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This dish is inspired by the local orh nee dessert, using three types of yam - sato imo, local yam, mountain yam - to create the hot espuma that forms the foundation of this dish.
Sweet corn ice cream rests on a bed of crab jelly and fresh pear, with chips on the side made from popcorn seeds for texture. These flavours brings the attention to the rich flavour of the Amur caviar.

Back at Gyu Bar with their owner @thetravellingcow, and we had wagyu with yolk in a stone pot. That's lots of premium well-marbled A4 wagyu grilled over binchotan, served with rice that was cooked in the stone pot. It's like comfort food, but done the best way possible.


Pretty decent if you are looking for a rather cheap steak quite close to an MRT. The steaks are nicely peppered but otherwise pretty ordinary. The fries are really good though.

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This place is an iconic hawker centre with a great atmosphere. Most stalls are closed in the morning/afternoon so I only got to try the carrot cake but it was very flavourful! Rich umami flavour and sweet but not overpoweringly so.

🤤🍽 Overall: 9/10!

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🅱️🅱️ Near newton MRT in Balmoral Plaza, this casual eatery shares it's space with Thai'd Me Up. Came here because it was new on Burpple Beyond but it was not very satisfying... We asked for a medium rare steak but we got medium well steak instead that was very mediocre. The sides were alright, though.

| ®️: 4/10 |

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Thankfully got 50% on eatigo.

It's a little expensive for me. But totally worth after the discount.

Please have this dish. Plenty of lamb, juicy and well cooked.

Decor was great, staff super friendly.

5 on 5

50% off on eatigo.

It was okay. Salmon was good and tasty but salad itself was very sour and not great.

We left the salad portion. Average 3 on 5

Staff was nice and friendly. Decor was awesome

OMG what a lovely dessert. Got 50% on eatigo too.

Please go and have the tiramisu here. Just perfect

Got the sirloin with medium doneness. It was job well done. Ample seasoning on meat itself and doesn't go overboard with it too. Meal even came with fixed side dish of butter corn, coleslaw and fries. I do find the fries salty on it own, nevertheless job well done for the main dish. There's even some char on those fats which brings out the crisp bite on it, love it.

Will be back to Savour ribeye in medium rare the next round.

Value: 4/5 (Can do better with black pepper sauce and require more fine tuning for mushroom sauce)

Presentation: 5/5 (Came on that meat board which I like)

Return: Yes, definitely


Always went for this whenever I'm there. Nice crispy waffles with lotsa fillings. Ordered the red bean one for $1.80.