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The dessert read interesting on the menu, but I found the shiitake too overpowering. I can't take the sour cream or the vinegar jello. The whiskey ice cream was good, though too little was served.

The biggest plus for this place is they offer a variety of different tasting menus and ala carte. Tasting menu only restaurants are too restrictive and not for everyday dining. The con is I find the service too overbearing, and it feels like they are trying too hard to talk to their clients instead of letting them enjoy the meal and their company. Oppositely, the ‘sommelier’ was not trying at all, merely pouring you the wine you ordered without any elaboration.

I take it that this is a play of Char Siu rice - well done, chef! I like the porridge with just the right amount of bite coming from the splet. The sous vide pork was cooked well. I hope that serving was bigger though at this price point, and it could definitely do with more Char Siu sauce.

A mix of salad and grilled vegetables promised with a chrysanthemum cauliflower puree. It was alright just to get your email daily dose of greens but it was too salty and finding a hard time tasting any chrysanthemum…


Incredibly tender, it's unbelievable. There's this almost homogenous soft texture, you can't even distinguish fat and muscle. Mad umami from the koji, but ofc there's the accompanying funk(which I'm completely fine with but maybe not everyone is). The funk is quite mild alr, relative to the umami

Must try, it's mad.

The crab was somewhat sweet, not super strong but mixed w the egg yolk it's gooey umami

Pretty good

Smoked radish was good, sandwiching a bit of cream cheese

The cream cheese soaked in miso had a very strong funk from the miso, could be abit more umami

Kombu cream cheese is actl not that strong, can skip

Crab cream cheese rlly taste the very grey salty flavour of crab, it's alright

Overall not all are worth a try, I'd personally only really recommend the radish, although they're certainly quite unique. For this price it's really not worth gambling

The only few stalls here that you can find decent wanton mee, springy texture comes with char siew and wanton.

Choose 1 sauce and 1 side: we chose parsley sauce and french pilaf onion rice

The secreto is maybe the best I've had. Juicy, tender, crispy. Well seasoned too, I enjoyed it very much

French pilaf rice was somewhat aromatic and very fluffy. Parsley sauce was quite aromatic and simple


First time trying, people say it tastes like lobster, but it's closer to spongey frog. Not bad, but the chorizo cubes tasted like potato idk why lol.

Ratatouille has too strong an olive smell

Overall it's pretty decent

A good version, but it's more seafood than creamy, which is not what you're used to for lobster bisques. Not as sweet as well

Still a solid version tho, in fact smelling this when I walked past inspired this trip to this restaurant