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I sat down then the waiter asked me if I wanted still water or sparkling water... maybe he said it was bottled but I don’t remember hearing it or it was so soft because of the mask... then it came in a glass bottle, I thought it was just one of those restaurants that put water into bottles to serve...

But when I get the bill, apparently the water was $8. 😡 I was not told it was extra charge, and it was not told to me after I told them I wanted to order with Burpple, with is an excuse the server made saying he told me it was a bottled drink and I only told him I was using burpple when I ordered, while he came over to say sorry for charging us for $8 water.

Another waiter, before that waiter came over to apologise, was like if we say still water than it’s not tap water and of course would be from Italy or something. I really had nothing to say, I understand if I heard it wrong, but like if you ask if we want drinks and you say still or sparkling water, would I not assume still water is not sparkling and so is like tap water? Or is it just me?

And they didn’t even write off the charge of the water, which I didn’t know was chargeable, which they could have told me after I ordered with burpple instead of giving me the bill and saying they didn’t know because I told them I want water before telling them I have burpple 😡

I’m going to be paranoid for life whenever a waiter comes to ask me if I want water after sitting down, I need to ask if it’s a bottled water that is chargeable at $8 🤦🏻‍♀️


Intense prawn flavour with good wok hei. A bit in the salty side but in a good way.

Another must order is the Yong tai foo. Goes well with rice.

The prawn paste chicken is average at best. There are better dishes to order here.

Have been coming here quite often and I really love the selection of tea. I feel healthy here too 😋

Let's talk about the pros
The food is tasty. The sauce is delicious.
It's really value for money. The portions are generous. They gave a piece of salmon, 2 pieces of white fish, 2 prawns a scallop and 2 pieces of veggie. Within that bowl. On top of that the small chawamushi is done perfectly, the side dish of pickled cabbage is decent and a bowl of decent miso soup. The quality is quite good.

The cons
The rice is abit hard,
The food is fried on the spot but you got to eat it fast because it can turn soggy quickly. I would like to suggest giving the option of serving the sauce and fried foods separately. But I think that might also give the staff more work to do.

Overall I think this place is worth eating. I am already getting tasty, large portions at this price. It would be too much to keep asking for more frills.

This is singapore, it isn't Japan so I do know that the staff need to work within limitations especially in times of covid-19.

Super hip prawn noodle bar with a huge variety of drinks. This is their prawn noodle soup which comes with either ramen noodles or la mian noodles. Really good!

Fell in love with @hvala_sg ‘s matcha when I first tasted it at @chijmes.sg outlet. Love their Zen ID and vibe; making the tea tasting experience very calm and soothing #moodlifter

For those who are lactose intolerant, good news! The drinks served at the Keong Saik outlet uses Oatmilk by default. Which is a healthier choice for me and vegan friendly too!

The aroma of their matcha is out of the world! Price is a little on the high but totally worth it, for premium ceremonial grade matcha! I wish I could drink this everyday! 🥰

🍵 I love you so matcha

Brunch at @focr.sg on a relaxing Monday. I’ve always appreciate cafes that opens on Mondays as early as 8am! ✌🏻 Food was yummy, company was great and a nice weather to walk around the hood [stay tuned for photos of our mini “tour”🤣]

I’ve ordered the vegetarian option:

SEA SALT RICOTTA AVOCADO TOAST $16 - sourdough toast, guacamole, avocado, ricotta, poached eggs , roasted tomatoes, dukkah, sea salt.

And my friend ordered the BAKED EGGS $19 - tomato sauce, bacon, chorizo, baby spinach, feta cheese, almond, sourdough toast

Mine was delicious and refreshing!
However, I wish the poached eggs were more flavorful as they were rather bland. Would definitely go back to try the other dishes.

The soft bun paired with tender patty and shake sauce, compliment the meal with fries and milkshake.
It's my son's kind of ideal lunch 😅
💰$9.2 for single shack burger.
💰$10.9 for single smoke shack.
📍Shake Shack.
89 Neil Rd.

Visited TWGF for lunch and the Bah Kut Teh Risotto really blew me away. The set lunch was really value for money and great service from the staff as well!!

Their delicate potato salad has a combination of smooth and chunky bits which encapsulates the best of both worlds, and finished with a lovely, creamy yolk sauce.

The buns are their signature. So soft, buttery and fluffy. My fave is always the shack stake because I want to have both the beef patty and portobello.

Tried their new strawberry lemonade but find it to be too sweet and artificial. Should just stick to the mains.