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Seasonal Flavour 》$2.90 + Chrysanthemum Pearls $0.80 (medium)

This seasonal drink is a hit on the menu. I liked how this milk drink doesn't turn out too 'thick' unlike other types of milk tea elsewhere. I can see myself being a loyal fan of playmade because their pearls just have the right chewy texture. My jaws doesn't feel tired from chewing.

Playmade are known for their flavoured pearls which are made inhouse daily with natural ingredients without the use of addictives and colourings. If you are lucky enough, you can even catch the staff whipping up some. They currently have pearls in Pink Cactus, Black Sesame, Burnt Caramel and a seasonal flavour - Chrysanthemum.

Pleasant surprise for a Kopitiam stall! Not too spicy but has a nice kick.

Item ordered: Mee Pok Dry ($3.50) - I love how there's so many different types of 料, super satisfying!

Food: 4.5/5 - I had to add chili & vinegar to make it a little more tasteful but otherwise it is actually really good
Ambiance: 3/5 - hawker centre setting, and pigeons around >.<
Service: 5/5 - aunty was patient :)
Overall experience: 4/5

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Went for the Asian 'Risotto' ($10) which is, as indicated by the inverted commas, not exactly *that* Italian dish you would expect, but rather a bowl of purple rice porridge with braised pork, runny egg, pork floss, fried shallots and garlic. The consistency is very much like 'jook' (Cantonese porridge), the texture thick and somewhat gritty. The braised pork, along with the rest of the ingredients, give the dish a fragrant and savoury flavour that's not too consumed by the wet staple, although I personally feel that the meat could be more tender. The egg, described as 'runny' was unfortunately not as it was described. Maybe it ~could~ be due to the time taken to take photos, but it ended up having a thick ajitama yolk-like texture. That said, the egg mixed in well with the porridge, so I managed to overlook that issue relatively quickly; just don't expect any of that yolkporn magic. 😅

Overall, I did find myself enjoying this dish which you'd otherwise unusually find in a cafe. It is especially suitable for people who are craving for something a little bit more Chinese, with elements of homeliness, heartiness and health-consciousness. 👍🏻

$6.70 for first Dory Fish & Chips
$4.00 to add soup and drink
$1 to add 2nd Dory Fish & Chips (special 2nd anniversary promo)

WAITING TIME: 20 min from ordering to getting the food (Sunday 9.45PM)

- Not really liking the batter so I scraped away most of the batter and only had the dory flesh
- Adding $4 for soup and soft isn't quite worth it when you can get a bucket of Hite beer for $19.90 next door

Umami pork broth with qq noodle🤤. Go for the thick noodle, it has more body and more qq. The squid side dish is also heavenly. One of the best ramen out there, can taste no msg at all.

If you havent try Dian Xiao Er herbal roasted duck, you have to come down this weekend and im sure you going to thank me! Its totally game changing and bring a different perspectives of roasted duck. I come every month and never get disappointed. Other nice dishes are braised tofu with minced meat, egg plant, fishmaw seafood soup, lotus root veg!

From 1-for-1 Tuesdays, All Day Happy Hour on Fridays to $1 Beer on Sundays, the daily deals at @Inspirit.House definitely keeps everyone blissfully content throughout anyday of the week!
The adults get to enjoy their pints and grubs while the kids have a dedicated play corner indoor, a prime place to pat your belly with trendy but comforting fusion plates. Some of those I’ve tried:
💕Pork Loin Steak ($22.90) with medium doneness, homemade mash, side salad, choice of caramelised apple or garlic chili sauce
💕Sambal Stingray ($24.90) with coconut rice, fried kale, red chili, coriander & spring onion
✨Fried Mantou with Sambal Chili Crab Dip ($9.90)
Other notable mains I didn’t get to try but would go back for include their Kecap Manis Sea Bass ($18.90), Truffle Chow Mein ($13.90), Cereal Prawn Pasta ($13.90) & many more! & Gosh, you guys got to save room for their specialty fusion desserts (so divine I’ll be posting them up another day). Meanwhile, feel free to swipe for menu!

😁 Saw mixed reviews about this, but got the chance to try it for myself. The tonkotsu broth was quite dilute. My friend said it "looked like water". It wasn't very tasty, apart from a slight salty taste. Didn't come with a lot of ingredients too (only beansprouts & chashu; the black fungus I added separately). But I guess for the price, you can't really complain.

Price: $6.90 + 50c for black fungus

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I like the name BANG BANG CHICKEN WINGS, It’s interesting name for just Cajun seasoned buffalo wings with Kungfu Sauce (Sweet Chilli Mustard Mayo).

But I would rather the spend more effort in the food tasting then fanciful name for the dish. The chickens were overly seasoned on the skin and thankfully fried perfection with tenderness and juice maintain inside, it’s not dry at all but it’s too salty!

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Item ordered: apple blossom hot tea ($5.5) - pretty fragrant! May also refill hot water if you want :)

Food: 4/5
Ambiance: 3.5/5 - we were sitting near the window, thus the sun was kind of scorching & shining at us >.< would be better if there was more shield
Service: 5/5 - service crews were v patient & kind :) they also explained to us the different types of teas
Overall experience: 4/5

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