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The beef cheeks were soft and good! Risotto was just right for me!

Didn’t take a photo of the sourdough bread and breadsticks but those were the bombs!! They’ll serve more if you ask! Super super delicious!

It’s run completely by the culinary students! So I guess the experience may vary, but it’s nice to support them too :)

This was yummy! The combination of flavours and textures was really nice!

Would skip this, it was soft, could’ve been more roasted.

Spicy chicken and mushroom melt @ $18

The bread is really nice.
The fillings are ok - can't really taste the spiciness but overall is good.

Some dishes might be quite expensive but might come back to try the dons next time.

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From KEK Tampines
The cooked egg version of ζœˆε…‰ζ²³η²‰.
Quick tossed with wok hei!
Yummy lunch.


Don’t missed out on craftsmen mains! They are pretty decent as well! The sweet potato fries are πŸ’―πŸ‘

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Kothu Prata Special (S$6)
Fried prata with green chillies, onion, egg
Served with mutton curry

Khairun Miyah Indian Muslim Food
Address πŸ›– : Chang Cheng Mee Wah Coffeeshop, Blk 201C Tampines Street 21, Singapore πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ 523 201

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Got this at the Singapore Food Festival but you can also enjoy this flavour at their permanent outlet. Hojicha ice cream was average - you can taste the roasted tea but the texture was more thin and powdery as opposed to the thick creamy texture of gelato that I personally prefer. I liked that it comes with rice puffs on the top for an extra crunch.

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One of the many dessert cafes in bedok, Denzy Gelato is popular to many living around the area. We had their double scoop waffles, with their Yuzu Mango and Mocha Crisps gelato flavours. The Yuzu Mango was extremely refreshing, especially when it's like a sorbet. The fruity tangy flavours come through strongly, making this perfect for a hot day! The Mocha Crisps had a moderately strong coffee flavour, smooth and not too acidic and had fun crispy chocolate balls within.

The waffles itself is the very airy kind and not too doughy. Pretty much the whole outer layer is very crispy! Wonderful cafe to go to if you are around the area!


Can only choose from the tea fresh selection and the drink has to be the same. Good if they can increase the deal for more variety