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inspired by the Nasi Tumpeng Indonesia, a ‘tumpeng’ cone of Hainan Chicken Rice accompanied by Kota88 Restaurant’s eight signature dishes, from sate babi to siobak and ngo hiang.
It’s authentic Chinese Indonesian food, Feel like I go back to Indonesia and eat Nasi Campur 🤩.

Nasi campur Babi Meriah good for 5 pax, consist of :
Fragrant Hainan Chicken Rice
Mie Goreng Special Kota88
Char Siew
Roast Chicken
Sate Babi
Braised Chicken Egg with Soy Sauce
Sio May
Homemade Ngo Hiang

My fav is the Sate Babi, it’s succulent meat that glazed with sweet savoury sauce and with light charred.


It’s available for takeaway only with 3 days advance order.
For place an order can call 6242 2645 or email [email protected]

907 East Coast Road, #01-02


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I chose the Caldas Royale beans for its chocolate🍫 & pecan notes to match the Chocolate Waffle-gato. Though I would have preferred a stronger caffeine kick☕️, it wasn’t acidic & had a lingering smoky finish.

Literally the two things I was craving for melded into one😍 The 𝐂𝐇𝐎𝐂𝐎𝐋𝐀𝐓𝐄 𝐖𝐀𝐅𝐅𝐋𝐄-𝐆𝐀𝐓𝐎 ($𝟏𝟑) was soft & fluffy🧇, soaking up every last drop of the slightly bitter espresso chocolate drizzle! The vanilla ice cream didn’t melt quickly either 🍨

From McDonald’s
All time favourite.
The Cheeseburger.

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Wonderful alfresco-esque dining experience coupled with friendly and amazing staff! Ambience was perfect too! For starters, we ordered the Crab Croquette which welcomed us both with a burst of flavour! For the mains, both my partner and I ordered the Wagyu Striploin M5 & Ribeye MB5 respectively; both had wonderful texture and tasted amazing. We paired the meats with the Pasos De La Capula Tempeanillo & Farm Hand Shiraz 'Orangic'. Overall, a 5/5 experience!

Amazing dining experience with good ambience! I had the wagyu striploin whereas my partner had the ribeye. The striploin was so tender it melted in my mouth... what was more amazing was the sauce that came with the steak.. so good! and we also ordered crab croquette as our starter. It was so unique! Did not expect that gochujang sauce would pair well with crab croquette. And of course, my partner and I had red wine to go with our red meat! Overall, a great experience and would definitely come back!

The Wine Cove offers an extensive wine list, and although I'm not much of a drinker myself I still enjoyed the white wine (Savian Pinot Grigio Venezia) I got.

For cold dishes, the tuna mini cone had unique visuals and texture, where the tender tuna was wrapped in the crunchy cone. This dish had a sesame dressing which made it very fragrant as well.

I wouldn't say I'm a big fan of peppers, but the padron peppers we got were nicely fried and well seasoned - and it paired nicely with the white wine I had.

Other food we had included the roasted romanesco and squid ink yakimeshi. Both dishes were delicious, and I particularly enjoyed the latter dish, as the rice was chewy and provided an interesting mouthfeel (and an explosion of flavour!)

We ended our meal with the cheesecake, where the berry sauce provided a nice contrast and acidity to the soft, rich, creamy cake.

Good ambience and the staff were super friendly as well! (Toilet was also clean which is a nice bonus lol)

My partner and I had a great time at The Wine Cove. From the get go, the staff there were really nice and accommodating. One of them patiently helped us pick a bottle of wine that fitted our criteria. We ended up with a bottle of Enigma Biscardo, which was bold, sweet, yet refined. To pair with, we ordered The Cove Platter, with 3 cold cuts and 3 cheeses. It also came with some grapes, honey, olives, and pickles, which went along well with the red. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would definitely return, perhaps to try the cute private rooms they had at the back!

Wonderful service and delicious food. We had absolutely no idea on what to get or how to pair the food with the wine.
The staff was there to assist us from the start. The wine that we got was fruity and was not too strong on the palette which was perfect for a newbie like us.
The cheese and meat board we had paired well with the wine bringing out the flavour of each other.
Definitely a must try when in the east side.

Fantastic food that goes really well with their wine choices! Feel free to ask the staff about their recommendations. I enjoyed myself so much we ordered more food than expected!

The Australian Wagyu Ribeye was one of the best steaks I have eaten in while- the sauces especially the yuzu wasabi added a unique dimension to the steak. Service there was also amazing, as they were very helpful with the wine and dish pairing recommendation. The Crab Croquette was very well seasoned, and fried to crisp, most importantly it was very value for money! Overall loved all the dishes, and would definitely come back to check out their lunch menu.