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One of the dimsum places that has maintained its’ standards and is not overstated like Swee Choon. The 红油抄手 and xlb are reaaallly good. Can skip the custard bun it’s just meh and really oily.

Carbonara was nicely cooked with a raw egg yolk $14.90
Smoked Salmon Igloo - Egg benedict on a bed of avocado goes well with 2 slices of toasted sourdough bread $18.90
Coffee was normal.
When I arrived, service was good. And I requested for another table bcoz my dad decided to join us. But as I was waiting for my dad to arrive, they kept asking if my dad was arriving as they can't let me hold another seat. I'm glad he arrived finally.

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Tasty hearty portion of dum briyani, curried vegan meat inside, $8 a plate & side serving of curry.
Flavourful and really satisfying!
Masala tea, $2.50, to add the aromatic experience.
Two balls of Gula Jamun to finish this lovely meal as dessert.


From this new establishment within Hotel Bencoolen, run by the same folks behind Deli’s Kitchen at Sunshine Plaza that is known for their stellar Roast Beef Donburi. At just $17, the Uni Roast Beef Udon comes as a steal for uni lovers, with the noodles drenched in uni cream, alongside roast beef and uni. Patrons can get to pick between hot and cold Udon for all Udon items, and can opt for small (200g), medium (300g) and large (400g) sizes — a salad and soup buffet can also be added at $7. Uni cream is pretty creamy and savoury; not too heavy on its own, while we absolutely loved the noodles that was not too broad, thus not too starchy or filling whilst carrying enough bite. The roast beef was tender without being too gamey, while the uni was smooth, creamy and briny. Offering so many types of Udon at an affordable price, a spot I would not mind visiting again!


It was not bad, beef was not tough and not too many fatty parts. However, it was pretty mediocre and failed to impress. A tad on the pricey side too, but at least the portion was quite decent.

Also added on some Honey glazed tofu for $1 because it sounded so good i wanted to try it. However, i must say i was pretty disappointed because the tofu was so underwhelming. It tasted just like the firm tofu braised in soy sauce that my grandma used to cook, just that it was less tasty LOL. Ok well, $1 only la hor.

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Located just beside wilkie edge, twenty eight cafe has beautiful industrial interior and a simple menu to offer. We ordered the 28 signature burger and I wanted to try their breakfast. Decided with the eggs benedict as it contains hash. It was a light dish, not too filling as it does not have the conventional bread. The poached eggs compliments the potato crispiness of the hash.

If you’re wondering, this is from Dragon Tree Katong Laksa in Bugis. I guess nowadays the word “Katong” doesn’t have any value for laksa anymore. 😂

food was nice. worth the value. but drinks normal