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I was regret as I never have the chance to visit their former outlet at Bukit Timah Fire Station. They since opened their new and nearby outlet at HillV2.

I got their lunch set which comes with a drink. The beef stew was soft and juicy, pair well with the mashed potato, tomato and broccoli. $20

This Italian eatery is buzzing with customers every weekend. After having a go at their signature dishes, I can understand why.

This is the oh-so-famous porcetta, baked pork belly ($9). I absolutely enjoy this pork belly roll. The skin is thin and crispy, the layer of fennel adds a great balance to the think meaty cuts. The mustard is light yet provides a sour spicy element to the pork, cutting through that density. I highly recommend this!

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Favourite dish here was this Italian flat bread stuffed with truffle and cheese. Extremely fragrant, crisp and toasty on the outside, yet soft and flavourful on the inside. Dip in vinegar and/or olive oil if you wish, and it becomes a great, classic appetiser or even, pre-meal staple for Italian meals!

An Italian quintessential pasta item found on their classic pasta menu, where you can choose a choice of classic base (e.g. aglio olio, carbonara, seafood etc), as well as customise your own pasta noodle. This vongole however, was a sad categorical disappointment. Unlike your usual light, aromatic broth that may often be made simmered with white wine, olive oil, and chillies, it was a mildly creamy textured sauce which gave a mushroom aftertaste. I was appalled at the dish, and perhaps only the rather generous amount of clams helped to save its face. Still, I found it difficult to savour a vongole so radically different from what one may expect. Further, the unorthodox sauce was not impressive as well. So, if you are expecting something better than your usual vongole, this will probably not meet your expectations.
Nonetheless, service here is fantastic. Dishes are generally affordable; just be wise!

I came excited to try the pastas at this highly raved affordable Italian restaurant. It had chill vibes and great service. The disappointing vongole made this dish seem a tad much better. The flavours of this pasta matched well, though resulting in a rather strong seafood taste and smell. Adding Tabasco/chilli oil would help to mask the taste and contribute to a more pleasant flavour. A rather good portion for $22, with moderate amounts of prawns and asparagus. But the tagliolini felt rather mushy - oddly tasting like the Chinese Ee mian. With this, I’m glad I tried this. But if I ever do come back, I’ll be trying other dishes!

For starters and sharings, we had
- Porchetta $9
- Traditional stuffed Roman Schiacciata $9
- Pizza $18

For mains, we ordered
- carbonara $22
- tagliolini $22
- grilled pork chop $22

For drinks, we had
- Cioccolata $6
- latte $6

Overall, I would say the starters are really good. The Schiacciata is very rich in truffle sauce while the Porchetta is very crispy and fulfilling. However, while the pizza is melted with tons of cheese, it is okay compared to the other 2.

For the mains, I find the carbonara to be flavorful and I like the tagliolini except for its small portion. Pork chop is a no no, very dry pieces.

Cioccolata is literally chocolate at its liquid state. Holy. Thick and rich for sharing.

Great ambience and great italian food! Many other dishes to try. I will come back again!

Rating: 9/10

Came here on a late weekend afternoon and was surprised to still see a large queue and the venue at almost full capacity! Guess it was all the people looking for a teatime break after walking at Bukit Timah hill.

Plain prata ($1.10) πŸ₯ž 8/10
I love my fried goods CRISPY and this did not disappoint. Take note that if you want your pratas CRISPY and chewy inside, I'd advise you to just get the plain one and not the egg.

Chicken murtabak ($11) πŸ” 6/10
The murtabak is also quite flaky, although I must say that the tiny nubs of chicken that the cooks were so thoughtful as to spare us were wholly insufficient.

Teh tarik ($1.50) β˜• 7/10
Very sweet and quite lacking in caffeine. That is all.

The quality of the pratas aside, everyone probably knows about this, but I love how they give you free flow of their piping hot and flavourful fish and chicken curries!

Baked Pork Belly with Wild Fennel comes in 2 different sizes! The one in the picture is small at $9! Loved how thin layer and crackling the skin is. The meat is so juicy, savory and flavorful too. Complement really well with the herby flavor from the wild fennel! Overall, the food has a very nice homely touch to it.

Always end up coming back for group celebrations because the food is fantastic and comforting! Definitely recommend the porchetta, pizzas and tiramisu. Braised beef and pork chop was also soft and tender. Might want to skip the pastas, haven’t had a good one yet.

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Set B is quite small potion, seafood pancake is ok. Sides that comes with the set is refillable once.

This features half a fresh farm chicken, poached with salt in a water bath, then rapidly cooled in an ice bath.
The result is chicken meat which is tender, bouncy, and succulent in texture, holding enticing salty sweet savoury flavour.
Served with crushed ginger, which lends a sweet savoury spice flavour.
Joyden Canton Kitchen
More details in profile & blog


As you can see from Burpple, that’s lots of people would order this for the dessert.

So take this recommendation and I totally agree with them. Definitely worth getting this after meal. $14++