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Loved their burgundy wallpapered indoor and outdoor space, but it literally felt 25 degrees “celsius” when we were dining but we still liked their friendly service there 👍🏻🤗
We definitely had to try all their burgers 🙌🏻 So we literally tried all their meat patties!! Oh and I have to emphasize that all of us love the flavor of the buns, it was unanimously the main star of the burger 😋
🍔 Number One & Two ($14 each) — We could choose our Beef patty to be done medium rare or medium and luckily, it turned out just right and only slightly bloody. However, we thought that the beef patty could be marinated better, but overall was still a good burger 👍🏻
🍔🍔🍔 The last pic was the craft your own burger which our friends made it up of 3 patties! Ground Sirloin, Turkey and Yellowfin Tuna. These patties tasted different from the regular beef patties, so if you are willing to try something different, you could craft your own burger! 🤤
🍟 Skip the filthy fries or truffle fries, it was soaked in bacon gravy and salty respectively.

We tried their Australian Black Angus MB3+ Rib Eye dry aged for 6 weeks and 3 weeks; and Australian 30 to 36 months Pasture Fed Angus Beef Rib Eye MB3+ (left to right).
Each steaks have different textures and flavours. The 6 weeks dry aged rib eye is the best of them.
The meat is juicy and succulent, and as it slowly melts in your mouth the intense flavour of the beef will make you go MOO MOO.
Full review of @ginettsingapore dining experience is available at Chubbybotakkoala.com or follow the link at the bio page.
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Find shelter and warmth on rainy days at this Chinese joint on Middle Road and indulge in a vegetarian steamboat with your closest pals. Burppler Raine Liu recommends the Sausage ($3.90) and Vegetarian Lamb Meat ($3.90), where the mock meats soak up the flavourful Laksa and Herbal soup bases. You could also spice things up with their numbingly aromatic Mala Yong Tau Foo ($20.90) that is wok-hei heaven.
Photo by Burppler Raine Liu

An always reliable Maggi goreng. I'm not sold about their other food though.

Let the fish oil met your tongue and melt.
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The meats are imported from passionate suppliers, such as Rangers Valley, O’Connor Beef and Stockyard, who offer premium quality beef, renowned for consistency, flavour, tenderness and succulence.
The different types of beef offers are :
1. Pure Black Angus Beef, MB3+
Premium quality beef that delivers an exceptional experience
2. Australian Wagyu Beef, M5
Boasting a robust flavour with the snowflake-like marbling, the beef teases with a hint of texture amidst tenderness
3. Australian Angus Beef
Natural free range and GMO free – at no point are growth hormones or antibiotics used
Here are some of the beef that we tried, from left to right.

Australian Black Angus MB3+ Rib Eye, aged for 6 weeks $48++ (270 days grain fed)(250g)
Australian Black Angus MB3+ Rib Eye, aged for 3 weeks $48++ (270 days grain fed)(250g)
Australian 30-36 months Pasture Fed Angus Beef Rib Eye (Natural free range, antibiotic & hormone free) (250g)
Swipe right to see the Scottish Salmon $32++
Thank you @ginettechittick and @rain498 for the hospitality!
Check my profile for the link to my full review!

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If a cup of thick hot cocoa is your thing, you’ll be spoiled for choice at Lowe’f. They have two variations of hot chocolate, cocoa no. 1 and 2. Both are served with crumbled meringue to add some crunchiness and sweetness to the beverage. Cocoa no 2 is richer, smoother and less bitter. That said, unless you try both of them in the same sitting to pick out the differences between both beverages and determine your favourite, you’ll probably find that both are solidly amazing cups of hot chocolate. Decadent, velvety and chocolatey - I’m dreaming about my next visit already!

Lowe’f has revamped their menu again! There’re fewer sandwich options for breakfast, and they manually swap out the pages as the day progresses (soups and more burgers available after 11.30am).

The eggstatic brioche remains on the menu with a set option daily till 11.30am where a brioche goes for $8 with a coffee or tea. The basic eggstatic brioche is buttered with Belgian butter and served with scrambled free-range eggs. There’s quite a variety of add-ons, but for this, we went with the classic combination of eggs, luncheon meat and cheese. This is truly a bundle of comfort foods all rolled into one. Fluffy scrambled eggs, a generous slab of fried spam, and melted cheese right on top. Sent us straight to breakfast sandwich heaven. However, the sandwich did feel a bit too filling thanks to the oiliness of the toast. The slickness of the wrapper was evident, and the brioche left a huge grease stain. Would prefer if less butter were used, might request for that next time!

Scrambled eggs, aged orange cheddar, pickled shallots and coffee mayo sandwiches in a brioche bun.

The scrambled eggs at Lowe’f are in a class of their own - they’re fluffy, full of volume, and so delicious when paired with the sharp savoury cheddar and sour pickles. I love that the pickled shallots are not just sour, but have a hint of natural sweetness. They add a mini juicy crunch to the burger too. The best part of the burger comes in the coffee mayo. While the coffee isn’t that strong, it’s pleasant and aromatic, and pulls the individual components of the burger together with the lightly buttered brioche bun. My only critique is the buns and sandwiches at Lowe’f tend to be quite oily/buttery, which is probably why they wrap them for you, but you’ll clearly be able to see all the oil absorbed into the tracing paper after.

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Tarts are usually only baked on weekends or public holidays, and I was lucky to see the Chocolate Cherry Tart and Lemon Tart on display. My eyes went straight to the chocolate tart, with a contrasting half cocoa dusted layer and the precise line of cacao nibs, it was certainly gorgeous.

Each of the tarts are handmade, and the amount of pride and hard work that goes into them are evident. The owner, Don, shared that they were made with chocolate imported from Europe and morello cherries to give that winning bitter and sour combination. The base is also made from rye which is good for the gut, so this tart is also healthier!

The tart base holds up very nicely, and keeps its shape without crumbling even after we sliced it into 8 pieces. It is the right thickness and the taste of the chocolate tart base is on point. The chocolate filling also holds its shape well, but remains soft to the touch and melts lusciously in your mouth. I loved the rich and slightly bitter chocolate, especially the half with the cocoa dusting. The cherries do impart a certain tartness that cuts through while complementing the bitterness, and it’s an incredibly addictive combination that I couldn’t get enough of. For a small cafe that doesn’t even specialise in making tarts, I was blown away by this chocolate tart. It’s not the most polished (I do like this exterior better than the crisp smooth tarts that many patisseries sell though), but it’s the most honest to goodness and most affordable I’ve come across so far. I’d definitely recommend picking up a tart if you do see it when you visit Lowe’f, because I definitely will!

The opposite of the angel hair pasta - this was pure indulgence. Onion deep-fried so hard it tasted so. The unknown sauce was also damn shiok.