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Think this is my fav drink from iTea so far 😂 Was recommended to get 50% sugar level and it was good with the sour lemon notes still distinct!

But praise many more eateries for vegetarians and vegans now. I had vegetarian for about 12 days and it wasn’t difficult to find food, pretty enjoyable as well 😊

Day 20: “Mission Completed” we browsed around AMK hub and found a few Kueh places (Bengawan, Jianbo TBR Shui Kueh, Teochew Kueh in Malaysia Boleh)but we wanna pick the special one to mark our last Kueh adventure before one of us embark on a road trip. 🏔
This Durian Salat will do it! One of us is not a big fan as the smell is so strong for this one. You can totally smell it as you devour and it doesn’t matter how delicious it is!!😆😁🙌🤘

I really enjoyed the earl grey lavender cake. The sweetness was just right with strong fragrance of lavender and moist sponge with cream cheese frosting.

The Carrot cake was kinda disappointing with nuts and carrot bits in the sponge that was too tough to chew and overall I found it too sweet.

Finally got the chance to visit Eleven Strands, the sibling cafe of popular joint, South Union Park!

Just a stone throw away from Serangoon Stadium, Eleven Strands serves up French fusion items which sounds fancy but hits all the right spots!

One of them would be the Truffle Kombu Fries! Upon serving, you wouldn’t expect the whiffs of truffle oil like most truffle fries have, but the subtle flavours of truffle can be tasted on each fry! Every piece also comes generously coated with kombu, which is a sort of kelp (aka seaweed). It also comes with a side of truffle kombu sauce which packs a whole punch of truffle, without being too much of an overkill.

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Yu kee speciality duck rice set ($4.80)

Comes with duck, tofu, egg, peanuts and salted veg. The whole dish was done well and it's a very cheap filling meal! The chilli was also fantastic.

The kuaychap is very different from the Chinese version, it’s rolled up - giving a unique texture. However the soup was not flavorful, might go back again for the side dishes. The pork belly was crispy and fragrant!

📍Located along the street to Punggol Nasi Lemak

From Atlas Coffeehouse And Columbus Coffee Co. comes this cute cafe that's great for when you're craving a cuppa in the North. For an elevated take on the Egg McMuffin, have their scrumptious Breakfast Burger ($16.50) that sees scrambled eggs, cheese and bacon sandwiched in a broiche bun. Also good is their crispy Wurst Rosti (S$23.50) hidden beneath a blanket of sunny side up eggs. End your meal on a sweet note with the Miso Caramel Soft Serve ($7) topped with caramel popcorn. For coffee, don't miss out on the Cosmos Cold Brew ($7), or Milky Way Cold Brew ($7).
Photo by Burppler Sarah Lim

used beyond 1-1 at fat boy’s for their main dish! overall was pleasant! except for the patty of the cheese burger was slightly on the salty for my liking

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It might be wiser to order other dish than catfish (one of us is a flexi-vegetarian and about to go order veg dish already but changed mind last minute.) Quite a struggling eating experience to tuck into lean catfish. Having said that, the fried tofu and bean cake are our favourites in this dish and we could do more heat with chilli paste.
We are so happy with our restaurant choice as it is a value eat in NEX and will try Kallan in oyster sauce or Kang kong belachan in our next visit.
They have 7 locations islandwide (lucky Plaza, Century Square, hillion, north point, NEX, Kallang wave and JCube)
P.S. self-service order system

It might look like a heap of fried up at the top. Dig deep and you will find lots of steamed green goodies: Kang kong, bean sprouts, egg, boiled potato and rice cake. Topped with crackers and sweet peanut sauce which is real addictive!
The dish is not to be missed if you like your sides sweet with some crunch or if you are vegetarian. We imagine that we can even skip one of our mains we ordered and straight diving into this! 🏊‍♂️
P.S. 🍚 The rice is not included with the mains or sides and one dish of steamed rice is $0.90

This drink is labelled on the menu as Chef recommended. If you are fans of Indonesian food, this avocado juice is always a must order. We love all Super food ingredient and won’t pass this chance to try signature drink. Well worth the price tag 🏷. We don’t know how many avocado 🥑 are used in this operation, but they are not in vein. It was thick & creamy. What an energy booster!! 🤩