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Stewed Duck Soup (S$5)

Think of Teochew style fish Porridge but the fish replaced with pieces of braised duck.

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Very nice food, good deal with foodpanda dine in

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Super good value, the beef cheeks are soft and tender

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Fish Porridge (S$5)
Addon meatballs (S$2)
Topped with ginger strip, preserved mustard, dried shrimp and fried shallot

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A protein packed mega breakfast served with pork ribs, chicken leg, sausage, rosti, salad, baguette and scrambled eggs

Substantial enough to share, if preferred. $23.90

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I thought it was my mistake for patronising Changi Famous Nasi Lemak at an off peak hour, but after having a rather dissatisfying meal, I checked google reviews and alas, there have really been some issues with standard. Firstly, the whole plate was stale and ingredients were cold. Granted the rice had a decent flavour and the sambal was just right (not perfectly spicy enough though), the entire plate was just lacklustre. Not forgetting how unpleasant the vibe of the whole stall was, I should’ve thought twice and went for the many other options there.


Chicken leg with mashed and lingonberry jam (S$9.50)
Available til 31 December 2023

Spring Roll (S$1.80/ 2 pieces)