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Amazing creation from this lovely cafe.

Tubs of handmade Classic Italian dessert with baileys ice cream.


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They're basically a small shop that is located within Katong Shopping Centre selling ice creams, drinks and waffles. What's so special about them are their Locally Inspired flavours!
As a child, I grew up eating Haw flakes. They're this small circular Chips wrapped in paper packaging. It comes in this pale/dark pink colour. When I saw this available there, I knew I had to try it! It tastes just like the Haw flakes that I remembered. It leaves a tangy aftertaste in the mouth and can be quite addicting!
Thanks to @ariane.le for holding all 3 for us to take photo. 😇

Must try! Perfect balance of chrysanthemum, milk/cream and cocoa bits, on the freshly cooked thyme waffle cone. Was wowed by the first mouth and immediately regretted why it took me so long to discover this gem.

Right up my alley as I love to eat mochi and croissant individually. The croissants are slightly flaky and adequately chewy, though a little cold to my liking. Highly recommended the flavoured ones including matcha and custard filling!

Nunsongyee's desserts are on the pricer side as compared to regular soft serves, but they do hit the spot when you crave for Korean desserts around the area. The Oreo Bingsu is one of the classics one must definitely try.

Dont try to pour the condensed milk over the Oreo powder please. All the milk will definitely be below the bowl instead. Make a hole, then pour into the ice within! They will soak them all up!

Great for the sweltering heat and not diluted such that it melted too fast. Tasted really thick and rich!

Crispy and fluffy waffle with a scoop of ice cream of your choice. I chose rum and raisin, while the portion was rather generous, the taste was quite mild..

Taste pretty much like ferraro rocher, rich chocolate with a layer of crunch in the middle. decent but not wow..

Flavours were great! Quality dessert.

Good for sharing between 3-4 people as there’s a good amount of soft serve.

Paid around $11 for this 2 sets