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Number 1 Burger at $14
The burger overall is on the salty side but the beef patty (medium rare) is juicy with the nicely toasted bun, will recommend to eat the burger together with the given sides (lettuce,onion,tomato and pickle) to reduce the Jelakness and for that extra crunch and flavour

Iced Milk Tea $3.20
2 Egg Tarts $4.70
香脆鲜虾腐皮卷 $4.80
腊味蒸萝卜糕 $4.80
2 菠萝叉烧包 $5.20
腊味珍珠鸡 $5.80

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Checked out the new Wan Wan Thai Cafe along Bencoolen Street; the cafe is by the same folks by Aroy-Dee Thai Kitchen and is located on the second floor of the shophouse where Aroy-Dee Thai Kitchen — a rather hidden spot considering how the shop is hidden away from view from the ground level without any clear signage indicating its existence when we visited.

Their operating hours do not reflect on their Instagram and Facebook business pages; that being said, some websites have listed their operating hours at 12 noon — arrived at 12:15pm thereabouts and was told that they were only open at around 1:00pm to 1:30pm. Found ourselves having a light bite in the area, and returned for just the Bingsu because we have had Kaya and Butter Toast by the time we came back. Settled for the Mango Bingsu considering Wan Wan Thai Cafe is pretty much a Thai-themed cafe at heart, but while the shaved milk ice was very well-executed being incredibly smooth and fluffy without melting too easily, the mango cubes were disappointing at best — a little raw for our liking with some bits being still hard and crunchy, while the softer cubes felt it was coming short of the sweetness usually associated with Thai mangoes. Otherwise, the entire Bingsu did feel quite decent — aptly sweet from the whipped cream, mango ice-cream and mango sauce after a slight drizzle of the condensed milk on the side. That being said, a 45 minute wait for a Bingsu is a little excessive; appreciated how the staff did inform us about the long wait and apologised upon order, though having just one staff prepping everything from Mini Toasts to Bingsu to drinks from their opening to somewhere mid-meal does seem somewhat understaffed given the crowd there on a Sunday afternoon. A decent place for sweet treats if one has the luxury of time to wait, though probably the Mango Bingsu is one item I would not likely to return for.


A refreshing drink using crisp and Sweet Asian Golden Pear fused with Rosemary and floral Tie Guan Yin. $5.80

Great ambience, went for sat lunch at 12.30. Beef was worth it with burrple one-for-one, paid 41/= for two ribeye and one glass onion fries. Value for $!

$3.50. Nice combi of flavours. Light & smooth.

$3.50. The savoury Cai poh (preserves radish) goes nicely with the chee Cheong fun

$2.80. chee Cheong fun goes well with the gravy