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This luxurious bento is also served with wobbly unagi chawanmushi and refreshing Japanese pickles. A really satisfying meal for me as I get to enjoy all my favourite Japanese delicacies at one go!

Don't miss this special dish which is available for a limited time only from 19 April to 20 May 2019. Furthermore, diners will receive a S$20 voucher when they dine in.

Unagiya Ichinoji
📍Riverside Village Residences
30 Robertson Quay
Unit No.: 01-05
Singapore 238251
Tel No.: 6732 1970
📍Suntec City
Eat At Seven
Sky Garden
3 Temasek Boulevard
Unit No.: 03-307
Singapore 038983
Tel No.: 6268 8043




Matcha in Full Bloom, in line with the hanami (flower viewing) season in Japan. This is also the first dessert buffet in Singapore to feature Wagashi, Japanese traditional sweets. They’re so delicate and dainty!😍

Lewin Terrace’s Chef Hidenori Takahashi ensures that each dessert is handcrafted in house daily, and the star ingredients they use— matcha, sakura, and strawberry— reflect Japan’s famed delicacies.🍓🍵🌸

This dessert buffet is included in their 3 or 4-course lunch menus ($58/$88), otherwise you can order it ala carte for $38. It’s available every Wed-Fri, 1-3pm.

Thanks to Andrea and Vernice @lewinterrace for the invite. #dinewithflorence #foodpornography #foodphotography #foodlover #dessertporn #desserts #desserttable #instagood #instafood #foodbeast #foodgasm #foodstagram #burpple #singaporeinsiders

Omg yes pls! 🌸

Starting 17 April, @lewinterrace will be introducing the Oh Matcha! Traditional Japanese Dessert Buffet 🍵

Expect sweet treats such as mochi, sakura desserts, azuki soup, goma ice cream & of course Matcha! ❤

Super super love the Matcha desserts which are mildly sweet with slight bitterness. Yumz! 🌱

Also, in celebration of #LewinTerrace 5th anniversary, they will also be offering 50% discount for reservations made for 2 diners*. You can make your reservation via @chopesg 😉
🗓 Wed to Fri, starting 17 April 2019
📍21 Lewin Terrace, Singapore 179290

Thank you @lewinterrace for having me! 🙆‍♂️
*Terms apply

#matchalove #FoodMakesCalHappy

Premium Beef patty topped with saiteed shiitake mushrooms with onions and a side of fries😋 Upgrade to cheese fries to satisfy your tummy 😆

🔸Ichinoji Mixed Box: $36.80++
All my favorite things in a box: unagi, tuna, salmon, hamachi, Kagoshima Wagyu beef, and ikura.🤩 comes with unagi chawanmushi. Delicious!

🔸Unagi Tantan Men: $19.80++
This was the first time I tried their noodle dish, and I loved it! It was a little spicy and very flavourful, especially combined with their yummy unagi. Comes with unagi rice & unagi chawanmushi.

🔸Pei Pa Koa Cheesecake: $6.50++
Pei Pa Koa pannacotta layered with crushed digestive biscuit & US cream cheese. Do give it a try! I ended up finishing the whole thing even though I was full.😋 Only available at the Suntec outlet, limited to 50 daily.

Dine in from 19 April to 20 May 2019 to get a $20 voucher.

Thanks to @brandcellar @unagiyaichinojidining for having me! #instagood #instafood #dinewithflorence #burpple #singaporeinsiders #foodpornography #foodphotography #foodlover #japanesefood #foodbeast #foodgasm #foodporn #foodstagram

Matcha in Full Bloom featuring a spread of traditional Japanese sweets. This spread will definitely appeal to all the ladies out there with an emphasis on Matcha 🍵 , Sakura 🌸 and Strawberries 🍓 .
Matcha lovers can look forward to matcha yokan, matcha warabimochi, matcha dorayaki and matcha monaka. Unique to this season is also the sakura roll cake (with sakura petal flowers), sakura macaron, sakura mizu manju and a delicate daifuku with sakura leaf (foodgem’s favourite!). A tip to foodgem readers, goma ice-cream with delicious cookie crumble is available upon request and is a perfect end to the meal. .
All desserts are specially handmade by the restaurant chefs and you will find so matcha delight in them! .
Where to dine?
Lewin Terrace
23B Coleman Street, Singapore 179807
Thanks @berryandfigs for the review.

