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Satisfies one’s coconuty nasi lemak cravings!

A minced meat noodle stall managed by young hawkers, and expect some interesting items on the menu as well.

After started their first outlet in Tampines, they have finally opened their second outlet in Chinatown; at a coffee shop along Temple Street.

Was in for a rush meal so I go with the normal minced meat noodles, which comes with meatballs, fishball, minced meat and meat slices. The noodle has mix of vinegar and chili.

As for the soup provided, it taste very different from the usual one. They used pork bones and seafood in the stock, so you could taste some sweetness complementing with savoury as well.

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Really enjoyed the Yong Tau Foo ingredients in the pot, as they were all pretty well-cooked with a nice bite! Soup was also flavourful, except a little too salty.

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Pretty typical wings, but some mentioned it reminded of Ikea's Chicken Wings 🀭.

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This was surprisingly good! Really flavourful and comforting bowl of rice that you can easily finish alone.

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I liked their sesame bun! It's essentially fried mantou with pork - but a well-seasoned tender pork here, that goes well with the fried mantou. Definitely enjoyed this one.

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They ran out of chicken skin so we decided to try this - the pork was kinda fatty for my liking tho.

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Quite liked the flavour of the eefu noodles - it's q a typical wedding banquet dish, but I enjoyed it regardless!

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@nictomeatery is opened by 2 cousins - Nicholas and Tommy, who used to help out at their Uncle/Dad's store - Bai Nian, which many may know from the famous Yong Tau Foo that they serve. The 2 cousins have since came up with pretty interesting dishes at @nictomeatery!

Abalone Cheese Beehoon ($15.90)
This is a combination that not many would have come across, but it's a combination that quite works, considering having tried it elsewhere previously. The rendition here has a soup that's lighter in flavour, and more watery in terms of texture, which might make it more palatable to the masses altho I wouldn't mind stronger flavours myself 🀭.

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Taiwanese-style breakfast for the early birds. The quaint cafe offers the typical breakfast menu such as Toast, Egg Crepe Roll and Lu Rou Fan.

Luncheon Meat & Egg Toast ($5.40), luncheon meat and vegetables sandwiched by toasted white bread. Was slightly underwhelming, if only the luncheon meat slices were thicker.

Pork Floss Egg Crepe ($5.90) fairs better with the choice of changing to a whole-wheat crepe or scallion oil pancake.

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Exquisite atmosphere here at @frenchfold by the people behind @mercimarcel ! The food is not bad and I don't mind paying for it to have a long brunch over great coffee under the natural light here. If you come at brunch time, be prepared to wait at least 30 mins -- wait till around after 1 to snag some empty tables.

Both the crepes (or are they called galettes) were surprisingly filling and crispy. They look thin but each was quite stuffed full of flavourful cured meats.

Both the crepes (or are they called galettes) were surprisingly filling and crispy. They look thin but each was quite stuffed full of flavourful cured meats.