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Tongue firmly in cheek, Peek-A-Boo's playfulness strays under the radar from Preludio's current black and white themed courses, for beneath the cover of the deep-fried dehydrated rice cracker lies a multi-hued medley of blanched asparagus, roast morel mushrooms, jerusalem artichokes and smoked eel on a bed of mustard and yuzu emulsion - a textural and taste delight.

Taste: 3.5/5

Sweet, tender, this is a winning sharing plate. Also part of its 2 course set lunch going at $18, incredible value for money

This is quite good. The price is $4 for the big portion. Stall #01-01

A weekly main for the restaurant's Executive Set Lunch... Honest opinion is damn worth the price of $29.90 (gst not included yet)

It comes with a free flow of salad bar items, soup and bread, 3 choices of mains (I chose the Lobster Penne Pasta) and for the finale with a choice of any tea or coffee (cold/hot)

If you are working at CBD, definitely is worth the visit...

Amoy Street Food Center

Rayyan's Waroeng Upnormal #02-86
I was attended to by a warm and lovely lady who took the time to explain the different dishes that they sell. As I ordered this right after ordering from another stall, I had gone to collect my food while this stall was preparing my order. Unbeknownst to me, she had kindly brought my plate over to my table! Really grateful for her friendly service!

Honey Glazed Char-grilled Boneless thigh penyet ($6.50)
- Sliced carrots, cucumbers, bits of corn, cherry tomato
- Boneless char grilled chicken cubes with green pepper, onions, white sesame seeds, bits of diced red chili
- Deep fried crumbs
- Sambal chili
- Brown grated coconut atop rice
- There's an option to add a fried egg @ $0.80

Great sweet and slightly savoury sambal that has a very direct spice
Brown grated coconut atop the rice was subtly sweet and fragrant
Honey glazed char grilled chicken was a flavour bomb - sweet barbeque sauce atop tender chicken. Will recommend mixing all the sambal with the rice as the sambal was really flavourful. I think they could have offered to give more grated coconut though so as to actually provide a sustained depth of flavour to the entire bowl of rice.
Note: The pieces of diced chili was really spicy and I ate one too many of it as my mouth was burning nearing the end of the dish, causing me to desperately gulp down my drink to numb the spice.
Price: 7.5/10
Taste: 8/10
Overall: 7.5/10 (Modernised Ayam Penyet stall)

More pictures at:

Amoy Street Food Centre

Coffee Break
(Drink + Toast gives $0.50 discount)
Hojicha Tea Latte ($4.80 + $0.50 for ice)
The top was very frothy. Overall, it had a nice creamy aftertaste and the hojicha fragrance was strong and refreshing. I personally quite liked the sweetness level as well (though some may find it slightly too sweet), giving me the much-needed sugar rush for the day.
Price: 8.5/10
Taste: 9/10
Overall: 9/10 (Definitely a worthy substitute for major coffee chains)

Earl Grey Toast ($3.50 for premium flavour)
- 4 pieces of triangular-cut toasts with generous portions of earl grey cream and butter
- Strong earl grey fragrance on a toasted wholemeal bread
- Felt that the bread could have been thicker to provide a more fluffy texture when biting into it
Price: 6.5/10
Taste: 7.5/10
Overall: 7/10 (Worth trying if you're looking for something different but I would stick to the traditional toasts available at the food center)


I went around 12.30 on Saturday and there was a queue it was almost sold out. I wanted to order to buy the medium portion but unfortunately there was only small portion left. Apparently the small size was quite fulfilling, and we also got some bonus from the chef. He gave us one ajitama, three wontons and two potato-wrapped shrimp! The chasiu melted easily in my mouth, and the wonton was also very delicious.

An unexpectedly yummy find. The wedges of potato were perfectly fried - crisp on the outside, soft and fluffy inside - and went well with the aioli and sunny side up. When broken, the yolk mixed with the existing sauces to form a delicious gravy for the fries. Only downside was the truffle was on the weak side and barely noticeable. Overall - fries well done.

Do not be fooled! I’d rather expected salad with seaweed tempura (just like those from Aji Ichiban) but no, it’s simply seaweed shreds - as pictured above) The simple salad-to-share was mixed with sesame seeds and loads of green and red lettuce. It stood out w the sweet-sourish and therefore appetite-whetting Apple vinaigrette sauce. A good starter to ready your tummy for the outstanding dons at this hole-in-the-wall hideout and also a good palate cleanser from the “heavily” gratifying mouthful of truffle beef don in the midst of lunch!

My go-to place for affordable truffle beef dons cos the cheapest (yet yummy!) grass-fed striploin don goes for $15++ on the lunchtime menu. Where to find?!
Upgraded my bowl this time to Wagyu beef 🥩 seared to medium, served on a bed of fluffy Japanese pearl rice topped with sesame seeds, truffle shoyu sauce and generous truffle shavings! Each pearly grain was well coated with the truffly good fragrance. In comparison with the grass-fed strip loin bowl which I’ve had in my previous visits, the Wagyu was expectedly ‘juicier’ with better marbling of (good) fats. It’s softer and more moist to the taste too! It got me really excited to have my first mix of truffle-coated rice, mixed w truffle shoyu, runny onsen egg 🥚 and a slab of Wagyu! I’m not a fan of rice nor rice-based dishes but the truffle don here was pretty taste-changing! Definitely considering it for the next time when I feel like pampering myself!

Finally visited PS cafe and ordered this dish at $27. It was a generous portion and very flavourful! Ambience was good. However, the lunch crowd can be crazy so it’s recommended to make a reservation before going! Also ordered truffle fries and they were so good! Portion is good to share among 4 or more friends. The Waiters and Waitresses were also very polite and helpful. Enjoyable dining experience here!

Ordered this at $8.90 because they ran out of chocolates to make normal ice blended chocolate (the irony haha). It is pretty milky, so get the normal chocolate one if you do not like the milky taste.