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I guess it’s definitely healthier as compared to the usual fried oily version (this is boiled before the sauce is poured over) but I prefer the unhealthy version because what’s mala without the numbness or spice?

A tad expensive as well. This small bowl is $10.70.

Only worth trying if you are around the area and don’t know what to eat.

Really yummy! Picked flower clams, baby cabbage, baby corn, quail eggs, oyster mushrooms, spinach & sweet potato vermicelli drenched in their secret spicy sauce & sesame sauce. The portion u get per ingredient is really small, so what I ordered amounted to just a snack. If u're looking for a full meal, definitely choose more ingredients. Sauce was rather mild, so do add the chilli flakes available if u prefer a more spicy kick.

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Very flavorful Sambal chili sauce. The vege was fresh and crunchy. Great with rice.

Not as nice as the sweet and sour pork. The sauce was also quite sweet. I liked the spiciness.

This was really quite bland and not a lot of garlic. But could taste the fresh sweetness of the asparagus. Ask for more garlic.

The special spicy sauce was actually Sambal chili sauce. Very savory and spicy. Fried with garlic, spring onions and onions, and some slices of bell peppers. So fragrant. Included some fried mushrooms that burst with juice. Yummy.

Chinese spinach was soft and fresh. Supposed to have eggs, salted eggs and century eggs inside but I asked for no century eggs. Didn’t affect the taste one bit. Loved the broth. Immersed my rice inside and it was fabulous.

Very very tasty, with a spicy, slightly ketchupy flavor to the sauce. Lots of eggs inside. A beautiful dish.

Hailing from Shanghai is this kiosk in Jewel serving up mala bowls on-the-go that's good for one. Choose from over 45 ingredients — cooked by dipping into a boiling hot pot of special broth and served dry. We recommend the Pork Belly ($2), Pumpkin Slices ($0.90), Enoki Mushrooms ($0.90) and Oyster King Mushroom ($1.50) that's especially delicious when slathered in their Secret Spicy Sauce ($1) and Creamy Sesame Sauce ($0.50). Spiceheads, remember to add chilli flakes available at the take-out counter for extra oomph!
Photo by Burppler Jonathan Lim

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Red Lips is the largest new-age mala tang chain from Shanghai and they’ve just opened their first kiosk in Singapore at Jewel Changi Airport.

Get a customizable hotpot-in-a-bowl with over 45 food ingredients to choose from like seabass cubes, prawns, lobster ball with roe and beef tribe. You’ll also have a choice between the spicy secret sauce or the creamy sesame sauce as a base for your ingredients.

For their opening, Red Lips has a special promo of ‘Buy 5 items and get the 6th item for free’. Available only on 12th & 13th October 2019.


Beef slices ($3), pork belly ($2), chicken cheese ball ($0.90), pumpkin slices ($0.90), enoki mushrooms ($0.90), cheese tofu ($0.90), oyster king mushroom ($1.50), emperor sprouts ($0.90), broccoli ($0.90) slathered in their secret spicy sauce ($1) (add more chilli powder after if you like it hot) and creamy sesame sauce ($0.50)! Good option for a quick lunch if you’re in the area! The ingredients are dipped/cooked in their special broth but served dry! Worth a try.

This Shanghai-based chain specialises in customisable hotpots-in-bowls. Great if you’re rushing for a flight and craving mala on-the-go — all you gotta do is pick from a list of ingredients and wait for your takeaway order to be ready. Ingredients were fresh, and loved the nicely balanced mala sauce — neither too spicy nor too numbing. Do order the super chewy sweet potato vermicelli, fresh sea bass and tender pork belly slices! If you wanna kick it up a notch, help yourself to the DIY chilli flakes or creamy sesame sauce available at the takeaway counter.