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Nice hot bowl of noodles, best pick me up snack especially for chilly weather.

Soup had a sour kick, and came with a few slices of beef.

Chorizo Pizza ($18 Nett)
Have ordered 7 of their flavours and have always been satisfied.
Especially enjoyed the honey bacon pizza.

Chorizo pizza was very fragrant, with nice juicy slices of chorizo

Do note this place only has take away. Call in advance so theres minimal delay when you pick up.

Actually, I want to find the stall with roaster Cup, but can't find, so I settle with this yellow plate stall ๐Ÿคฃ.
The egg was cooked perfectly, the garlic bread was burnt on the top for crispy texture while the inside soft with garlic butter spread.
It will be better if have more spread on it.
๐Ÿ“Sembawang Hill Food Centre.
590 Upper Thomson Rd.

You canโ€™t leave this food centre without bringing back home some buns from Serangoon Garden Bakery, selling their famous old school buns.

It seems like this Serangoon Garden Carrot Cake has a long history that they even using the old Serangoon name in Chinese back then.

Gotten the black version, which cooked perfectly and taste good together with the fried egg. $3

Is been long time since my last visit here, was a unfortunate trip that time as this stall was closed at that time.

After hearing they are closing in March this year for renovation, I decided to make my long trip to taste their noodle soup.

For $11, indeed a decent and sinful soup because the taste has been mixed with fish maw and pork.

It was tasty but be prepared to get thirsty after. Generous portion of ingredients inside including the fish maw, pork and mushroom.

I have never ever tasted duck served in such a manner before. That said, this was a really addictive dish (approx $15.90) - crispy duck that's fried with spices and served with toasted nuts and a heap of chilli and ginger.

If this dish was packaged like bags of chips and sold in the supermarket, I would stock up multiple bags of these at home. ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿฆ†

As someone who loves different kinds of mushrooms, I had to try this dish even though the price tag of $25.90 for mushrooms alone made me think twice.

The wild porcini mushrooms were stir fried such that they were slightly crispy and yet retained some moisture within. The spices that were mixed with the mushrooms gave the dish a unique umami flavour profile, one which I don't think can be easily found elsewhere in Singapore or in our local cuisine.

Will I order this dish again? That's a definitive yes for me, but do note that this is coming from someone who loves and appreciates mushrooms in general. Some may find the price a little too steep for mushrooms alone (wild or otherwise).

In contrast with its steampot chicken soup counterpart, the broth here is really thick and infused with the goodness and sweetness of seafood. There were clams, prawns and meatballs in the dish.

Upon being served, the waitress added what appears to be crispy rice pops into the broth. The crispy rice pops provided a jarring yet interesting contrast with the mushier grains of rice in the broth. This added a different dimension and mouth feel to the entire dish. Would totally recommend this dish (approx $18.90)!

FYI, there's more to the dish than shown in the picture. The picture was taken in the middle of the meal.