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This comes with vegetables on top + ikan bilis which was crisp and light and salty! Ckt has wok hei and was very clean tasting.

I like that the waffle is crispy on the outside and so soft on the inside. Quite a lot of variety of ice cream. Tokyo banana was interesting. Wasn’t a fan of the Thai Red Tea, but the salted caramel was quite good.

I really like it, fries was crispy, bun was crispy, beef was so soft and tasty❤️❤️

The barramundi fish and chip is so crispy and tasty!

$10.90 for 2 sets with Burpple beyond. Ordered the Butter chicken and Popcorn chicken set. Both were very tasty but I really loved the Butter chicken. Not your typical zi char style butter chicken that’s usually very bland. Extremely flavorful and generous with the portion.

Personally think that if you ordered just the Popcorn chicken set m, it would be a bit too dry.

10/10 would pay $10.90 for 1 set.

Will visit again to try the Fried eggplant and Saliva chicken.

Grab your last few opportunities to enjoy favourites like this Mentaiko Aglio Olio, Hainanese Risotto, KFC & Waffles or their desserts such as the Mochi donut with soft serves before @stateland_coffeehouse closes their door for good on 31st December 2019.

A perfect example of a Japanese-Western fusion dish of pan-seared prawns, spaghetti Aglio Olio and Mentaiko sauce. Experience the burst of sweetness from 5 fresh, plump tiger prawns, coupled with the salty brininess of the popping tobiko. Toss the al dente spaghetti in an umami-filled Mentaiko sauce, sprinkled with white sesame seeds and nori strips. Though creamy, the sauce is especially delectable when it gets coated on each spaghetti strand without being too jelak.

It’s a pity to know that they are closing, so please do catch them soon, and I’d be more than happy to be jio-ed along. 😄

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Blanco Court prawn mee has always been in the running for best prawn mee in Singapore. Came in with high expectations and it didn't disappoint. The soup was umami enough with the prawn stock and they definitely used a good amount of pork giving the soup a certain bit of sweetness. The prawns were relatively big even though I did not get the upgraded prawns. Would come again.