamery for this Reverso flavour or for slices of their mud pies, while my parents love their pulut hitam. Reverso is dark chocolate with Oreo chunks and crumbs. Even though it’s a bit more sweet, it’s very rich and always satisfies.

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Very small and dense scone with the trademark bite of figs incorporated in the scone batter. The wine is very subtle. Overall, it was pleasant to eat but lacked the light butteriness that I prefer in scones.

Super generous with the olives but the crust wasn’t as crispy as I’d like.