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Checked out this stall last weekend for their Green Chilli Chicken Rice, which I throughly enjoyed! The chicken thigh is deep fried only upon ordering, and then topped with their signature green chilli. The set comes with white rice, curry vegetables and a side of sambal chilli! The chicken thigh itself was so delish - crispy on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside, while the green chilli is very fragrant and also super spicy (seriously no joke)! It’s so shiok and I’ll definitely be back again! The stall also sells other dishes like Nasi Ayam Panggang and interestingly, Prawn Mee too.

Great meals at TCG! Highly recommend the following: (1) pig ears (2) pork chop (3) chargrilled lobster (4) mussels

as someone who doesn’t like yuzu, this donut was actually pretty good! i think i would get it. super tangy and light cream but slightly oily. donuts weren’t really oily though! pretty fluffy. milo dinosaur was good and the milo taste was quite present, not just choc flavour 😘

Sofi, the owner of Pasta Brave has recently moved her Sofi Cafe to this new place behind Maxwell Food Centre, housed under The Scarlet Hotel.

The margherita made of tomato, mozzarella and basil in 12” oven thin crust. A perfect add-on to any kind of occasions.

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The pretty one with the duo jasmine flowers right in the centre is called …. Drum Roll .. Regina ❤️ , floral and fragrant it’s my favourite from the 5 we ordered

I usually order the green pepper based soup . Tonight we ordered the sour soup with fish fillet n this is my new fav !

signature Valrhona chocolate cake with hazelnut

this might be the least memorable of the selection I sampled but it seems like they’ve now upgraded to a 2.0 version that may be worth a shot!

mung bean jellies, adzuki red beans, shaved ice, palm sugar, fresh coconut milk, evaporated milk

coconut rice, fried indian mackerel fish, fried egg, anchovies, peanuts, cucumber, sambal & kecap manis on the side

Boiled Rabbit Fish

(from Teo Heng Porridge)

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