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The other main we got with the Burpplebeyond deal was the less inspiring crab omelette. While real crab meat fleshed from the crustacean was used; it wasn’t the freshest and the omelette was slightly too oily for my liking.
That said I wouldn’t skip a beat to revisit Good Time Eat Drink; so I can try the many other promising dishes on the menu.

I don’t have Asian food daily even though I am Chinese so curry chicken I’ve not had since CNY. When I tasted the bowl here at Good Time Eat Drink, it was exactly the sort of Asian curry I adore; donned with coconut milk and enough chilli paste to give it a delicious rich and spicy profile.
To top it off you get a plump chicken thigh and you tiao that were everything you’d want to go with the rempah curry. So sedap!
Truly a “trust Burpplebeyond to get the family introduced to” Good Time Eat Drink.

Too large a slice of pan-fried chicken for two. I didn't say too thick though, because it's very thin. It's also too chewy, which probably explains the long time to eat. If it's crunchy and tender, you can probably pop finish it in no time. That homemade tangy sauce has a really striking taste. Moderate yourself.

Innards and skin are also available, but we chose only the sweet and savoury meats. Gotta love Indonesian satay as it's always generous. These could be more tender, but still good.

Promising menu, disappointing results. This is a signature item combining much of their food - roast meat, char siew, satay, pig ear, siew mai, hae zhor. You get variety over quality. Only satay and hae zhor stood out. Rice was plain and dry (look at the amount of gravy).

Never disappointed by this mala bowl sprinkled with crunchy peanuts, paisley, sesame seeds and spicy peppers. It’s not overly oily or surfeiting, but just nice enough to satisfy my mala craving.

Stir fried with salted fish and garlic. It smells so good and tastes so fragrant and flavoursome!

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This is quite a unique combination! Curry was thick and flavourful (not too spicy which is great!). Youtiao was huge and just nice when split into 2. The charcoal Youtiao was crispy and when dipped into the curry.... yummmm

Tasted exactly as how you would imagine from the title of this dish.

Or in this case, roasted or poached!! The chicken in Tong Fong Fatt are really one of a kind! I usually prefer the white over the roasted ones, but the roasted ones are pretty decent too.. soaked in their delicious savory gravy, the chicken is tender but slightly less absorbing than is white counter part! Delicious nonetheless and at just $18 for a whole chicken, it’s already surpassed expectations!

Finally giving Good Time a try and featuring their popular dishes: chilli crab tofu with soft shell crab; chicken curry with charcoal you tiao (with a very cute name- hurry! Hurry! Chicken curry) and a sweet and savour sticky squid dish. .
Good Time serves nonya fusion and the best part of all nonya food is the gravy. The curry here doesn’t disappoint and it comes with a huge portion of chicken (half a chicken). The charcoal you tiao is a bit dry and it tastes like an ordinary you tiao. .
My fav dish is the chilli crab tofu because the Chili crab sauce is so damn shiok with lots of egg, and it was thick and sweet. I wished I had mantous with me. I found myself just having the sauce alone and it was so sinfully good.
The squid was really fresh and texture was bouncy. The sauce (kecup manis?) was sweet and savoury and a nice break from the chilli crab sauce if you find the latter cloying after a while.