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Feeling a tinge of nostalgia from a return visit at Colbar for a meal with my family, after a ten-year absence. It sure feels good, indulging on some of my favourite comfort food ~ ham, eggs & chips at this old-school eatery. The rustic decor, food and even the menu remain very much the same after all these years.
P.S. Check-out the dessert ~ Fried bananas with honey drizzled over the crispy batter which is absolutely irresistible!
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Love the ambience of the restaurant, as for the Pizza it could've have been better. Soggy in the middle.
In comparison to 2 other restaurants that serve pizza... this is considered average. 3🌟

Going deep back to his roots, his menu had strong influences from Chinese cuisine but interpreted in the manner he was trained. Like a beautifully written piece of music, this shone through in every course and here the lychee oolong sorbet was another case in point. Made without any dairy at all, this had an amazing creamy texture. So good.

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It almost resembles Chinese claypot rice except taken to a next level. I am not a fan of hearts but here I happily chomped them away as it was so good.

This was one of my favourites for the evening. Maybe it’s because I adore yam or maybe as the Chief Magical Officer says, it means so many different things to different diners, for some orh nee, for others bubur cha cha. For me, it reminded me of a yam dish my grandma used to make for us when we were little.

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Under the able hands of Chef Abel, he showcased his culinary skills by reinterpreting it. We all loved this. The duck liver with hints of Shaoxing wine and the yuzu powder, dusted on top. There’s a mild bitter aftertaste. One that leaves your mind lingering in a pleasant way. Oh, if only this was accessible daily as a luxurious snack, I know quite a few of us would make a beeline for it.

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With 18 seaters, one Long table, 2 dinner seating (6-8pm) and (8.15-10.15pm).
And every month, the Chef will take turns .
Feature Chargrilled squid, thinly sliced , with sauce from spring onion, gojuchang, grilled okra.
It’s my favourite for that night, the squid cooked perfectly , the sauce balance well, even I finished the okra (I’m not a big fan of okra).
📍Magic Square.
Portsdown Road,#01-02 5B.

I visited “Magic Square” for the third time recently and with it being July already, Chef Abel Su was the one who helmed the kitchen.
Since this one-year pop-up was created by Ken Loon (owner of “The Naked Finn” and “Nekkid”) to enable the 3 young Singaporean chefs (Abel, Desmond Shen and Marcus Leow) to pick up the ropes of running a business as well as to cook even better, it is expected that not everything is perfect when one dines at “Magic Square”, especially at the beginning of each month. But therein lies the uniqueness of dining here because you can and should provide constructive feedback to contribute to their learning process.
I was there on Chef Abel’s second day of heading the kitchen and despite a bad allergic reaction (swollen eyes at all), he was a real trooper, powering through the 2 dinner seatings.
There were a couple of items from his 9-course meal that I thought could do with a bit more balance in the flavours (and had told him when asked) but there were also others that really impressed me. These would be the following:
1. Steamed Soon Hock, clam and fermented green chilli sauce, kailan stems - The fish was superbly fresh and although the pool of whiteish sauce looked innocent, it surprised with great depth of flavour.
2. Duck liver tart, black citrus - Possibly the most raved-about course by the whole table that night, its minimalist form belied its richness and intensity. Cradled in the gently crisp crust was duck liver that had the texture of heavy cream, while the Taiwanese pepper powdered on top shocked with a sharp tang. Excitingly tasty.
3. Koshihikari rice with duck hearts and tsukune of duck breast - I loved this because the skewer of minced duck meatball was juicy and well seasoned (ditto the duck organ) and the rice held its own with a nice smokiness and some crispy “burnt” bits.
4. Oolong and lychee - This was truly delightful and surprising because the intense aroma of peach that came through in the ice-cream wasn’t from the fruit itself but the Taiwanese oolong tea.
If I have the time, I might return towards the end of July to see how Chef Abel’s menu has progressed.