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For $14 you get fried spam, caramelised onions, scrambled eggs, and some sriracha mayo in a bagel. I’m not gonna lie: in a basic-ass bagelwich like this, the only component I could possibly rave about would be the bagel — which, here, is unfortunately nothing noteworthy. In fact it was hardly what I’d call a bagel at all, boasting a texture more akin to a French roll sans the crisp crust. Don’t get me wrong this wasn’t bad at all — one can hardly fuck up spam and eggs — and it definitely was satisfactory enough to hit the spot. Would I recommend intentionally having it? Naaaaah.

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Delicious. Even though it looks simple, the sauce, the garlic, and the prawns rlly came tgt well. Nothing too exceeding of expectations given what you read on the ingredients list, but executed to perfection almost

PS even though each dish seems affordable enough, two of us spent almost 50 per pax (we were stuffed though, probably 1.5 dishes per pax would be nice)

Good as I remembered. I think it's worth mentioning (again probably) that it's really v harmonious, the meepok and the sauce(which really isn't anything like carbonara, even though it's creamy too)

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A fantastic version of braised pork. Deep, dark flavours with appropriate sweetness and umami. Must order!

Called 韭菜花 or 韭苔, the version here is decent w bursts of saltiness. Good to try if you've never had this veggie before, else it's abit too pricey

This one wasnt impressive at all. It's basically Ching tng in a glass lol. Except only w longan. Is it good? Yes. But is it significantly better than any 2buck Ching teng? Debatable

There's no pandan. It's basically gula melaka milk tea. Not too bad

Yes, this was very good. Sweet and sour, right amount of fruitiness, and good balance of intensity so you can eat it by itself or go along w rice. Nonetheless 10bucks for achar is abit...

The satay was one of their supposed specialities, but beyond the ‘savoury’ pork option, the other options left much to be desired. The pork intestine and skin is reminiscent of kway chap in hawker centres, which is surprising as they don’t have a charred taste but rather a stewed taste. Overall taste is good but much on the sweet side. Pork taste is strong, so very suitable for those who love meaty dishes.

Verdict: 3/5

Highly recommend the satay here. We went for the 10 piece meat (no intestines or whatsoever), and the texture was really awesome. Noodles was kolo-mee style, quite springy and generally value for money. I’ll return to this place for the satay and ambience. And perhaps to try a few other Indonesian style items.

PRICE: $4/5

WAITING TIME: >5 min on a Sat morning

- Interesting cook who wears a cowboy hat
- Very thick and long strips of carrot cake
- Good for those who love chyepoh but we both found it a little too much (we finished the carrot cake but there was a bed of chyepoh left)

Basically 2 sponge balls in a milky syrup. Taste was not bad, apart from the usual sweetness of Indian desserts. But it's literally one bite each, damn overpriced

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