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Celebrated my friend’s birthday @ winestone. Good ambience (recommended for date night). Highly recommended the seafood risotto. The other pasta (rigatoni prawn) that we ordered was so-so. Do take note that even there’s 6 pax, only up to a maximum of 2 vouchers are all owed. And there’s an exclusion to the steak selection menu as well.

Nestled on Stevens Road, near the entrance of Mercure Hotel, is a 35-seater yakiniku restaurant that offers an omakase menu centred around premium cuts of Japanese beef. The chef even goes to the extent of showcasing their fresh meat to the diners before sending them to the grill. Go for the 6-Course Lunch Menu (from $68) or splurge on the 10-Course Dinner Menu (from $138) for special occasions. Expect to taste five different cuts of melt-in-your-mouth beef and pork.
Photo by Burppler SG Food On Foot

@winestone.sg is a Mediterranean restaurant hidden within the compound of @mercurestevens ✨ the dining area is companied with natural light and surrounding green, the large area makes it especially suitable for group dining and peaceful dining session🌱 TLDR: this place is listed under both @accorhotels_apac and @burpple #burrplebeyond 💕I really like this place as their menu is relatively simple with a delicately curated range of dishes for #farm sourced - #vegan - #vegetarian - #alcohol -infused dishes❤️ each dish does have an organic and healthy clean palate and taste😌🍃 will like to specially highlight their vegetarian “meatballs” ❤️✨you can’t tell that it’s vegetarian-based😍 even though it’s doesn’t taste like meat ( which should be the case) it has the texture and savoury kick that meatballs have and more👍 ❗️🌟highly recommended for groups with people of different taste/food preferences 🌝✨❗️
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So we got the Pappardelle alla boscaiola ($25) and Spaghetti e polpa Di granchio ($28).

The Pappardelle was really good. Pasta was a little softer than Al dente, the way I like it. And it was flavourful with a good amount of mushroom. However I felt like I couldn't taste the beef so I'm not sure if they minced it such that I couldn't really get the meat texture.

The spaghetti had a good kick to it from the chilli crab. It was also creamy yet not too overwhelmingly so. It was my favourite dish from here.

Overall I think the pastas are better than the pizzas here.

Ambience was nice and quiet on weekday night.

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The Bulafa pizza was a bit dull for me. The flavour was quite flat in my opinion. But my friend really enjoyed it so it depends on how much you like mozzarella I guess.

The beef pizza was a little disappointing. The toppings were quite sparse and the beef was just average.

For both pizzas, the crust were thin and yet gave a good enough bite. It was crispy and held the toppings well. I think this was my favourite part of the pizzas.

Tagliatelle Florence ($29) handmade tagliatelle tossed with homemade Italian sausage, mushrooms and truffle combined in a light cream sauce. The pasta itself was excellent, sausage was tasty as well. However, I felt the overall dish lacked the punch in flavor that I was looking forward to. It was tasty but not particularly special.

Al Borgo Pizza ($32) homemade Italian sausage and shrimp on a light white sauce base, with generous amounts of cheese and truffle flavor, topped with greens and cherry tomatoes. This was pretty good, all ingredients used were fresh, the crust was excellent as well.

Much comfort food feels! Did not expect the Kobe beef slices to be done in a slow cooked style but was still good! Very clean tasting dish and not too filling.

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This platter was such a delight!! Roll the prosciutto together with the cheese and wild rockets and you have heaven in your mouth... so worth it. Fresh ingredients and love how the cheese is so mild that it complements the saltiness of the prosciutto. Would totally just order this as my main!

Diavola ($23)- tomato based with mozarella and salami
Bonta ($24)- cream based with grilled zucchini, mozarella, Gorgonzola and Onions
Pizza crust was thin and soft. Toppings tasted great with the pizza. Was very impressed by the Bonta pizza as did not expect blue cheese on pizza to taste so good and non offensive. The restaurant provides you with a basket of bread with balsamic dressing too

Recommend to those who love pizza to tru at least once.

Seabass was alright but the skin was only crispy at some parts. Pea puree was really sweet with the pine nuts adding a twist in taste. Not sure what's so special about the prawn but the wrapped rice wasn't really good


Definitely the best meat sauce I've had in a long while. While the pasta is on the softer side, the sauce was full of beefy umami. Extremely satisfactory and reasonably priced as well