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Tried the mee goreng once, it was definitely one of the better ones out there. Went back again to try the hor fun. Was expecting it to be better... but it was really mediocre and starchy

Hello gorgeous! Single but generous scoop of red bean gula melaka ice cream at $3.90. Delicious and creamy but melted too quickly 😂 They've got a pretty good assortment of flavours, ranging from avocado to durian. I'll try them all someday.

Fantastic truffle pasta

Also, one of the best hot choc I’ve tasted!

Looks a little messy because we dabao-ed! Other than the Kolo Mee with Sesame Oil ($4.90), the second combi we went for was ramen + mala sauce. Likewise, the noodles had a pretty good bite, but I’d go back for the kolo mee for it was springier! The level of spice here is default, and it came with a nice heat. It was nicely savoury and not too salty. Fishballs were a little bland, might be better if it was swapped with something else.

Love how Green on Earth is now so near me that it’s quickly becoming my to-go spot! Popped by for breakfast the first time a few days back. Their breakfast menu is small, with only 2 choices - this customisable noodles or Scissors Cut Rice ($4.90). Tried two different noodle combinations and enjoyed them, especially this fragrant kolo mee + sesame oil combination! Even though we dabao-ed these, the noodles had a good bite and didn’t turn clumpy, except that the fishballs were a little bland. Will be back very soon 😂


At just $2++, this would probably be one of the cheapest scone you can find. I would get this anytime if not for the fact that there’re other kinds dried fruits in addition to dried cranberry bits 😟 I’m not a fan of dried fruits (except for dried fruit berries ..) The unpleasant additions aside, I especially love the crusty edges and underside of this scone!

Egg white | Sugar | Almond | Hazelnut

Without the sugar, this would be the perfect keto dessert! Then again, how can there be no sugar for any any dessert?! The protein and ‘healthy fats’ ratio here does qualify this as a healthier choice tho! Perfect for nuts lover

For all tiramisu/cake lovers, this is the BEST tiramisu cake i have ever eaten. You really got to try this pistacchio tiramisu cake - fragrant, soft and right amount of pistacchio. It just tastes different from cafes' typical tiramisu

This’ Italian flatbread blew me away with its rich burst of cheese and truffle goodness. Visible truffle specks can be sighted from the sides (as pictured!) and whiffed as soon as the waiter laid it on the table. It clearly doesn’t win the heart from it’s presentation but you’ve got to trust the Italians when it comes to bread! The truffly richness was so intense that it immed satisfied all truffly cravings I had. It’s now my go-to for carbs and truffle, ‘definitely a healthier option than truffle fries! (Available in small ($10++) and large ($18++) sizes.

Fun fact: This pasta got it’s name because of its high resemblance to lil’ ears. And yes, ‘orecchiette’ means ‘little ears’! 👂

Cooked al-dented and topped with bacon bits + pork sausage mince and thicccc saffron sauce. This rather simple’ looking pasta is actually one of the osteria’s popular pasta dish - understandably why, given the quality of pasta and freshness of ingredients that’d gone into the dish. I love how IO has a variety of pasta that showcases the range that one may probably only get to experience in Italy. I was undeniably highly excited when I saw the range of pasta available. Of course, I had to pick rare (or rather, cute) little ones.

Back here for the third time and the food is consistently good! I came with more people this time so we could order more dishes to try. I went with my usual favourites - traditional stuffed roman schiacciata and porchetta pork belly. Also tried some new items this time, including the burrata, mixed grilled fish and seafood platter, assorted pizzas and homemade tagliolini. Overall, a good experience although slightly marred as it’s really crowded & busy. Would return again.

This is the “Prata Benedict” from Springleaf.
Called Plaster Blaster ($5.90), it made me recall the year of 2014 when eggs benedict and brunch items started flooding social media the first time, with Instagram pages filled with photos of oozy yolks. Does anyone remember that period?

You get prata topped with poached egg, ham and poured over with Hollandaise sauce.

Which is your favourite prata place in Singapore?
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