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A single slice(naked, takeaway 4.5nett)

Banana Loaf itself was not bad, being fluffy and flavourful enough. It was also moderately sweet, as the other ingredients werent v sweet. But the garnishes were really extraneous, even if they were of decent quality. Cashew nut butter and mascarpone were both creamy, and note the honey around the cake which is what sticks the crushed nuts to the plate. Pretty but pointless, grab the single slice of Banana Loaf if u must

Really enjoyed the Portuguese egg tarts ($1.80) - the crust is crisp and flaky and the filling is smooth. HK milk tea tasted quite authentic as well!

Other items I got were the noodles (average), baked rice with chicken (a little dry and could have used more curry sauce but sauce was nice), polo bun (with butter).

Overall, it’s a great spot for an afternoon tea at bedok :)

Quiet and beautiful area with good food we enjoyed! improved from the last time we tried (probably a year back). Loved it :)

Pork was quite tender but sinewy in some areas. Soup noodles were standard.

Imagine egg white elevated with the innate sweet flavours of the crab juices which blends harmoniously.

The other favourite dish of mine is the Sautéed Beef Cubes with Foie Gras Sauce & Garlic.

The new restaurant is located within Crowne Plaza Changi Airport which is near Terminal 3, and there is quite a range of repertoire of Crystal Jade classic dishes and modern take of Chinese dim sum and food.
Worth a venture to the east, especially so if you are nearby.



Chicken is definitely reheated, it's so tough. Salted egg yolk is meh, probably made from a powder sachet. Pasta was cooked nicely, or at least reheated nicely.

Chicken curry was superb! Generous portion and chicken was super tender. Mee Pok Carbonara has a unique fusion taste- very interesting but would personally much prefer the chicken curry.

Both dishes were amazing and i loved the pairing of onsen eggs with avocado - surprisingly refreshing and was a just nice size for brunch. A really lovely place for brunch, not too crowded even on a sunday, pretty quiet, plenty of light and theres even card games

Thanks to @roastparadise, now you don't need to visit expensive restaurants just to satisfy your cravings for Caramelised Char Siew.

The Char Siew are priced affordably at $5.50 for 100gm, and $10 for 200gm. I am so thankful that we have such gems in the local hawker culture. The Char-siew are so delicious and satisfying, and I guarantee that you'll definitely polish off everything in the plate. I admit it's rather sinful, but trust me, this is definitely worth every of the calories.

Deserves a second try because i dabao the first time and im guessing it really affected the taste

And i was right. Creamy, slightly viscous, and really sweet curry Base that's covered by the spices. Generous as well since they give a whole chicken Drumstick that was v succulent. Best curry mee ive tried so far and im surprised the laoganma-style chili oil gets overwhelmed by the curry and only adds a bit of cough-inducing heat in the throat


An explosion of lusciousness from the super fatty Char siew. I asked for extra fatty and they delivered, with almost 70% fat.

I asked for extra crispy but it seems that the standard pieces were very well charred as well. Possibly the best Char siew I've had, thanks to the complete disregard for health haha


I’m a big fan of the peppery soup version, and Song Fa definitely hits all the right spots! The pork rib soup ($7.60++, small) had 3 pieces, each with tender meat and not too fatty. Best part is that the restaurant offers unlimited refills, which definitely satisfies all your cravings! The spicy pork belly ($8.30++) was thinly sliced and served with a thick gravy, ladies finger and dried chilli! Loved that it came in a claypot and that it packed a punch. Lastly, the xiao bai cai ($6.20++, medium) exceeded our expectations both in taste and portion.