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Creamy tomyum sauce pasta w prawns, mussels & clams. Rly enjoyed this dish, I liked the texture of the pasta — perfectly cooked. Was interesting to try the western & Asian fusion sauce, Tom yum flavour was not very mild. Seafood was good too.

Crispy soft shell crab on bed of curry with potatoes, cauliflower, tomatoes and toast. Albeit much praise on this, nothing special for me. Curry had a sour tinge, kinda like Indian curry. I liked that the curry was not too oily.

Was very impressed by how cohesive the dishes came together. This is the Mad about Salmon ($18), made even more value-for-money with Burpple Beyond 1-for-1!

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Was torn between ordering this load of cheesy goodness versus a ‘healthier’ option of aglio olio. It seems pretty interesting to me that TCC has designated sections of the menu which are listed as healthier alternatives and provide caloric counts for those foods - would be great if they could expand that to the whole menu but that’s a pipe dream since they’re not a health food restaurant.

This dish comes with brown rice, which I absolutely love. There’s more bite in brown rice and it holds its firmness more than white rice, but it’s usually harder to achieve a nice consistency as it takes longer to cook. Thankfully the brown rice was not undercooked, and each mouthful provided a slight nutty texture that paired well with the cheese. The curry sauce was quite watery, and a little dismal because the flavours didn’t come through much. I think they were going more for a Japanese curry taste but I couldn’t taste it at all in the midst of the cheese and the sauce just served to ‘wet’ my rice 😂

TCC didn’t stinge on the cheese, and it formed a thick layer on my baked rice. Interspersed in this cheesy layer were pieces of lobster and scallops. Not too sure if they’re really lobsters as the pieces were so tiny they looked and tasted more like hei bi but maybe they’re bits of slipper lobsters or something. The scallops were decent sized. Overall there was quite a lot of seafood within the cheese layer and I think it’s quite worth the amount paid, however, the sauce needs a bit of working on.

Wow this was good stuff?? The farfelle was aldente and well coated in creamy truffley goodness 🤤🤤 Loved their generous portion of mushrooms and bacon, and every bite keeps you wanting more! Definitely a well done cream-based pasta that isn’t overly cloying, plus nett prices plus Burpple’s 1-for-1? YES PLS 😍😍


Loved that this was a nice hearty meal! Though the portion may look small, the curry comes chocked with potatoes, cauliflower, tomatoes and a pretty huge piece of crispy soft shell crab in the centre of it all 🤤🤤 The bread was nicely toasted and perfect for soaking up the curry goodness! Only gripe was that the curry was a little sour, but still a pretty good dish overall! Ambience is nice and quaint and prices are nett? Really worth with Burpple’s 1-for-1, except that it’s a pretty far walk from Harbourfront.

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Amatriciana - $15.80
Simple Italian tomato based pasta with large bacon slices, onions & parmesan on the top. The comfort food I’m looking for after a long day at work
Da Paolo Gastronomia

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Great ambience. Not too crowded on a Sunday evening. Very child friendly and food is good. Not overpriced and portion is good too. Will definitely head back again.

Was really full from the mains but we just had to try their matcha pancakes! Banana slices hidden between the thin fluffy pancakes, topped with a simple matcha icecream, was a great dessert to end the meal!

There were quite a few roaming roosters and hens along the walkway here 😂


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Pancakes was fluffy with hint of matcha, really like it because it complements the ice cream well! Highly recommended!

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Mango milkshake [$6.20] seems to have too much ice and not enough milk. The mango bits redeemed the drink. The milk in their oolong milk tea [$4.20] turned into curds in my drink! Also their packaging is too much - what is the empty second half of the cup for?
I got these during their 1-for-1 promo, so it wasn't so hurtful for the wallet. I don't think I'll be back without such promo.