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Top 10 in Portsdown

Top 10 places in Portsdown, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Portsdown

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Portsdown, Singapore.

Probably no cafe in Singapore is as legit old school and kampong as this. It’s located in almost isolation with lots of trees nearby where Cicadas could be heard. The only method of payment is cash which also means there’s no complimentary Wifi available. However, they have an extensive menu offering unique items such as Ox Liver Chips, Marmite Sandwich, Spaghetti on Toast and Nescafe Milkshake. Couldn’t bring myself to try those so I went for a somewhat safer option🤣

The prawn cutlet is basically marinated butterflied prawns thinly coated and deep fried with panko crumbs. Not only is this tasty, it stays crispy even after a period of time!👍🏻 Certainly got me impressed and I wouldn’t mind going for a 2nd visit when I feel like giving myself a treat.

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2nd time dining to Chef Desmond Shen’s creation, to a 3-ingredient theme.
It was an all-cuisine meal, put together with some interesting ingredients, limited to just 3 ingredients per dish. The results were some mind-blowing surprises.
Passed the stigma of having soft-shell turtle and fried Karaage or soft jelly using it as the main ingredient was quite ingeniously good.
With the use of egg white to produce “roe”, he managed to add textures to the fresh crab dish without robbing it of its original sweetness.
We were pretty taken away by how a pea shell miso purée could make a vegetarian lettuce dish so flavourful and tasty.
His desserts were incredibly memorable, heroed by caramelised milk and black pear as the key ingredients.
It was impressive how the flavours in each dish popped, made with mere 3 ingredients. The whole course was filled with surprises from the choice of ingredients, combination of flavours and the different forms and textures presented.

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In my humble opinion, this was Chef Desmond Shen’s strongest menu thus far. Overall, the meal excelled in concept and execution, while also showcasing two extremely unusual ingredients of cock’s comb and Suppon, a soft-shell turtle popular in Japan. There were more than a few courses that had my friend Zhenia and I falling over ourselves to heap praises on them. Even TH did the unthinkable of immediately posting on Facebook about one that impressed him very much.
Working with only 3 ingredients per dish seemed to be no issue at all for Chef Desmond, in fact I think he thrived at the challenge.
My favourites of the night were the sweet-fleshed Kegani horsehair crab course fluffed up with egg white caviar and seasoned with fermented fat crab sauce, the gorgeous vegetarian creation that had lettuce spread with housemade pea shell miso and crowned in crispy fried curry leaves, the intensely-flavoured Iwashi and cream of mackerel roe toast, and the deeply unctuous chawanmushi that had the loveliness of smoked chestnut purée.
The cheese course, a first at Magic Square, also enraptured me. Interpreted by Chef Desmond as a two-bite wonder of in-house produced Koji cheese, caramelised milk, honey and honeycomb, that explosion of funkiness, sweet, crunch, smooth and more wasn’t so much a party in the mouth but an all-out “Burning Man festival”.


Meat platter consisting of steak flanks (the best meat amongst all), grilled pork and grilled chicken, alongside with grilled roots vegetables such as carrot and lady fingers. It also comes with a rather huge serving of salad (not pictured).

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Casting a spell on diners at “Magic Square” in the month of November is Chef Marcus Leow. And boy, based on our meal there on Wednesday this past week, he’s proven to be quite the Harry Potter. In fact, even without a wand to wave, he “Returnillicus”-ed a few of us, myself included, into immediately making another booking on the spot (for lunch since dinner’s fully booked out).
As I sat and ate, I quietly marveled at Chef Marcus’ very imaginative use of Peranakan ingredients. There was a lot of original thinking coupled with solid execution to be experienced that night. The courses I found particularly illuminating were the plump scallop with “kiam chye” jelly and “chap chye” vinegar, the warm, stuffed “cheong fun” in a brilliantly done caramel-like sauce of “hae gor” (fermented shrimp paste) and a silky-soft fish “custard” flooded in a turmeric-rich broth. He also conjured up a fantastic chopped bean salad, showcasing an all-green cast (think “Wicked”) of tomatoes in the “sambal hijau”. This dish happens to be his personal favourite in the menu too.
I preferred the first of the two desserts he sent out. It consisted of a very smooth and creamy coconut ice-cream, Thai dessert-inspired “white rubies” and bits of crunchy cucumber that had been pickled in its own juices so the taste wasn’t too “green” if you know what I mean. Such a beautifully balanced and very enjoyable creation only had me wishing for seconds. Fortunately, I will get to have it again when I return for lunch next Friday. Yay!


Sandwiched between 2 of the tastiest breads with pastrami and cheese! What's not to love!
Going at a whopping (28$) which includes the change of regular fries to onion rings!

Whats not to love when the atmosphere is peaceful , food tastes good and good service! (:

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😋😍 So red rice is complex carbs and healthier option! Super generous portion, love the curry and chicken was so tender! Served with egg and vegetables! 👍🏻
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Old school western food cooked for the Brits earlier on. The roasted chicken was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The mushrooms sauce was too salty while the pork cutlet was too tough. In terms of pricing, it is similar to astons.

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One of my favorite courses at magic square during Chef Abel's turn at the pass. Great mouthfeel and blend of flavors. Already amazingly sweet, the addition of uni was an absolute master stroke. I also really appreciated the pearls of aged Mandarin peel vinegar which kept the integrity of the dish while added a nice sweet zesty tang that lingered long after the course ended.

📍: Magic Square
🚂: One North
💰: $78++
⚖️: Will return! Its a real communal dining atmosphere so you make end up making some friends there. Cooking was quite creative but please drive or grab there