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Top 10 in North Bridge Road

Top 10 places in North Bridge Road, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in North Bridge Road

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in North Bridge Road, Singapore.

Fried truffle mushrooms were pretty good, although I would say the truffle taste wasn’t very prominent. Shakshuka was very flavourful!

It’s puuuuurfect time that Pusheen Café is coming to Singapore.

But hold your horses, Singapore’s 1st Pusheen Café is only opening on the 6th of January 2019, and for a limited time till March 2019.

If you are not familiar with this cat… the animated feline internet sensation Pusheen, is described as “a female domestic shorthair which is grey and tabby”. Its name came from the word “puisín”, which means kitten in Irish.

The menu will also feature Pusheen-inspired mains, desserts and beverages, specially designed by @LittleMissBento together with the Kumoya kitchen team.

This is the Pusheen-Loves-Pasta Truffle Aglio Olio. Check out what else they have to offer.

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🎶 But first, #coffee. ☕😂 This was my second cup of the day at @tolidosnook yesterday, a delicious sea salt #caramel #affogato. Mmmmm. 😊😊
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Single Scoop with Mixed Flavour of Egglet Waffle consisted of Earl Grey and Fig (one scoop of ice cream, Marshmallow (one topping) and buttermilk & red velvet (mixed flavour) ($8.90) Earl Grey and Fig have bitter and strong taste and matched with sweet buttermilk & red velvet egglet waffle. I found it is quite sweet aftertaste for the waffle and need to mix well in other ice cream taste.

I could cry. Don’t know what took me to long to try this place but it is SUPERB. The four cheese pizza was delicious, the wine list was good (and a very pretty sommelier helped us out too), and the highlight of the night was their homemade pastas, which clearly was so delicious that I ate it all before even taking a picture...

Quite liked this sweet-salty dessert, which tasted really like an actual cheesecake, though I do prefer Tokyo Milk Cheese for a stronger cheese flavour! The regular size is already quite substantial for the price so recommended to grab a friend to share the calories, especially since I feel that the softserve here generally leans towards the sweeter side so it might get kind of jelat if you finish one whole cup on your own.

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Nutella Brownies Cheesecake $4.5
This is good, comes with chewy brownies cheesecake bits, not too sweet.
New flavor: White Chocolate Tiramisu $4.8
This diabetic alert white chocolate based soft-serve is too damn sweet, the coffee fudge sauce is too mild for you to notice any coffee taste at all. Basically sweet till can die!
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Rating: 🌟🌟

Price: SGD 13.95

Extremely creamy and delicious carbonara served here at Positano Risto. Probably one of the best halal carbonara in Singapore 🤪

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

Price: SGD 9.95

Huge portion and tasted great!

Background Story on Repeat:
“We were there for my bf’s birthday. Their ambience and service were excellent albeit the place is a bit small. 😍 They even gave us a complimentary cake and sang him a birthday song after hearing that it’s his birthday. All these happened after i’ve paid the bill. They are the BEST! 💕”

I haven’t had their swiss rolls for a long time. This old-school cake shop sells simple and decent swiss rolls, literally rich & good! All the classic flavors are good, which include kaya, mango, chocolate, strawberry etc. This green tea swiss roll has a mild tea taste, not too sweet. I wish the tea taste was stronger. Anyway, I’ll probably go back to try their new flavor next, Pandan cheese.
P.S.: My cutting skills not bad right? Haha I managed to cut 19pcs. 🔪

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Did not have the chance to visit my favourite country (Taiwan) this year and I guess the other alternative for me would be to visit the shops that sell authentic Taiwanese food in Singapore.

Personally, I have been wanting to jio my friends to visit Eat 3 Bowls, but somehow somethings crop out along the way. I am glad that we finally had the chance to try it together. In fact, actually I went to visit them twice in the same week 😂. My favourite bowl from Eat 3 Bowls would be either their mee sua or the lu rou fan and it makes me feel as though I am at Taiwan.

A good place to visit to satisfy Taiwanese food craving, but do note that items might be sold out before official closing hours. 📍 Eat 3 Bowls
462 Crawford Lane