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One of our favourite places to get extremely affordable noodles and dumplings! A9 used to be housed at a cosy little spot on level 3 but has recently moved to a much bigger space on level 2. The noodles are on the softer side yet retain a QQ texture. Though simple, it’s a warm and comforting meal after a day of studying.

The noodles and dumplings are already so affordable, yet A9 still offers special daily discounts! Look out for them on the blackboard placed outside.

We ordered Sapporo Draft Mug and Salmon Mentaiko Donburi (1-for-1)
The counter seats offers the view of the chefs hard at work and great music 🎶

$4 dumplings (15pc)
$4 Dan Dan Mian
$5 Zha Jiang Mian
All nett pricing

WAITING TIME: Went during off peak hour, we were the only diners so it took under 5 minutes

- Noodles texture is very interesting, not your usual la mian. Looks like the thin version of korean jjajangmyeon noodles and almost as chewy.
- We both didn't like the Zha Jiang Mian. The seasoning was too strong and not well balanced.
- Dan Dan Mian was nicer but not your usual DDM with peanut sauce. One would think this is just a Spicy Mala Noodles with minced meat.
- Dumplings are nice and super cheap!
- Drinks here are cheap, around $1+
- Coffeeshop plastic chairs, no music, no ambience, but cheap!

WILL WE RETURN? Will not specially return but may pop by for cheap dumplings if we are nearby.

The atmosphere and ambience of the cafe is good and hippy. The place and food is also very instagramy, however the toast itself is plain and the toppings and ice cream is very sweet, I would say that the toast still lose out to After you cafe dessert in Bangkok. But oh well, this is an alternative after all in the period of covid :P

Reached at 5.15pm and was second in queue; by the time the shop opened, it was full house. Ordered the cream croquette ($4.50) which came in 3pcs. Would say that the batter was light and not as oily as other places, but wouldn’t order it again. It was pretty underwhelming and the filling wasn’t mashed potatoes but rather a thick cream with corn.

The dish that worn me over was the Ebi Mango Maki ($12). There were 6pcs of maki. Mango was sweet and the prawn was fried to perfection and not oily. The seaweed and tobiko also added sufficient umami flavour to this. The Salmon Mentaiko Don was also a winner but that being said, it’s hard for this dish to go wrong and many other places offer this. Would have to say that the torched smell lingered really well and that the amount of mentai was generous.

Dessert at @yatkayan

Durian Chendol (S$4.80)
Almond Black (S$3.50)

Yat Ka Yan Desserts & Snacks 一家人
Address 🏡 : 190 Middle Road, # 02-08 Fortune Centre, Singapore
Open ⏰ :
Mon, Wed, Thu : 1.30pm - 10pm
Fri - Sun : 1.30pm - 11pm

Matcha Boba Latte (Iced) (25% Sugar) ($6.90) was quite smooth texture and not that milky taste. I really like their chewy and not that sticky boba pearls. I want to try their other drinks next time if I am at the area 😅.

Meet this humble bowl of yummy salmon Mentaiko. It is slightly smaller, filled with plenty of salmon and the rice is delicious with the wasabi provided.

Staffs are friendly and helpful too. Used it together with the burpple beyond app, totally worth an eat

Their burger is very tasty- meat was well marinated, patty was of the right texture. The dish comes with crunchy fries and portion is generous for 1 pax. Overall, very satisfying meal!

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Booked staycation at Hotel G, which came with dining credits at Ginett. Food portion is good for 1 pax, chicken was tender and tasty!

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Finally back again today at one of our fav comfort spots for v simple yet solid bowls of springy dan dan noodles + dumplings. No-frills spot, no fancy toppings but so shiok and affordable. The owner also does random daily promos, but if you’re extraaa lucky - once a month there’s a crazy 50% off the whole menu! & that means like ~$2 for noodles, $2 for 15 dumplings or even $1.50 for 20 frozen dumplings! A9’s on the 3rd floor of Fortune Centre just right next to the escalator, but they will be moving down to the back area of 2nd floor soon.


💸: $14

💬: Definitely know why there is such a big hoohaa over their burgers because not only is it yummy, it was bloody affordable!!!!! the number 3 was good, but I'd still stick to number 1 the next time I'm there, strong flavours and yet tastes very comforting