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Among the extensive range of grilled meats Mikawa has to offer, the Sliced Iberico Pork with Truffle Sauce ($12) is a must-order. Tender and juicy pork slices doused in a not-too-salty sauce with a subtle fragrance of truffle. In fact, this was the only dish my (already stuffed) dining companions and I had seconds of.

Charged me 80¢ for a fried egg, which when I went the last time they only charged 50¢. The dude wanted to round up the cost which would have been $5.70 so he decided to charge $6... Even though it was only 30¢, it left a bad feel and feels bad that the store was so dishonest. Food is meh so probably won't ever go back again.

A Malaysian getaway, if I may. Yuanyang horfun is a signature. Char siew was good too. Competent food all around.

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Craftsmen has a selection of flavoured cafe lattes and I enjoy trying them out whenever I visit. This was very nutty and the macadamia complemented the coffee flavour very well!

Lovely steamboat with yummy Sambal Kang Kong and Beggars' Chicken. Hainanese restaurant popular with loving in the vicinity.

Jin Wee Coffee Shop
Add: 928 East Coast Road
Food runs out from as early as 7.30pm.

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Price at: 10-13$ (can’t rmb the exact price)
Whatever the price was, with the generous amount of strawberries and blueberries as well as the granola it is definitely worth it. This could easily be one of the best tasting waffle I’ve had!

p/s. If you are not exactly a big eater or a person with sweet tooth, order this to share instead of soloing it (— like I did)

THE bowl of sesame paste undid all mishaps that lead to it- to explain: we first drove to Katong shopping center only to find we were at the wrong location. Ren Ren has since moved to Siglap Center so we drove again and reached at 1:30 ish to find the stall front down yet lights of the place on. After a 30 minute wait without progress I decided to call the operating number on the official Facebook page to learn we had to wait till 2:45pm for opening. A McGriddle meal later we finally had, first a bowl, then 4 bowls of Chinese 糖汤水; testament to how comforting they all were. In particular my sesame paste was not overtly sweet with the authentic taste of black sesame very evident with some smooth bites of the main ingredient. I adored every scoop and am only left yearning for more.

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Regrets for not taking a nicer photo of the gems hidden in this Roti John. For this Roti John Steak from Suka Ramai Mama Power where you could choose from beef and chicken, or even the Roti John Steak Power that comes with fries as a side, I am sold.

Made of a baguette that was toasted till crispy on the outside where crumbs fall so easily upon biting. But the power of this Roti John lies in the ingredients that fill the baguette. Chicken chunks coated in a thick, black peppery, and slightly sweet sauce, together with sliced onions, green chilis and cabbage were stuffed on one side of the Roti John, while the other side had a buttery omelette. They were also really generous with the sauce (somewhat like a sweet Chinese char siew sauce to me); A bowl of it was provided on the side for dipping the bread in.


Enjoyed a good coffee in the east side of Singapore. Sadly no free WiFi.

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Warm thick waffle, decorated with strawberries & big blueberries, scoop of ice cream sat in the middle, sprinkled granola toppings and earl grey drizzle. $10 per plate. Good vibes...


Vegan friendly, multi grain toast layered with sliced creamy avocado, sliced beetroot, sliced beet pickled egg (splendidly coloured), black sesame seeds & green sprouts. $13 per stack of open toast. Good vibes!