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Mixed berries, chocolate ice cream, maple , nuts, sesame praline. While the waffles kinda smell eggy, and taste a bit eggy, its condiments masked it really well. 4/5

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Banana Almond French Toast ($12) and top up $2 for Flat White during lunch time special 😘
The sliced brioche French Toast was thick, airy, fluffy & soft! Love the almond slices that brought some crunchiness to the all day breakfast. The flame torched caramelized banana was slightly too sweet in addition to the already sweetened toast. Found it a bit too much of sweetness to finish the serving 😜
So glad to have my beloved smooth Flat White



The broth was a little too sweet and lacked the meaty depth and complexity I look for in a bun bo hue, but the portion was big with a fair amount of meat and we stilled enjoyed it anyway.

Taste: 3/5


Everything about this was faultless, from the smoky, juicy and tender pork chop to the fragrant, fluffy rice topped with a limpid fried egg. The egg meatloaf was salty and moreish, I only wish there were more of it.

Taste: 4/5


Every bite has a strong taste of the marinade which was delicious and wasn’t too salty! Dipping it in the chilli sauce adds and extra sour zing to it! #burpple

Chicken & Pancakes - $19
Crispy and large chunks of friend chicken is the first thing that will catch you eyes. Underneath hidden the house-made buttermilk pancakes, with the whole dish drizzled with generous amount of chilli maple sauce, which isn’t spicy spicy so no worries. The pancakes are crispy on the outside, kinda rigid as it’s made flat and thin while cooked to crisp, not the type of pancake that I would love. But the fried chicken is worth the indulgence, crispy but not dry on the inside, together with the mild spicy maple sauce it’s a great match. Be prepared to wait especially during weekend as the cafe can get rather crowded
Earlybird Cafe

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This dish is superb, and everything goes so well with each other. The portion is huge, and you might struggle to finish it alone. I would suggest you to share with a friend, so that you can leave some stomach space for other different dishes or desserts.

Not only looks cute, it taste good too! Generous serving portion too! I’m impressed as usually theme cafe food looks nice but doesn’t taste nice, however this was beyond my expectations!
The coconut fragrance from the butterfly pea rice, the fried chicken was crispy too. The sambal paired well with the tempura prawns and rice. And yes, the ramen egg was perfect. Not a fan of potato croquette, but it was crispy so I think potato croquette lovers would love it.

I had 4 tangyuans with peanut soup ($2). The tangyuan here is pretty chewy and they have a variety of flavours such as peanut, sesame, matcha and yam. The peanut soup was yummy with the peanuts melting in your mouth too!

This chinchow ($2) is a lot firmer in texture than the usual ones we have in Singapore and it’s not soaked in syrup so I could really taste the chinchow! This reminds me more of chao kuay in Thailand and I have missed that indeed!