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Towkay Neo’s eggs Benedict came with 2 perfectly poached eggs (ie runny yolks) on a bed of spinach, served with homemade toasted broiche. The brioche was kinda small, with the eggy taking up 75% of the surface area. So do not expect the kinda lightly toasted, thick fluffy brioche from Wild Honey. The spinach certainly looked overcooked and therefore, had turned foresty-green rather than bright green. Thankfully it’s still pretty soft and moist. The hollandaise was tangy and rich! For $13.50, it’s pretty decent and a great alternative to the really pricy ones from Wild Honey at >$20 (& still my favourite place for benny!)

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An amazingly wide selection of cakes here!! Spent so long choosing a cake to eat. Finally decided on this - filled with salted caramel buttercream and topped with pistachio :-)

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Beautiful location 😌 unfortunately, we couldn’t use burpple beyond on the breakfast which I was looking forward to. Went for the Ju’s prawn pasta which did not disappoint! However, the fried chicken waffles were a disappointment - both chicken and waffle were not crispy!

Nice and awesome meal, definitely will come back again.

Do not order this. Made a mistake of ordering this at Bakery. All their other baked goods is amazing. Cake, chicken waffle etc etc. Corn beef hash is not their forte. Hubby said “I have no idea what I’m eating” - and almost wanted to walk out. Chicken waffle MUCH better choice:

Thought about giving the chilli crab mac n cheese (~$18) a try since I heard it was good, but it was such a let down ☹️. Macaroni tasted like instant macaroni, and it got Super jelak quick (I ate less than half of it). Chilli crab portion was decent but I felt that the cheese was too creamy though the fusion had potential to be better.
Fish and chips (~$18) didn’t taste fresh and the fries were..... tasteless.....stale and not crispy.... ALSO the aircon here was so cold our food got cold in like 15 min? .

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Cakes:! The Bette Midler (~$9), was supposed to be a blueberry earl grey cake but.... none of us could taste the blueberry at all lol 🤔 Cake tasted too buttery imo. 🎂🍰 Liked the Lemon raspberry slice (~$9) more because of the layers of raspberry and lemon cream! And!!! The puff pastry on top of the cream cake added sooOo much texture!

More on ig @goodfomood

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Tiger prawns cooked in crustacean cream, chilli flakes, garlic and tossed with egg pappardelle - had a creamy taste to it but absolutely loved this! Good portion size! Prefer this to the Laksa Pesto Pasta!

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Tasted just like laksa! A bit on the spicy side, pesto added a nice flavour to the pasta. Prawns tasted fresh and was not mushy! Good portion size!

Green Tea Praline ($9, left) And Raspberry Lemon Cake ($9, right)

The raspberry lemon cake totally stole the show! The raspberry and lemon flavour blended so well together and gave my tastebuds such a pleasant surprise when I took my first bite. Would give this a 9/10 rating.

The green tea praline was however a disappointment. Green tea cream on the cake was meh, tasted like cheap cream and the sponge cake was average, nothing special. Would give this a 5/10 rating.

Note: they have cakes inside the fridge as well as outside. The raspberry lemon cake was part of the selection outside and the sponge tasted more moist than the green tea praline which was part of the inside selection.