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Korean fried chicken with soju bomb is an ultimate Seoul-style comfort food to destress after a long work day. The garlic soy sauce chicken was a favourite as the marinate, having been caramelised from the heat, gave it a sweet flavour and the skin remained crispy. Enjoy it with a humble, hearty stew that warmed the belly and tentalised my taste buds with its spicy, savory and unami-rich broth.

omg so salty. my friends liked it tho. nice flowers on ceiling :)

would give it a 7.6/11!!!
we got 2x egg plant and 1x avo double toast :~) the teaser was gUuUuUd well seasoNed and fre$h hehe and i rly like the avOoOo bcos it was creAmz as hEckkkk 🤤 over all good experience and good vibes frM cafe! other than the fact that it’s a walk frm the mrt all was gUuUd would recommend if u liKE URSELF SUM yuMz sourdoughbred craves being filled

The hazelnut cake was rather light in texture, flavour wise I think the hazelnut can be stronger. But I appreciated that the cream in between the layers is not so thick. I enjoyed the chocolate cake more as it is rich, with a texture in between a cake and a brownie.

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The risotto was well cooked but the pork was a little too fatty. Would be better if there was more meat to it.

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Sanger burger is to die for. Really yummy. The meat is succulent and well-seasoned. Bread is soft and melts in your mouth. The steak is pretty good as well.

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You might be surprised that the milky-looking broth here, in fact, has no milk in it. There's even a "no milk added" sign! This milky look is achieved by boiling fried fish bones with anchovy, ginger and soybeans overnights. The resulting creamy, silky broth is what you're here for, and is best enjoyed in their Sliced Fish Beehoon Soup ($5). This Cantonese stall is also known for their delicious Braised Bittergourd and Sliced Fish ($8).
Photo by Burppler Marc T.

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The staff were friendly - we got to try a few flavours before we made up our mind! Personally, I didn't like their best seller: Blue Milk. I thought it was abit too salty for my liking. The ferrero rocher flavour was amazing, with chocolate chips in that scoop! Waffles were great too, do come before 930pm for them!

The desserts served at duxton 41 does not contain any sugar, and is apparently high in protein as well. While the flavour of the cakes are not bad, the texture of both cakes are slightly odd in my opinion, but i guess that's just the sacrifice to be made for a healthier dessert option!

One of my favourite items off the Wine Gourmet & Friends menu today! Ordered the steak shank at a medium rare and the dish was really worth the wait and the price. I was a bit concerned about the texture of the steak but the chefs were really able to serve a steak that was up to expectation. The meat was so soft, tender and juicy. It really did not need the accompanying potato slice with tartar sauce. I would definitely recommend a visit.

While it may look dense, it is anything, but it’s consistency is soft and airy, with a lusciously rich creamy goodness and it literally melts-in-your-mouth. Some may find it a tad sweet, but overall, this is pretty legit 👍🏻🧀🤤

PS: Their burnt cheesecake comes with Matcha flavored as well 🍃


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🍄The muShroom toAst was Rly tAstehhhh & I rlY love the melTed cheEse as it goes rLy well tgt w the musHrOOms!! RLy weLL SautéEd 🤤

🥑AvocAdO toAst wAs pretTeh blAnd tho