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After doing quite a bit of research to find a hokkien mee that is relatively undiscovered, my search led to Warong Kim’s Goreng Delights, which is surprisingly a concept of Kim’s Famous Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee at Eunos. The original outlet is made famous by Mr Tan Kue Kim, who is distinguishable by the photo of him wearing a long sleeve shirt and a gold Rolex watch while frying the noodles. For this branch over at Tampines, Warong Kim’s serves the famous hokkien and other Chinese seafood dishes, all of which are halal-certified. Understandably, many people would frown at the thought that there is no pork lard in this, but if the wok hei and taste is able to trump over the addition of pork lard, I will gladly eat this anytime of the day, as many hokkien men stalls might have added pork lard but the overall taste is far from good. I am thoroughly satisfied from my decision as this takeaway packet of hokkien mee from Warong Kim’s, which is the wetter version, has all the essential elements of a good hokkien mee, from the wok hei to the slurp-worthiness of the noodles. Squeeze in the calamansi for that additional zing and mix in the sambal for a satisfying meal.
📍Warong Kim’s Goreng Delights
51 Tampines Avenue 4, Singapore 520940

Salted caramel chocolate tart ($6.50)
Passionfruit meringue tart ($6.50)

Both really good, with the perfect mix of flavours. The crust is buttery and melts in your mouth!!
The passionfruit meringue is a good balance between sour and sweet :)
The salted caramel is a classic <3

I initially wanted to get from New Ubin Seafood but was instantly put off by the exorbitant $18 delivery fee and $2 packaging fees. The fees for that alone is absolutely daylight robbery and almost costs as much as my food. Moving onto the next option in the list is the trusty Hong Kong Street chain of zichar stalls, which are priced affordably and tastes yummy too. In the end, I got the usual suspects of coffee pork ribs, sambal kangkong and a fried rice.
📍Hong Kong Street Jia Kee Coffeehouse
144 Tampines Street 12, Unit 01-400, Singapore 521144

honey citrus jasmine w yuzu blossom jelly n passionfruit pops

very refreshing :) only worth with 1-1 bc it’s a little pricey ($8.50)

the popiah here is amazing omg got the sesame chicken and thai chicken popiah and both were so good !!!! the popiah skin is just nice and the filling is super generous and flavorful !!!! will definitely come back for more

Kaya Bun pack x Hot Dog Bun.
Grab x go baked goodies.
Not bad.

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Have eaten this about 3 times in the past month and I think this is quickly becoming one of my favourite korean fried chicken joints, and perhaps the best fast-food one. We got the 18 piece deal, and opted to have 9 pieces soy garlic and 9 pieces yangneom flavour. The soy garlic (pictured here) is both savoury and sweet, with the right amount of seasoning such that it's neither too salty nor too sweet and also not overly sticky. Non-spicy as well! There's plenty of meat on those bones. Was always hesitant to try because their name sounds so gimmicky, but they are pretty legit.

Price: $20.50 for 18 pieces

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Had the hearty italian bread with mozzarella cheese and sweet onion sauce! Satisfying meal, didn’t feel too full after this. Bread is soft as well!

If you're looking for cheap and good food in Jewel Airport then you should consider going to Five Spice! Although it's food court food but the atmosphere is quite different haha it's kinda like a upgraded food court. However do expect to large crowd (since it's more affordable as compared to restaurants). We ordered the KL Chilli Ban Mee and although the portion is pretty small it's still quite yummy. However would expect it to be more flavourful 😅 not the best ban mee/chilli ban mee I had but still acceptable hahaha. Not something that can SPICE up my life but ok at least can fill my tummy when I need to!