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Authentic Peranakan

This is really value for money authentic Peranakan food .

Served in a set , you get to choose 2 sides with every chicken / beef Rendang order.

The sides are all good - ranging from chinchialok egg , curry toufu , nonya chap chye .

You also get a dessert ( ie bo bo cha cha , gula Melaka ) and a homemade drink of your choice .

Best for meals when you are eating alone because you can taste a variety of food with just one order .

I must say that the standard of food here wins Ivins ivins ( which is rather inconsistent these days with very watered down rempah ) so this could me my new place to come for a casual / fuss free Peranakan food .

At 12 dollars , this doesn’t break the bank too .

The omelette is really good, it taste so eggcellent

The other dishes are ok.

Free flow rice and sweet potato porridge.


They have the most attentive yet stress free service I've ever seen, furthermore it's a buffet. Ambiance is good for chatting.

I heard that their meat station is the star, but their seafood medley (mistakenly tagged as seafood aglio olio) really stole the show. Fresh juicy prawns and squid, broth is mild but still refreshing. Cheese baked oyster is pretty good too, fresh and not at all over cooked.

German pork knuckle is the best dish at the meat station, but only when it's just brought out. Steak is cooked rare and 30% is pure fats, tough time cutting those away.

The selection is small, and the price is rather expensive, but with 1 for 1 deals @$30+ per pax, worth it.

This new item at IKEA is to be blamed for sleepy eye in the afternoon. Big chicken thigh, spicy long bean with the gravy coated hard boiled egg. So full for lunch meal. Basic yet a good send off for Friday.😚

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Best avocado juice could only be found in Alexandra Village Food Centre. We frequent this stall 盛丰 #01-11 or King Avocado #01-17. Both are similar in taste but we prefer the former for it is not so sweet. Their strawberries milk shake is tasty too.

List of stalls I visited:
1) Ah Ken (Next to Fatty Cheong's Wanton Noodle stall)
2) Bao Zai
3) Fatty Cheong Roast Meat stall
4) Yong Kee Famous Fishball Noodle

Ah Ken
Mushroom Minced Meat Noodle ($3)
- Contained 2 meatballs, minced meat, slices of mushroom, pork liver and pork
- Really spicy
- Noodles clumped together but probably because I neglected it for awhile
- Noodles were slightly too dry
- Mushrooms lacked flavour and only provide additional texture to the dish
Price: 9/10
Taste: 6/10
Overall: 7/10

Yong Kee Famous Fishball Noodle
Mushroom Minced Meat Noodle ($4)
- Contained minced meat, slices of mushroom, pork liver and pork
- Noodles were much more fragrant and had a lovely mushroom fragrance; Tasted like it was infused / cooked with mushroom oil
- Noodles had a nice bite and was wetter than the previous stall
- Chili was not overpowering
- Pork was meaty and juicy
- Thick, sweet slices of mushroom provided additional depth to the dish

Bao Zai
Char siew Bao ($0.70)
- Meat filling was the saltish type
- Substantial amount of meat for a bite-sized bao
- Contrary to Eatbook's review, I found the layer of bao too thick for my liking and that the bao-to-meat ratio was disproportionate
- Overall, felt that the bao was only average
Price: 7.5/10
Taste: 5/10
Overall: 5.5/10

Fatty Cheong
Roasted Pork Char Siew Rice ($4)
- Sauce was thick and sweet
- Sambal chili was fragrant and not too spicy complementing the sauce and the dish really well
- Roast pork belly had a smoky taste but the crackling was not crispy
- Char siew was dependent on which part you get
For me:
1) Fatty slightly charred char siew melted in my mouth and was deeply satisfying
2) Char siew with more meat was slightly overcooked and was quite hard
3) Hit the jackpot at times with charred pieces that had a beautiful caramelisation
- Lives up to the hype and I highly highly recommend!
Price: 9/10
Taste: 9/10
Overall: 9/10

Additional notes: Ask for additional sauce and help yourself to more chili. Seriously, this chili goes hand-in-hand with the sauce and is barely spicy. If you have to choose between the roast pork and the char siew, definitely go for the char siew, roast pork was only average. (The guy behind me ordered the same thing but asked for more char siew... he clearly knew what he was doing.)

During our latest visit, we noticed the appearance of Soufflé Pancakes on some diners’ tables and decided to hunt the stall down. It will be impossible to miss SweeT.Rex with its cute and vibrant push-cart store front that stood out from its neighbours.
As the pancakes are freshly made upon ordering, be prepared to wait for about 10-15 mins.
We got the Soufflé Pancakes + Ice cream ($5.00) with caramel sauce. There are also chocolate and strawberry sauces alternatives. The pancakes do not wobble much when vigorously shaken and have a light Japanese cheese cake consistency upon visual inspection. However, they have a much lighter texture which is closer to something like mousse when tasted. Every bite is also accompanied by a very light hint of buttery and milky fragrance.
The vanilla ice cream was a major let down as we thought if done well, this creamy accompaniment could have perfected this dessert. It definitely was not worth it to pay a dollar more for this cold, tasteless blob.
While you’re waiting for the upcoming soufflé pancakes at VivoCity, this might be a good substitute in the meanwhile to satisfy your cravings.
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Such a delicious and hearty bowl of hand pulled noodles in meaty sauce. The red oil dumplings ft. in the background is another favourite. This I would brave the queues and heat for.

Since I'm no cafe hopper, I had low expectations. But one order and I can say this is a cafe that knows what it's doing. This dish was exciting and generous, traits you don't associate with cafes. Apart from the egg, there was smoked salmon, bacon, mushrooms, broccolini and toast.

Very salty and lacking wok hei. Quite disappointed after all the hype. I very much preferred the hawker centre’s zichar a short walk away

6 pieces of deep-fried chicken goodness! Like the promotional posters, each piece has red and green speckles - possibly curry leaves and chilli flakes. It also goes surprisingly well with curry sauce. At 0.81 cents per piece though, this comes with a price tag.