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With a much higher price tag compared to other hawker stalls, I think the amount is paid off!
The toppings were all damn great, I HATE supper fatty pork but their chashu had great meat-fat ratio. The onsen egg was perfect as it appears, and their Wantans are VERY GOOD! Fully loaded, taste nice, cover in very nice and thin wantan skin too.
Also super love that prawn covered in some curled crispy potato.
Overall VERY SATISFIED with the amount paid and would absolutely love to have it again!

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There’s this Vietnamese restaurant in one of the shophouses here along Smith Street, at the middle of Chinatown Food Street.

They are very authentic considering the staffs here are all Vietnamese. Beside the usual sandwich and noodle, they also have various dishes that definitely suit your appetite.

Ordered this instant noodle with beef, while the taste was strong and delicious; you actually find lots of oil beneath the noodle. $12.90

Probably the most cheapest gyudon you can find in the city centre, for only $6! But sadly the portion was consider little for me. Finished it within a few bites and still craving for more.

Tried the iced mocha this time round and it is pretty good! It isn’t too bitter, but just nice. The staff are also very polite and friendly. Only downside is the store is quite squeezed, so it is best to get a takeaway.

Look at their Char Siew! Grilled to perfection! Can be more tender though.

How do you like your wanton mee?

Personally, in terms of noodles, Eng's is really better for the texture and the taste. Will be good if Wanton Seng mix the sauces instead of getting customers to mix it ourselves.

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Would you pay $10 for Wanton Mee? Starting from $9.90, Seng's Noodle Bar is not your typical wanton mee store. They serve the wanton Mee with crispling pork belly and grilled char siew! You cna tell from the photos that their char siew looks quite different. There's wantons too but it's hidden inside.

What was well done - what tasted like double boiled free soup, crackling skin of the pork, chewy noodles, thin and smooth wanton skins and flavourful char siew.

What can be better is that they let you mix your own sauces which means that in and of itself, it is quite tasteless. The pork belly is nice but not super tender and soft.

Queued 20 mins for 2 pax.
For the price point, I may visit again if there are no queues.

Paella de Marisco - traditional seafood paella. Must say my favourite part is scraping the crispy paella bits, doused with lemon juice and filled with juicy seafood. Together with sangria, endless conversations

Also learnt the difference between a prawn and a shrimp (no. of legs with 3 claws differ) very interesting

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Ordered furikake brown rice, mushroom medley, prawns and onsen egg. Paid only $5.50 with Entertainer 1 for 1.

This is not your Japanese fluffy pancake but it is soft (though a little too dense) on the inside and crispy at the sides. The strawberry is sweet and you can never go wrong with pairing strawberries with pancakes and maple syrup.

I did enjoy this dish and will order this again.

Ok say real upon first taste it didn’t wow me but as I ate somemore the meats rlly grew on me and the wantons (both the boiled and fried ones) are so good!!! They are stuffed to the brim w ingredients and the fried ones aren’t oily at all so yay but found the noodles a bit dry???

Even though the dough of this pizza was very tasty, I feel like they could have afforded to put more toppings. There wasn't a lot of cheese or tomatoes or sauce on the pizza which was quite disappointing. My father also had a pizza that had meat on it, but again, there was not a lot of meat either. It was quite expensive so I'm not sure I would return.

The best way to line the belly before the onslaught of drinks. Juicy and crispy ugh so good.