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A bustling spot to enjoy some authentic Middle Eastern cuisine!

Kunafe is freshly baked shredded filo pastry with butter and cheese, served hot with sugar syrup and whipped cream - $13.90

Whiskdom is a small independent bakery that makes phenomenal cookies and brownies from scratch! Better known for their chunky and ooey-gooey cookies as well as brownies that ooze with fillings, you’re guaranteed some decadent treats for sure. Get their classic Assorted Six box ($38) that comes with the following flavours: an Original Chunky Chocolate Chip, a Dark Chocolate Overloaded cookie, a Berries and Creme cookie, a Salted Dark Chocolate brownie, a Speculoos Delight brownie, and a Matcha Cocoa brownie.

With a larger space and at a more centralised location, Simple Cafe is back! And so I had to order their best-selling items that I missed previously like their Satsuma and Spring Onion Amann.

Filled with a cottony Japanese sweet potato puree, the Satsuma ($7) was none too sweet and pretty unique. The sweet potato flavour was light yet distinct and very complementary to the light fresh cream. The sponge of the swiss roll could be a little fluffier in my opinion but the different textures at play were great.

I found my new favourite pastry from the cafe and it is their Spring Onion Amann ($7). An ingenious creation, the flaky laminated dough was so good. Served toasted, there was a nice crisp to the aromatic spring onion studded layers. The homemade sauce was uber savoury, umami even. What’s more, the egg blanket on top was the icing on the cake as it was both soft and fragrant.

Black sesame lattes and cool cups at @soonerorlater.hajilane! I enjoyed mine with just my ok and no coffee for its rich black sesame flavour 😋 It's a nice place to visit but nicer if you don't have to queue 😆

Long awaited cake 🎂 has arrived🤣

Not any special occasion but just purely wanna eat @uncleleeconfectionery cake! 🧡🧡 Specifically @uncleleeconfectionery peanut 🥜 cake 🍰‼️‼️

Wahhh rlly damm shiok!!🤤 I’m telling you it’s freakin good😌🤪

Those who lovee 💖 old school cakes but haven’t tried this, you’re missin out😎

This cake is UlTrAaAa SoFtTttt😵 & that buttercream 🧈 to vanilla sponge cake ratio was perfect for me!😋 Really liked how this cake was also not too sweet!🍬

Every inch of the cake 🎂 is generously covered in roasted peanuts 🥜 I could smell 👃🏻 that fragrant peanut 🥜 aroma even before opening the box!😝 Just amazingly fragrant 👃🏻

It’s also so affordable 💓 $20 for the whole cake!!🥹 Get additional $5 OFF when you shop with @pickupp.sg using the code ‘FOODYDESSERTS’👻

Truly one ☝🏻 of the best peanut 🥜 cake I’ve had so far!!😘

Featuring 📸
~ Peanut 🥜 Cake $20

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Norwegian Smoked Salmon, House-made cream cheese, red onions, tomatoes, capers, lime juice, salt, pepper. This was essentially what you'd expect from smoked salmon, as that's the overpowering flavour here. Not exactly impressed but I guess fans of smoked salmon would enjoy this. This bagel was also much harder in texture than the other two!

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Oven-baked house marinated chicken leg, torched sliced cheddar, House-made truffle oil. Chicken leg was thickkkk, altho a little dry at some parts. Truffle wasn't strong tho, overall flavour was decent.

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Their bagels have been hyped up recently, and finally went to try them! They're located a few minutes walk from Bugis MRT, in Curbside Crafters.

Bekki ($10.50)
USA Wood Smoked Turkey Bacon, Scrambled Eggs with Mozzarella, Torched Sliced Cheddar, House-made garlic aioli. Gotta say their scrambled eggs are pretty creamy, altho the turkey bacon reminded of those used in KFC Breakfast. Their bagels are also chewy and not the softest out there, altho it seems like that's how American Bagels' texture are!

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My fav cafe in the west has shifted to Crawford Lane. Bigger space and more centralised, happy for them.

Location: Simple Café 簡單, 462A Crawford Ln, #01-73, Singapore 191462

Cappadocia Turkish Restaurant is the perfect place to share huge plates of authentic Turkish delights with friends. The restaurant is lively with Turkish music in the background and friendly staff.


🥧 Taro Yam Choux au Craquelin
📍Beccarino's Patisserie (@beccarino.sg)
📌 North Bridge Road
💰 4 for $10

The choux puff is really crispy and light, while the taro cream is smooth and earthy. I think the yam taste isnt super strong, but its also really natural and minimally sweetened.

⭐ Rating: 8.4/10
🤑 worth the price: ye
🦖 would I buy again: maybe
💍 would I marry: ye

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