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The two dishes are Unagi Tantan Men & Ichinoji Mixed Box, which are available for a limited time only from 19 April to 20 May 2019.
Receive a S$20 voucher when you dine in from 19 April to 20 May 2019.
P1-2: Unagi Tantan Men $19.80++. The Unagi Tantan Men is a hearty, piping hot bowl of goodness.
The ramen noodles are soused in a thick & velvety soup base that has been blended with peanuts & sesame paste.
Perched on the noodles are juicy morsels of spicy minced pork & half poached egg.
Served with a side of unagi rice as well as unagi chawamushi & Japanese pickles.
P3-4: Ichinoji Mixed Box $36.80++. The restaurant’s signature unagi, along with fresh kaisen tuna, salmon & hamachi, glistening globes of fresh Japanese ikura & charcoal-grilled Kagoshima A5-grade, is served in a traditional shokado bento.
Served also with unagi chawamushi & Japanese pickles, this is a most satisfying set.
P5: Pei Pa Koa Cheesecake $6.50++.
Cap off the meal with the Pei Pa Koa Cheesecake, which is available exclusively at the Eat At Seven outlet at Suntec.
The base is Pei Pa Koa yoghurt panna cotta; the dessert is also layered with crushed digestive biscuit & USA cream cheese with Hokkaido milk.
At the topmost layer is a melange of mascarpone, sour cream, cream cheese & an invigorating drizzle of Pei Pa Koa.
Only 50 cups are available daily.
Unagiya Inchinoji
# 01-05 Riverside Village Residences,
30 Robertson Quay,
Opens Daily: 11:30am to 3pm; 5:30pm to 10pm
Tel: 6732 1970
Eat At Seven Outlet
3 Temasek Boulevard #03-307, Sky Garden Suntec City,
Operating Hours: 11:30 – 15:00 (Last order: 14:30), 17:30 – 22:00 (Last order: 21:30)
Tel: 6268 8043
FB & IG: @UnagiyaIchinojidining
Thank you Jo & Melissa @brandcellar for the invite; @unagiyaichinoji for hosting.
#FoodinSingapore #WhatMakesSG
#burpple #burpplesg

Seen here, the DIY Mee Rebus, where u define your own protein & beansprouts to carbs ratio. 🌱
Better yet, the entire buffet spread is low salt. Hence, taste is mellowed compared to mainstream eateries elsewhere.

7 %f ## on rotation daily at $32++/adult, y/ $15.80++/child.
This easter, 1 child dines free with every 2 paying adults. So, bring your clan to feast, while the young ones indulge in egg painting & activities (adults can feast in peace)
Kudos to @vumarcoms & Cafe Lodge for hosting, and great company with @rain498 @chubbybotakkoala @tiara_star 👍
Like this post and flash it upon entry to enjoy discounts on your bill, for a limited period only.

#cafelodge #ywca #fortcanning #buffet #promo #localcuisine #sgfoodies #sgblogger #sgig #localfair #burpple #eatigo #yelp #8dayseats #chope #quandoo #foodstagram #instafood

2 to 4-course lunch menu ($38 - $88). 🌙
6-course Spring Awakens dinner Menu ($155) 8-course East Meets West dinner Menu ($198)
📸 & 📝 @myjream
Location: 23B Coleman Street, Singapore 179807
#lewinterrace #burpple #burpplesg

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For any museum goer, you’d notice FFT tucked away in the corner of National Museum, where whiffs of coffee & food will carry you right to their doorstep.

The usual suspects of brunch is available, but there’s also a variety of mains & pastas.

For affordable dishes that can’t really go wrong, I went for the spicy pulled pork linguine. Stressed pieces of pulled pork were tossed in aglio olio styled linguine, topped with cherry tomatoes, a bacon slice & a sunny side up.


I don’t take beef, but if you’re looking to ‘zhng’ things up, I guess this is an option for you! Apart from unagi, this set comes with charcoal grilled A5-grade wagyu imported from Kagoshima, Japan. It’s also served with miso soup, unagi chawanmushi and pickles.

Thank you @unagiyaichinoji for having us and @brandcellar for the invite! ✨


👍🏻 = my faves

1) matcha cheesecake
when eaten together, i could only taste the biscuit crust 😅 but when i ate the green part alone it tasted faintly of cheese. tbh i got this twice for the crust only 😂
2) sencha jelly
tasted like matcha pudding! this one wasn’t very sweet and was nice even for a person like me that doesn’t like pudding/jelly
3) fresh berries tart 👍🏻
it tasted a little eggy and the crust was buttery. loved the combo of fresh tartness from the fruits with the tart.
4) chocolate tart 👍🏻
it was a tart crust with a dark chocolate inside. it was quite dark so this tart was quite chocolaty but not too bitter. crust was buttery. i love chocolate desserts so this was a yes!
5) chocolate pound cake 👍🏻
this was dark chocolaty too, and quite dense + moist. i love pound cakes!
6) chocolate macaron
tasted like a normal macaron. too sweet for me tho
7) charcoal matcha swiss roll 👍🏻
loooved the cream! it tasted like melted green tea ice cream and was creamy & smooth, with some red beans inside. the cake wasn’t v moist but the cream overpowers the cake so i was okay with it.
8) ichigo daifuku
wasn’t my style 🤔 the combi of mochi, red bean & strawberry was quite weird. i also felt that the mochi skin was too thick & soft? but personally i prefer hard and chewy mochi as compared to soft mochi.
9) matcha/ichigo madeleine
was my first ever madeleine, and it disappointed me... it was dry & had 0 matcha taste :( ichigo madeleine was slightly softer but also didn’t have a distinct strawberry flavour.
10) matcha pudding, ichigo tiramisu, mixed berries jelly
pudding was freaking sweet and had too faint matcha taste, tiramisu was just like strawberry & cream though they said it had mascarpone cheese? & the jelly tasted like hand soap 🥴
11) ichigo mille feuille
2 thin pieces of pastry with ichigo & cream. was not bad!
12) ichigo chiffon
too dry & no ichigo flavour
13) matcha & ichigo ice cream 👍🏻
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