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And for our veggies, we got their Brussels Sprouts ($16). Utterly sinful tasting yet with a nett carbs amounting to 6g, the plate was loaded with sweet sprouts, sausage crumbs, diced burnt peppers, mint, and a pool of chorizo sabayon. The key element here is the vibrant sauce which was tantalizingly savoury and delivering an almost cheesy flavour that I really enjoyed. The meaty flavour of the crumbs also adding some heartiness to the greens.

The star of the show was none other than their Calamari ($24). Accentuating the flavour of the fresh seafood, the bed of Zhug (a green sauce made with peppers, coriander, garlic, and various spices) was aromatic and pleasantly spicy, giving the dish that oomph factor. The chunks of calamari were well-executed too with its texture being chewy-soft and supple. Oh, and that layer of chorizo fat being the icing on the cake.

Joining the slew of restaurants offering up keto-friendly dishes here in Singapore, Persea’s low-carb menu features mostly Mediterranean flavours that I found to be pretty unique and crowd-pleasing. To start, we had the Chicharrónes ($6) which were seasoned with chilli lime salt. Light and airy, the puffed pork skins were not oily at all and a fun snack with the delicate savouriness of the salt.

Speaking of cake, if you are into cheese platters, save space for their Rosemary Basque Cheesecake ($16). Not to be confused with the cheesecakes we are used to; their variation is a savoury cheese platter presented in the familiar dessert form. Strong on the blue cheese, the cake also includes cream cheese, camembert and I detected a light whiff of rum. And like a cheese board, served alongside were some biscuits and blueberry compote to helps cut through the richness. Hence, proceed with caution for people that don’t really like blue cheese or those looking for some sweets.

Have been coming here quite often and I really love the selection of tea. I feel healthy here too 😋

Portions were waaaay bigger than other omakase places. Many exotic sashimi and even the highest grade beef was served. Amazing. Super worth!

australian wagyu with uni! meat was tender, juicy and well-seasoned while uni was fresh and creamy! worth the visit if you are craving for a decent beef don!

uni was rly fresh and creamy and nori tempura was fried to perfection. nth can go wrong with this combination! worthy splurge!! 💯

We tried @myorestobar Apple 1 Set Menu at SGD88 includes:
1. Siu mai with mushroom
2. Dumplings with mushroom
3. Kia Hiang Claypot Spring Chicken
4. Fried prawn tossed in salad cream
5. Sauteed Yi Fu Noodles with Chives
6. Dessert

The claypot spring chicken does leave an impression as is very tender and full of flavour. Other dishes are on point and tasty. The coconut dessert is very unique with yummy custard (need to top up $5 tho). Is a spacious restaurant which is good to dine with family and friends.


Maybe because I grew up eating Subway, I found this quite overpriced.

Would sing praises for the super creamy burrata but the overly salty prosciutto & rock-hard bread (literally got tired of cutting it💀) made me wonder if my wallet-friendly Sub would satisfy just as much.


I really liked the almond hazelnut butter used in place of standard pb! Think ferrero rocher in liquid form🤩

Only wished there was more spread, esp the jam, to go with the brûléed brioche, which could have been more eggy coz you know frEnch tOAst

Hot Fried Chicken ($16)
Not the fluffiest of buns but everything else was really good! From the thick slab of tender chicken thigh🍗 to the chili aioli & slaw, I enjoyed every mouthful!