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Located islandwide. .
Kit Kat McFlurry, $3.10. Have a break, have a Kit Kat! We love snacking on Kit Kat anytime of the day, don’t you? Kit Kat had recently collab with Mcdonald and we decided to give it a try.. Red Kit Kat labelled cup filled with vanilla ice cream, sprinkled with raisin size Kit Kat balls and topped with chocolate drizzle... it’s an interesting combination! .
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These were decent. The scallops fresh. But I found the sauce a little too salty. Hopefully it was just a bad day. I think they can do better!! Price: $8 for 6 pieces

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Beef kway teow soup. Standard still the same And i love the broth. So glad its opened today. Its been a long time. Since my childhood days this stall is already famous. They are closed every Monday. Opening hours 4-9pm. For this week, the hawker centre would be washing on 22-23 Apr. 25 Apr then this stall will opened. I travel all the way from west to east for this. Choice of $5 or $7 I came here 4+pm to beat the evening crowd.

Childhood favourite!!! Generous generous amount of egg (deal breaker for me) and the black sauce was not too sweet. There was also a caramelised burnt note to the dark sauce which provided and interesting element to the dish


Not usually a fan of satay because it’s usually dry meat on a stick but the meat was well marinated. The fragrance of the lemongrass and peanut penetrated into the meat and made it a delight without having to dunk it into the satay sauce!

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Great for chili crab with fried mantou.
Decided to be adventurous once and ordered lobster sashimi and lobster salad. Sashimi was fresh and recommend everyone to try at least once in their life. Lobster in the salad was fresh and not overly tough too.
Instead of eating the usual crab, why not give something else in the menu a go? You may be pleasantly surprised

Love love love this popiah! It’s flavourful, packed with ingredients and intensely garlicky. Abit pricey (2.20 for a roll) but what a delicious treat!!!

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I ❤️❤️❤️ this beef. My table is never complete without it. I dunno how they managed to make it so tender and succulent. But lately there was a problem with consistency. Last visit it was too salty. I had to send it back but they couldn’t give me another portion cos all were marinated at the same time. Tonight was slightly on the bland side but I let it pass. Onion slices complemented the beef well. So sweet and juicy.

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This used to be a must-order for me, for the meat was crispy and sauce was good. But tonight the meat was soggy and the sauce was more sweet than sour. I didn’t enjoy this like I used to.

The seafood paste was generous and the sesame seeds lent a nutty fragrance to the fried dough. But it was a little dry. Didn’t like the sauce. Tasted like the shrimp paste sauce in rojak. Not my style. I thot it went better with their default chili sauce.

One of the must try food at East Coast Lagoon Food Centre is definitely the wanton mee from Hwa Kee.

The noodles were so springy with an old school taste, while the wantons were also nice; but the star of the dish was definitely the deliciously sweet & addictive char siew slices which just screamed ‘Devour Me!!!’.

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