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Sandwiched between 2 of the tastiest breads with pastrami and cheese! What's not to love!
Going at a whopping (28$) which includes the change of regular fries to onion rings!

Whats not to love when the atmosphere is peaceful , food tastes good and good service! (:

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😋😍 So red rice is complex carbs and healthier option! Super generous portion, love the curry and chicken was so tender! Served with egg and vegetables! 👍🏻
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Old school western food cooked for the Brits earlier on. The roasted chicken was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The mushrooms sauce was too salty while the pork cutlet was too tough. In terms of pricing, it is similar to astons.

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One of my favorite courses at magic square during Chef Abel's turn at the pass. Great mouthfeel and blend of flavors. Already amazingly sweet, the addition of uni was an absolute master stroke. I also really appreciated the pearls of aged Mandarin peel vinegar which kept the integrity of the dish while added a nice sweet zesty tang that lingered long after the course ended.

📍: Magic Square
🚂: One North
💰: $78++
⚖️: Will return! Its a real communal dining atmosphere so you make end up making some friends there. Cooking was quite creative but please drive or grab there

As with every meal I’ve had at, I have my favourites from the nine courses served by the chef taking the lead for that month.
Chef Abel Su does the honours for October and from his repertoire, I was very impressed by the “turnip with flavours of roasted chicken” the most. Having been sous vide before being finished on the grill, the root vegetable was ridiculously juicy. Its edge of bitter-peppery heat was rounded off beautifully by the fragrant creamy sauce derived from a golden-browned chicken.
The other dish I was really into, was the cabbage stuffed with a mince of chicken and chicken liver. Accompanying the bound bundle was a sauce that according to Chef Abel, took a great deal of time and effort to make. I could tell from the complexity in taste.
Getting my fingers dirty was fine because the chicken wings, another winner in my book, were worth it. Glistening with a sticky, sweet glaze, they were stuffed with mochi and shiitake mushrooms for body and bite.
Langoustine had appeared at the start of the meal and it was lovely then, but when the other parts of the crustacean resurfaced in the form of a porridge, that was when my nodding-as-I-ate became extra vigorous. Honestly, if I‘d been blindfolded, I would have guessed it was a lobster bisque porridge. Such was the level of umami potency found in there.
This 9-course menu ($78++) will be available until 31st Oct for dinner, from Tuesdays to Saturdays. A modified 3-course version of it is served for lunch on Fridays and Saturdays ($28++). To avoid disappointment, do make sure to book before heading down.

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😋😍Slow cooked beef so tender it melts in the mouth, served with brown rice and vegetables! Perfect meal after 3 workouts this morning! Thanks for the 加料 @yanyan_can ! 😊
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A creation of Head Chef Sato of Two Michelin Starred Ta Vie in Hongkong, this was the final course before dessert at the collab event at Magic Square featuring him and the young Singaporean chefs Desmond Shen and Abel Su.
It was wild mushroom mania in that large pan, with at least 3 types of mushroom (I’m just guessing here) running rampant amongst the rice grains and cheese. You should be able to imagine how potently fragrant this was based on those ingredients I’ve mentioned. Of course, nothing beat actually digging into that piping hot goodness itself.
Magic Square’s slightly drunk bossman, Ken Loon, then asked us to guess who was behind this dish. The winner was an observant guest Wei Ping (Instagram: @thechubbydoc), and as a prize, received the special “Shine On, Moon” t-shirt produced to commemorate this pop-up. Lucky him.


Chicken, usually not my thing. But I’ve been reminiscing about this delicious stuffed and fried chicken by Chef Abel yum yum yum. I love the Mochi stuffed in the boneless wing, so much chewiness and fluffy like melted muah chee. The glaze was finger licking good of honey and light amounts of Szechuan peppercorn giving you some hint of numbness. I’m not ashamed to say I cleaned my wings and demolished the glaze left on the plate 😜😋😋😋😜

this was among the 9 dishes I had at the dinner tasting by , comes up to about $96 with free flow water. I really love the idea of a chef incubator, allowing 3 talented young chefs like Chef Abel to polish and home their skills! I can’t tell Chef Abel has never owned his own restaurant if you didn’t tell me - all the love and thought fusing his western skills with unique Asian flavors. And so delicious!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼You can have this lovely wings as part of lunch (3 course, fri and sat only for 38++) and dinner (9 course, for 75++) till end Oct!! Abit ulu at Wessex estate to get to but definitely worth it (just take 191 from one north or buona vista for 5-10 mins).

Can’t wait to bring my lovely hb when he visits, and hopefully we get more delicious chicken!!
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Ordinarily, soft pasta turns me off but in this instance, I could see the need for it.
The uni, a specimen of superb quality from Hamanaka, Hokkaido, demanded a proper broad surface to cling to. And once tossed in the heat, al dente-ness would have meant too far a divide from the uni’s melting state. Hence, the pasta’s softer bite proved to be the right partner. It made slurping up of those luscious ribbons, now coated in a creamy umami-ness, simply seamless and thus, even more satisfying.
Little wonder this course is one of my three favourites at last night’s dinner, a chefs collab between @sato.hideaki of @ta_vie_hk (ranked 16 on #asias50best restaurants this year) and’s team of young Singaporean chefs @dzzfizz and @abelslc (@markerpenn is away but will be back in action very soon).