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Butterscotch goooooood!

Milo also good, but nothing special.

Next time I pint Butterscotch home. Awesome.

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Buttermilk waffles were crisp outside, soft and fluffy inside and went so well with the melted cheddar + mozzarella and ham. Drizzle the honey on top and I got that sweet & savoury combo that I adore. Truffle mushrooms and salad with goma dressing on the side were good too. Didn’t expect to like this so much actually.

Will come back again.

I was craving for fried rice, and this place suddenly came into mind. Visited it before long time ago and the taste still memorable.

Chicken Fried rice $5, I like the rice grain & how they cooked the rice. Definitely you can taste the MSG which gives this dish a punch of umami flavour. Next time, I plan to order their Tom Yum fried rice as it looks quite appetising when the waiter served it to another table.

The service is quite friendly, she asked me if I want warm or cold water as free complimentary.
Walking out from the shop with only $5 bill. What a satisfying meal.

As weekend is quite packed at the shop for dinning in, I decided to takeaway their egg tarts $4.70 and HK Style Yin Yang cold $3.20. Their egg tarts is freshly made, you can feel it on your first bite. Although it’s not fantastically delicious but the freshness and the warm serving will definitely make your tummy happy. Paired it with HK Style Yin Yang cold, and you’ll realise they are a match in heaven.

This dish came as a surprise to me as it looks like you tiao. I even ask the waiter to double confirm if they served my order right.

As the saying goes, don’t judge the book by its cover. This is the most surprise dish between 3 dishes that I ordered (siew mai, golden egg yolk lava bun, fried carrot cake with thousand island).

It’s crispy, and tasty at the casing. Wrapped the soft carrot cake inside. Never expected thousand island will compliment fried carrot cake so well.

Love it!! ❤️ the salted egg sauce inside was delicious and it was quite generous amount. Smooth, milky and slightly salty. An unforgettable bite especially when served hot. Definitely live up to the fame. Their siewmai also quite bouncy & juicy but not the star dish. Visited this shop at weekday noon, which not as crowded as dinner at weekend.

No GST & Service Charge

$1 on Thursdays. Where to find a better deal? :)

Tried it for the first time during Phase 1 re-opening in the post-Circuit Breaker period, and the Shabu Burger has become pretty much my go-to order here ever since (there is probably one occasion that I gave this up for the Eggstarter — another burger which I was actually pretty impressed with).

Some may argue that the Shabu Burger isn’t quite a burger — the lack of an actual patty with the burger being served with beef slices instead; but that’s also the same reason why I liked it for how it’s not as heavy as a typical burger. Featuring elements such as Black Angus Beef Shabu, Yakiniku Sauce, Bunashimeiji Mushroom, Spanish Onion in between Brioche Buns, the Shabu Burger may not be the contender for the burger with the most impressive stature (thick patties and well-decked out components), but this certainly wins big on flavours. I always liked how the buns are light and fluffy; slightly toasted and buttered for a bit of flavour that isn’t too sinful, but compliments the beef slices that is marinated in Yakiniku Sauce so well — a balance of sweet and saltish notes. The sliced beef comes with some Bunshimeiji Mushrooms in the middle — gives a bouncy bite amidst a slight hint of earthiness, while the sliced onions provide a slight zing when one chews on a slice that cuts through the flavour bomb of the burger itself. Wasn’t quite into the fries the previous time I had it, but was told to go for the add-on for they seemed to have improved on them since then; definitely way better being crisp and well-seasoned with paprika and other spices for a distinct note similar to cajun.

Waiting time was a little long on the day of our visit, and that beef slices were kinda stuck into a clump of meat as opposed to what we have had previously; slightly off but not too bothersome — perhaps they are trying to get used to the operations after the renovation considering they had transitioned to table service recently amongst other changes. Still, Wildfire Burgers is a place we always look forward to visiting just for the occasional splurge; the burgers aren’t too pricey anyway to begin with (with most single portion options falling below $15 for the burger alone) — and the Shabu Burger is certainly a unique burger that I would find myself going for again and again ...

Booked a table for 2 with my mum on new year's Eve for the $1 oysters. Had wanted to try their beef wellington and spoke to a friendly server about it who shared that it's part of the festive platter (good for 3-4) as you can tell from the spread. There was just 2 of us but she said we could takeaway so I was sold. Lobster tail, pork tomahawk, turkey roulade, brussels sprouts and bacon, potato wedges. My mum and I had it for 3 meals after :p

Thinking back on this massive crab from @kappousushi - the meat was super sweet and tender and the crab itself was a sight to behold!

Red bean soup with lotus needs. Freshly made