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Ordered the butter chicken burrito and double tacos (Peking duck and pulled beef). The butter chicken was our favourite and we loved the fusion of tastes and flavours.

Been a while since my last meal at Fatty Thai! Still a great rendition of Thai wanton mee, with meaty chunks of char siew and lotsa lard. It might look unassuming, but the noodles are tossed in a light but tasty sauce that packs a punch with chilli flakes. Only thing that fell flat today was the fried wantons that were kinda stale.


This is what I order every time I come to Mrs Pho - dry rice vermicelli with meatballs, fried spring onion and grilled pork. And it had never failed me.

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See the dish on top for turkey. The male Chef really put sooo much effort into each and every component of the dish. The turkey was marvellous!! So tender and flavourful. Would be good if turkey was served with carbs. The Chef was sooo nice to explain the mechanics of the dish. The other dish (bottom) has interesting Asian flavours, but would prefer if the tomyam was slightly stronger. Highlight would be the deep fried vege (interesting).

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Love natural light in cafes and Wakey Wakey certainly fits the bill. There’s a couch on one side of the cafe which is great for chilling out with friends. The Yuzu Cheesecake was rich and yummy and it went well with the chilled matcha latte.

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Smoked salmon lemon carbonara πŸ‘‘
Priced at $18, this carbonara has a strong taste of lemon topped with loads of cheesy flakes. Served with a generous serving of salmon, you’d not leave the place with an unsatisfied craving. The price displayed on the menu is nett , no GST nor service charge. Do take note this place closes at 4.30pm though !
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟 4 bright stars!

We enjoyed the old school ambience of slow moving ceiling fans, marbled tables and plastic chairs, over the clanking sounds of cups with coffee brewing.
The addition of butter made the coffee smoother and silkier. However, please try to enjoy this either in the morning or if you are looking for a fix to stay awake. Studies have actually shown that butter creates a slow release of caffeine, hence allowing extended period of heightened brain power! Not sure why but the eggs felt bigger than usual too. Loved the fluffy toast. Though it was not crispy like yakun, it was soft and really fluffy. The slab of butter was pretty big too. Everyone should really make some space for old school fare once in a while because it's not only nostalgic, but also more wallet friendly:)

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Loved the old school vibes of this coffee shop and the toast is indeed something here with its crusty edges and flavourful fillings πŸ’―
πŸ€— Thank you @damien_tc for the recommendation!
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The ondeh ondeh was pretty similar in taste with the legit dessert, although it was a bit too sweet. The nutella brownie was of the right richness and chocolate fans will love it! But both melted very fast, so don't take long to snap your photos!

Not the best waffle I've eaten, but the banana in-between the waffles was a nice surprise. Wanted to try their honey gelato but it wasn't available at the time.

Malt milk and cereal combination made the cookie both chewy and crunchy. Preferred the cookie over the crossiant personally, though the cookie is rather sweet for me. Would love if they added more chocolate for that bittersweetness. Definitely gonna be a returning customer though!