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The usual hangout for good rustic Italian fare. This establishment is really popular with in the neighbourhood.
The Orecchiette Pasta ($19) was perfectly al dante and had strong notes of saffron and pork. I liked that it was topped with what I believe to be crispy pork which added a much needed crunchy element to the dish.


absolutely delicious. Think I got the edge because part of it didn't have the pistachio ganache? Layer that was intense

The rest of the tiramisu was q light, so overall it worked well. Don't leave without trying this dessert


Generous amount of ingredient, there's q a bit of meat. Pretty good execution, but very jelat. Get it to share


PSA There's this sharp ringing noise. Very high pitched, apparently many people can't hear it. If you're younger just take note, it really affects the enjoyment of the meal here

This is what I'm talking about. Thanks Sean for insisting that I return

Now I understand the hype. Crackling skin, juicy meat with aroma of fennel coming through. Still don't like the mustard though.

Nonetheless, given their previous plate, I would think this place doesn't have good consistency.

Rant:communication was tough. Told them 1130 ready to serve and they said ok. Reached at 1140 and they said ok we will start preparing now. What's the point of ordering in advance if you wait for me to come before even starting to prepare. The wait staff was nice about it tho, tried to explain how it's more important the food is hot etc


Wang family ( korean ) kitchen
Hillview community centre

Pretty sick of restaurant type food and hawker food - wanted something with a better variety , something homemade and nourishing .

So thankful for Wang family kitchen, a quaint eatery operated by a korean family .

The dishes rotate daily and today’s set had mains of beef bulgogi and sweet and sour korean fried chicken.

Everything on the plate was so delicious and faultless - special mention to the innocent looking egg sandwich which will blow your mind away with its crisp exterior and moist egg and cheese filling. I assure you that it is not a waste of stomach space .

The cabbage kimchi , radish Kim Chi , potato salad , sautéed spinach and chap Chye were all so light on the palate - very healthily prepared unlike most Korean places these days which overly indulge in the use of oil and seasoning .

The Crisp green salad was a nice way to start the meal and the hot seaweed clam soup was comforting for the stomach .

As much as the dishes are refillable , I hope most would order as much as you could handle because you don’t want to waste such high quality food - food that has so much love and time spent in preparation .

End your meal with fresh cut fruits and a rotating desert of cake or freshly baked waffle .

At 19 dollars, this was really value for money given the variety and quality of food . The service was really friendly and earnest as well .

Such sincere food lovingly made - I felt my entire being nourished and fed .

Was most looking forward to having this schiacciata again! Unfortunately, while the schiacciata had a good crunch, was quite disappointed that it wasn’t as stuffed as we remembered from the last time, hence pretty thin.


This one’s a very popular dessert choice here at iO but while I did find it likable, I still love the classic tiramisu combination much more! The lightness was nice, but it was a tad too subtle for me.


So good that it was gone by the time I reached the table

Standard latte. Glad that the tiramisu wasn't too sweet.

Want to have Zichar food in the comfort of an aircon environment? I only know of this one Jiak and West Coz Cafe. Both sport very similar menus. Ordered fish head curry, hot plate tofu, egg omelette, sweet and sour pork and chilli Kang Kong. All dishes were of an acceptable standard.

I love the tofu so much the cereal oat has a salty savoury flavour profile compared to the usual sweet cereal dishes served at other places and this kept me wanting more oat haha the tofu is nicely fried nothing to complain about but the cereal itself was the highlight for me!