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Using fresh eggs 🥚 specially flown in Okinawa 🇯🇵, it is of no wonder how fragrant & eggy these pancakes were - worth the 20mins wait! 👍🏻👍🏻
Topped with fresh strawberries 🍓 & milky house-made whipped cream, a drizzle of strawberry sauce & sprinkle of pistachio nuts 💚, the tall & fluffy stack was boasting of rich eggy aroma! 🤤
Absolutely loved how the sweet berry sauce & tangy fresh strawberries complements the pillowy soufflé pancake! 💕 Adding a doze of sweet maple syrup, it was indeed indulgence at its best! 🌟

i loved the interior of this place, looks great! basic cafe food, on top of what’s pictured, i also tried candied bacon waffles - that was the winner for me. whole family loved it, amazing combi of sweet and salty

From our honorable guest reviewer:

ever know a guy that’s sort of average looking on the outside but he plays the guitar, is super sweet, and has the biggest personality??? because this is basically how i’d describe this burger. this is by far the most unassuming burger yet one of the most delicious burger. you’d be left wondering, ‘where are all the flavours coming from? who cooked you?? who raised you up???’

if this burger is ‘the one’, the accompanying fries and salad are the in-laws. and you’d see why this boy is so amazing. fries that look like it’s from mcdonald’s, but oh goodness it’s so tasty and crispy. father fries is truly a rockstar just like the boy. the mother, or the salad, well... tastes like vegetables: a little naggy sometimes but you know that ultimately she has your best interests at heart. you’re assured she’s reliably there to make sure the boy goes down the right path in life.

marry this boy immediately gurl.

10/10 would come back again.


This lychee cheesecake is good. The fruity lychee pairs well and balances out the richness of the cheesecake. Will definitely buy again.

This is the prawn date fritters but I hardly taste the prawn.

I can't decide if I like the ginseng soup. The taste is good if you really love ginseng. But they really only give you a medium piece of chicken. Wish it's a little more generous. The same for the pumpkin rice. There is just one piece of pumpkin. Although it is full of dried prawn flavour which is nice.

At $32 for a four course dinner with a sizeable salmon fillet as your main, @wadodining set menus are pretty sterling value. Each and every course is quite generously portioned, ensuring that patrons waddle away sufficiently sated.⠀

The salmon, despite being under seasoned, was exceptionally well cooked. My father ordered it medium, and it arrived just so. Stunningly seared on the outside, while the internals remained moist and fantastically flaky. The skin was thoroughly de-scaled & was fried to an acceptable level of crispness, and the reverse side of the thick fillet sported a scintillating sear. I’ve already reviewed the coleslaw & mashed potatoes on the side, and the quality was constant over the different mains.⠀

With the salmon, I didn’t mind the lack of saltiness as much as I did with the lamb. That’s mainly due to the thick tomato basil purée that the salmon is perched upon, which gives the salmon a fragrant, herby aroma as well as a nuanced sweet & sour taste. Of course, more salt would’ve been excellent, but oh well.

Waking up early this morning to grab some breakfast at Mayflower Food Centre. This wanton noodle stall is famous that attract queue.

I like the springy noodle and the smoky char siew. $3

still remember the hype for lino’s cheese tea when it was first launched haha. sadly i don’t think the cheese tastes as good as it did back then, this is quite average with slight salty notes. tea is pretty decent, good strong tea.

6/10 🌟

Nestled in a quiet coffeeshop, staff was friendly. Presentation was good, food was decent, super affordable.

• Kimchi Stew w Pork Belly
• Mixed Flavor Korean Fried Chic
• Chicken Bibimbap

And now, we finally get to the meat of the matter with @wadodining grilled lamb. The price of either a three or four course meal is primarily determined by your choice of main, and a 4 course dinner with a main of grilled lamb is $38 before an additional ten percent service charge is added on.⠀

For my lamb in particular, it was a curious tale of two lamb chops. The first that I cut into was just the right side of medium rare, as you can quite vividly see in the picture, and the second one was ten seconds away from well done. Needless to say, I vastly preferred the first chop for it’s sumptuous succulence, tremendous tenderness, and joyful juiciness.⠀

As with the rest of Wado Dining’s savoury dishes, the lamb was under seasoned. Which makes it even more remarkable as the natural gaminess of the lamb was mostly muted, instead possessing a clean, meaty quality to it. A little more salt, and a little more consistency, and these lamb chops would’ve been sublime.⠀

The coleslaw was tricky to eat, as some cabbage leaves weren’t cut down to a manageable size and were effectively about half of a leaf. The mashed potato was a satisfyingly smooth purée with a few chunks here and there for a little much appreciated textural variety. The taters were deliciously buttery even though they were crying out for a good salting, and I had absolutely zero trouble polishing it all off.

Like many other newly opened restaurants, @wadodining has a few improvements to make, but I believe that they’ve got amazing potential and I wish that they live long and prosper.

6 Jul’19, Sat⛅️⁣
📍Tenki Okinawa Ryori 天喜沖縄料理 (Chef Avenue)⁣
- Goya Pork Champura Set 豬肉片苦瓜雞蛋套餐🍱⁣

Here for the Ristr8to coffee actually, and had our lunch by the way...😜⁣

Frozen pork taste was just too distinct, I cannot...😔⁣
⁣Was quite disappointed...

Damage: $7.50