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Best of the Best Durian Chendol

Location: Yat Ka Yan Dessert 一家人, 190 Middle Rd, #02-08 Fortune Centre, Singapore 188979

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Decided to pop by after seeing so many Tiktoks about this. Could see that the price increased by alot but I guess that's to be expected. Had the Mental Don ($12 for small) and the Salmon Sashimi ($16 for 5 pcs). The Don, while good taste-wise, will be quite lacking for a big eater. The salmon sashimi was as thick as what's shown in the toks, but I don't think it's worth the queue and price (and definitely DON'T try to eat the entire disH by yourself, it was too much by the 3rd pc). Might come back to try the makis, but I think I could get better quality at about the same price elsewhere. Also, THEY ONLY ACCEPT CASH.

Nestled on the second floor of Fortune Centre, I always see a long queue at this quaint little shop and finally decided to drop by. The queue moved rather quickly and I decided to get the Soup Set of 3 (from $5) to try a variety. Chose the (from left) Almond Black Glutinous Rice, Almond Black, and Tang Yuan in Ginger Soup. They came in smaller tasting portions but I thought they were still sufficient for 1~2 pax. Special shout-out to the black glutinous for being one of the better ones out there as well as the ginger soup which was oh-so-gingery. Will definitely head back to try their other items, especially the chendol which I saw on many tables.

(Clockwise from top left) O'Conner Striploin 250g $36, Duck Leg Confit $28, Carbonara $20, Cauliflower Steak $18

Always love the chill vibes here, and the food while slightly expensive are consistently great. The dish that was the highlight was strangely enough the cauliflower steak, it was sooo good - the grilled cauliflower alone was so flavourful, but paired with the romesco sauce took it to a whole other level. We loved the other dishes as well.

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we got the ratchada pork bowl ($9.80+) & the pork came cooked till crispy! personally i enjoyed it v much & would totally return for it, esp at this price point after burpple 1 for 1. the bowl also contained a good variety of ingredients and the rice was fluffy and drizzled with gravy. portions were generous too. however, my friend didn't enjoy it as much as the crispiness of the meat didn't suit her palate. all in all, it really boils down to personal preference but it's not expensive to give it a try anyway!

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Looking at the long queues at this burger joint, many seem to love their food here. However we do think otherwise for most of the food items we had.

The Number One ($14), which consists of a really thick fluffy bun, a variety of cheeses, bacon and a beef patty was indeed a pretty good burger. The beef patty was thick, juicy and flavourful and the cheese was melty and had a strong savoury flavour. However, I felt like the bun is really too thick, and I preferred if it was grilled more. Fries ($5) were good, though nothing too much to shout about. They gave a generous amount though!

The Number Four ($14) was some yellowfin tuna patty which sadly was dry. Felt like the spicy sauce didn't complement the fish patty too. Sad this was disappointing.

We had chocolate and strawberry milkshakes ($10 each) too, and they were nothing much to shout out about too.

I think the beef burgers may be a "can try", but perhaps there are better places.

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Came here for dessert after eating Thai food for dinner next door, and this was much needed to cool down the spiciness from dinner! I had the salted butterscotch while my partner had the hazelnut, and with burpple’s 1 for 1, the total bill was $5 (had to add $1 for premium flavour for hazelnut). Would come back again if I’m in the area for a nice treat!


Ordered Coconut and Horlicks with #BurppleBeyond - 2 cups @ $4.00. We preferred the latter as we found the coconut ice cream too crumbly and milky. Can get a little crowded but a nice place to chill nonetheless!

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Visited Victor’s Kitchen on a Saturday night for dinner and it was quite packed but we didn’t have to queue for seats. Was rather excited to try their HK milk tea (the unsweetened version) but these days, they serve them with sugar only as they are pre-made. While it still retains the tea fragrance characteristic of HK milk tea, I wish they would offer patrons a no sugar version instead.

For our dim sum, we had a bowl of fish with century egg porridge. It came in a larger than normal bowl and was pretty filling for two people to share when you’re ordering other dim sum dishes as well. They gave a few big chunks of century egg and fish slices as well. On top of that, ginger and spring onion strips were also added, likely to neutralize the fishiness of the porridge dish. It’s definitely comforting for the tummy but nothing exceptional.

The fried prawn dumpling was the first dish served to us and as the plate used was big, the dumplings appeared really small in comparison. That said, served alongside tartar sauce, the prawn dumplings did concern a substantial amount of prawn meat and the skin did offer a nice crunchy texture after being fried to a nice golden brown color.

Was personally most excited for the chee cheong fun - with a fried youtiao encasing prawn meat being stuffed between layers of the silky rice roll. It’s a really nice combination of soft and crunchy textures, with the soft cheong fun contrasting with the crunchy youtiao before you reach the innermost layer of fresh juicy prawn meat. At the side, the usual sweet sauce was given but it wasn’t a sauce that would complement well with the cheong fun in our opinion.

We also had a bowl of their XO sauce with steamed carrot cake, which featured strips of radish and lup cheong cubes embraced by soft carrot cake in a bowl. It’s rather unique compared to the usual fried carrot cake pieces at dim sum places. What we liked best about this dish was the XO sauce that came in a metal saucer that we also enjoyed with other dim sum (like the chee cheong fun).

Not pictured, we also ordered their glutinous rice that my partner found a bit too soft for his liking but I personally thought the pillowy soft rice grains were quite enjoyable when eating with tougher chicken meat served in the dish.

While prices are on the higher side, the quality is worth paying for and most dishes are quite authentic. As a bonus, you probably wouldn’t have to wait as long for a table compared to swee choon but the trade off is that you do have fewer options here.

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🍔 When you want to treat yourself with burger...
Go for 25 degrees (the best burger in town we said!)
The set comes with curly fries & ginger ale
👍 My pal go for Number 1 Burger (the classic) $15 juicy! (Not pictured here) normally i won't rave much as too many choices here when it comes to burgers but for this one, worth checking it out! 🐡😉

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Really liked the Bingsu and the milk tea ice cream :) not a super huge fan of the bread below (forgot the name hehe)

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Got these two flavours after reading the other reviews. Coconut was great and had bits of coconut flesh inside. On the other hand, the salted Butterscotch was okok.

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