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Fried salmon cheek 》$4

Just look at how nice this has been fried till golden brown with a crispy texture. Crispy on the outside and juicy inside. Other than being extra careful with bones, everything else was good.

I kept going back for their spicy miso because it was spicy and shiok enough to keep me warm in cold weather. Those who love spicy food will enjoy the spicy miso ramen that comes with bamboo shoots, kombu seaweed, kamaboko (Japanese fish cake) and a choice of udon/soba/ramen 》$8.80

A comforting bowl of pan-fried Japanese pork belly with sweet sauce on rice. It comes with onions and is very balanced with the sweet sauce. I request to change my white rice to sushi rice at no extra charge 》$10.50

a superrrrr big bowl! i liked it but my mum commented that the gravy was too diluted

love that CBTL gives lots of milk foam HAHAHA

also really like the light yet rich cheesecake, though i’m not that big a fan of the crust

I never go for the ‘plain’ options but having tried everything else on the menu I decided to give it a go and it was mind blowing! This green tea is so fragrant and fresh it’s indescribable 🤩 ChiCha is truly life changing :’)

Sweet Maple Buns ($2.80/5pcs): crescent-shaped sweet bun with maple syrup 🍯 Reminds me of pancakes in the shape of a bun haha

Truffle Yule Croissant ($3.50/5pcs): red-rimmed croissant 🥐 glazed with an alluring mix of truffle paste & black truffle oil 🍄. Something special!

O Christmas Tree ($5.80): pillowy-soft brioche buns stuffed with strawberry jam 🍓, coated with dark chocolate 🤎. Like that it is not too sweet!

Panettone ($9.80, or $8.80 with any purchase): a quintessential Italian festive bread! 🇮🇹 Of fine crumb studded with black raisins, candied orange peel 🍊 & white pearl sugar! My must-have for Christmas 🎄