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Premium cuts of meat and fish feature this 2021 Christmas season.
The Grain-Fed Rosedale Ruby Ribeye features a beautifully seared beef ribeye, tender juicy and medium-rare with a pink center, having bold meaty savoury salty flavour.
Served with a mushroom fricassee, juicy and tender with bold earthy savoury salty flavour, complementing the beef.
Available on the 4-course festive set menu, available from 15 - 30 December 2021, prices start from SGD $88++ per person. Invited tasting.
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This is a must-order main! Every strand of beehood had thoroughly soaked up the braise and this was served with a generous serving of te-kah. The small portion is good for 2 pax, with additions of sides, drinks and desserts. Having had our meal at the Jalan Besar outlet prior, we had thought the portion size would be similarly on the small side (tried crispy horfun the other time, barely enough for 2!) but were told that the large size feeds 4pax. Great that this small portion was a perfect size for two!

This 2021 Christmas, Winestone has invited co-founder and chief mixologist at Section D bar, Dannon Har, to present 5 festive cocktails (available from 15 - 30 December 2021).
The blends take common household ingredients, mixing it up with traditional cocktail aromatics, to create fresh and exciting tipples.
Loved the Cocktail Warm Hugs (SGD $20), with its blend of dark rum, spice infused syrup (cloves, nutmeg), butter, and a cinnamon stick stirrer.
Served warm, like a mulled wine, this has comforting sweet milky buttery spice boozy flavour. Warms both the body and the soul. So good we got a 2nd round. Invited tasting.
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One of the oldest teppanyaki place here and the teppanyaki lobster was impressionable and totally delish with garlic butter infused with the lobster roe. The doneness was perfect.

The sashimi was decent as hor d’oeuvres with otoro of a good thickness. Salmon was a tad on the drier side. The wagyu in medium rare was alright but no sparks. The garlic rice was savory but was served as the last dish with miso soup just before the dessert, which was a shame as we only had a few mouthfuls.

The service was pretty dampening and lacking with majority being student servers and the serving was pretty rush with dishes piling at our table. Point to note: they close at 9:30pm.

Eager to dine out with a friend in awhile, Winestone sounded like a good option as it was on Burpplebeyond and has wine to chat away.
I had so much pent up expectations that the food would be palatable and the selection of wine a great companion to dinner I might have gotten ahead of myself. Sadly the Angus burger came with a dry patty that we struggled to finish, maybe we should opt for a medium patty the next time if we ever order this here again. Then the cod fish was tough compared to the soft smooth white fish I was used to. It’s a pity because the supporting elements (i.e., brioche bun, cream sauce) were all good.

While being critical of the food, the wine selection here is great and not a ripe off, with only a slight mark up from retail prices. I do want to give others food items a chance while enjoying glasses of wines, but maybe only if we happen to be around the area.

Visit #01-10 to enjoy a unique bowl of bak chor mee, as it uses XO sauce instead of the usual chilli paste, which gives the dish an extra oomph from the dried shrimps and shallots! 😋 The ingredients are fairly diverse as you get to enjoy minced pork, fishcakes, a fried wanton, a normal fishball and a Fuzhou fishball with meat in it!

The noodles were also cooked really well, as they were not soggy and remained very springy. This made the dish pretty impressive! For $5, we think it is quite a steal, especially since prices at Newton Food Centre are above average. Do go and try it and you won't miss it because this is one of the stall's nearest to the main entrance of the hawker centre.

Check out the perfect spot to bring your fam for a Teochew-inspired meal! Feast on their signature dishes, such as the Black Angus Beef Tenderloin with Foie Grass ($30), Singapore Style Chilli Prawns ($22) with mantou, Salt-Baked Whole Barramundi ($40), Grandma's Te Kah Bee Hoon ($14), and the White Pepper Alaskan King Crab ($88).

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Fried Oyster Omelette
Ordered through group buy.
Finally reached about 10 minutes to 9pm.

Hup Kee Fried Oyster Omelette
Address 🏡 : 500 Clemenceau Avenue North, Newton Circus, # 01-73 Newton Food Centre, Singapore 🇸🇬 229 495

It’s hard to find an afternoon tea set that offers a good variety of savoury and sweet treats. The English Afternoon Tea with Local Favourites and Rosy Medley Specials ($60++ per adult, inclusive of 2 drinks per pax) from L’Espresso at Goodwood Park Hotel is an exception - there is a wide selection of savoury bites and they are really well done.

