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@luna.singapore Orh Nee ($8.00) Vanilla layer with yam gingko paste and yan cubes, topped with coconut chantilly cream, white chocolate pearls and desiccated coconut.

Location: @luna.singapore 53 Amoy Street, Singapore, 069879.
#lunasingapore #burpple #burpplesg #orhneecake #amoystreet #sgcafe

That old school nostalgia.
Get these good piggies from tai chong kok! Old-tradition chinese bake house never gets it wrong! These piggies definitely looked more defined, with better taste than the $0.50 ones from supermarkets!!

$2 for 2 piggies per basket.

inspired by the trendy Hawaiian poke bowl, Customers can pick their own favourite mix of spicy hot Sichuan food with over 10 different curated selections of Chengdu Bowls starting from $10.60.
1. Chicken with Chilli Mala Bowl 成都辣子鸡 (With Rice)
💰Small $10.60, Regular $12.80, Large $14.90
2. Chengdu Style Steamed Pork Belly Bowl 梅菜扣肉 (With Rice).
💰Small $10.60, Regular $12.80, Large $14.90
3.Fatty Beef Mala Xiang Guo Bowl 肥牛香锅 (With Rice).
💰Small $10.60, Regular $12.80, Large $14.90
4. Sichuan Spicy Maocai 四川麻辣冒菜 (With Rice).
5. Prawn Paste Noodles with Sour Pickled Soup 泡椒虾滑米线.
💰Small $10.60, Regular $12.80, Large $14.90
6. Classic Sour Fish Rice Noodle 经典酸菜鱼米线.
💰Small $10.60, Regular $12.80, Large $14.90

Chengdu Bowl is available via island-wide delivery on their website: https://chengdubowl.ezqr.sg.

74 Amoy Street.

$2/piece - affordable but not exactly cheap for the size. It’s kinda small, with a few peanuts sitting atop the UFO and 1 oyster within. Thankfully, it wasn’t exactly doughy, with a decent amount of minced meat within. Unfortunately it was a little too “fried” for my liking - the dark drown colour kinda sends vibes of reused oil. It was also too salty for my liking - both the dough and the minced meat could do with less salt. Perhaps the dark brown colour of my UFO wasn’t a result of ‘recycled’ oil but rather, soy sauce (?) I wish there were more cilantro greens to balance out the savouriness of this pancake!

This popular larger-than-life Japanese Chef has teamed up with OUE Restaurants for his latest venture - @hashidaprivatedining. Temporarily located at Social Kitchen at OUE Downtown, Chef @topdoghatch and his team (@yujisato77 @atsushi_k_rocky) are rumoured to be moving to Amoy Street sometime later this year or early next.
Clearly relishing his freedom and opportunity to create, Chef Hatch is on an inspired rampage, even managing to change up his Menus fortnightly. No surprise given how he struck me as an irrepressible bundle of ideas when I visited last Friday with my friend.
Our sumptuous meal kicked off with two very tasty snacks: a ball of Sawara (Japanese mackerel) with burdock root and chrysanthemum, and a skewer of crunchy-fried Maitake mushroom and Japanese yam.
The Australian truffle-finished Chawanmushi which followed, had chestnuts which gave it a delightful sweetness, and water chestnuts for crunch.
Next, the Mackerel “Head To Tail” which enthralled to no end. While its flesh was pressed with rice into a roll, Chef told us that he used the mackerel head and bones for the broth.
The Sashimi course may have looked stunning with colourful fall foliage but I had eyes only for the sexy Chutoro and Shima Aji.
Then came an Abalone dish which included squid and steamed uni. The luscious sauce of cashew nut miso, seaweed and butter, combined tastily with the grated raw cashew nuts. We were instructed by Chef to give everything a vigorous mix before tucking in.
A bowl of melt-in-the-mouth beef arrived at this point. The two ponzus, a soy sauce version and a white soy jelly, provided a welcome cut-through for the meat.
Prior to the parade of Sushi, we sipped on an excellent Essence of Abalone.
The raw seafood followed, and all of it impressed the hell out of us. Chef formed them individually, very sensuously I might add, and presented in this order - Snapper, Kanpachi, Botan Ebi with Blue Roe (this was truly wow), Kinmedai Aburi, Hokigai or Surf Clam Aburi (it’s intensely umami-sweet), Nodoguro (am always thrilled to enjoy this oily fish), a mesmerising Zuke with hot Shari and finally, Japanese Barracuda Aburi.
On a separate note: I was thoroughly charmed by Chef Hatch’s sharing that each fish is linked to a memory of his childhood. For eg. as a young child living in Tsukiji, Tokyo, he and his father would hold speed-eating contests whenever he returned from school. The dried form of the Japanese Barracuda was the fish they would race to finish.
Circling back to the meal itself, we were then served a mini Uni and Ikura Don before @atsushi_k_rocky brought us Prawn Miso Soup with a prawn and chilli powder to warm our bellies.
I thought we’d reached the end of dinner but Chef had other ideas, presenting us with a Grilled Kani (crab) Hand-roll, and his signature multi-draped style of Fatty Tuna Sushi. Both were outrageously delicious.
By looking to the past, centuries in fact, the dessert platter came across, quite ironically, as original, not to mention, utterly scrumptious. There was a Japanese Sweet Potato Mochi that pleasantly shocked with the aromatic heat from tomato pepper, a purple blob of Uiro (traditional sweet from the Kanagawa Prefecture) and delicate wedges of steamed sponge cake with cheese sauce that had a touch of salt.

Do take note that this place requires reservation to be made well in advance to avoid disappointment.


This place is like a maze with amazing coffee and matcha latte.

The cheecheongfun was very soft and chewy, pairing well with the sauce which was savoury sweet and pretty fragrant. Even though the sauce was nice, it was too salty. Would still return, as their food is above average.

Satisfied my craving with their honey milk tea. Always tasty and love that they use tongs to put in the straw during this period

Tried out their dishes for lunch and had mixed feelings about it. Though I enjoyed the noodles, I can’t say the same about their soup. ⁣

Was a tad disappointed about the Dumpling Soup. While I love that the dumpling was packed with ingredients, there was not enough soup to go around. My poor dumplings look like fish out of the pond 😭 ⁣they have amazing service recovery though, offering me a voucher for my next visit when I brought up my feedback.

overall, felt that their dishes were affordably priced given how they’re a restaurant situated in the CBD area. Worth a try if you ever find yourself anywhere near the hood!

For their signature Dry Wanton Noodle, the team had clearly put thought into the packaging, with sauces placed on the side in little containers instead of mixing them in with the noodles. I believe that was to prevent the noodles from getting soggy or unevenly mixed with the sauces. As a result, the noodles were springy, with wantons, char siew and leafy greens to complete the meal. Wasn’t expecting much of the char siew but found them to be surprisingly flavourful! ⁣