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Ordered their Pistachio Raspberry Tart & Vanilla Strawberry Choux & Butterly tea(?).

All very average and sour but preferred the vanilla strawberry > the other one. The butterfly tea just tasted like orange juice to me hahaha

I wished it was a bigger cup. Sweet and rose smelling. Love it!

Sweet sweet toast. First time trying figs; not that I'm a fan of the taste. But the bread was toasted and caramelised. Good for dessert.

Brave the rain, just for Le Jardin. Beautifully decorated flowerly cafe. It was still the Christmas mood, so there were Christmas trees (pine trees) around. We managed to get the last available seats due cancellation by one customer. Otherwise we would totally be stucked on Fort Canning.
Food was alright. I liked the scrambled truffle eggs. And the crossiant Waffles, surprisingly good as well!

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Had the burpple set which is 36++ for a main, drink, starter dessert. Only has western fare. Their desserts were gd.

But you can easily order their ala carte which are on one for one. Very comforting home favourites.

Trust us, even though the burger looks really small, the fries will be generous enough to fill your tummy! The beef burger was the highlight of the meal and we felt it was well done as the bread was soft while the beef patty was tender and juicy. Furthermore, the burger comes with a layer of melted cheese on top of the beef patty and that was just awesome!

The fries were also served piping hot and they were crispy! However, you may wish to note that these are normal fries and they are not truffle fries. You may want to check with the restaurant if there is an option to upgrade to truffle fries since they do serve truffle fries. The dish was $24++ but we enjoyed 25% off on The Entertainer.

To be honest, what we loved most about The Masons Table was the dining environment. It was really spacious and there were not many diners when we visited on a weekday, so it is a really conducive place to have a catch-up with your friends! 😁

Mermaid Tears - $8.90
Lemon Meringue Tart - $11.90
Step into Le Jardin and you will teleported into a fairyland that’s filled with flora. Look around, you will notice everyone ordered a blue drink, which is the Mermaid Tears beverage. It’s actually butterfly pea tea with freshly squeezed lemon juice with sugar syrup. I love my citrus, so the Lemon Meringue Tart definitely hits my palate. Reserve a table to avoid the hours of wait
Le Jardin

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One of the highlights of my meal is to devour this earl grey cake with distinct notes and the strawberry sorbet which was so refreshing and not artificial!

The best part of this place is that it’s housed in a beautiful colonial building with warm inviting interiors. Thought it would cost us a great deal but we booked through eatigo which gave us 40% off our bill??! Definitely worth it for the ambience food quality and personal service. My fav is probably the earl grey cake and strawberry sorbet 😋

Really enjoyed this dish!

But I do know that some ppl prefer loads of garlic in their garlic rice. This won’t be it then. But it was just nice and enough for me so that was good!

This laksa is as good as it can get. Gravy was Gao and flavourful. Got chicken inside as well.

Bestseller to me! They have one for one on this as well, so do come support.

Service is also impeccable.

Came nicely done - requested for medium doneness. Mashed potato was awesome and flavourful.

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