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Not your typical ice cream waffle, this waffle was sourdough based, served with fresh fruits like strawberry and blueberries, crunchy granola, espresso caramel syrup, whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. The waffle was crispy outside and soft inside, and went well with all the toppings. The espresso caramel syrup surprised me pleasantly, as it was not too sweet due to the caramel or too strong of a coffee flavor. The balance was just right and went well with the waffles. The granola was especially crunchy and delicious.

Food took a while to come but looked so good and appetizing! Three pork ribs were served on top of pumpkin puree, and served with jalapeΓ±o. A small jug of glaze was given. The pork ribs were particularly soft and tender, roasted well, with only a small piece of bone for each rib. The pumpkin puree was very sweet and smooth and creamy. The sauce tasted like coffee and was unique, and went well with the pork ribs.

Sadly much more expensive than what you'd get in Spain - churros are larger & thicker, and you get richer and more chocolate sauce, for prob just SGD7.50 there. I did like that the churros here were crispy though, although the chocolate was decent but nothing amazing.

NGL overall pretty pricey but it's a really nice place to visit for occasions (both vibes & service were good), and to try Fideua, which is difficult/ rarer to find in Singapore!


Oh the short ribs were tender, and pretty amazing when paired with the smoked cauliflower puree! Cauliflower also had a little smokey flavour, although a little soft for me.


Asparagus were quite nice with a slight smokey flavour. Brussel sprouts also had a good charred flavour, and texture was really to my liking. Mash was actually kinda interesting (?) with quite a thick consistency.

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Jamon, chicken, boiled egg croquette - there was a crispy crust, and insides were decent, although I haven't had one that wow-ed me yet.

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You may know Paella, but do you know Fideua? NGL I never knew Fideua existed until I was researching about Spain before my Europe trip last year. Fideua is basically a seafood dish similar to paella, except noodles (think short beehoon) are used instead of rice.

Squid Ink Fideua ($42 for half portion)
Oh this is definitely not for a first date hahaha - you'd end up with really black teeth and lips because of the squid ink, but I definitely enjoyed this one. This pretty huge pan came with clams and Calamari, which were fresh and squid ink seafood flavour was good. Only qualm is I was expecting their Fideua to be drier, and with scorched parts, as the texture of their pasta was a little soft, and slightly wetter for my liking, closer to beehoon texture.


This was a miss for us, considering there was almost nil kimchi flavour, and it was just doughy without any crisp as well :')

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Could have been stronger in flavour, and I personally enjoy thicker stews, but those who don't like overpowering flavours might enjoy this better.

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For those who like soy-marinated raw crab, here's a place to try them! Don't really eat raw crab myself, but it has a sort of jelly texture (?), and a slight fishy flavour.


This was a little too dense for our liking - would have preferred if it was much airier and lighter!

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Beef short ribs were nicely marinated and goes well with the salt, or to wrap it in the vege they provided.