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I mean, you can’t really screw up 𝙈𝙪𝙨𝙝𝙧𝙤𝙤𝙢 & 𝙊𝙣𝙞𝙤𝙣 𝙏𝙤𝙖𝙨𝙩 (~$4.50), right?
To be honest, there was nothing particularly wow about this. The toast was crispy and thicc, but definitely too carb-y since the ingredients were inadequate. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Caramelised onions were extremely muted taste wise especially under all that melted cheese, and I had to separate the ingredients to taste each one. 😩
Sure, they aren’t charging $10 for this, (literally every bakery I’m looking at you) but they have better items, skip this.

Ig @goodfomood

Although $60 might sound really expensive but KBBQ is about sharing and to MEAT up with friends! Hence if you were to split the cost among a few of you then each person isn't paying that much 😅🤣 this shop gives off the really authentic vibe and the meat is good too! Unlike some other places whereby you will get fats more than meat haha. The service is not too bad but don't expect them to keep going to your table to serve you. A must try will be the egg! What I wished will be greater portion per set and also free flow of drinks if possible! The water also need to pay and it's in bottle oops. 我这个水桶 cannot take it sobs.

Here’s the traditional #chendol from @OldAmoyChendol, new generation hawker preserving his grandfather’s original recipe with artisanal touches such as Japanese adzuki beans, cold-pressed coconut milk, patiently handmade green ‘worms’, and gula melaka specially sourced from Sarawak. The taste is pure and rich, without being overly sweet or cloying. They are also doing deliveries right now - WhatsApp your orders to 8748 7590. 🥰
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Everything amazing in a bowl, and fairly affordable for the good quality ingredients. Not very well publicised, but their online order form can be foumd here:

They just launched their first DIY Frozen Bao Kits (with cooking instructions) starting with their two popular flavours, the Chilli Crab Bao and Salted Egg Chicken Bao. .

You can now cook and enjoy @baomakers signature baos at the comfort of your home! Each kit is freshly cooked, sealed and blast-frozen to maintain its freshness. These baos are easy to prepare and fuss-free. You can steam, air fry or microwave it to heat up. .

Chilli Crab Bao Kit ($15.90) includes:
- 6 pieces of fried baos
- 1 packet of fresh crabmeat with Singapore style chilli sauce

Salted Egg Chicken Bao Kit ($13.90) includes:
- 6 pieces of black sesame baos
- 6 pieces of chicken
- 1 packet of signature salted egg sauce

You can order these at or takeaway at their outlets at @westgatesg and Jiak Chuan Road. Islandwide delivery is available at $5, min 2 kits for delivery.

Thank you @baomakers @esth3r_esth3r for these yummy buns❤️ #baomakers #bao #sgfoodies #foodsg #8dayseat #chinesefood #foodilicioussingapore #bun #asianfood #foodilicious_diva #eatlocal #singaporefood #exploresingapore #instafoodsg #stfoodtrending #straitstimesfood #sghomecooking #easyrecipes #homecooked #chillicrabbao #sgcuisine #foodilicious_diva #supportlocalfnb #savefnbsg #foodinsingapore #supportlocalsg #burpple #whenwedineagain

When a business owner has a clear vision of his or her brand, and how to bring every aspect of it to life, that’s bold and refreshing.
I got a taste, quite literally, of that when Yugi (@cocktailmahout) got in touch with me and sent over cocktails and light bites from the @elephantroomsg, a culture-forward new spot inspired by Singapore’s Little India.
Typical of me, I got more caught up with the food which was audaciously delicious from the liberal use of Indian spices. With such intoxicating aromas on the palate, I found myself enjoying the Lamb Tacos ($18) even though I tend to avoid this meat as I find it too gamey. The finely-shredded lamb shoulder which came in a Puri taco, was fall-apart tender, juicy and extremely tasty from having been marinated in “sup kambing” spices for 12 hours. It came with a sauce that elevated tastiness further with its different dimension.
To my surprise, the Grilled Tiger Prawns Glazed in a Tamarind Curry ($24) were even better. It had me sucking on the shells to get at every bit of that incredible curry. The accompanying flatbread was wonderful as well - soft, chewy and ever so slightly sweet.
As for the cocktails, each had a fascinating backstory and were unique. While “Sippin’87” was a sweetish, coffee-forward little number (the team’s take on the Espresso Martini with savoury notes from caramelised onions and zest from kombucha), the “Tekka” cocktail paid tribute to the iconic Tekka Market in Little India by swirling together Old Monk Rum, fermented banana, Spiced Palm Jaggery and a hint of turmeric.

If you want to explore the flavours of this Little India-inspired joint, please tap on the link in the @elephantroomsg’s bio on Instagram for details.

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14 Apr’19, Sun⛅️⁣⁣
📍Bearded Bella⁣⁣
- Flat White☕️⁣⁣
Having class nearby, pop by for a cuppa...😬⁣⁣
Decent flat white, wish it was a little bolder though...

