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the best oyster omelette. fullstop. end of convo.

I would come all the way back to this cafe just for this .

One of the best Cheng Tengs ever .

The cafe is open to the public and overlooks a beautiful golf course and city skyline .

They make a very mean stir fry Hokkien prawn mee with a strong wok hei that could rival the popular Hokkien mee stalls :) ( minus the waiting and the mad queues )

The cafe serves a range of local dishes to Japanese bento sets and grills and western dishes ( pastas, fish and chips ).

Every item was done very well - especially the local dishes . Pretty impressed :)

📍Lagoon famous carrot cake stall

But they are more famous for their popiah. Tried it for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. It is good. Better than qiji's popiah! This shall now be my favourite popiah from now on! I like how the oooiah's sweet sauce was not overly sweet (qiji's one is vvv sweet), and was also surprising to find some fake crabmeat balls in the popiah! I haven't eaten any popiah elsewhere where there is crabmeat balls in them! Be sure to opt for the chilli version as the spicy chilli gave it a v good spicy kick! Will order again for future visits to this hawker!

Sticky Date Pudding ($15++)
This is definite must-try when you're there - the sticky date pudding is really soft and moist! It goes crazy well with the puddle of toffee sauce that came along with it. Albeit being slightly sweet, I really liked that you could taste the slight caramelisation (smoky flavour) in the sauce, and there were also "strands" of dates within the cake. Although it's slightly sorethroat inducing, it's a dessert that's well-worth going for.

Probably a 9/10 for this dessert right here.

[PS. Cafe]
Chargrilled Octopus ($21++)
This dish came with toast that's slightly hard, and the octopus was coated with some sweet sauce that reminded me of Indonesian flavours. Texture of octopus was slightly hard, and this flavour profile isn't that much to my liking as compared to Spanish versions.

[PS. Cafe]
It's best to reserve before heading there, because it's definitely gonna be crowded, and you'll probably have to get a queue no. and wait for >=30 min.

Truffle Fries ($8++)
Glad they have a half-portion fries at $8++, and I have to say the fries mostly came crispy, and was really strong in the truffle flavour. Parmesan shavings were also a great addition, it definitely has a strong cheese flavour, and not just added for the gram.

Overall Rating: 8/10

Are you camp black or camp white?
Pretty yumsy carrot cake - with the white version zhnged up with fresh crystal glass prawns. The black version is sweet with some crisps on the edges.

Compared with the oyster omelette and satay, it doesn’t WOW 🤩 as much. But still a pretty satisfactory meal!

Cheap and good! It’s the most valuable satay around town. The meat were incredibly chunky (approx 1.5 the thickness and size of normal satay!), same with the peanuts too! Everything was awesome, except for the ketupat which was unfortunately ‘frozen’ and steamed ): But oh well, the highlight is the satay and the sauce! Both easily fare 11/10. It’s my fiancé’s favourite satay in town and now mine too!

Out of the many stalls there, several of them stood out the most, evident from their long queues such as Song Kee Fried Oyster. As you inch closer to the front of the line, you can witness the master at work, as if the chef was dancing around the wok, frying up plates of oyster omelette. This stall served two variations, the oyster omelette and oyster egg, with many going for the former. The egg and tapioca starch batter is fried till crispy before fresh raw oysters are added at the very end and given a quick fry. After plating, the dish is topped with spring onions and served with a tangy dipping chilli sauce.
✨ Song Kee Fried Oyster
📍 1220 East Coast Parkway, East Coast Lagoon Food Village, Unit 01-15, Singapore 468960
🍴 [Self Funded]

And that’s especially since I have to wait for almost an hour to get these charcoal grilled chicken skewers ($0.70 each) that are so well marinated that you can taste the spices and sweetness from each bite.
✨ Haron Satay
📍 1220 East Coast Parkway, East Coast Lagoon Food Village, Unit 01-55, Singapore 468960
🍴 [Self Funded]


The cafe is beautiful. This bagel, hummus and butter was really good but hoped they weren’t so stingy on the hummus 🤭

Plate of pan grilled pork chop with baked beans, slaw & fries.
Juicy indeed.

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