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Okay listen here, I had alot of fish and chips in my foodie career and the best value for over 24 years of my life was Long John silver's. Now, before you start flaming me for lack of taste, I had ate in many F&C restaurants like BLISH AND FO, VANHALIAN BLISH GASKET and SICK BLISH DRAW GLISH. They all freaking suck and lost to LJS, ya I #saidit but today I found something that actually may BEAT LJS after 24 years of fried fish tasting... The Mad Sailor. We ordered the fish and chips as well as the Pesto fish and I have to say that I am now Nemo because I am hooked by what I ate today. If you ever need me, I'll be at the fish tank inside The Mad Sailor trying to hatch a plan to escape back into the ocean, but I'll probably end up back there anyways because the fish was absolutely succulent, flavourful and delicious. Peace out🤪 (P.S. LJS, I still love you)

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Overall was pleasantly surprised at the taste! The laksa pesto has managed to capture the essence of laksa flavour, we can actually taste the fragrance of the herbs. For the fish & chips, the batter was crispy and the fish does goes well with the tartar sauce. As the dining area is pretty small, it might be advisable to make a prior reservation before making your way down.

Yummy!!! It was a tad bit too rich but overall I give it an 8/10 👍🏻 -1 for richness, -1 for no meat LOL (btw it actually went well with the fried chicken from the Chicken & Waffles 😉) worth it with burpple 1f1!

First time here using Burpple 1 for 1 deal, paying SGD6 for 2 chendol soft serve. Getting another cash back with FAVE PAY as well! Big portion as dessert after dinner. Personally feel it taste just nice but my friend said it is abit too sweet. Still we both satisfy with it. Worthy and definitely will come again! *enjoy the soft serve outside the shop, no chair*

“Waffles dry, chicken good” — in the exact words of my sis LOL. But I personally thought the waffles was ok! I loved the pairing of the maple butter sauce with the chicken 😍 Portion was really generous! Worth with burpple 1f1!

Do take note that you might be automatically assigned outdoor seating (when making an online reservation) if the tables indoors are all taken. (Something we wish we knew 🥴)

The best Southern fried chicken in Singapore! Meat is tender and skin is crispy. The sauce was to die for, I had to use my tongue to lick the sauce off my fingers, girlfriend judged me but it's okay, she knows how good the sauce is as well. Excellent service too.

I eat KFC almost twice a week so I can vouch that this is one of the better fried chickens I had in Singapore. Kentucky step up your game pls😂

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Handmade pulled noodles in a divine tomato broth, with beef slices for $13.90.

Every bowl of Noodles comes with half a ramen egg as well!

Been here a few times and the quality is consistent! They have a great weekday Lunch set promo going on for 9.90++

4⭐ 1 for 1 Waffle using Burpple Beyond. It's so worth, $12 for 2 waffles. Both the waffle and ice cream are equally good.
#TwentyGrammes #YuanYangWaffleWithTokyoBanana #CharcoalWaffleWithSeaSaltCaramel #BurppleBeyond

4⭐ 1 for 1 Waffle using Burpple Beyond. It's so worth, $12 for 2 waffles. Both the waffle and ice cream are equally good.
#TwentyGrammes #YuanYangWaffleWithTokyoBanana #CharcoalWaffleWithSeaSaltCaramel #BurppleBeyond

Visited Twenty Grammes due to the Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 deal for waffles. We ordered the Soft serve waffles and the S’mores waffles. The soft serve waffles came with houjicha soft serve by default, which had a subtle houjicha taste that wasn’t too strong. As for the S’mores waffles, we opted for the earl grey ice cream that had a pleasant and light taste. The s’mores were sticky enough to stick to our cutleries upon contact, and it was a tad too sweet for my liking.

The waffles were just nice, neither too crunchy nor soft.

Overall, pleasant experience at Twenty Grammes and it was worth the price with Burpple Beyond. However, I wouldn’t be willing to wait 30 mins just to eat this again.

a unique take on the popular dessert, with all the frills: pandan jelly, coconut shavings and a generous drizzle of gula melaka, for a decent $6. the soft serve is great - not too sweet or cloying, unfortunately it melted really fast (the heat is to blame). i actually like that the pandan jelly came a bit frozen - it acted a bit like a "crunch" to accompany the soft serve, haha.

worth a try, but i think i'll still stick to hawker centre chendol - same satisfaction for half the price.