Btw, cute takeaway cup!

⁣Damage: $5

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I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to taste two of these cocktails (thanks Yugi) and each of them brings a distinct flavour and identity. One of the iconic landmarks of Little India is the Tekka Market, and this signature cocktail, Tekka pays homage to the location. Each of the ingredient that goes into the concoction represents a part of the Tekka Market such as the coconut oil that’s infused with the Old Monk Run, mixed with bananas that has been fermented with Himalayan salt for over 7 days and last but not least, spiced palm jaggery. A sip of this and your senses will be tingled by the richness from the rum, savouriness from the salted bananas and sweetness from the jaggery. The next cocktail takes inspirations from the Bru coffee drinking culture in Little India, and the story turned into reality in the form of the Sipping at 78, a rendition of the espresso martini with a local twist. The coffee powder is being “kombucha-ed” with caramelized onion before being bottled. The number from the drink is named after a unit number of a restaurant in Little India, can you guess which restaurant it is? Overall, you will get hints of sweetness and savoury notes from the caramelized onions while balanced by the bitterness from the coffee.

And what’s a drinking session without some food? By pairing with the right kind of food, it resulted in an even better cocktail, and one of them is the spiced lamb tacos which is constructed with pulled lamb shoulder that has been marinated for over 12 hours in a sup kambing broth over a puri taco. Another one of those finger lickin’ good moment is the grilled tamarind curry prawn which comes with a homemade flatbread. Just the name of the dish is enough to make me salivate.
📍The Elephant Room
20A Teck Lim Road, Singapore 088391

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Had a BUNderful meal with these DIY Bao Kits from @baomakers! 💯 Each kit is freshly cooked, sealed & blast-frozen to maintain its freshness. ✔ The baos are easy to prepare & fuss-free - simply pop them into a steamer, air fryer, microwave or oven to heat up. 🔥
Indulge in your own creations at the comfort of your home 🏠 with the following kits (makes 6 buns each & comes with instructions 📝)!
🔹️Chilli Crab Bao ($15.90): my all-time favourite! ❤ Featuring deep-fried bun sandwiching fresh crabmeat 🦀 with Singapore style chilli sauce, this was such a delicacy! 🤤
🔹️Salted Egg Chicken Bao ($13.90): loved this a lot too! 🌟 With steamed sesame bun & seasoned fried chicken 🐔 drenched in signature salted egg sauce, this was such a savoury treat! 😋
Bao Makers offers free island-wide delivery 🚙 along with other dishes with a minimum spending of $80. 👌🏻 Pick up options are also available at both Jiak Chuan & Westgate outlets. 😉

13 Apr’19, Sat⛅️⁣⁣
📍Kok Sen Restaurant⁣⁣
- Big Prawns Hor Fun 大蝦滑蛋河粉🦐⁣⁣
- Hotplate Tofu 鐵板豆腐🥘⁣⁣
- Combination of 3 Steam Eggs 三王蒸蛋🍳⁣⁣
- Sweet & Sour Pork Chop 酸甜排骨王🍖⁣⁣
Realised that there’s always a queue whenever I pass by this place...🤔⁣⁣

Finally, tried it and some hit some, okok lor, why the queue?🙊⁣⁣
The hor fun seemed to be the signature dish, but somehow find it so-so only, the sauce is a little too thick and salty.

The tofu, steam eggs and pork chop are quite decent though, but like any other tze char place would have offered. It’s like you can try it out if you are around the vicinity but not so much to travel all the way for it...

Damage: $57.60

#koksenrestaurant #koksen #tzechar #restaurant #bigprawnshorfun #hotplatetofu #combinationof3steameggs #sweetandsourpork #大蝦滑蛋河粉 #鐵板豆腐 #三王蒸蛋 #酸甜排骨王 #sgfood #instafood #burpple #burpplesg #singapore

For a special delivery this time, I reigned in my insane desire to have 2 pints of Blue Milk and decided to give The Bounty a go. That’s coconut ice cream, with toasted desiccated coconut and dark chocolate chips folded in — SO GOOD. The base is creamy yet light, boasting the fabulously buttery and fruity profile of coconut without being too in-your-face; people who aren’t the biggest fans of coconut (like L) would still like it. The desiccated coconut actually carries most of the coconut flavour, adding a lovely crunch and nuttiness. I’d say The Bounty comes this close to dethroning Blue Milk’s top spot in my heart — but just close. If you don’t have a good buddy armed with a car and willing to send you some ice cream goodness, Apiary’s also doing deliveries right now; deets on their ig.

I think they’ve taken the duck off the menu; it was cooked nicely and quite tender. The flatbread was my favourite, as this was pretty tasty and delicious with the creamy labneh. The crispy eggplant was okay, but the batter could have been lighter!