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Salty or Sweet? Old School Hum Jin Pang at Maxwell Food Centre that allows you to fry it yourself. I will drop by to support them whenever I am around this area. 6 pieces for just $1.00, how I wish I could buy more but don't think I can finish it.
Location: China Street Hum Jin Pang, Maxwell Food Centre, Singapore 069184
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Bought a 1-1 deal via shopback so this box cost around $6

Have made countless visits to autobus for their protein bowls and I’ve always ordered the same combination - dory fish, onsen egg, curry cauliflower, pasta, roasted sesame sauce and parmesan cheese topping

Satisfy your donburi cravings with @kinobe.sg, a humble hawker stall that started way back in Nov 2018 at Amoy Street Food Centre. Catering mainly to the CBD office crowd (but unfortunately not for now😢), their survival against many well-established hawker stalls in AMFC, and of course pulling through this tough times says a lot…😋👍

👉Mentaiko Salmon Don - SGD11
👉Truffle Gyudon - SGD10
👉Chikindon - SGD7

Comes with a generous portion of rice, runny onsen egg, shiitake mushroom(add-on), savoury seaweed strips & spicy shichimi togarashi powder, each donburi shined through in its own way. My personal favourite had to be their Mentaiko Salmon Don! How about yours?😉

❗️Swipe left👈 to the end for their menu
‼️Get 20% OFF your bill by using the promo code during check out on @makangurusg

💌Thanks @laoniangagency for the arrangement and @kinobe.sg for these affordable yet delicious donburis.

📍Kinobe by Hive Brothers & Co
Amoy Street Food Centre
7 Maxwell Rd 02-126, S069111
📱8779 1844 to order
🚚Islandwide Delivery
(FREE if SGD99 & above)

Not only is My Awesome Cafe Instagram-worthy with its rustic vintage decorations, the generous-portioned food is delicious as well.


Although Qi Ji Guan Nasi Lemak stall focus on their nasi lemak variety, many people actually come for their fried radish cake.

From $3.50 for the small size like this, you could already enjoy it a lot; especially to wok hey taste as it only fried upon order.

The more I eat it the more I miss Penang, as the taste pretty similar.

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I know there’s already a few stalls here that sell nasi lemak, but Qi Ji Guan Nasi Lemak at level 2 is worth trying as well.

They do have lots of choices that you can choose from. For $4.50, you get a decent plate of nasi lemak with chicken wing.

The first bite of the chicken wing felt like I was having KFC chicken, pair well with rest of the ingredients such as the sunny side up egg, peanuts, ikan bilis and the achar. The chilli sauce was definitely generous and taste really great with the lemak rice.

They say Birthday never ends right?😝

The restrictions ain’t stopping me from indulging in my love for basque burnt cheesecake during my birthday!

This year, we tried 𝐁𝐮𝐫𝐧𝐭 𝐂𝐡𝐞𝐞𝐬𝐞𝐜𝐚𝐤𝐞 from @lollasg . Was intrigued by their Black Truffles Burnt Cheesecake but was sadden with the news that the truffle season was over!

Their 𝐁𝐮𝐫𝐧𝐭 𝐂𝐡𝐞𝐞𝐬𝐞𝐜𝐚𝐤𝐞 does boast the expected meltingly soft centre but I wish it was more molten! Made with cream and Spanish idiazabal cheeses, @lollasg cheesecake stands out with its lush yet balanced profile of flavours. Rich, creamy and not too sweet, their cheesecake was a luscious treat to have!

Light and crispy crust with smooth custard filling, still one of my fav egg tarts. @tonghengsg
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Hand on my heart, my jaw met the floor when I saw the meal Chef-owner @topdoghatch and @eatmefabulous had arranged for delivery. It was without question, a spread of stupendous presentation, taste and quality. Not only did it showcase the best of seasonal Japanese produce but also the skills of the talented team at @hashida.sg.
The Chirashi ($150) and Futomaki ($130) were heavyweights in every sense of the word as they practically burst with the top-notch seafood and other ingredients.
Packed neatly in an all-natural box, the former held chunky cuts of incredibly fresh sea bream, amberjack, chutoro, anago and cooked prawns. On them were uni and ikura galore. Crunchy kampyo, cucumber and some sweetish braised shiitake mushrooms joined the party on the bed of deliciously seasoned rice as well. Every bite was unadulterated pleasure.
So too it was with the fantastic fat bolster of Futomaki that strained at its seaweed seams with the goodness of chutoro, steamed uni, seabream, anago, amberjack, prawns, denbu, tamagoyaki, shiitake mushrooms, kampyo, cucumber, mistsuba leaf (Japanese parsley) and sesame seeds. Super oishii!


Apparently a signature here. I underestimated its spiciness and whacked too hard. Almost died. Huge though. And I could actually eat the long beans, something I usually barf.

This was No.06: Goat Cheese, Tomato Chutney, Basil, Roasted Bell Peppers ($16). So simple, yet so, so fulfilling. It’s a flavour medley that really dances well together. Can I just add that galettes are a whole new realm compared to crêpes? Please try it if you haven’t.

Still remembered how I was impressed during my first visit to Spice & Rice some time back at Amoy Street Food Centre before they became the talk of the town for their Nasi Lemak; made the order for these because was told that there was free delivery for them during the Vesak Day weekend — a perk considering how delivery kinda costs a bomb for where I live (that’s why you don’t see much posts here lately).

I like how their Sambal Cornflakes are considered somewhat of a twist to the cornflakes we are familiar with that are often retailed by homemakers during festive seasons like CNY and Hari Raya — those that are often made to be sweet and laced in honey or caramel. Spice & Rice take is savoury and spicy in retrospect; tossed with a house-made sambal and comes with anchovies, curry leaves and peanuts for a mix of textures. Their sambal is not shy on spiciness; provides quite a good kick of spiciness that most who are tolerant to moderate levels of heat should be ok with, whilst also sticky enough to lace the cornflakes up nicely for sweet-savoury note that some may associate with local snacks. That being said, not sure whether was it because of the delivery process (perhaps we are too far away), the batch we had came a little limp and soft (both cornflakes, and anchovies), with the cornflakes seemingly lost a bit of its crispness; perhaps sealed in a bottle before they were adequately cooled down — perhaps a one-off, but this could be easily fixed by popping them into a toaster oven and reheating them just for a couple of minutes (less than 5, depending on your temperature setting) with the cornflakes being back to its crispy state thereafter. Apart from that, care has also been placed to retain as much chlorophyll in those curry leaves as possible — not just for vibrant green amidst the brown elements for aesthetics, but it is also immensely crisp and hints mildly of a curry leaf fragrance when one gets to them; one of the minor details that I quite liked.

Whilst the free delivery promotion has since been over, one can order the Sambal Cornflakes and their Nasi Lemak on their webpage during Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) — both pick-up and contactless delivery are available, not to mention that they are also listed on the likes of Grabfood and foodpanda. They are also still open for takeaways if any one is still returning to office near Amoy Street Food Centre during this period of time; just so if you need to get any Nasi Lemak cravings solved and prefer to get the food by yourself.

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