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Affordable grilled bbq skewers that opened about maybe half a year ago along Upper Serangoon Road. Enjoyed my late night snack here. My particular favourite was the sweet butter corn ($1.20) because I just love all things corn in general and this really didn't disappoint! It was sweet and crunchy, with just the right amount of butter.

Another favourite of mine was the omelette roll ($1.80). It was glazed very well which added a tinge of sweetness to it. Overall, will definitely come back again!!!

Incorporating cherry tomatoes into the Crab Meat Pasta was a great idea. The sweetness of the tomatoes made the dish even more appealing and appetising.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/eleven-strands/


Always orders this at every din tai Fung I go to.

A must have for me.

lala n0t that fresh as bef0re, c0uld taste é "sand", p0rti0n als0 smaller?
but 0verall their f00d is still g00d & yums
Will definitely patr0nize them again 😊

a lil' salty but 0verall still n0t t00 bad, finish it quick 0therwise cream based pasta turns jelak kinda easily after awhile

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c0unt é number 0f fresh prawns! w0rth é price tag

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The bowl was a little smaller than expected. Maybe the size of an outstretched hand rather than a regular portion? It was yummy though! The runny egg and the delicious sauce made sure we finished not just the beef, but every grain of rice.

Price: $25.90

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Winding down the weekend with some freshly artisan baked hot cross buns from @ambakerysg. Comes in original spice & mix fruit and a special chocolate banana flavoured one. Avail all weekends throughout April.
📍AM Bakery
📍Midtown, Upper Serangoon Rd

I have been to Nakhon once and it wasn't that impression. This time I gave it another try and it didn't disappoint me! The dishes are well priced green curry ($8), Tom Yum soup ($6), Phad Thai($6) etc.. you get it 😉 Taste wise it's considered not bad but I have tried better Tom Yam soup as I prefer it to be more sourly with more lemongrass flavor. The dishes here are considered to be quite sweet but still acceptable. Would still go back again as it's reasonably priced !

This place is famous for offering good deal for crabs, and they also have a great selection of cooking styles (chili, cereal, salted egg, kam xiang, etc..)

Preferred the salted egg over their chili sauce.
Do order the fried man tou to soak up the sauce which was thick with flavors

However, dont expect too much for the meat itself. But, at this price point, you can't expect a restaurant quality meaty crab. No issues with me since I always enjoy scooping up the gravy with fried man tou over the crab heh

Yong HK Roasted Meat is one of the stall that sell roasted meat. Their char siew rice was served in sweet sauce.