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A new flavour that’s only available while stocks last, this is a perfect 3-in-1 combination when you can’t make up your mind between chocolate or tea, tea or floral. Pretty amazing how the combination of these 3 distinctive flavours actually worked out fine to produce a trio of flavours that are all distinctive on their own. First bite, the characteristic floral fragrance of lavender strikes through, and subsequently the chocolate justified its presence with a luscious, chocolatey flavour coming through. Last but not least, the lingering aroma of earl grey tea leaves appears as a subtle, mellow companion to its partner in crime - Lavender, that was prominently present as both a first and aftertaste in this scoop of enjoyable, creamy delight! Hardly would you see chocolate combined with earl grey and lavender as it might get overpowered by the 2 stronger companions but this was an exception, one that made all 3 flavours stand out on their own, quite an interesting an unique creation that surpassed expectations! 👍🏻 On a side note, this ice cream parlour has always been one of my usual hangout during Secondary school days and I especially adore the salted butterscotch flavour most! 💖 Am glad that the flavours still upholds to expectation but would be great if the texture of the ice cream are smoother and more refined, without any shards of ice crystals present, unlike the one I had here.
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Spicy chicken drumstick. 

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Brioche toast was so good! Will be back for their bread.

🐟 skin is crispy, the flesh is a bit dry and tough, could do better on that. Potatoes are awesome, the leaves could be better, don’t fancy that type of leaves.

The overall ambience is nice, great service, food lacking hopefully the next time round it would be better.

Use entertainer for 1-1 offer! Will definitely visit again, to try other dishes with entertainer 😜

The pandan chicken was flavourful and tender. The sambal was well done, quite springy and the right amount of spiciness.

Not for the faint hearted with a numbing after taste.

Shiok in a bowl!

Love this! Grilled to perfection and not too tough.

Their chicken wings were really crispy and delicious, but I think their spring rolls were slightly too brown. Probably can give these a miss.

Price: $3.90

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The size of each piece is huge! 😄
You really really need to open your mouth to swallow the whole thing hahaha..
It tasted really delicious also.