I enjoyed most of the savoury items on the menu, such as the Greenland Shrimp with Raspberry & Mango Aioli Open-Faced Sandwich, Tuna with Chipotle Aioli Croissant and Baked Salmon Wellington with Horseradish Cream. Special shoutout to the Traditional Irish Beef & Guinness Stew, which is my favourite dish of the day. The beef is super soft and flavourful, and it is thoroughly infused with the aroma of the beer. I enjoyed the local delights as well - the Nonya Laksa is so rich and lemak that it is borderline sinful.

Apart from the savoury dishes, the desserts are pretty good too. The Raisin Scones are very soft, and I enjoyed the Bread & Butter Pudding with Vanilla Sauce, Vanilla Crème Brulee, Raspberry Breton Sable and Rose Lemon Cheese Mousse. The desserts are generally not too sweet and the flavours are well balanced.

Unfortunately, I did not get to try all of the items on the menu (e.g. Dry Mee Siam, Crispy Carrot Cake Stick with XO Sauce, Chilli Crabmeat with Crispy Mantou, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Banana Pie) because I was too full by the end of the meal, meh. Nonetheless, I’m glad I found an afternoon tea set where the savoury portion is not a mere afterthought / filler in a predominantly dessert-based menu. The price point is also reasonable in view that this is a buffet and the standard of the food is quite high. This is definitely entering into my Top 3 favourite afternoon tea in Singapore!

Vegan Set ($9.90)

Time to indulge in Chef Shen Tan's signature Twice-Steamed Nasi Lemak that’s made with, get this, eleven ingredients.
I chose the Vegan Set ($9.90), a first by her, and enjoyed it very much. For me, the star was undoubtedly the rice - it was as light, fluffy and aromatic as I recall. But that’s not to say I didn’t relish every bite of the beancurd, two sambal stir-fries of crunchy sambal goreng and mushy-soft brinjal, because I most certainly did. There were also the fried pieces of tempeh, fresh cucumber slices and a very appetising spicy and tangy chilli sambal that rounded off my vibrant-coloured serving.

📸 & ✍🏻 by Tastemaker Veronica Phua

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These latest additions to the restaurant’s signature wagyu bentos are available daily for dine in, takeaway and island-wide delivery for lunch and dinner. Priced at $58 per bento, each order is paired with a refreshing side salad of mixed greens with a sweet and savoury sesame dressing. From now to 31 October, any bento ordered comes with a complimentary side of Sakura ebi crackers (U.P. $8).

There are a total of three new bento additions, with the first being the Wagyu Sushi Bento that comes with two styles of wagyu in a box, second is the Surf & Turf Bento, a duo combination of Hokkaido A5 Karubi wagyu and Hokkaido scallops and third the Wagyu Tongue Yakiniku Bento. The Surf & Turf Bento comes with a bed of rice, seasoned sesame and seaweed topped with Karubi yakiniku and scallops with savoury mentaiko sauce while the Wagyu Tongue Yakiniku Bento is a bento of Australian wagyu tongue and Hokkaido A5 Karubi yakiniku over a bed of rice with an onsen egg on the side to give that extra creaminess and richness.
✨ The Gyu Bar
📍 30 Stevens Road, 01-08, Singapore 257840
🌐 http://bit.ly/GyuBarMenu
🍴 [Media Delivery]

The hokkien mee can travel well, its still wet and warm when reached my house,the moment I opened the cover, I can smell the wokhei.
The hokkien mee tasty, had with the naturally sweet broth made from Ang Kar Prawn heads, served with ingredients like squid, prawns, Ang Kar Prawns, pan seared Canadian scallops and pork lard 🤩

💰$48 inclusive of delivery (good for 3-4 pax)

They only sell this every thursday. Preorder by dm or whatsapp to 85111478.
Slots open now for 14/10 and 21/10. Limited to 10 portions,until sold out
Fast fingers, faster dm or WhatsApp them, and it will not go on Enjoy’s main menu due to the difficulty in preparation.

📍Enjoy Eating House