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I also had Leckerbaer’s Hazelnut Cake ($7.50) which was a real nutty number. Baked with lots of ground hazelnut, the spongey base was crowned with thick swirls of chocolate mousse, crushed hazelnut, and halved hazelnuts. A tad dry in my opinion, the cake was denser than I expected. But flavour-wise, it was pretty standard and not too sweet.

Skipping their signature Smäkagers (dainty Danish butter cookies), I was looking forward to having Leckerbaer’s Dark Chocolate Tart ($8.50) and I am happy to report that it didn’t disappoint. Featuring a crisp chocolate tart shell filled with tangy cherry curd and brownie, the decadent treat is really one for the chocolate fans. The swirl of dark chocolate hazelnut namelaka (translating to “smooth” or “creamy”) piped atop was rich, delicately nutty, and bittersweet. And balancing that darkness from the ganache was the hidden layer of cherry which offered a pleasant bright tartness, acidity as well as moisture. There was also a myriad of textures, with the firm-crumbly shell, dense brownie, slightly chunky fruit curd, and bits of hazelnut and caramel pearls studded atop.

We enjoyed the spinach soup at Chinatown Complex Food Centre (老味道苋菜汤) and we are back to get it again to meet our veggie quota for the day! This time, however, we decided to get the spinach soup with fish for a change and we added our favourite 可口面. Serving size was decent but the only issue was that the batang fish was really fishy 😑 suggest to stick with the yong Tau foo or just the plain spinach soup because the fish was really not great.

we were hesitant cos some of the other reviews were not promising but it was actually okay!!! got it medium rare and all was well. not life changing but good enough and a great price point! really quiet and hidden among many other popular places, give it a shot

The champagne has a bright fruitiness and elegant maturity which complements the intense flavour from the Black Truffle Shackburger, Chick’nShack and loaded Crinkle Cut Fries.

In addition to the above festive pairing, Shake Shack Singapore will also be offering two seasonal holiday shakes with the returning Christmas Cookie Shake ($8.80) and the all-new Chocolate Milk & Cookies Shake ($8.80) during this period of time. The fan favourite, Christmas Cookie Shake is made with a sugar cookie frozen custard that will be topped with whipped cream, crumbled shortbread and dusted with holiday sprinkles while the Chocolate Milk & Cookies Shake is a blend of chocolate chips and Oreo cookies hand-spun with malted chocolate frozen custard and, topped with whipped cream and chocolate cookie crumble.
✨ Shake Shack Singapore
📍 89 Neil Road, 01-01, Singapore 088849
🌐 https://www.shakeshack.com.sg/
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They have a daily lunch set for 1pax. It comes with 1 meat, rice, soup and ~7 banchan (e.g. radish kimchi, cabbage kimchi, pancake, sweet potato, cold tofu). Banchan are refillable but I would only recommend the sweet potato. The soy marinated crab was quite small. It wasn't fishy. Better to eat with rice otherwise might be salty.

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Had the charcoal waffle with salted caramel and earl grey ice cream. Both are classic flavours. Didn realise the waffle came with salted caramel sauce so is like double saltiness. The earl grey ice cream had tasted like milk tea with a tinge of earl grey. For me, salted caramel was abit too salty.

Feature :
💕Smoked Salmon & Onsen Egg (Flagship Exclusive)
Crisp sourdough sandwich served with smoked Norwegian salmon, crunchy zucchini, pickled onions and peppery mizuna leaves on a cream cheese. Topped with an onsen egg.

💕Crab & Avocado Salsa (Flagship Exclusive)
I enjoyed this the most, crisp sourdough toast with refreshing creamy avocado salsa and generous Jonah crab meat , with a hint of spice and citrus on it.
Beside these two, there are 3 more options for diners to choose for the open faced sourdough sandwich.

For this festive season, @leckerbaer.sg also offer a Christmas set.
consists of 2 small bakes, 4 smakagers and two individual pots of tea.

14 Keong saik td.
Singapore 089121


Keong-saik's signature and so, I had to try this! This was essentially a mix of buttery (croissant colour) and cocoa (black) croissant layers, twisted into the likeness of a majie's hairdo back in the olden days. I liked the buttery-cocoa mix and definitely appreciate the amount of cocoa that goes into the black coloured layers - the rather strong note of cocoa kinda affirmed that it's not colouring! This would be a rather perfect carby breakfast - not overly oily or heavy in taste but enough to fill the tummy.

The fiance and I took a long (hot) walk and finally arrived early evening. I wasnt expecting much bakes to be left but hey! They actually continued churning out fresh bakes in the evening as well! While there werent much bakes left on the shelves, we were told we could wait 10-15mins for the 'sold-out' items to be churned out. It's still as popular as ever! Instead of the usual green tea/chocolate or almond croissant, I decided to give the less common Black Sesame croissant a try. Verdict? The croissant was crispy and flaky as expected, not super buttery in fragrance tho. Croissant layers were filled with Black sesame paste - thicc and honest ingredients. It tasted mild, not overly sesame-ish like how a sesame paste spread would taste like. Rather, it tasted like freshly churned from 100% pure black sesame. I appreciate how it isnt the paste-y sesame mixed with oil and other flavourings. For those yearning for a sweet treat, this might not be the sweet-croissant that you should go for tho!

Affordable mains w Burpple Beyond!!
Cheap n good oysters @ $3.5 as well!

Worth a try :)