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Perfect combination

Grilled pork
Kimchi rice rice
Overflow of eggs

Each mouth so flavourful


This wasn't on my wishlist, but there's usually a queue. It turned out it shouldn't be on my wishlist. It's one of the blandest Hokkien mees I've encountered.

The rice was not bad, each grain was separated and it was quite fragrant from the sesame oil, q tasty even though it wasn’t cooked w chix stock. The mock “steamed chicken” was abit like fish cakes without the bounce, however I didn’t think it was v similar to chicken - it was rather soft & there was no bite to it, too nua for my liking. The “roasted chicken” was actually taukee, preferred this as there was some crunchiness to it. Visually, both really did look like actual chicken if you didn’t look closely! The ginger sauce could be more punchy, because I prefer a spicier ginger kick but still a nice accompaniment. Achar was sour and yummy! I love when they give achar in chix rice. They also gave a generous amount of baicai + a wedge of tomato. Would want to return and try their other stuff, I saw lemon chicken, sweet & sour chicken on their menu and I’m curious to try!

So pleasantly surprised, this was pretty damn good. Please eat it piping hot!! So shiok - there’s wokhei, it’s v flavourful, kwayteow wasn’t soggy even tho it was a takeaway! We ordered non-spicy but it was kinda still spicy, though it was a nice tingle of spiciness on the tongue! The only thing that could be improved on was the quality of the lapcheong, it was quite meh. But everything else was great!!

One of the better soon kueh I have tried.

Not too salty.

Can eat as snack when lunch or dinner is inadequate.

This reminded me of a bygone era when Singaporean families marked celebrations with fast food. Of course, we have since upgraded to better food. Of course, there wasn't Jollibee haha. The sweet pasta is such comfort food. I tried the non-spicy Chickenjoy for the first time. Skip it, it's far inferior to spicy. The mashed potato was so lousy.

Each bite into the wings were full of crunch thanks to the light crispy batter. Yet i never found myself reaching for any paper towels since the wings werent drenched in oil either.
But the wings could have done with a bit more seasoning. Not that it was a problem thanks to the sweet chilli sauce.

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Loved that the pork had the right amount of fat and lean meat without making too dry. Flavour was good enough that you won't even need the dipping sauce!

Disappointing. More bitter than sweet, which is authentic I know, but the balance was not right.