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i would say their desserts and sides beats their mains hands down. love that this tiramisu has pistachio in it. the pistachio came in a form
of a paste that is layered above the lady’s fingers. when eaten together, i feel that the coffee overpowers the pistachio taste so i ate it separately. the cream was also pretty light

The Porchetta has a really crispy skin, and the meat was quite tender. But i guess it’s slightly too oily as oil was seen oozing out of the meat.

Really love the stuffed bread that had truffle and cheese in it. truffle taste wasn’t super pronounced and i think the cheese taste was stronger.

Operating this restaurant is a Korean family that do give very homely service, and I must say their food is really homely tasting too!

Don't be surprised to come in the restaurant without a menu, as the family decides on the menu for you. Their lunch set ($17.90 but varies) comes with about 9 side dishes with soup and rice and all of them were pretty delicious! Don't expect their food to be incredibly flavourful, as they were not oily nor too salty, making them taste like home cooked food.

Fruits and waffles were also served after the meal and I was so surprised to know that their waffles were mochi waffles! Really satisfying with the crispy exterior and chewy interior. Definitely recommended to those who are around the area!

THE TRUFFLE SCHICCIATA lived up to expectations👏🏼👏🏼 the crust was perfect so crispy and fragrant and the truffle filling was creamy oozy and yumz😍😍😍 wish the taste was stronger but v good. pork sausage pici pasta was not bad but honestly not outstanding... jelat and not much ingredients to go with it eeh. pistachio tiramisu was SO GOOD and i dont even like pistachio stuff the pistachio taste wasnt strong but the whole cake was just BUSSIN mouthgasm af sia

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Do not be deceived by it’s looks. This dessert got the wow factor. I agree with the reviews. Take the first bite and you will understand why so just get it.


You know it is authentic when they do not use cream for their carbonara. The simple combination of bacon, eggs and cheese does not disappoint! The pasta is smoky in flavour and creamy in texture. Do ask the waiter for their separate classic pasta menu.

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Baked pork belly stuffed with wild fennel and mustard sauce at the side.

There are definitely better Chinese style roast pork belly (sio bak) out there but this is not bad. The skin is crispy and the meat is fatty. With every bite, there is the aroma of fennel and it pairs well with the mustard sauce that cuts through the fattiness of the pork and gives the dish balance. Definitely worth ordering.

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Crispy pork skin with melt in the mouth fats and tender meat.

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When we arrived on a weekday dinner. The restaurant is full house and I was glad that I made reservations.

We ordered 3 different pasta, schiacciata & grilled octopus.

All the pasta is handmade and it is delicious.

Schiacciata is something I never tried before and it is not bad.

The grilled octopus is ok but I wouldn't pay $34.

The pistachio tiramisu is worth $14 but it is on the house for us as the server forgot to key in our order. Hence, it is like a compensation. It is very delicious

One downside is the menu on the table is not exhaustive. You can still scan the QR code which is on the menu. I feel that they should just create a menu with everything in it instead of asking people scanning QR code for more.

Maybe best casual Italian food in SG


One of the better tiramisu j had. Check it out!

Very filling meal of homecooked korean dishes. Cant choose but its gd enuf for me