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This chendol was so shiok! Especially when we were eating on such a hot day 😌 the gula melaka was so rich and the red beans were slightly crunchy too 😋

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We ordered the hazelnut and valrhona chocolate.

The hazelnut was very fragrant, one of the better ones I've had in Singapore! Just a pity I think the fridge wasn't cold enough, my ice cream was pretty melty. On top of that, the texture was not rich and smooth enough for my liking. Its also a bit too sweet for my liking.

The chocolate was pretty good. Its thick, rich and dense and texture was on point.

We used Beyond and paid $4.90 in total, having to add 70 cents for each scoop as both are premium flavours.

My childhood lunch place when I was studying in NAFA arts✨ it used to have long queues and tables only along the corridor👍 a very unique shopping centre experience, now they have a shopfront but lesser business due to inconsistent quality of dimsum🤷‍♀️ but after 2 years, I’m back and wow the standard is back and better!!!! 👍 love their XO steam carrot cake and custard buns💕 it’s time to support them again😂

Served with a generous portion of chicken. The chicken was juicy and lightly battered. Goes really well with the demi-glace sauce. Wish more sauce was given. Beneath the layer of egg was fried rice with a hint of tomato taste. Self-service soup and water are available. Overall an affordable and tasty meal.

From Rung Reuxng Thai Food; a newly-opened food court stall at Broadway Coffeeshop Sim Lim Square. Must say that this rendition of the classic Thai dish really left quite an impression — a generous portion of rice matched with just enough meat to go around; the stir-fried basil minced pork not only being savoury from the fish sauce, but also carried a medley of flavours such as that of the basil and the Chili for a spicy kick to tickle the taste buds. A pretty well-balanced mix of flavours overall, which makes this rendition a pretty palatable one — something which I would consider having again when I am here (which is pretty often anyway, I would say!).


I love this ice cream shop and am so pleased they're on @burpple beyond. On the left: seaweed (top), salted butterscotch (bottom). On the right: oreo milk (top), horlicks panda (bottom). The seaweed flavour is new. A little funky, but the vanilla base is familiar and creamy, while the seaweed retains its crisp. Oreo milk had large chunks of oreo, although I felt the chocolatey base could have been more flavourful. Horlicks panda and salted butterscotch were both good.

My favourite ice cream place with very palatable flavours and affordable pricing.

Price: $6 for double scoop (I got 1-for-1 double scoops with Burpple Beyond)! #halfeatenblog #merelyicecream #icecream #burpple


Previously reviewed on the red yeast wine mee sua and green curry rice #jylovesvegepot On my quest to find the best thunder tea rice in Singapore and so i decided to head down to Vege pot to give their thunder rice tea a try😊

1) Thunder tea rice TTR ($6.50) - 8/10
-Consists of brown rice (quite well flavoured with mushroom seasoning), topped with long beans, braised tofu, cabbage, carrots, chickpea, sayur manis and preserved raddish (chye poh); served the the thunder tea soup~
-Their thunder tea soup was browner than usual. Personally i felt that the brasil and mint that was prominent but not strong in terms of depth. It was on the savoury side and I felt that its too salty to drink it on its own. However, if you mixed it with the rice and the vegetables, the harmonisation between all the elements was insanely perfect and very hearty! It felt like an homecooked meal filled with warmth and really reminded me of my childhood meal where i mixed everything when my mum cooked 三菜一汤 together. Special shoutout to the braised tofu that is really aromatic
-Their thunder tea rice is really different from the usual!! It tastes really more healthy and clean; feeling more like mixed vegetables and rice with soup. If you are looking for something more healthy and willing to try a different type of TTR, i really recommend this. Its not the best that i have ever tried because the ingredients used is quite different from the usual "traditional" version but its definitely the best unique TTR I've tried and topped the spot in terms of homey and hearty feels. THANKS FOR BRINGING BACK MY CHILDHOOD MEMORIES❤

2) Claypot Sambal fish rice ($6.90) - 6/10
-Their sambal was really flavourful and tasted similar to assam minus the sourness. The spices was really distinct and fragrant.

Taste: 3.5/5
Worth it: 3/5 (quite pricey but its homey)
Overall: 6.5/10

No go
Can go😁
Must go (must go for me in terms of the thunder tea rice YUMSS)

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Got 1 for 1 on ice cream. Had 2 scoops instead of 1 cause of burrple beyond

Rest waffle is huge and filling. ice cream is super heavy and tasty.
I tried butterscotch and oreo.

Server is extremely friendly and polite. 5 stars for everything.

Tip: don't go inside sunshine plaza, the shop is accessible from outside.

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Fantastic ice cream worth every extra second of exercise needed. Generous serve size and perfectly done cripsy waffle. Definitely coming back again

A must try for mushroom lovers, vegans or healthy food lover!

Been eating this for years and I really love the thick mushroom soup base.

Only minus point is that udon qty is not that much but the really delicious soup always make my day!

Add-on the peach gum cheng teng and o-passion juice which is made up of passion fruit. Both taste good though on the more pricey side.

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The food was really spicy even though I asked for the lowest level of spiciness... also forgot to take a photo of the dead cockroach in a corner beside the cashier...

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