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The perfectly cooked tangy egg noodles paired with savoury, tender bbq pork cheek is no longer a wishful dream. This is hands down my favourite fusion mee kia. Not only is the portion size huge, its fusion aspect was a hint of truffle that didn’t overwhelm the dish but created a synergy that made me crave for more with every bite. The dish is made perfect with a soft boil egg, and is absolutely addictive... Be warned you’ll find yourself craving for more!

The pork cheek is available on its own paired with peanuts, achar & a savoury dipping sauce. A sinful delight that just works so well with the mee kia. I’ll find myself back for more, and hopefully next time with some stomach space to try their deserts!

Tried the seafood risotto & the sauce was p good with the flavour of seafood + tomato. The seafood was all really fresh & amazing tho!

Bread basket was really disappointing.. but it’s free so can’t really complain either

Had an amazing feast with the Har Cheong Gai, Ugly Cabbage (which I LOVED), Prawn Fritters and the highly-raved Te Kah Bee Hoon (unpictured). I really enjoyed everything, could tell that the chefs could produce dishes that were consistent! The Har Cheong Gai was extremely fragrant and well-marinated, the Ugly Cabbage had wok hei and an amazing sauce, the Prawn Fritters had a good chew and the Te Kah Bee Hoon was flavourful and really the star of the show 😍 I'll definitely be back! Worth the price and loved the ambience too :)

Decor was unique and refreshing, representative of the quality and style of the food! if you’re tired of normal hawker tze char, this kicks it up a whole notch. Flavour profile of the cabbage and har cheong kai is complex and unique. Will definitely go back again!

Unique style of cooking hor fun. With seafood and beef and crispy horfun. 10/10 will come back again

Good quality food with good serviceLove how the restaurant put in creative twists to the traditional dishes to create the interesting flavour combination. My favourite is this truffle asparagus and mushroom dish, bringing all my favourite ingredients together!

Pizza taste quite good! Service is good as well. Quiet place, less crowded and have a peaceful meal

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Enjoy has some of the most interesting modern tze char dishes, and they’re well worth the premium. Standouts include Grandma’s Te Kah Bee Hoon with it bold wok hei flavour and Singapore Style Chilli Prawns with rich crab graby - which is best enjoyed with the add-on mantou.

The BBQ Pork Cheek is also very tender and well done, and the Yu Sheng Ceviche was rather fresh and interesting.


Had a few of their signatures including yu sheng ceviche (pictured), barbecued pork cheek, chilli prawns and te kah bee hoon, all of which were well thought out and well executed dishes. My favourite had to be their barbecued pork cheek - grilled pork thai style with a variety of condiments! Big kudos to the chef and his team for getting so many dishes right. Would totally recommend this place for phase three get togethers!


Ordered the Chef Joel's mee kia 2.0, the noodles does not have the eggy taste which is very well made. The pork cheek that came with it is very juicy and has barbecue taste. This bowl of mee kia has a light hint of truffle as well, which is not very overwhelming.

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The Te Kah Beehoon is very fragrant and the Beehoon is soaked in the Te Kah gravy which is very delicious and not dry. The Har Jeong Kai's batter is very fragrant and crispy!


Fish head curry with generous portion of vegetables, yam and beancurd. Not too spicy and appetising when eaten with white rice. Served about 3-4pax ~S$31. Great ambience too.