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Lucky enough to get a spot to dine at Magic Square in their penultimate week of the pop-up.

Since the beginning of June 2018, three young talented chefs have had, what I could only imagine to be, an arduous but fulfilling journey. They’ve been honing their craft, adapting their menu until these recent weeks in which they’ve fine tuned it to offer the best of the best.

This “best of the best” menu ($78++) consisted of 9 amazing courses. Each course was a star in their own right and did not overpower each other.

Pictured from 1st row L-R: (1) Hokkaido scallop, white fungus, chrysanthemum vinegar, yuzu kosho; (2) Mozambique lobster, aged tangerine, sesame; (3) cheong fun, gado gado, fermented prawn emulsion: (4) Japanese turnip, flavours of roasted chicken; (5) mantou-prata, candlenut miso, rempah oils; (6) duck liver tart, black citrus powder; (7) 10 day aged local duck, alliums, shaoxing; (8) osmanthus marshmallow, persimmon nectar; (9) corn miso pudding, smoked caramel, burnt bread.

It was a seamless culinary journey but I took my time to consume each dish to take in the wonder of it. You’ll never find similar dishes elsewhere. For the sake of all foodies, I hope that this pop-up will continue because I need more.

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A futuristic food market rolled out by @Deliveroo_SG just this week, the 40-seater dine-in space provides a fully-automated ordering experience from self-serve kiosks to automated digital cubbies!
Home to seven restaurants like @BonChonSG, Rasa Rasa, @TheFlyingSquirrelSG, Chop Shop, Deli Smith, EZO Hokkaido Eats, @Omakase.Burger, CONNAM, @NamNamNoodleBar, Lucky Souvlaki & VIOS - you can find a diverse range of cuisines including Japanese, Korean, Greek, Western and Vietnamese.
🙌🏻It’s so easy, seamless and fuss-free!
• Place orders at the self-serve kiosks onsite.
• Once their food is ready, it will be placed in one of twelve digital cubbies for pick up.
• Receive a notification on a digital status board to pick up their food from the designated cubby, and choose to enjoy it either onsite or take it away.
Lunch: 11am – 2.30pm
Dinner: 4.30pm – 9.30pm

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What’s for lunch?

3-course lunch (S$28++)
Available on Friday & Saturday 12pm - 2pm at @magicsquare.sg .
Starter : Duck liver tart
Topped with citrus jam and black citrus powder
The bitterness and tart taste balanced each other.
Main : Duck confit with curry with coconut milk rice
6 different types of oil in the curry which was very rich and lemak.
Just curry 🍛 with rice very delicious 😋 liao.
Dessert : Corn miso pudding
Made with corn miso fermented in-house.
Topped with Caramel and burnt bread 🍞 powder.
Interesting salty plus a bit ‘Chao Ta’ taste.
Accompanied with still/ sparkling water.
田 Magic Square
Address 🏡 : 5B Portsdown Road, # 01-02, Singapore 🇸🇬 139 311
Tel ☎️ : 8181 0102
Open ⏰ :
Tue - Sat : 6pm - 8pm, 8.15pm - 10.15pm
Website 🌐 : http://www.magicsquare.sg
MRT 🚇 : One North (CC23)

2 more mths till the first run is over and I’m already looking forward to the second run, this time with 3 female chefs! Anyway here are some of my favorite dishes by @abelslc in Jan. The artichoke, broccoli, and corn. More on www.ms-skinnyfat.com link in bio.

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This dish exemplifies the outcome of the new restriction imposed on the 3 young chefs. For this month, they are only allowed to use a maximum of 3 ingredients per dish. And this dessert uses only one. It's all roselle, in different textures, and it's really good.
My second visit here, ever since my first visit on their opening day on 2 May. This is the cosy restaurant at Portsdown, helmed by 3 hardworking young local chefs @abelslc @markerpenn and @dzzfizz, led by Ken Loon @kenloon, under the stewardship of Gabriel @gabesterzz.
Here, expect innovative fishes created with lots of thought and heart, using house-grown produce and top quality ingredients sourced from the same suppliers as @nakedfinn.
But this is only for a limited time, because the last day for Magic Square is some time in end April. After that, there'll likely be a Magic Square v2, but it won't be these 3 chefs anymore.


Not found on the menu, the burrata was a special that evening so do remember to ask the waiters if they do not inform you of them. 300g of burrata was served with its accompaniments and was just nice for the 7 of us. They also gave extra virgin olive oil to go with the burrata which was a nice touch to the dish. However, it was not the best burrata I have had and felt that the whole dish could have come together better.

A light seafood tomatoe soup with a generous serving of fresh clams was a good starter to our meal. The tomatoe soup was fresh and had a slight tanginess to it.

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Baked whole sea-bass, capers, olives, tomatoes & rocket salad

I was pleasantly surprised when the whole fish came as they normally come in a small fillet especially in restaurants like these. The fish was well-cooked and fresh. The capers and olives did not overpower the dish but elevated it instead. They were also very generous in their garnishes with lots of potatoes, onions and tomatoes.

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Tuscan hand-made ravioli filled with home-made sausage in meat sauce

Definitely go for this if you love minced meat and tomatoe sauce. The home-made sausage in addition to the meat sauce makes it a filling dish. The ravioli had a bite to it which I liked but was not as thin as it should be.

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Hand-made fettuccine with hand-made pork sausage & black truffle

A unique creamy sauce which was not too heavy on the palate. The fettuccine was cooked well (al-dente) and the minced pork sausages complemented the dish well. The black truffle on the top adds to the dish by giving it different taste to break up the creaminess. One of the better dishes here.


Mozzarella cheese, black truffle and truffle oil

The aroma of the truffle was strong, however it did not really stand out in taste. My personal preference for the crust also veers towards a thinner, crispier one. Try their pastas and starters! It’ll give you a better experience :)