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Top 10 in Bencoolen

Top 10 places in Bencoolen, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Bencoolen

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Bencoolen, Singapore.

I find it kinda hard not to get their waffles whenever we drop by for their ice cream, because it's yummy and super duper affordable. Love that they ask whether you want to drizzle maple syrup on it too.

Price: $4 for two waffle squares

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The toppings such as the caramelised onions, gorgonzola and thousand island sauce also join together to create a blend of robust and complex flavours. Probably one of the best in SG, it can satiate any burger lover.

Defo recommending this! yam cake with large chunks of steamed yam & Chinese sausage bits. Never had a yam cake so crisp on the outside and tender and smooth inside.


Silky smooth dumplings in szechuan sauce, loved the freshness of ingredients and that it's choked full of minced pork, shrimps and napa cabbage. Definitely not a super meaty one that you'd get tired of after a piece or two.


Situated at the basement of SMU is Kenboru, a Japanese inspired joint selling various rice bowls with a range of toppings such as salmon, shabu beef, duck breast, and tofu. We ordered the teriyaki chicken bowl which came dressed with a generous amount of torched mentaiko sauce. The chicken was tender and flavourful, with an onsen egg that combined all the elements of the dish into gooey heaven. Service was quick and efficient. With fast service and quality food priced at a reasonable $6.90, what’s there to complain?!

This has a total belly score of *drumroll*: 3.75/5! 😋 🐓

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I couldn't believe that everything we ordered had no animal product!!! It was amazing and so filling!! My sister was not a fan of the konjac sashimi however our vegetarian friend didn't mind it. Worth coming here even for meat eaters!!!

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👉A5 Japanese Wagyu Ribcap👈
Sliced Ribcap Strips (Kagoshima) Grilled & Served With Japanese Potato Salad.

👉Angus Short Rib Strips👈
Extra Marbling Short Rib Strips Accompanied By Japanese Potato Salad.

👉Glass Onion Rings👈
Served with creamy garlic mayo.

Bearing no expectations for the food at @theglassonionsg, I actually left the place with a pretty satisfied tummy. Though the food were slightly oily in general, the Wagyu ribcap and short rib strips were actually quite tender and tasty. As for their crunchy onion rings, they were just simply addictive and I couldn’t stop munching on them instead of the mains 🤣.
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Not a fan of creamy stuffs but their mentaiko sauce isn't too heavy which was nicely charred to give out a lovely smoky taste. Not to mention about their thick sliced salmon 😍

Choose a base, meat (ranges from $5.90 for vegetarian tofu option to $10.90 for salmon) & any optional add ons. The #mentaikosauce here is done well - savoury and torched to give a smoky flavour. The duck meat was tender but quite fatty so if you’re looking for more lean meat, I’d say go for the chicken ($6.90)/ beef ($8.90). P.s as it’s found in #smusg, smu students get $1 off!
📍@kenboru_sg, #B1-65, School of Information Systems, SMU, 80 Stamford Road

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Always the reliable spot for a brunch fix. Like this crisp toastie of bacon, scrambled eggs and cheddar.
Comforting, and easy on the wallet hole at $10. Coffees pulled are also decent, with acidic undertones. Have a nice last Sunday of the year everyone ~~#kithcafe #kith #brasbasah #brunch #herpenandfork #sgblogger #sgfoodie #8dayseat #burpple #vscofood #openricesg #cafehoppingsg #instafood #instafood_sg #onthetable #stfoodtrending

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Was looking for a place to chill and catch up, so we needed a cafe that's not crazy noisy. Found this cafe along Wilkie Road that's bright and spacious, with lots of natural light coming from the windows. Definitely somewhere I'll come again when I needed to have conversations with a friend.
My eggs benedict on hash brown came sitting on this bed of crispy thin potato strips, goes well when mixed with the runny poached eggs in hollandaise sauce.
And of course when lunching with Gail, we also wanted an instagrammable spot suitable for ootds. The bright airy space with natural lights from the window is perfect for this.